Please use this page as a reference for some of the Association’s most frequently asked questions. Have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page? Please Contact Us.

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Amenities/Facilities Questions

Only as the guest of a Member-in-Good-Standing and in their company at all times.

The only pavilion that can be rented is located across from the cove near the Clubhouse. All other pavilions are on a first-come-first-served basis. Please complete a party form if you intend on having a party larger than 9.

These pavilions are also first-come-first-served. Please complete a party form if you intend on utilizing our parks for a party larger than 9.

Board of Directors Questions

The Board of Directors is comprised of 7 elected individuals responsible for the property, business and affairs of the Association. See Article VIII of the Bylaws for more information.

Bylaws Article VIII, Section 1

The property, business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by its Board of Directors.  Except as may be otherwise provided by law, the Articles of Incorporation, the Amended Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, or these By-Laws, all authority of the Association shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall have all powers permitted by Ohio law to be exercised by a nonprofit corporation and all powers conferred upon or permitted to be exercised by an owner’s association of a planned community as defined and provided for in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5312.  Without limiting the general authority of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall be authorized and empowered to:

(a)           To engage the services of a manager or managing agent and to delegate all or any portion of its authority to discharge its responsibilities to the manager or managing agent. 

(b)           To borrow money and incur indebtedness for the purpose and use of the Association; to cause to be executed, issued, and delivered for the indebtedness,  in the Association’s name,  promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or other evidences of indebtedness; and to secure repayment by deeds of trust, mortgages, pledges, hypothecations, or otherwise.

(c)           To assume any obligations, enter into any contracts, or do any acts incidental to the transaction of the Association’s business or the attainment of its corporate purposes.

(d)           To sell, convey, alienate, transfer, lease, assign, exchange, and otherwise dispose of, and to mortgage, pledge, hypothecate, and otherwise encumber, the real and personal property of the Association.

(e)           To purchase, hold, lease, or otherwise acquire real and personal property on behalf of the Association.

(f)            To establish committees as deemed appropriate, and to delegate to any committee any of the powers and authority of the Board in the management of the business and affairs of the Association.

(g)           To adopt and amend  rules and regulations as it deems advisable concerning  the maintenance, conservation, use and enjoyment of the various properties, facilities, and common areas owned, leased, controlled or maintained by the Association, including, without limitation, the establishment of charges for admission to or the use thereof.

(h)           To adopt and amend rules and regulations as it deems advisable for the health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the members.

(i)            To adopt rules, regulations and standards concerning  the examination and copying of the books, records and minutes of the Association, including, without limitation, the type of documents subject to examination and copying, the times and locations at which the documents may be examined and copied, and the fees for the copying of documents.

(j)            To adopt, assess, enforce and collect fines and penalties for violations of the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

(k)           To enforce compliance with any term, provision or covenant of the Amended Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Rules and Regulations of the Association, and these By-Laws, including, without limitation, the power, right and authority to do any of the following if, after giving not less than fourteen days written notice of any breach or violation to the lot owner or occupant, such lot owner or occupant has failed to alleviate, terminate, or proceed with due diligence to alleviate or terminate such breach or violation:

                (i)            Enter upon the lot to summarily abate and/or remove any violation or breach,  or to take such steps as may be necessary to cure the violation or breach, and to charge to the lot owner the costs incurred to remedy same and any damages to which the Association may be entitled;

                (ii)           Obtain injunctive relief and/or damages from any court of proper jurisdiction;  and

                (iii)          To suspend or restrict membership rights and privileges, including, without limitation, voting rights and the right to  the use and enjoyment of the facilities, properties and common areas owned, maintained or controlled by the Association.

                 (l)           Take all actions deemed necessary or advisable to comply with all requirements of law, the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and these By-Laws.

No. Nor can they be employed by the Association or hired as an independent contractor.

Bylaws Article VIII, Section 2

(a) A Director must be at least 21 years of age and a United States citizen;                                 

(b)           Each Director shall be an Active Member of the Association or an officer or director of the corporation, limited liability company, or other business or legal entity  which is an Active Member of the Association;

(c)           Any Active Member  may become a candidate for the Board of Directors by presenting to the Association a written request to be placed on the ballot,  which request must be delivered to the Board of Directors or its designee at least sixty days before the annual meeting of the Active Members and bear the original signature of the member requesting to be placed on the ballot;

(d)           Only one person from each household (which is hereby defined to include all persons who share the same residence) shall be eligible to serve as a Director;

(e)           No member who has been convicted of a felony as defined by the laws of Ohio shall be eligible to serve as a Director;

(f)           The Active Member must  have attended at least three regular meetings of the Board of Directors within the last twelve months;  and 

(g)           The Active Member must complete a questionnaire and execute such form as are prescribed the Board of Directors agreeing and promising: (i) to act in the best interests of the Association  at all times; (ii) not to knowingly make, cause, or permit to be made any false statement about the Association or its directors, officers, employees or agents;  (iii)  not to knowingly make, cause, or permit to be made any statement that is likely to be injurious to the reputation or goodwill of the Association; and (iv) not to disclose or permit to be disclosed confidential information, including matters discussed in executive session, personnel matters, contracts under negotiation, and all communications with legal counsel. It shall be cause for disqualification or removal should any candidate or Director be found to have provided false information or to be in violation of any of the foregoing.

Letters can be mailed to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. You can also use our Contact Us page or email All listed communications are forwarded through the office.

Boating/Lake Questions

The lake is private access. The boat ramp near the marina is gated and can only be opened by Members-in-good-standing who have purchased watercraft decals for the calendar year. The lakebed of Lake Roaming Rock is owned by the RomeRock Association. The water is owned by the State.
Covenants & Restrictions #7

Watercraft on Lake Roaming Rock can only be owned solely by Property Owner/Member-In-Good-Standing. No exceptions.

There is a 21ft limit on powerboats and 28ft for pontoons. Sailboats over 21 feet and hand powered racing shells over 35’ will be considered by the RomeRock Board of Directors on an individual basis.
Rules and Regulations Watercraft Section 3 Specifications

You may do so at our office or online. When coming to the office, please bring your State Registration and Title. See Boating Information for more information.

All acceptable gas-powered watercraft that will be used on Lake Roaming Rock must be registered with the Association.

Yes, please bring your State’s registration and Title (if applicable) when registering with the Association. All Ohio laws and RRA rules are to be followed.

You may purchase a key fob to open the gate. You must be a Member-in-Good-Standing. You are not permitted to launch any unauthorized watercraft. Your marina may launch your watercraft for you, ensure your current registration from the State and RRA are affixed prior to launching.

Only Property Owners/Members-in-Good-Standing can register their watercraft for use on the lake.

No. If testing a watercraft, you must fill out a form with the Association. Bring the watercraft’s registration. Only a designated 2-hour block for testing will be permitted.

Yes, however you as the owner are responsible for any rule infractions incurred by your guests. Educate everyone you allow to use your watercraft of Ohio Boating laws and the RRA rules. Everyone born after Jan. 1, 1982 is required to successfully complete either a safe boater course approved by the national association of state boating law administrators or a proctored or non-proctored proficiency examination that tests knowledge of information included in the curriculum of such a course, and has received a certificate as evidence of successful completion of the course or examination.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources enforces the Ohio Revised code; the Association’s Lake Patrol enforces both State and RRA rules.

Building Questions

The Village of Roaming Shores handles zoning ordinances in Roaming Shores. Please contact the Village’s Zoning Department at 440-563-3132.

Category: Building Questions

Club Questions

You must first complete an Application for Club Approval. All new Clubs must be approved by the Board of Directors. All Club Officers must be Member-in-Good-Standing.

Category: Club Questions

Yes, but there must be a majority of RRA Members in the Club. Non-RRA Members cannot be Officers.

Category: Club Questions

Yes. However, Members-not-in-good-standing may not attend events held at RRA facilities.

Category: Club Questions

Clubhouse Questions

Please contact the office to confirm your anticipated date is available. We provide an online calendar as a guide, but it is not the most up-to-date listing. Dates are held only when a deposit is received. There is an unofficial hold period when we know the deposit payment is in transit.

There is a refundable security deposit of $100, $225 is the cost of the rental.

No commercial activities are permitted.

180 sitting and 300 standing.

The kitchen which includes 2 refrigerator/freezer combos, 2 electric stoves, prep table, and basic utensils; tables (8ft & 6ft plastic rectangular) and chairs; bar area; and fireplace.

From 9am until 1am. Exceptions can be made based on Clubhouse availability.

Consolidation Questions

Consolidation is the legal combining of more than 1 lot that are contiguous (sharing a property line, touching). The RRA has an application with instructions. A new deed will need to be created and recorded.

Reasonings vary. Some consolidate in order to build across property lines, to build an accessory use building on a vacant lot, keep greenspace between neighboring properties, or to save on Assessments and water bills.

There is a limit of four for off-lake lots and three for on-lake lots.

Yes. See Rate Sheet for the breakdown.

When you unconsolidate your lots, all savings in Assessments from the time of consolidation must be repaid along with an administrative fee. A new deed will need to be created and recorded. You cannot unconsolidate if there is a structure over your property lines. All structures would need to be removed.

This is usually done to be able to sell the extra lot/s separately.

No, this was established in the Covenants and Restrictions #1 (founding documents).

Culvert Questions

For Association-owned roads, the RRA will install the culvert and cover it with dirt or anchor it (depending on the project and type of driveway). Driveway culverts must be a minimum 30ft. The cost is the responsibility of the property owner. See Culverts for details.

Category: Culvert Questions

This is the same procedure as driveway culverts. The RRA’s maintenance department will provide an estimate based on the length of pipe needed, clean-outs and tees.

Category: Culvert Questions

You will need to contact the appropriate road department (County or Village). All lots on Rome Rock Creek Rd are under the jurisdiction of the Ashtabula County Highway Department (440) 576-2816.

Category: Culvert Questions

Dues and Assessments Questions

Every person/corporation or LLC who owns property in the Roaming Rock Shores subdivision. Multiple properties are charged differently. See Rates for more information.

By virtue of buying property in the Association, you are required to per our Covenants and Restrictions. Dues and Assessments are our primary way of funding our operations.

Your Dues and Assessments are used to fund the maintenance of all Association facilities, capital improvements, and personnel.

Invoices for Dues and Assessments are sent out annually after the first of the year. They can be paid in installments or all at once no later than May 1st. We provide options for in-person, drop off, mail, and online payments. There is a fee for using electronic means of payment.

Non-payment of Dues and Assessments are subject to late fees, liens, collections, foreclosure, court action, or forfeiture as the situation warrants. Selling your property does not eliminate back fees; they go with the property with the exception of bankruptcies and/or foreclosures.
Bylaws Article II, Section 14

Property in the Association is your personal responsibility. If you no longer wish to own your property, you are welcome to sell privately or through a realtor. Lot takebacks are very rarely accepted and must be approved by the Board of Directors.

With regard to the Dues and Assessments, no. The rate of Dues and Assessments is set by the number of lots you own, their consolidation status, and whether there is a home on the lot. See Rates for details. If you don’t own a watercraft, obviously, you are not required to purchase a watercraft decal.

Your Dues and Assessments will be prorated to the day of closing, usually through your Title agency. If you are already a property owner and purchase an additional lot, the new rate will become effective the next fiscal year.

Dues are set at $60/year and can only be changed with a 2/3 majority vote of the Membership. The amount of Assessments is set by the Board of Directors. Any increase shall be limited to no more than 10% plus the inflation rate (based upon the Cost of Living as established for a 12 month period ending September 30th of each and every year by the Department of Commerce.)
Bylaws Article II, Section 10

Fishing Questions

A fishing license is required for everyone over the age of 16. This applies to both residents and non-residents. The only exception is if you are fishing from your own property/dock.

Category: Fishing Questions

All Ohio bag limits apply on Lake Roaming Rock.

Category: Fishing Questions

All property in Roaming Shores is either privately owned by Members or is owned by the RomeRock Association. You must be accompanied by a Member-in-Good-Standing or fishing from the Member’s property or watercraft. If you are not a Member and are on private property without permission, you are trespassing.

Category: Fishing Questions

General RomeRock Association Questions

The RomeRock Association (RRA) is the not-for-profit property owner’s association of the Roaming Rock Shores subdivision (i.e. Association) located in Roaming Shores in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The RRA makes and enforces rules for its residents and property owners. Those who purchase property within the Roaming Rock Shores subdivision automatically become members and are required to pay Dues and Assessments. See Dues and Assessments section for more information.

The RRA has 3 governing documents, the Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. The Covenants and Restrictions are the founding documents and rules of the Roaming Rock Shores subdivision established by its original developer. The Bylaws explain the organization, process and procedures of your RomeRock Association. The Rules and Regulations explain your privileges and help offer protection to all members.

The RRA is responsible for the maintenance and operation of its amenities and facilities including the beaches, pools, common areas and the lake; and Association-owned roads (road shoulder berms, plowing, culvert installation, etc.). See Roads for additional information.

The Village of Roaming Shores is the government municipality of Roaming Shores. The Village of Roaming Shores provides full-time law enforcement, zoning and building code enforcement, drinking water, wastewater treatment, and operation and management of Lake Roaming Rock’s dam.

The RomeRock Association used to be the sole governing entity up until 1979 when the Village of Roaming Shores was founded. By being able to obtain government grants, the Village of Roaming Shores is better equipped to operate a police department, wastewater plant, and enforce building/zoning codes. By owning the recreational facilities and being able to control access to the lake, the RomeRock Association can keep these facilities private whereas government-owned properties must be public.

When you purchase property in the Association (with or without a house) you automatically became a member of the RRA. Upon payment of all fees and the filing of required membership documents, you are then able to enjoy all RRA facilities.
Bylaws Article I, Section 1B

Yes, however, if you title your property deed to a corporation or LLC, you must complete both Corporate Membership paperwork and a regular Membership Application. Corporate Memberships may only assign one person/married couple as a RomeRock Association member. Note: If you own multiple properties under both a corporation or LLC and under a person, the two are considered separate entities and are charged as such.
Bylaws Article I, Section 1E

If you purchase a property within the Roaming Rock Shores subdivision, yes.

Bylaws Article I, Section 1A

Yes, however, each person (with the exception of married couples) are subject to additional fees. See the Joint Owners section for more information.
Bylaws Article II, Section 2

The Covenants and Restrictions of the RRA do not permit overnight camping. This includes camper trailers.
Covenants & Restrictions #2

No animals or fowl are permitted to be kept or maintained on any lot in Roaming Shores. Customary household pets are permitted.
Covenants & Restrictions #5

Joint Owner Questions

Any lot that is jointly owned by more than one person. Spouses shall be considered one member. Each joint owner will be charged a New Member Impact Fee. All joint owners will be charged Dues ($60). Only one assessment shall be charged for the first two joint owners and the full amount of the assessment shall be charged to each additional joint owner in excess of two.

1st Joint Owner – $60 (Dues) + All Assessments

2nd Joint Owner – $60 (Dues)

3rd (and any further) Joint Owner – $60 (Dues) + All Assessments

Bylaws Article II, Section 5

There are no limitations to the number of Joint Owners allowed on a property HOWEVER, note the joint owner charges in the previous question. All joint owners must be paid in full in order to be eligible for Membership privileges. Voting privileges are only granted to one joint owner per year; the eligible member will be rotated each year.
Bylaws Article VI, Section 2

Marriage is the only legal binding for couples recognized in the State of Ohio. 

There are no state laws addressing domestic partnerships in the State of Ohio.

You must record a new deed removing an owner. Consult an attorney or Title agency. This does not eliminate any debts they may owe to the Association.

Each joint owner is personally, jointly and severally liable and responsible for any assessments, interest, late charges and costs not paid by the other joint owner or owners of such lot. 
Bylaws Article III, Section 4

Membership Cards Questions

Membership cards are cards that are issued yearly that allow you to be able to use the facilities of the RRA.

Membership Cards are issued to the Property Owner/s and can be requested for their children (and their spouse, if applicable), grandchildren, parents; or persons who live with the Property Owner permanently.

Yes, depending on whether you are the property owner or are over the age of 15. Please see the back of your card for details or the guest section of the Rules and Regulations. Members not in good standing cannot accompany you as your guest.

No. They can accompany you as a guest.

No. Cards are non-transferable.

Membership statuses change and our gate guards cannot be expected to “know” everyone or their current status. For convenience, you can take a picture of your card to display on your phone.

Unfortunately, there are cases where well-meaning Members knowingly or unknowingly bring the children of delinquent Members to our facilities. While this may seem unfair to these children, it is also not fair to Members who pay their Dues and Assessments.

A babysitter card can be issued to a person over the age of 15 who is ineligible for a card of their own for the purpose of bringing the child of a Member to our facilities. The babysitter cannot be a Member-not-in-good-standing with the RRA. The babysitter card can only be used to admit the Member’s children, no other guests are permitted. The children must have their own cards when signing in.

New Member Impact Fee Questions

The New Member Impact Fee is a fee assessed on each transfer of a lot or any interest in a lot in the amount of $1,000.00 for each new member acquiring a lot or an interest in a lot. This fee is essentially a buy-in which is your contribution to our current infrastructure. This fee helps keep our Dues and Assessment rates lower.
Bylaws Article II, Section 13

Any person, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, trust, unincorporated association, club, organization, or other business or legal entity that is not an existing member at the time of acquiring a lot or an interest in a lot.
Bylaws Article II, Section 13

Note: If an existing member puts a property in the name of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, trust, unincorporated association, club, organization, or other business or legal entity that they own, this entity is still considered new and will be subject to the fee.

You must be an existing member at the time of transfer to be exempt from the new member impact fee.

Only in cases where it is the surviving child or children. (i.e. the property owner dies and leave the property to their surviving spouse or child). Alternatively, you could put your property into a revocable trust.

Roads Questions

While the majority of the roads in Roaming Shores are owned by the Association (26 miles), there are roads that are owned by the Village of Roaming Shores (Roaming Rock Blvd, Flame Lake Dr, and portions of Morning Star Dr and Rome Rock Creek Rd [county maintenance]), Township owned (Hayford, Knowlton, Callendar (east), and Ashtabula County owned (Rome Rock Creek Rd).

Category: Roads Questions

Only the roads owned by the Association. See Roads section in Rules and Regulations for more information.

Category: Roads Questions

Special Membership (Rental) Questions

Special Members are essentially renters. There are 2 classes of Special Membership. Class I – The Property Owner gives up their rights to their only lot/home (minus voting rights [see Special Membership section in the Rules and Regulations for details/exceptions]. Dues and Assessments must be paid in full. Renter pays the fee for any watercraft decals.
Class II  – The Property Owner owns more than one unconsolidated lot or home and gives up their membership rights on the extra property/home. Dues and Assessments must be paid in full. Renter pays the fee for any watercraft decals.

Violation of any Rule or Regulation by the Special Members, family members, or Guests, while upon Association property may, at the discretion of the General Manager or Association officer result in limitation or revocation of Special Membership.

A valid lease agreement which specifies the lease term and a signed letter from you, the property owner, stating that you give up your rights to the property.

Tier III sex offenders and Members not-in-good-standing with the RRA cannot be Special Members.

Rental periods shall be for 28 days or more, and proof of such agreement is required.

Rental Policy and Special Membership Section 5

Weed Harvester

The weed harvester is essentially a large boat with a hedge clipper in front used for the removal of lake weeds.

Category: Weed Harvester

Call the Association at 440-563-3170. The Association keeps a list of addresses needing the harvester and passes it along to the maintenance department. The harvester then heads out to the problem areas. As the harvester does not travel very fast. Each day it is out, it focuses on a particular cove or area (or more as time allows).

Category: Weed Harvester

The weed harvester is not designed to operate in small areas. Its primary purpose is to keep an open channel. The operator will use their discretion.

Category: Weed Harvester