Possible Burst Pipes – Check Homes

1/16/18 Update: 6 homes have been located. Despite this, it is suspected that there may be a couple more. One of the biggest indicators of burst pipes is condensation inside windows. If you suspect of problem, please call Vic at 440-474-2302.

The Village of Roaming Shores’ Utility Department is reporting an usually high usage of water. This is a typical indicator of a home that has had frozen pipes that have burst.

Weekenders and snowbirds, it is highly recommended that you contact a neighbor or local friend or family member to check your home. The Utility Dept is currently attempting to locate the source.

If your home did have pipes that burst, please contact Vic of the RSV Utility Dept.

Vic Virmala
Utility Department Superintendent
Cell: (440) 474-2302

President’s Comments – Dec 2017

Board of Directors Meeting
December 7, 2017
By Tom Sopko

At a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, the Directors voted on several items:

To have the Interim Treasurer, to be the permanent Treasurer.  Jack McMillin has been voted to be the permanent Treasurer.

Made changes to the Standing Committees.  Shawn Morris will be the Village Liaison.  Pat Swartz and Dave Emick will manage the Amenities Committee, Pat is the Chairperson.  There are other minor changes to the other Standing Committees.

To accept the New Membership rules.  Jen Addair has reviewed and proposed a new set of Membership rules that the Board has accepted.

To accept the use of electronic media, examples: cell phones or tablets, as a back up to the Membership Card system.  Members must take their own pictures.

Note: The new card rules and the use of electronic media are a one year pilot project.  Assuming it works ok, the Association plans to continue.

To put $25,000 against the principal of the Office Loan.  To consider an additional amount to pay down the Office Loan based upon a cash flow study.

Tonight will be the third and final consideration of the Sexual Predator Amendment to the Bylaws.  There is a slight change in the wording to include “weekenders” who may be tier 3 sex offenders.  Before the Board votes on this again tonight, the minor wording change will be reviewed. 

Reminder:  Your Association is financially solvent.

$50,000 has been put into a Reserve Fund.  What are Reserves?  Reserves: “an amount adequate to repair and replace major capital items in the normal course of operations without the necessity of special assessments.”  In addition, $10,000 from the 2018 budget is targeted to the Reserve Fund. 

Despite the constant Social Media pokes about the insolvency and supposed constant dues increases by the Association, due/assessments have not increased since 2011 and the Association is solvent. 

The Office was built with no increase in dues/assessment to the members.

Dredging has been done at no additional cost to the Members.

Interest payments have decreased about $4000 per month despite adding a new loan for the Office. 

The valve on the dam has failed in the open position.  The Association is aware of the situation and is working with the Village to remedy the problem.  (Note: The valve has been repaired.)

The Association and the Board have been criticized for not responding to Social Media comments.  Please remember that some of the social media commenters may not be Members, or may not be Active Members meaning that they are not paying dues/assessments.  Some of the names and accounts could be fake.  One of the problems of social media is that anyone can write anything without providing any documentation.  You should make yourself aware of who is a Member, if they are a Member are they a paying Member, who is not a Member, and is it a real name, a real person?  And then be asking for documentation before accepting what is written on social media as true. 

The Association (the Operations Manager-Dan Mullins, Pat Sowery, Jen Addair, and the maintenance staff); and the Board of Directors wish every Member a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.  Here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for all of us.  We will see you in 2018. 

Tonight’s Board Meeting has been Cancelled

Due to the extreme cold and wintery conditions expected this evening, tonight’s RRA Board Meeting at the Clubhouse has been cancelled. The next Board meeting will be held on February 1, 2018 at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse.

Stay warm and safe!

The Lake in the Winter – Part 2

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

A frozen lake is just one more sign that winter has come to Roaming Shores. It presents a snapshot in time of the beauty of the lake. Of course the lake does not completely freeze (thanks to the properties of water), and one never knows if we will even see the surface of the lake freeze this year. But if we do, you may be surprised at what goes on under the ice.

A lake’s “winter” season is often identified based on the dates that the lake becomes fully ice covered. Once the lake is frozen, the entire ecosystem changes to cope with the colder temperatures.

Of most importance to many of our residents is the effect on the fish population. Fish seek the warmer waters under the ice and can survive as long as the oxygen levels in the water are adequate. Since they are not warm blooded, their metabolism slows, including respiration, digestion and activity level. This state, called torpor, allows them to survive until the ice melts and the water starts to warm up again. Some amphibians survive in this state by first burrowing into the sediment along the lake bottom before “hibernating”.

Macrophytes (aquatic plants) can actually handle the winter better than their terrestrial cousins if they are protected under the water. Some will form nodules, which can store energy while they wait for the sun to reappear. Some may go dormant. Some may die back, but their root systems may survive to grow again in the spring. While the lake drawdown can kill even the root systems if exposed long enough to the cold air, hopefully many beneficial aquatic plants will survive as they compete with the algae for the nutrients in the spring and summer.

As far as microscopic organisms are concerned, they also adapt. Phytoplankton (photosynthetic organisms) such as cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), produce thick-walled cells much like a cocoon that will protect them in a dormant state until conditions are more favorable. Some species can survive by becoming cannibals and consuming other algae species for food. Zooplankton (microscopic animal that also eat phytoplankton) may also form a cocoon for protection.

Like some of us, the lake’s many residents slow down their activity level during the cooler winter months and wait for the arrival of spring.
(Some information presented in this article was extracted in part from Lakeline Vol 34, #4 (2014))


Fisherman with a Purpose

Mike Chevalier, a long time Fishing Club member, can be seen bass fishing on our lake any day that ends in a “Y”. This year he has a purpose; he has been keeping data on the bass he has caught this year. Mike has caught 486 bass this year with a total weight of 680lbs. This is an average of 1.39lb per fish.

Mike caught 4 fish this year that were over 4lbs; the biggest being 4.71lbs. Mike starts fishing in April and ends in December. On April 7th, Mike caught 50 bass. With Mike’s data, the Club can hopefully keep track of the size and health of our bass population.

Mike Chevalier Bass Date for 2017

  • Total bass: 486
  • Total weight: 608lbs
  • Ave weight: 1.39lbs
  • Fish caught over 4lbs: 4 fish
  • Largest fish: 4.71lbs.

2018 Dues and Assessments Information

It’s Dues and Assessments time, once again. While not a very popular thing to receive in the mail, Dues and Assessments are a necessity to keep the Association owned properties and facilities up and running for all to use and enjoy! There will be no increase in Dues and Assessments or Boat Decals for 2018.

Dues and Assessments were mailed out on January 2nd and need to be paid in full by May 1, 2018. You may pay your Dues and Assessments in installments. A late charge of 10% will be charged to the remaining balance after May 1st.

There are several different payment options available.

Bank Bill Pay:
Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay on their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues, please make sure that your lot number(s) are listed on the check (you can set your account number to your lot number(s)).

You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. (If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 5% fee).

In Person:
Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Highway 6). There is a 5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards. Our office hours until April are Tuesday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm. You may also use our dropbox located on the front porch. The box is under video surveillance and emptied daily.

The RomeRock Association offers owners the ability to pay dues online through our payment processing partner, PayLease. Using PayLease will allow you to pay online with a credit/debit card or electronic check**. You can make a one-time or recurring payment.

Click the button on the sidebar that says “Pay Dues and Assessments Online”. Direct Page (http://www.roamingshores.org/RRA1/pay-dues-and-assessments-online/) or visit PayLease.com.

Follow the instructions to search for and select your property. Enter your contact information and a password to create your account. Your account number is your lot number and it must be 4 digits. Ex. Lot 123 would be 0123.

To add additional lots, under Manage Accounts (middle of screen), click Add Account, under link another account—put in your account number (4 digits) then type @RRA right after the number, then your last name, and then Submit.

Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay. If you set up an account previously, please use your same login information. If you forgot your credentials, select “Forgot Your Password”.

**Note: There is a fee accessed for paying online. 3% is charged for using a credit card/debit card and $2.95 for an electronic check (note: electronic checks differ from personal checks. Personal checks can be mailed or paid in-person without a fee). PayLease assesses a fee for each account (lot).

If you have questions regarding your account balance, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170. For questions regarding PayLease or your online payments, please contact PayLease Support at 1-866-729-5327.

Early Bird Drawing

The RRA will again be holding an Early Bird Drawing for those who pay their Dues & Assessments in full early.

Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 11th and March 15th will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes. These prizes start at $500 per week until the award for March 15th becomes $50. Good luck!

Pay your total RRA balance, AT ONE TIME, as soon as possible. Winner chosen will be returned to the box for the later drawings. The sooner your Dues & Assessments are paid in full, the more drawings you will be eligible for!

If you pay by PayLease, when we are notified that your full payment has been processed, we will then enter you into the contest. We are not notified instantaneously.

This Year in Roaming Shores 2017

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As another year comes to a close, we stop to take a look back at the year that was. Welcome to our 2017 Year in Review!  We’ve had another whirlwind of a year!

Just a quick note, this year’s Dues and Assessment invoices will be sent out after the first of the year. More details will be posted next week. If you have changed your mailing address this year and did not inform the Office, please do so ASAP. 440-563-3170 or via email.



  • Construction of the New RRA Office continued
  • The STARS Club prepared for the year’s events
  • Friends and Neighbors began its Winter Dinner Nights
  • Wicked winter weather pummeled the area


  • Roaming Shores Village elected to maintain their roads themselves purchasing a new plow truck
  • The STARS Club hosted their first event, WinterFest!
  • Due to lack of participation, the Lake Safety Committee cancelled their Safe Boating Course
  • Since only 2 individuals ran for the 2 open seats on the Board of Directors, ballots were not mailed.


  • 94 Jumpers raised raised $7,211 in this year’s Polar Bear Plunge!
  • The STARS Club hosted its first Dog Training Demonstration
  • Construction of the RRA Office completed and the RRA moved its operations back home to its location on Route 6
  • The RSV Utility Dept quickly tackled a water main break
  • Winter snuck in one more wallop dumping 17″ in Roaming Shores, more than anywhere else in the State!


  • The RRA Board of Directors returned their meetings to the Clubhouse
  • The Village hosted the Ashtabula County Commissioners, giving residents an opportunity to meet their Commissioners
  • The Village made efforts to create a Garden Club
  • The Association hosted their Annual Meeting of the Membership. Jim Swartz and Ron Morris retained their positions on the Board
  • The Marina opened their Ice Cream Shop for the Season


  • Roaming Shores voters voted down 2 police levies
  • The Village hosted another successful Cleanup Day and Expo despite the rain which unfortunately grounded the planned helicopter rides
  • The Men’s and Ladies Golf Leagues kicked off their seasons
  • Coyotes became a nuisance on Rome Terrace
  • The STARS Club hosted another great dog training demonstration
  • Friends and Neighbors hosted their first Potluck Supper of the year
  • The Promotion Club donated a new swim platform at Beach 1
  • The pools had most of their coping replaced
  • Lake Management began their lake water testing program for the year
  • The Pools and Concession Stand opened for another season


  • We learned that ODOT planned to close and replace the bridge on Route 6 that spanned the lake
  • The Fishing Club had a very busy month hosting their first tournament of the year, Kids Learn to Fish Day, a Rummage Sale, and Kids Fishing Day
  • The STARS Club hosted Swim Lessons at Pool 1
  • The Annual Community Garage Sale was blessed with perfect weather
  • Village Police Chief Tim DiPadova resigned
  • The Village Planning Commission began reviewing plans for the new The Rock, a proposed condominium complex in Roaming Shores


  • Independence Day Weekend was another jammed packed weekend with the Mini Triathlon, Annual Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament, Helicopter Rides, and of course, the Annual Fireworks Display!
  • To begin raising funds for its activities and next year’s fireworks display, the STARS Club hosted a Reverse Raffle
  • Ron Morris resigned from the RRA Board, he was replaced by Shawn Morris
  • The STARS Club hosted Story Hour with the help of Miss Candi of the Rock Creek Library


  • The Covered Bridge and Beach 1 Pavilions got a facelift with new roofs
  • The Fishing Club hosted another fun Ed Baitt’s Mixed Couples Tournament
  • The STARS Club hosted a wine tasting with special guest Mr. Arnie Esterer of Markko Winery
  • Roaming Shores experienced a solar eclipse
  • Algal Toxin Levels rose for many waterways in northern Ohio, including our lake
  • A fire destroyed a home on Lake Vue Dr


  • The STARS Club teamed up with the Shores Hold’em Club to host a Casino Night
  • We reached the end of the summer season for the pools and concession stand 🙁
  • Friends and Neighbors and The Fishing Club teamed up to host a Fish Fry
  • Despite a chilly start to the month, we went right back up into the 90s


  • Drought-like conditions prompted a State-wide burn ban
  • The Fishing Club hosted their famous Clam Bake. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict grounded the fall helicopter rides
  • After 5 long months, the Route 6 bridge finally opened
  • RRA Director John Martin was put on leave
  • The Association hosted a real estate tax meeting with county Auditor Roger Corlett
  • Perma Gro donated landscaping to the new RRA Office
  • Little Ghosts and Goblins enjoyed another fun Halloween Happening at the Clubhouse


  • The General Election was held; the Village’s police levy passed; Jennie D’Amicone was elected as the Village’s new Mayor; and Chris Plickert and Duane Helms joined the Village Council. Their terms will begin in January.
  • The Shores lost longtime member, Board Member, and Club officer Ed Baitt
  • The lake’s dam valve failed while attempting to close it leading to an unregulated drawdown


  • Friends and Neighbors Tree Trimming Social Hour got the Clubhouse looking festive for the Holiday Season
  • The Polar Bear Club hosted their annual Breakfast with Santa to another full house!
  • The dam’s valve was fixed and closed
  • Mayor John Ball and Councilmen Roy Brommer and Cheryl Fain served on their last council meeting. Thank you for your service to Roaming Shores!

In Memoriam

We remember those we lost this year.

  • Devota Brewer
  • Gerald Spuzzillo
  • Nancy Boucherle
  • Susan Annis
  • William Louden
  • Gary Hall
  • Sister Mary Divoky
  • Dave Crawford
  • Bud Ray
  • David Hall
  • Donna Plesnicar
  • Mike Cox
  • Al Russo
  • Nick Pahys, Jr.
  • Ed Baitt
  • Daniel G. Zygmunt
  • Agnes Sopko

Looking towards 2018

2017 was another very busy year! As we march towards 2018, this trend will continue.

The RRA’s plans for 2018 include the installation of the Ed Baitt Memorial Water Fountain in the cove next to the Clubhouse, road repairs and other various infrastructure improvements, and the continuation of dredging. Additionally, the Amenities Committee members are working on new amenities for the Shores.

For 2018, the Village plans to complete installation of street signs and poles on the Boulevard, the “Monster” relocation project on Cherrywood, and various improvements to its waste water treatment plant building.

Our clubs will see the return of many of your favorite events as well as some new ones! Our newest club, the STARS Club, held many successful events this year. For 2018, the Club hopes to continue the trend. Unfortunately, due to our swim instructor moving this year, the Club will be unable to hold swim lessons unless a qualified instructor is able to help! In place of the Mini Triathlon, a 5K race is planned for our Independence Day weekend celebration.

Planned 2018 Events:

  • Jan 12th – Winter Dinner Night – Friends & Neighbors
  • Feb 9th – Winter Dinner Night – Friends & Neighbors
  • Feb 17th – WinterFest – STARS
  • March 9th – Winter Dinner Night – Friends & Neighbors
  • March 10th – Polar Bear Plunge – Polar Bear Club
  • April 13th – Winter Dinner Night – Friends & Neighbors
  • May 5th – Cleanup Day & Expo ’18 – RSV
  • May 5th – Ladies Gold Kickoff Brunch
  • May 18th – Potluck Supper – Friends & Neighbors
  • May 26th – Pools & Concession Stand Open for Season
  • June 2nd – Don Williams All Species Tournament – Fishing Club
  • June 9th – Kids Learn to Fish Day – Fishing Club
  • June 15th & 16th – Annual Community Garage Sale – STARS
  • June 23rd – Kids Fishing Day – Fishing Club
  • June 30th – Roaming Shores 5K – STARS
  • June 30th – Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament
  • June 30th – Fireworks – STARS
  • July 1st – Fireworks Rain Date
  • July 14th – Jack Cone All Species Tournament – Fishing Club
  • July 20th – Potluck Supper – Friends & Neighbors
  • July 21st – Reverse Raffle – STARS
  • August 11th – Ed Baitt’s Memorial Couples Tournament – Fishing Club
  • August 11th – Casino Night – STARS
  • August 17th – Potluck Supper – Friends & Neighbors
  • Sept 3rd – Final Day for Pools & Concession Stand
  • Sept 15th – Dean Blanton Bass Tournament – Fishing Club
  • Sept 15th – Wine & Cheese Social – STARS
  • Sept 28th – Fish Fry – Friends & Neighbors and Fishing Club
  • Oct 13th – Clam Bake – Fishing Club
  • Oct 27th – Trick or Treating + Halloween Happening
  • Dec 7th – Tree Trimming – Friends & Neighbors
  • Dec 8th – Breakfast with Santa – Polar Bear Club

Girl Scouts, Water Aerobics, Men’s & Woman’s Golf Leagues, the Quilting Group, & Shores Hold’em hold regular meetings. See the website for details.

The success of our Clubs depends on the participation of our membership! If you’ve ever had an event or activity idea… or would just like to help out, consider joining a Club!

Looking forward to a great new year! See you in 2018!


Reminder: Snow Ban

With more snow in the forecast for this afternoon/evening, the Association would like to remind residents that parking on the roads/and or berms on association-owned roadways is prohibited when the snow depth exceeds 2″ (two inches). This is necessary in order to facilitate the plowing and/or removal of the snow. There are currently vehicles parked on the roads in the areas of Thrush and Deer Run.

Village Ordinance 303.08 Impounding of Vehicles; Redemption reads:
(a) Police officers are authorized to provide for the removal of a vehicle under the following circumstances: (1) When any vehicle is left unattended upon any street, bridge or causeway and is so illegally parked so as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic, or so as to unreasonably interfere with street cleaning or snow removal operations.

Please help our plow drivers by removing your vehicles and all obstructions from the roadways.

Thank you!

Our Beautiful Lake

By: Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Chairman, Lake Management Committee


How long has it been since you just stopped whatever you were doing to simply look out over our beautiful lake?  The winter snow may cause us some problems driving but it sure does paint a wonderful background for one of the most spectacular views along the shoreline of our lake.  Whatever problems occupied my mind a few moments before simply disappear when I stare out over the water.  I can’t think of another scenic view anywhere that rivals the one in our own backyard.

This time of year allows me to reflect on the past year of the many great memories we each create here in Roaming Shores.  Whether it’s jumping from a floating dock at one of the beaches, watching the wonderful fireworks over East Beach or laughing with neighbors while the sun sets behind the trees.   I give great Thanks to those committee members whom have donated precious hours to help better our community and lake through the Lake Management Committee.  I urge others to consider getting involved with the Lake Management Committee and sharing your skills and talents in the coming year.  From your RomeRock Association Lake Management Committee, we wish you a very happy, merry and safe Holiday Season.

Remember to Love the Lake and Be Lake Responsible

In Memoriam: Agnes Sopko

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Tom Sopko with the passing of his mother, Agnes.
Agnes U. Sopko (nee Uhall) age 97, beloved wife of the late Michael; loving mother of Thomas (wife Helen) and Martha “Marty” (Bunnell) McCallum (husband Rich); devoted grandmother of Thomas, Jr. (wife Samantha), Christopher, James Bunnell (wife Krissi), Laura Calevski (husband David), Elicia Lipinski (fiancé Robert Bates) and great-grandmother of Clayton, Thomas III, James IV, Eloise, Evelyn and Marley; cherished daughter of the late Michael and Anna (nee Vassel) Uhall; dearest sister of the late Mary Kavanshansky, John and Michael Uhall, Helen Crapo, Margaret Duda, and George Uhall; dear aunt and great-aunt of many.
Agnes was born on July 15, 1920 in Grindstone Pennsylvania and passed away on December 8, 2017. She was a parishioner of St. Clare Catholic Church, belonged to Lyndhurst Civic Club and Lyndhurst Senior Group. Agnes graduated from Garfield High School in Akron and proudly worked as a secretary. She enjoyed sewing, cooking, and baking in her free time. Agnes loved listening to Polka, Big Band music and loved to dance. In her free time Agnes greatly enjoyed playing cards, especially pinochle, bingo and all kinds of games. Agnes was kind, loving, caring, sweet and selfless. She always had a positive attitude and never complained. Agnes loved the holidays and caring for others. She will be dearly missed by all.
Contributions may be made in memory of Agnes to Aultman Hospice and Palliative Care, 2821 Woodlawn NW, Canton, OH 44708. Mass of Christian Burial Friday, December 15, 2017 at St. Clare Catholic Church at 10:30 AM. Burial following at Western Reserve Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Family will receive friends to pay tribute to and celebrate the life of Agnes at The DeJohn-Flynn-Mylott Funeral Home Of Willoughby Hills, 28890 Chardon Road (between Bishop Rd. and Rt. 91) Thursday 4-7 pm and Friday Morning 9-10 am. Online obituary, guestbook, & order flowers at www.DeJohnCares.com.

Published in www.News-Herald.com on Dec. 10, 2017


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On Winter Hours
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