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Upcoming August Events

July may be nearing its end, but there’s plenty to look forward to this August. Mark your calendars!

Aug 9th – Potluck Supper

The next Friends and Neighbors Potluck is scheduled for Friday, August 9th. There is a Social Hour held an hour before dinner at 6pm with dinner service beginning at 7pm. If you are planning on attending, please RSVP to Marge at 440-563-3769.

Bring a dish to share and your own tableware. BYOB. The Club will supply to main dish.

Tickets may be purchased at the door.
$4 Adult/$2 Child

Thank you and hope you can join your Friends and Neighbors at the next Supper!

Aug 10th – Ed Baitt’s Memorial Couples Tournament

The Fishing Club’s next tournament will be the Ed Baitt Mixed Couples Tournament on Saturday, August 10th. Start time will be 9am at the Marina. Weigh in will be at 12pm at the Marina. Husband – wife, mother – son, grandfather – granddaughter, boyfriend – girlfriend, etc.

There will be a $20 sign-up fee per boat. All of the entry money will be going to the winners, plus $100 donated by the Club.

This is a pan fish only event – Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, and Rockbass. Any size of fish will do. The fish will be donated to the club for our next fish fry.

Each boat must have a Fishing Club Member on the boat to enter.

Aug 10th – RSPD Golf Outing

The Roaming Shores Police Department will be hosting its Second Annual Golf Scramble on Saturday, August 10th 2019 at the Bronzwood Golf Course in Kinsman, Ohio. All proceeds from this event will be used to establish or further enhance the community programs offered throughout the year by the Roaming Shores Police Department. (Women’s Self Defense Workshop, Seniors Dinner Program, Halloween Costume Contest, Boat Races, Community CPR).

Our one day, fun oriented event will be sure to provide entertainment for all who attend, no matter whether you’re an expert golfer or just starting out.

With registration you will receive 18 holes of golf, cart for two, small gift bag, beverages, lunch and a picnic style dinner. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Hole in One contests, our Long Putt Contest and various other golf oriented games.

The Roaming Shores Police Department is looking forward to this community event and truly appreciates your support.

Also, don’t miss out on this opportunity to sponsor a hole and highlight your support for the police department and our community programs.

Thank you in advance for your participation as either a golfer, sponsor or both.


The Roaming Shores Police Department

More Info and Sign Up Forms

Aug 17th- Taco Night

On Saturday, August 17th @ 6pm, the STARS Club will be holding a Taco Night at the Clubhouse. Entry will be $10 and will include taco salad, tea/lemonade, and dessert. $3 for 10 tacos. Individual tacos after that will be $2/each.

Proceeds will benefit the STARS Club which organizes several events in the Shores each year including the Annual Fireworks Display.

Vessel Safety Checks Available on Sunday, July 28, 2019

Submitted by:  Louise Lisac
Is your boat water ready???  Does it carry all the required equipment to keep you and your passengers safe?  Do you know what safety items are required by Ohio Boating Laws? It’s a good idea to find out before it’s too late.  Why not consider participating in a Vessel Safety Check scheduled for Sunday afternoon, July 28, 2019 at the docks by the Clubhouse?

Your Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club is coordinating this event with our ODNR representative.  This is a great opportunity to have your boat checked to ensure all is in order.  The ODNR representative will board your boat and validate you are in compliance with all required safety items.  If your boat is found to be in compliance, you will be given a safety sticker you can put on your boat letting everyone know your vessel was inspected and found to be in order.  No fines will be imposed and you have an opportunity to correct the findings.  If you are lacking anything, what better way to find out before you are subject to any fines or worse yet… you discover something is missing during an emergency situation. 

This is a completely voluntary exercise.  The process will begin around noon and take about 20 minutes for each boat.  We are asking that you RSVP  your intention by sending and email to or by contacting the Association Office at 440-563-3170.  Please include your name, your email and/or your phone number.  We will let you know what time you should be present for your vessel check. 

In order to prepare for this and even if you are unable to attend, you may want to check the following website which provides a list of Safety items required for your particular boat.

My thanks to the Roaming Shores Citizens Preparedness Club and to Roaming Shores Police Chief, Will Roskos for coordinating this event.  We hope to have a full afternoon so send your RSVP as soon as possible!  You may also email the club with any questions you have.

Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club

Submitted by:  Louise Lisac

Hoping you find this as a positive post!  I heard a new song last night… main phrase… “be nice, I promise it will change your life”!!  Loved it!!!

We all have strong opinions about our community, but one thing we all share is that it’s ours! We live here. Some of us all the time, some of us just part of the time.  Nevertheless, it’s our community and our neighborhoods.

One of the Shores’ newest club is the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club.  It exists for one reason… to make our community stronger and a better place to live.  We just held two events: 

A family water safety event and a great seminar on Senior Care.  They were both excellent and wonderful information was shared by experts in the specific fields.  The only downside… they were very sparsely attended.  Everyone has such a busy schedule and it is hard to find time to fit in anything extra!

Our club meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse.  Will Roskos, our Roaming Shores Police Chief is our community liaison.  Our mission is to provide support, education and awareness to better prepare each one of us to handle emergencies, difficult situations and natural or man-made disasters.  We focus on practicality and what we can reasonably provide.

We are looking for more neighbors to join us.  Try to attend and pay attention to programs that are offered.  I promise it won’t be a waste of your time!!!

If you have any questions or want more specific information, please email us.  A special thanks to Christina White, one of our own here in the Shores, who coordinated the Senior Care event.  Watch for more.  It doesn’t matter your age… there is valuable information for all demographics!

Have a great day and start singing my new favorite song…. be nice I promise it will change your life!!!

I hope to see a few of you on Monday night!! 

July 6th Recap

Independence Day was celebrated in Roaming Shores on the weekend of July 6th. Despite the threat of unfavorable weather, everything went off without a hitch!

The morning began with the 2nd Annual Roaming Shores 5K. 127 runners signed up for this year’s race, amazing turnout!

5K Results

5K Album

Stasny Road Racing Album

Following the 5K, the 2nd Annual RSPD Cardboard Boat Races were held at Beach 1. 7 Boats competed in this year’s race! Prizes were awarded to the Fastest boat, the Most Creative, and the Most Dramatic Sinking. Check out the album below for all of the fun and the winners!

Cardboard Boat Race Album

At 1pm, the 20th Annual Jason Scribben Memorial 3 v 3 Volleyball Tournament was held at Beach 1. 13 teams entered the tournament this year!

Then in the evening, the Annual Roaming Shores Fireworks Display lighted the night sky!

Fireworks Media and Video

What an amazing weekend!! We couldn’t do it without the support of our Community via Donations, Volunteerism, Sponsorships, Coordinators, and Safety Services! Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s celebration a success and thank you Mother Nature for not spoiling the fun 🙂

President’s Report – July 8, 2019

People’s behavior on our lake must change and must change now or drastic measures may be taken that a lot of you may not like. My observations of total disregard for safety this past weekend on our lake really emotionally upset me. The time for talking is over The time for immediate swift action is now. I want people to like me, that’s human nature, it’s how most people behave. I may make some decisions that will cause many to have a not so good opinion of me, I’m not crazy about that, but if I can save a child or adult from getting seriously injured or worse in our lake, I’ll be that bad guy. Here are 4 incidents that happened on our lake over the weekend.

Friday afternoon I had my boat anchored at the dam “No Wake” area with 10 other boats with our family and friends swimming in the lake. A jet ski came ripping through the area, weaving between boats and when I finally got a good look at him, he accelerated and took off. Thank God nobody got hit, there had to be some close calls.

One of our RRA Board members was working on his pontoon on his dock, with his back to the water. A wake boat came within 10 feet of his boat and caused a wave that actually launched him from the pontoon and into the lake. He didn’t know what happened at first but when he got out of the water, he saw the tail waters of the boat speeding away. He didn’t get hurt thankfully but we can all imagine what could have happened.

An erratic jet ski was spotted at the south end and the driver appeared to be impaired in some way. The jet ski ended up sinking in the lake and eventually popped up to create a huge hazard. What if you with your family on your boat struck that abandoned jet ski? The watercraft was towed to the marina, and the homeowner will be responsible for a tow bill and will definitely be brought up for review. We know who you are!

The fireworks were wonderful. What a great event for all of us to be able to watch, either on or off of the lake. Every boat that I saw Saturday night did a great job of respecting the space of the other boats around them and navigating in the dark……Except a boat that was about 20 yards in front of my boat. After the fireworks, I heard people jumping into the water off of the boat as the masses of other boats are leaving after the fireworks. There were boats in between my boat and that one by now but I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Get out of the water and back on your boat” What are people thinking? I didn’t hear of anyone getting hurt Saturday night but I cringe when I think what could have happened.

These are just what I know and most of you have stories as well.

So, what do we do? The RRA Board will be working on some immediate plans to put up some major restrictions if this continues for another weekend.

I know that Lake Patrol just isn’t enough to see all of the lake all of the time, The RRA Board is working on better solutions.

Do we ban Jet Skis, wake boats, and fireworks because of rule breakers with total disregard for safety? Pretty extreme isn’t it?

See something, say something. We want to know. We all own a piece of this community and lake. Take it upon yourself to try to let people know that what they are doing is wrong.

I know that it is only a few and most of your follow the rules and are responsible adults.

Anyone under the age of 16 without a driver license, that is operating a jet ski on our lake, will result in the permit of the property owner to be revoked, no exceptions. You can email me at : Yes, I used to be a Disc Jockey.


Rick Brothers

RRA Board President

President’s Report July 2019

We finally are getting 2 or more days without rain. Summer is here. We have our busiest week of the year approaching us here in the Shores. Please be safe. Fireworks are still illegal in Ohio and violators face the possibility of fines or more. Not to mention the trauma for our little ones and our furry friends. No need to spend your money on fireworks, just wait until Sat July 6 and attend our fabulous fireworks display here at Roaming Shores.

As always, safety on our lake has to be a top priority. The water will be choppy from all of the activity. There will be many skiers and tubers. Be aware at all times of the water immediately around your boat or water craft. Let’s have fun, safe fun.

The following activities will take place on Sat July 6:

  •  Roaming Shores 5K – 8am
  •  Roaming Shores Police Dept Cardboard Boat Races – 12pm
  •  Jason Scribbens Memorial 3 on 3 Volleyball tournament 1pm
  •  Fireworks approx. 10pm (rain date Sun July 7)

There is a potluck supper at the clubhouse on Fri July 12 bring a dish to share, meat provided.

Have a fun and safe July 4th weekend!

Rick Brothers
Rome Rock Association

To Parents of Young Jet-ski Drivers

By Bruce C. Bower
Safety Committee

After all this time and preaching, I suspect that the only words about your young adult pilots that you would listen to are “you are under arrest”. Young adults are young, immortal, and all-knowing. It is your job and your responsibility to your kids and the community to: teach, preach, inform and reprimand them when you throw them the keys! You are RESPONSIBLE for their actions unless they paid 10k for the rocket and are over 21. I see every possible stupid action possible and almost all of these antics are against the law carried out on the skis. Here is a tough concept, you must be driving a THREE PERSON ski if you tow anyone!!!!!! You need one person being towed, one person to watch and one to drive. How about asking your kids what they are going to do when 3 of them saddle up to have fun and you own a one or two person ski? Come on, think of lives in danger, think of your kids!

Ok, now for the so-called adults. What are you thinking when you take your infant child on your ski and wind up eventually going 50 mph while cutting in and out to give the little one a thrill? There is nothing I can write, in a public paper, to answer this question, that would not be edited out. I give up!

Write or call me with your questions or comments.

Bower out        216.906.2301    

Roaming Shores 5K July 6th

The preregistration deadline for the Roaming Shores 5K has passed, but if you haven’t signed up yet, no worries! You can still sign up now and even on the day of the race if you decide last minute to run. There will be limited shirts available on race day. They will be available on a first come, first served basis on race day. So get there early! If you signed up for the race before June 3rd, your packet with your shirt will be ready at check-in.

The race will be held on July 6th (the day of the Fireworks). Day-of Registration and packet pickup will begin at 7am in the Clubhouse (13 Roaming Rock Blvd., Roaming Shores, OH, 44085). The race will begin at 8am.

You can register for the 5k online at or mail in a paper entry (copies available at the RRA Office).

The 5K is a great athletic event for both seasoned pros and beginners! The race will be professionally timed by Stasny Road Racing using ChronoTrack; real-time results and social media updates!
Overall male and female winners receive trophies. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each age group (Male & Female) will receive medals. Age categories: 14 & under, 15–19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 & over.

Proceeds from the race will benefit our local Safety Services who will be volunteering at the event and the STARS Club, which organizes several events in the Shores and the annual Fireworks Display!

The Roaming Shores 5K would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors! Many thanks!

Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors




Orwell Flower Shop – 440-437-8955

Heart & Soul Fitness Studio- 330-442-2527

C&L Lawn Service, Inc. – 440-997-2019

John & MaryLou Watt

Silver Sponsors

Crandall Connection
Orwell DQ


June Winery Bus Tour Recap

The STARS Club’s first Winery Bus Tour of the year was held on June 15th. Despite the rain, the group had a great time visiting Stonegait Winery, Laurentia Viveyard, and Laurello Vineyards. We did not get the opportunity to visit Cask307 as it was not yet open and Silver Crest Cellars closed before we made it over. No big deal, we stopped at Laurello instead. We all had a wonderful time and hope you can join us next time! The next tour will be held October 5th.

6/16/19 High Water/No Wake

6/21/19 Update: Thursdays rains were not enough to warrant the no wake lights to be turned on again. Have a great, safe weekend!

Due to the amount of rain water we have received with more coming, the entire lake is currently NO WAKE. No wake indication strobe lights are located on the Clubhouse, at Beach 2, and at the Marina. If the lights are flashing, the lake is NO WAKE.

Creating a wake while the lake water is high risks damage to docks and boats. Be cautious!

High lake waters bring more than just water. If you are out on the lake, remember to be extra cautious of debris that may be in the water and hidden due to the muddy conditions.

Check on your docked boats. If the lake water is high and there is not enough slack in your line, the line can snap and your boat can float away. However, make sure to not have too much slack to where your boat can end up on top of your dock. If you have canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, etc. on your dock, you may want to consider moving them further away from the shore.

If you are not a full time resident, consider calling your neighbors to check on your boats.

Once the water recede to normal levels, we will turn off the No Wake lights. 

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