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President’s Report June 2019

It will quit raining someday. The sun will shine for days on end and all will be well. The pools are open and our summer season is finally here. Along with the nice weather comes increased activity on our lake. There have already been reports of reckless and unsafe jet skis, Sea doo’s, etc. We all love our lake, and safety while on the lake has to be everyone’s top priority. During the weekends we have our lake patrol on the water. Please call the RRA office immediately @ 440-563-3170 if you see any unsafe personal watercraft or boats. Take pictures with your phone if possible, we will find the violators. Homeowners will be penalized for anyone reported while operating watercraft belonging to them. We take this issue very seriously and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules.

Kids Learn to Fish Day is Sat. June 8 and The Kids Fishing Day is Sat June 22. All children and grandchildren of Roaming Shores residents are welcome. Contact the RRA Office for details. This Fishing club is very generous to all of the kids involved.

On Fri. June 14 and Sat June 15 we will hold our Annual Roaming Shores Garage Sale. This is a great opportunity to clean up and make a few bucks. There is always a lot of traffic and street parking during this weekend so please be extra aware while driving on our streets during this time. Contact the RRA office if you would like your address to be published on our list of garage sale participants.

Enjoy the weather and be careful out there!

Rick Brothers
President RRA Board

President’s Comments – May 2019

Spring is finally in full swing with summer right around the corner. A thanks to all who attended the Annual Meeting. I am looking forward to working with this new Board of Directors.

The past year we accomplished a lot and I’m looking to carry that momentum into this new fiscal year in Roaming Shores.

I’ll be helping out at the annual cleanup this Saturday and don’t forget that we are also hosting a Business Expo in the Clubhouse for 9am-1pm

With the nice weather upon us please take extra caution when driving on the roads in our community. There is much more activity going on here in the spring and summer so be aware of kids playing near the roads and our deer friends at nightfall.

Our club’s have a lot of activities coming up. Find something that interests you and be involved with our community.

My mention of a Tug of War during the Annual Meeting looks like it might happen. Keep an eye on the weekly email blast for this and all happenings in Roaming Shores. Enjoy the weather and be careful out there!

Rick Brothers
President RRA Board of Directors

Annual Meeting Closing Comments

Closing Comments
Annual Meeting, April 28, 2018
Tom Sopko

First of all let me apologize for not being at the Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, Grandparents Day, which is out-of-state, is conflicting with the Annual Meeting. Grandparents day is a very important family event, just as the Annual Meeting is important to our Members. Thank you Jack McMillin for filling in.

As you all know I am not seeking reelection. I will be moving on to handling pressing family matters. So let me say a few things about your Association that I know have already been said, but I would like to re-emphasize:

This Board has made decisions that I believe looked out for your personal interests as a Member. I know that many of you may not feel that way, but rest assured that the Board had the entire paid Membership in mind, when making decisions, all 1150+ of you, and that number does not include your family members or guests, which would bring the total to well over 3000. Some of the decisions made will never be evident to Members, due to privacy, legal, and property value issues. I hate to say “Trust Us”, but you will have to “Trust Us”.

I also hate to say, “it’s all about Money”. I know that Money isn’t everything, but it does power the Association. As you just saw, we have accomplished a lot while maintaining a balanced budget. We have reduced the interest payments on debt as well as reduced the principal on debt; we have built a new Office; we are dredging at no additional cost; we continue to improve existing amenities and we started a reserve fund so that surprises do not require extra assessments. And we could do more if everyone paid, so please understand why we are such sticklers over verifying you are a paid member to use amenities. But, we do not have the Money to enclose a swimming pool, build a gym, or rake the weeds from each and every lakefront lot. The Association is not about deficit spending like our Congress. However, if you want these types of amenities, it is possible; it will just take more assessment Money.

And in regards to Money, please try to keep things in perspective. Your Board manages about $4,000 per day, or $1.2million for the year. Every decision will not be perfect for everyone. To move along expeditiously, decisions cannot include every Member, that is why you have a Board. Try to remember that $10,000 spent is less than 1% of the annual budget.

Being a Board Member is very time consuming. Remember the Board is made up of unpaid volunteers. And the Board lives by the same Rules and Bylaws as does every other Member. \

Speaking of the Board, you have a great Board and they deserve your support and respect. The Board is a work together group and is not a rubber stamp-yes-man group. Most decisions are not unanimous. Board Members respect one another and move on to the next issue whether or not they got their way on a previous issue. And I would like to thank the Board for this. It is what makes it a pleasure to be on a Board.

Also, remember our employees, Dan Mullins; and the Office staff, Pat and Jen; the Maintenance Staff; and the Summer Help. These are the people who make it possible to have pools, pavilions, volleyball and tennis courts, dredging and other amenities.

I would also like to thank our clubs and standing committees. Their work and social commitment to the Shores are the backbone of this Association.

Let’s not forget our Attorney, David King. David has helped us in recent years through many legal issues and has kept us out of a lot of legal problems, especially in today’s litigious prone society. For me it’s been an interesting four years, probably business as usual for David.

And I would especially like to thank the new Village Management. “It takes two to tango” and the Association finally has a dance partner. Let’s work to continue this relationship. And let’s not forget that the other lake associations envy our position, because there are things that can be best handled by a private corporation, like the Association, and there are things that can be best handled by a public entity, like the Village. Everyone has their role and it needs to be nourished and developed. And let us not forget, we are all both Members of the Association and we are all residents of the Village.

Lastly, I would like to thank you the Member for your support of the Board and the Association. If I could ask you to do one more thing, it would be to support a club. If you can’t find a club you like, start a club and rally for your club’s support.

I would like to thank each Member and their families for attending today. And if I could embellish a line about living at the Shores from last year’s Annual Meeting:

It’s not perfect, but it is Great.

Join the Board and your neighbors for refreshments in the kitchen area. Your new Board will need to excuse themselves in about 30 minutes for a brief meeting to elect your Officers for the 2018-2019 program year.

President’s Comments – April 2018

President’s Comments
April Board Meeting
April 5, 2018 


Board Activities This Past Month: 

As we reported last month, the Board voted to do a Survey and it would be handled similar to a Ballot for the Directors.  The Survey would be anonymous.  The Board is now working on a final copy.  The Survey will not be at the same time as the Director Election to avoid any confusion.  This Survey is to gauge the thinking of the Members.  The survey may or may not result in changes by the Board.  There are many factors to consider in making changes, such as the Community benefit, money to pay for it, legal issues, insurance requirements, etc. 

The Association Attorney approved the language for the monthly payment plan.  The Association is expected to begin this in June of 2018, for the 2019 season.  There will be no monthly billing.  It will be up to the Member to pay dues for the following year over a 10 month period, or less.  1/10th of the anticipated bill each month.   All payments will be credited toward the following year.  There is no cost to make monthly payments. 

Director Election:  Your current Board is comprised of mostly appointments to the Board.  Appointments are where a vacancy occurs and the Board elects a person to fill the empty Seat.  The second most prevalent situation is where there have been just enough candidates or not enough candidates to fill the vacant Director Seats.  

This election is your opportunity to shape the Board.  There are more candidates than Seats.  Three candidates for two Board Seats.  

The current Board is a great Board.  Although the Board may not be in complete agreement on issues, those that did not get their way move on to the next issue without holding an ax to grind.  A true working relationship.  

For the upcoming Director election, it is my recommendation that you ask questions to understand the intentions of candidates.  Vote for candidates who are truly interested in the long term direction of the Community, representing the entire Active Membership. Remember, there are 1100+ paying Active Members to be represented. 

Most importantly VOTE. 

The Village: Despite the constant barrage of comments that the Association needs to “work together” with the Village and vice versa, cooperation, in my opinion, has never been better.  Sharing of equipment, ideas, and information hasn’t been this good in many years.  The Association thanks the Village Management for this cooperation.  Hopefully the new Village Management and the new Association Board will continue and expand this true “working relationship”.  

The Annual Meeting:  The Association Annual Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on April 28, 2018 at 1pm.  Everyone is invited, paid up Active Members and Inactive Members.  The Annual Meeting will be followed by a Social where you can meet your Board and your neighbors.  Following the Social, the new Board will elect the Association Officers for May 2018 thru April 2019.  Plan to attend and see what your Association has been doing and has planned.   

Tonights Meeting:  As always after each Board meeting, please join the social at the Kitchen area of the Clubhouse for coffee and dessert.  Meet your Board and your neighbors. 

Best regards, 

Tom Sopko 

President’s Comments – March 2018

President’s Comments
March Board Meeting
March 1, 2018
By: Tom Sopko

Board Actions in the Past Month:

  1. The Board voted to do a Ballot type Survey. Including the following issues:
    1. Whether food and beverages should be allowed inside the pool areas.
    2. What is the interest in other amenities. And how to pay for them.
    3. The Board asks that Members make suggestions.
      The Survey is expected to follow the Director Ballot and not overlap or be at the same time
  1. The Board voted to provide WiFi at the Clubhouse area. It is now in service and will be in service year-round.
  2. The Board voted to study monthly dues payments in an effort to implement monthly payments. Many Members have commented that they can afford $75/month and cannot afford $750 all at once. It was a suggestion brought to us by Ed Baitt based on Member feedback. The Board is targeting to begin this in June of 2018, for the 2019 season.

Board Actions Tonight:

  1. John Martin has resigned from the Board. His resignation needs to be accepted. John’s remaining term is 1 year and two months.
  2. A new Board Member will be seated. The Board will be at full strength which is seven.
  3. Candidates for the upcoming Board election have to attend three regular Board meetings in the past year. The policy for monitoring Board Meeting attendance has been by signing in, however, it is not in the bylaws. Two Nominations are in question. The Board will decide if and how these Nominations are accepted.


What is Indemnification and Why Do We Have It? Indemnification which includes Directors and Officer Insurance protects volunteer Board Members from the costs of lawsuits and other legal claims whether criminal or civil. Indemnification should encourage Members to be on the Board because their personal assets are protected. Indemnification is now in question and under attack. Personally, I would not risk my retirement which took 40 years to build, to be on this Board if it were not for Indemnification. Put yourself in this position, would you risk your home or all your assets to manage this Association? Understanding Indemnification was my primary focus before deciding to join the Board. I used a third party law firm to help in that evaluation. No volunteer Director should be personally sued, imprisoned, accused of a felony, or have his/her life destroyed especially by another Member. These lawsuits and legal claims are the true money wasters of the Association and Community. Association Members need to step-up and question the accusers, as Members now question the defense decisions of the Association. Remember the Association Board of Directors represents you the Member. These actions could be handled internally by the Community if we were truly “working together”. These accusations are designed to intimidate the Board and to make the Board look bad, nothing else.

Director Election: For the upcoming Director election, it is my recommendation that you ask questions to understand the intentions of candidates. Vote for candidates who are truly interested in the long term direction of the Community, representing the entire Active Membership.

President’s Comments – Feb 2018

Presidents Comments
Board of Directors Meeting
February 1, 2018
By Tom Sopko

Due to bad weather, the January 2018 Board Meeting was cancelled.

The following actions were taken by the Board during January at a special Board meeting:

Maintenance work priorities were established for the Association. These priorities are:

  1. Safety
  2. Road Maintenance
  3. Summer Amenities, such as pools
  4. Building Maintenance
  5. Dredging

The Board reviewed the boat regulations and made no changes.  (Note: Since that meeting there was one request to grant a variance on boat length. There was no variance granted or rule change.)

Upcoming important happenings and dates are summarized here.  The details of the candidate requirements, election rules and procedures are in the Bylaws:

This year is the election for two Board Members.  Dave Emick and myself, Tom Sopko, come to the end of their terms.  The first important date is February 27, 2018, 1pm.  Those interested in running for the two vacated Board seats need to declare their interest by this date and time.  This intent to run should be a letter that bares the candidate’s original signature along with the Candidate Form.

Ballots with the candidate names will be mailed to the Members by the Office on March 28th before 1pm.

Ballots must be received via US Mail no later than April 25th, 1pm at David King’s office. Ballot delivered to the Office will not be included.

The newly elected and the existing Board Members (Directors) assume their positions after the annual meeting on April 28.

Lastly, the annual meeting is April 28, 2018, 1pm at the Clubhouse.  Following the annual meeting is a social for Members to meet their neighbors and the Board.  After the social, there is a meeting of the Board for the election of Officers and the election of Standing Committees for the subsequent Association year.  The Association year is May 2018 thru April 2019.

President’s Comments – Jan 2018

Presidents Comments
Board of Directors Meeting
January 4, 2018
By Tom Sopko

Due to bad weather, the January meeting was cancelled.

Let’s begin the New Year by reviewing the Status of your Association.

There are a new set of Membership Rules which eliminates the Guest Status and with this elimination, it is expected to make access to amenities easier.

Besides making access to the amenities easier, the Board is also in a pilot program to allow the use of Membership Card pictures on electronic devises like a smartphone. These legible pictures will be considered the equivalent to the original Membership Card. Members need to remember that they are responsible for taking and saving the Membership Card pictures, which must be legible.

Your Association is Financially Solvent.

The budget has been balanced for the past year 2016-2017.

$50,000 has been put into a Reserve Fund. What are Reserves? Reserves: “an amount adequate to repair and replace major capital items in the normal course of operations without the necessity of special assessments.” In addition, $10,000 from the 2018 budget is targeted to the Reserve Fund.

$25,000 has been put against the principal of the Office Loan. The Board will consider an additional amount to pay down the Office Loan based upon a cash flow study.

Dues and Assessments have not increased since 2011.
The Office was built with no increase in dues/assessments to the members. The Board demonstrated and published that it was cheaper to buy than rent a new Office. The Board committed to paying down the loan ASAP. The Board voted to apply $25,000 toward the principal to pay down quicker.

Dredging has been done at no additional cost to the Members, and no additional increase in dues or assessments.

Major Management Positions changes in the Association:

For Officers: we have a new Treasurer, Jack McMillin.

For Village Liaison, a Standing Committee, Shawn Morris is now the representative.

For the Amenities Committee, a Standing Committee, the committee is now active with Pat Swartz as Chairperson.

As always, I hope you are convinced we are managing your money and your Association in a prudent manner.

The Board is looking forward to working with the new management of the Village Council.

The Association and the Board of Directors wish every Member a Happy New Year. Here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 for all of us.

President’s Comments – Dec 2017

Board of Directors Meeting
December 7, 2017
By Tom Sopko

At a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, the Directors voted on several items:

To have the Interim Treasurer, to be the permanent Treasurer.  Jack McMillin has been voted to be the permanent Treasurer.

Made changes to the Standing Committees.  Shawn Morris will be the Village Liaison.  Pat Swartz and Dave Emick will manage the Amenities Committee, Pat is the Chairperson.  There are other minor changes to the other Standing Committees.

To accept the New Membership rules.  Jen Addair has reviewed and proposed a new set of Membership rules that the Board has accepted.

To accept the use of electronic media, examples: cell phones or tablets, as a back up to the Membership Card system.  Members must take their own pictures.

Note: The new card rules and the use of electronic media are a one year pilot project.  Assuming it works ok, the Association plans to continue.

To put $25,000 against the principal of the Office Loan.  To consider an additional amount to pay down the Office Loan based upon a cash flow study.

Tonight will be the third and final consideration of the Sexual Predator Amendment to the Bylaws.  There is a slight change in the wording to include “weekenders” who may be tier 3 sex offenders.  Before the Board votes on this again tonight, the minor wording change will be reviewed. 

Reminder:  Your Association is financially solvent.

$50,000 has been put into a Reserve Fund.  What are Reserves?  Reserves: “an amount adequate to repair and replace major capital items in the normal course of operations without the necessity of special assessments.”  In addition, $10,000 from the 2018 budget is targeted to the Reserve Fund. 

Despite the constant Social Media pokes about the insolvency and supposed constant dues increases by the Association, due/assessments have not increased since 2011 and the Association is solvent. 

The Office was built with no increase in dues/assessment to the members.

Dredging has been done at no additional cost to the Members.

Interest payments have decreased about $4000 per month despite adding a new loan for the Office. 

The valve on the dam has failed in the open position.  The Association is aware of the situation and is working with the Village to remedy the problem.  (Note: The valve has been repaired.)

The Association and the Board have been criticized for not responding to Social Media comments.  Please remember that some of the social media commenters may not be Members, or may not be Active Members meaning that they are not paying dues/assessments.  Some of the names and accounts could be fake.  One of the problems of social media is that anyone can write anything without providing any documentation.  You should make yourself aware of who is a Member, if they are a Member are they a paying Member, who is not a Member, and is it a real name, a real person?  And then be asking for documentation before accepting what is written on social media as true. 

The Association (the Operations Manager-Dan Mullins, Pat Sowery, Jen Addair, and the maintenance staff); and the Board of Directors wish every Member a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.  Here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for all of us.  We will see you in 2018. 

President’s Comments Nov 2017 Board Meeting

By Tom Sopko

The Board voted to have an Interim Treasurer.  For our Interim Treasurer, the Board has elected Jack McMillin.  Should Jack McMillin be voted onto the Village Council, as he is a candidate, and he chooses to resign from the Association, another Interim Treasurer will be chosen to start in January.

Tonight will be the second consideration of the Sexual Predator Amendment to the Bylaws.  There is a slight change in the wording to include “weekenders” who may be tier 3 sex offenders.  Before the Board votes on this again tonight, the minor wording change will be reviewed.

The Board approved a 2018 budget.  As always, it is a balanced budget.  Thanks to the fine work done by our Office staff getting more Members to pay, it appears that we may have up to $90,000 more to spend in 2018.  As you may recall, it has been a goal of the Board to reduce the number of Members in arrears.

The Board also addressed Reserves.  What are Reserves?  Reserves: “an amount adequate to repair and replace major capital items in the normal course of operations without the necessity of special assessments.”  We are one of the few HOA’s that has the right to pledge property toward a loan.  However, based on the fact that Reserves continues to be brought up, based on the fact that in the future banks or lenders may not take property for collateral, it has been decided to dedicate money to a Reserve Fund, and to do a reserve study.  Therefore the Board voted to move $50,000 from the $198,000 we have in savings to a Reserve Fund.  In addition, $10,000 from the 2018 budget is targeted to the Reserve Fund.  In addition to starting a Reserve Fund, a Reserve study will be done to determine how much should be in the Reserve Fund.  As part of approving the new Budget, the Board voted to leave the dues/assessments and any late fees the same.

A new Employee Handbook has been approved by the Board.  Copies will be available online or a copy can be picked up at the Office.

Jen Addair, of the Office, has suggested to the Board a new Membership Card hierarchy.  Her suggestions have been approved by the Board.  It does streamline the card system by eliminating the “Guest System”.  Separate from the Card hierarchy, a backup will be allowed.  The backup system is that pictures of Membership cards will be allowed to be on phones.  This means that if you want a backup to your card or your family’s cards on your phone, you will need to take a picture of your card, and any family or household members and copy it to your phone.  This will be your backup.  This new system is a one year pilot program for 2018.

Jen Addair has summarized the real estate tax meeting with Roger Corlett and Dennis DiCamillo.  The summary is on the RRA website and can be found in the email blasts.  One of the most important outcomes is that if you want an informal meeting with the County Auditor concerning your property appraisal, it is recommended that you do it immediately.  This will allow you to have an informal  meeting as opposed to a formal request for real estate re-evaluation.

The Board has discussed applying up to $50,000 from savings toward paying down the Office Loan.  As we announced at the time of the decision to build rather than rent, we would seek to pay down the Office Loan as quickly as possible.  We, the Association, have two outstanding loans, the pool & roads loan and the Office loan.  We are looking to vote to put the money toward the highest interest rate loan, the Office. 

President’s Comments Oct 2017 Board Meeting

October 5, 2017
By Tom Sopko

Board has voted to review how membership cards are used and required.  It doesn’t mean that any changes will be made.  What this does mean is that the Office has been asked to review membership cards.  The Board has asked that any proposed changes be made by January so as to allow time for communication and implementation. 

The Board was represented at the Ohio Lake Communities Association (OLCA) meeting at Lake Holiday in Willard OH.  As you may recall the OLCA is comprised of 22 lake communities like the RomeRock Association.  These OLCA meetings are a way for the Board to gauge how we compare versus other lake communities, and it’s an opportunity to share solutions to common problems.  Based on comparing your Lake Roaming Rock to Lake Holiday, we are in great shape.  Lake Holiday was very similar to the RRA. 

The Board and Dan Mullins met with Roger Corlett, the Ashtabula County Auditor on April 22, 2017.  Three important points that came out of the Meeting:  (1) no one in the Association is paying a Road Tax, (2) everyone pays about the same property tax rate regardless of whether you live on a Village, Township, County, or Association owned road.  (3) The Road Assessment paid to the Association is by virtue of each Association Member buying into the Homeowners Association.  Mr. Corlett will meet with the Members on Saturday, October 21, 2017, Clubhouse, 10:00am to 11:30am. Private meetings about your own real estate tax situation can be setup with Mr. Corlett.       

The Impact Fee.  The Impact fee of $1000, is a fee charged new property owners of the Association at the time of their purchase into the Association.  An Impact fee is intended to cover the cost to the Association that are directly or indirectly related to the transfer of ownership, including, without limitation, administrative expenses and contribution toward amenities that have been bought and paid for by monies collected from previous Members.  The impact fee available from 2016 property sales was $72,000, for 2017 it is estimated to be $90,000+.  Money from the impact fee goes to the Road Assessment, Amenities and the General Assessment Fund.  It has been suggested to eliminate that fee.  It is the Board’s suggestion that if you decide to eliminate the Impact fee, you also decide what you  are going to cut out or reduce, examples: pool maintenance, road maintenance, dredging, or snow plowing (examples).  Or do you want to increase dues/assessment about $70 to $80 per year to maintain what we currently have because that is what will be needed to maintain a balanced budget.

Our Financials are in terrific shape.  Although you just heard the financials, let me summarize them again.  We have approximately $198,000 in savings for which we are considering spending $50,000 on another barge to be used in the dredging.  Then we have another $233,000 available for maintenance and capital improvements for the balance of the year 2017.  The actual interest charge on existing loans has decreased through negotiating the refinance of existing loans, and the payoff period is the same.  The Board demonstrated in several publications that it was in the Association’s best interest, and the Association is you, to build an Office as opposed to renting.  Your Association Financials are in very sound shape. 

Public versus Private.  Most or all of us bought property in the Association either with knowledge of becoming and/or because we wanted to become part of a private lake community.  There are now people, some of whom are paying Members and some of whom are not members, claiming that we can maintain privacy even if all of the current private facilities and amenities were to come under the ownership and control of the Village, a public body.  The co-existence of a Village and an Association has been highly praised by other members of OLCA.  Other OLCA member communities have expressed their desire to have both a public Village and a private Association.  As an example: Hide Away Hills did away with their Dam Insurance because of the cost; each Member is now paying $4000 to pay for a $2.5million dam repair because of a Dam failure; this is because Hide Away Hills did not have a Village to help with the Dam insurance.  The Roaming Shores Village has served a valuable role in maintaining for the Community certain services that are typically provided by local government, including the Utilities, water and sewer, and the Police Force.  The Association has its role in the maintenance of its amenities and its facilities that are for the enjoyment of the members only as opposed to the public in general, including providing a venue for clubs and social activities. While it is easy to speak and write about eliminating the Association and turning everything over to the Village to be publicly owned and operated, the process to do so is a monumental complicated task.  While it always has been and remains the Board’s position that there is no good reason to eliminate the dual entities, those that call for abolishing the Association and turning everything over to the Village appear to have failed to think this process through or consider applicable Ohio law.  In order to sell or transfer all of the common properties owned by the Association for the private benefit of its members, the Board would require the approval of “75% of the voting power of the owners association.”  Even if the approval of 75% of the Members was not an insurmountable obstacle, the Board would not seek to eliminate the very association that was formed and has been maintained for the particular benefit of its Members. 

Lastly, there is no “free lunch”.  If an Impact Fee is not collected, either dues/assessments need to be raised or some amenity needs to be cut out or reduced.  If you think you want the Village as your sole management organization, then even assuming you can somehow garner the 75% approval to abolish the Association, you should first inquire extensively as to whether and how the Village can both raise the money necessary to maintain and acquire the facilities and amenities to which you have grown accustomed and maintain their privacy and exclude their use by non-residents.   If you want only the Association to operate without assistance from the Village, it may be necessary to increase dues/assessments to cover certain expenses such as the Dam insurance. 

Your Association has frugally and judicially used your money.  You can push to eliminate the Impact Fee and/or move to a single management organization, but you need to first fully understand the consequences and difficulties in doing so.  Just remember, there are things you get now that need to be paid for by either the Village or the Association.  There is “no free lunch”.   

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