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Annual Community Garage Sale 2022


It’s time to start planning for the Annual Roaming Shores Garage Sale! This event will be held 2 days, Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th (Father’s Day Weekend) from 9am-4pm.

If you are planning on participating in the Garage Sale, please fill out the form below. We will add your address to a list with a street map so that visitors will know where to find you. Signs will also be available at the RRA Office that may be posted to your mailbox or at the end of your street.

If you do not want people parking in front of your property, please post No Parking Signs.

Note: If you are having a garage sale, you are not required to sign-up.

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The Printed list will be finalized 6/16/22!

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    Friday, June 17thSaturday, June 18th

    Goodwill Donations

    Didn’t sell everything you had hoped to during the Garage Sales? Goodwill of Northeast Ohio and Northwest PA will have trucks available after the garage sale on Saturday, June 18th to accept the items you were not able to sell as a donation to their organization. These trailers and Goodwill staff will only be available Saturday evening (times and locations TBD). Please see “unacceptable items” linked below. Receipts will be available upon request. Anyone in the Shores is welcome to drop off items.

    Review unacceptable items.

    2022 Summer Concert Schedule

    The Kathy Crandall Entertainment Pavilion is nearing completion and we have some great bands lined up! Save the dates!

    Our inaugural concert will be held on June 4th. Renegade Gentlemen will be playing and we’ll have Roaming Shores’ own Dan’s Backyard BBQ serving up some great food! Check out our scheduled concerts for 2022!

    July 9th Night Wolf
    Food service by Little Red Food Truck
    July 23rdMiles Beyond Band
    Food service TBD
    August 6th3 for All
    Food service by the Polar Bear Club
    September 3rd – Waiting for Ray
    Food service will be the STARS Rib Cook Off

    Concerts are for RRA Members only. Membership cards will be checked upon entry. Concerts are free and tentatively scheduled for 6:00pm to 9:30pm, check for updates closer to the concert date. Food will be available for purchase beginning at 5:00pm. Enjoy from Beach 1 or by boat.

    Looking forward to a great summer!

    2022 Annual Meeting Recap

    The RomeRock Association held their Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at the clubhouse with the following directors present, Scott Soble, Rory Marshall, Nadine Pope, Bob McClintock, Louise Lisac, Rick Brothers and Cheryl Fain. The meeting was attended by 82 members.

    President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 1p.m. and introduced the Board of Directors. Cheryl Fain gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Scott welcomed everyone and Nadine Pope read the Certification of Service of Notice of the Annual Meeting. Nadine followed with the Membership Report. There were 87 New Members in 2021, which included new homes, lot owners and sales of existing homes and lots to new owners. We have a total of 1,322 total Membership Units.

    Bob McClintock reviewed the 2021 Treasurer’s Report and reviewed comparisons to the two previous years. It was noted that the higher than usual carry over was due in part to projects that we were unable to complete due to contractor and material shortages, collection of delinquent accounts and higher than anticipated boat registrations.

    Yvonne Gibson reported the results of the Election of the Board of Directors. Nadine Pope and Rick Brothers will retain their seats on the board and will be joined by Jeff Grosse. The board thanks Michelle Gabram and Tony DiMarino for their interest in serving on the board. Cheryl Fain will be retiring from the board and we want to thank her for her service the past three years. She will, however, continue to give the invocation before our board meetings.

    Scott gave us the 2021-2022 Association Overview. We have hired part time office assistant Wendy Carley and two new members to our maintenance team, Daniel Lang and David Robinson. We have begun to replace our aging trucks, replaced the Clubhouse Seawall, worked on road improvements, implemented our text alert system and are making the Clubhouse area a community focus. The community funded The Kathy Crandall Entertainment Pavilion is also nearing completion.

    Rick reported on some of the 2022 planned improvements. The dock at the Marina Boat Launch is being replaced. The tennis courts are being resurfaced to allow for both tennis and pickle ball play. Bathrooms at both beaches are being refreshed. The pumphouse at pool one will be replaced in the fall. There will be new gates at the boat ramp and new amenity signs will be installed in several areas. We will also be working on road erosion control.

    Representatives from several area clubs also provided us with information. Cheryl gave an overview of Community Preparedness. Jen Addair talked about the STARS Club, who sponsor our fireworks and the 5K on July 2nd and a Cornhole Tournament July 3rd. Dave Emick spoke about events that the Fishing Club will be sponsoring this season. Mindy Fier thanked everyone for helping the Polar Bear Club raise funds for our local schools at the Polar Bear Plunge and reviewed upcoming events. Both Men’s and Women’s golf leagues meet at Hemlock Springs Golf Course on Thursdays. Shores HoldEm meets at the clubhouse two Fridays a month. Marie Kaufman gave an overview of the very popular PickleBall Club, whose season will begin on May 1. Jim Fell invited everyone to help with continuing to stain our many picnic tables with the Village Volunteer Club and Gerry Dixon spoke about the mission of the Environmental Advocacy Club. Their Mission Statement is to promote an overall balanced environmentally friendly awareness within the Roaming Shores community. For more information concerning any of these clubs, please check our website.

     Louise gave an overview of our Standing Committees. Rory spoke to us about the importance of Lake Safety. Know the rules and make sure you and your guests follow them. Be sure to take a Boater Safety Course and don’t let anyone use your watercraft if they haven’t been properly instructed. The RRA is sponsoring a Boater Safety Course on Saturday, May 21st.

    Dave Ernes gave us an overview of what Lake Management had accomplished in 2021 and what they hope to accomplish in 2022. In 2021 algaecide treatments improved the clarity of our lake. Tributaries were tested to determine nutrient inflow. Use of lasers reduced the bacteria levels at beach 1 by deterring the geese.

    In 2022 we will continue with algaecide treatments on the whole lake and dockside invasive weed control. We will also continue with the goose deterrence program and weekly testing at the beaches. We will have increased surveillance of the lake by AquaDoc, evaluate peroxide product on Flame Lake, do targeted dredging in coves with dredging of the south end of the lake in the fall, more targeted testing and a Fish Survey in the fall.

    Dave also stressed that members can help by doing their part. Avoid fertilizers with phosphorous, keep grass clippings, leaves etc. out of the lake, create buffer zones and ask if you have a question by emailing Lake Management at

    We all have a vested interest in our lake and it is every members responsibility to help to take care of it.

    Thank you to everyone who attended.

    Nadine Pope, Secretary

    Cleanup Day May 7th

    Cleanup Day is your opportunity to get rid of your “unusables”. This event is FREE to residents of Roaming Shores Village from 8am to noon at the Clubhouse parking lot. There is NO LIMIT on loads, however, no commercial or landscaping vehicles will be allowed.

    Unacceptable items include tires, refrigerated appliances, batteries, barrels or drums, bullets or shells, commercial waste, dirt, rocks, bricks, tree stumps, combustible materials, liquid and hazardous waste, toxic materials, paint cans, yard waste, food waste and gas cylinders.

    Goodwill of Northeast Ohio and Northwest PA will be available during Cleanup Day to accept donations and provide tax-deductible receipts.

    Please review their unacceptable items:

    • Tube Televisions
    • Large electronic items that do not work (i.e. copy machines) or any electronic items that do not work
    • Any items with stains, tears, wet, moldy, pet hair or other damages
    • Automobile tires
    • Paint or chemicals of any kind
    • Kerosene and gas heaters/appliances, propane tanks, oil lamps and lamp oil
    • Weapons: firearms, ammunition, knives, BB guns, pellet guns, air guns/rifles, etc.
    • Fireworks and sparklers of any kind

    Lake Management Update from a non scientific perspective!  From one neighbor to another!!!

    By: Louise Lisac

    I have lived on the lake since late 2011.  That’s almost 12 years of watching and learning how our lake responds to seasons, to weather; from winter to summer and from sunshine to rainstorms.  The beauty of the lake and the ugliness of the lake have been seen from my vantage point.  I had never spent a large part of my life near the water until I moved to the Shores.  I would spend visits to the beach and to the lake, but I never truly focused day in and day out on the “life of a lake”.  I knew our beautiful lake needed help.  At first, I bought into the idea that dredging the entire lake would solve all our problems. Get rid of the built-up sediments and the weeds and the algae would go away.  Who cares if it costs an enormous amount of money, Wasn’t it worth it to protect the number one asset of our lake community?  It sure made sense to me.

    Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple.  Hard problems very rarely have a one-dimensional solution. Oh, if only that were true!  Lake life would be much more enjoyable.  I got involved because I knew our lake was worth saving.  Besides, so was the investment I made in property. I did this with a sense of fight and also with an open mind. Regardless of our opinions we are a community. A community brings a variety of talents and personalities to the table. Debate can be challenging but it can also lead to great dialogue and more importantly understanding of a bigger issue and a more focused short term and long-term solution to a very real problem.

    I have been witness to the value of resident involvement.  Individuals willing to bring their talents to the table and work on our Lake Management Committee and individuals willing to create a grass roots campaign and create the Environmental Advocacy Club joined forces and came together to partner with our Association Board of Directors and our Association Maintenance Manager to develop a strategy that is science based, multi-dimensional and created on fact not emotion.

    A professional lake advisor was hired. If you’re sick, I hope you don’t just search the internet and diagnose yourself. If you do, it may not work out so well.  You probably should go to a medical professional who has experience and training about how the human body works, what symptoms may present themselves for certain diseases and more importantly how to treat those diseases and not just cover up the symptoms.  I hope you’re smart enough to make those tough lifestyle changes that may be necessary to return you to health.  Our lake is in need of attention.  A professional lake advisor has the knowledge and experience to determine what treatments can help both the symptoms and the long-term cure.  There are lifestyle changes we will all need to make as well.

    Under direction from our lake experts and consultants, this upcoming recreational season we will continue with weed control as well as the Vodaguard treatment.  These treatments are not “magic bullets” but short-term treatments to address symptoms.  Please watch the eblasts for updates and scheduling of these activities.

    We will continue with our water testing procedures and alert you, if and when levels exceed our tolerance and safety levels.  Eblasts will notify you of this as well.  Please educate yourself on our warning process.  You can also register to get text updates of these warnings direct to your cell phone.  Simply on any eblast, click the link that says “Update Preferences” and add in your cell phone number. That’s as easy as it can get!!!

    We will continue with our geese management activities.  While animals are important in our lives, we need to ensure their excrement does not negatively affect our water.  You can help by cleaning up after your pets and reduce the risk of runoff coming into our lake.

    We have a fish study planned for later this year.  Jones Fish has been hired to do this study and informed us that fall is the best time to complete this type of exercise.  The results of the study will be shared once it is complete.

    Dredging is scheduled throughout the summer.  Northern coves will be done during June, July and August.  This is to minimize sediment disruption in the main lake. The South End of the lake will be dredged after Labor Day.

    We enjoy many recreational activities on our lake.  Boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and even meditation are all important.  Our lake management programs are focused to ensure these activities can continue and to ensure our property values are not negatively affected.  You are part of lake management as well.  Both part time and full-time residents of the Lake Roaming Rock Community share responsibility to be good stewards of our lake and our lake environment.  What’s that you say?????  Yes, you own the health of our lake.  Do your part.  Stay educated.  Get involved.  Learn what you can do to help filter runoff.  Understand how using the wrong fertilizer can affect algae blooms.  Pay your dues.  Don’t dump leaves and other debris in the lake.  Never ever use chemicals for any reason.  Watch gas overspill if you fuel your boat at the water’s edge.  Respect mother nature. Help educate your neighbor of these initiatives.  Be a lake disciple!

    We are blessed to live in such a beautiful environment.  Never take for granted what we have here in the Shores.  Protect it and if you get the opportunity, thank your neighbors who contribute their time and talents to enhance the health and welfare of our lake. These are unpaid positions and are done only because they love Lake Roaming Rock.   The next time you feel you need to complain, why not consider getting involved?  Think about becoming part of the solution.  Enjoy the summer season and all that it has to offer.  More importantly understand that a beautiful lake is no accident and requires unique and multifaceted care by all who use and recreate.

    Best Practices We Can Do For Algae Control

    By D.Ernes – Lake Management Committee

    We are entering the season to get back into our yards. At the latest Board Meeting, I briefly went over a tri-fold pamphlet, available in the RRA office. It details a number of practices that can help individuals to reduce their nutrient footprint. And as we know, nutrients, especially phosphorus, are the fuel for algal blooms. So, anything that we as residents can do to reduce the nutrients entering the lake will be another step in our efforts to reduce blooms. This article paraphrases some of these Best Practices that each of us can do.

    Fertilizer – If you must use lawn fertilizer, use phosphorous-free and slow-release nitrogen products. Most fertilizers have three numbers separated by a dash somewhere on the bag. In some cases it is in the small print. The middle number is the phosphorus content, so it’s best to use a product that has a zero here (4-0-3). The major suppliers like Scott’s have mostly moved to zero phosphorus lawn products. One thing to consider is that garden fertilizers almost exclusively have high phosphorus content. So if you use this product, please use it sparingly. Take advantage of test kits to insure you even need the phosphorus. Don’t apply fertilizer prior to a major storm, as most of it will end up in the lake and not in your lawn!

    Lawn maintenance – When mowing your lawn, do not blow the clippings into the street, culvert, or, into the lake. If you see your neighbor or a lawn service discharging clippings or debris (leaves, etc.) into the lake, talk to them and encourage them to use another approach. (And they can be fined.)  Use the compost site which is the best location for yard waste.

    Landscaping projects – When doing a new construction or an upgrade to your lawn-scape, think of the lake. We have written articles on buffer zones and rain gardens that can be both attractive as well as help to reduce nutrient run-off into the lake. There are also a number of plants that will absorb nutrients at a greater efficiency than others. For those on the lake, break up any steep slopes that direct runoff into the lake with stones, mulched beds, etc. If you use landscaping pavers, consider porous products.

    Pets – Remember to pick up after your pet both in your lawn and when walking them through the neighborhood. The waste can add nutrients (and bacteria) into the lake.  

    Cleaning Products – This is the season to wash our cars, our boats and maybe the siding on our house. Some detergents will be detrimental to the lake. There is a list of “green” products on the RRA website that can do the job while being good to the lake.

    Overall, think about what you do outside. What you do on your property, can affect the lake, either positively or negatively. So, each of us has a responsibility as resident of our Lake Community to …


    April 2022 Board Meeting Recap

    The RomeRock Association held their April meeting on Saturday, April 2nd at the Clubhouse with the following members present: Scott Soble, Rory Marshall, Bob McClintock, Cheryl Fain, Rick Brothers, Louise Lisac and Nadine Pope. Also present was Pat Sowry. 

    President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Cheryl gave the invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The March minutes were approved. The February Treasurer’s report was presented and approved. Scott welcomed the residents in attendance. Once again, we were pleased that some members of our village council were present. It is so important that we share ideas and work along side our village for the common goal of a unified community. 

    Scott also reported that construction of the Kathy Crandall Entertainment Pavilion is nearing completion. Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held before the first concert on June 4th. We have a concert scheduled for the first Saturday of each month this summer. The last one will be held at the Rib Cook Off on September 3rd.  

    Under Legal, Louise reported that there are no current legal issues 

    Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported that collection letters were sent to delinquent members in February. To date, in 2022, we have received nearly $45,000 in delinquent dues and assessments. This is an ongoing process that will continue throughout the year. 

    Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that Rick Gainar recently wrote an article concerning Goose Addling, which was included in the current issue of the Shores News. Rick and the EAC are looking for members to assist with this process. If you identify a nest on your property, or near it, we ask that you call the RRA Office at 440-563-3170 to let us know and also give permission for Mr. Gainar or another volunteer to enter your property to check the nest. This is a very important part of preserving the health of our lake.  Dave Ernes also brought some brochures that explain use of fertilizers, mowing and many other tips for lake health. What goes on your grass, will wind up in the lake. These brochures are available at the RRA Office. He also told us that Jones Fish will be doing our Fish Survey this fall. Dave will be giving a presentation at our Annual Meeting on April 30th to present the Lake Management Plan for 2022. 

    Under Lake Safety Rick reported that we are looking for lake patrol employees for this summer and ways to make residents aware of the importance of obeying our boating regulations and passing this information on to everyone they allow to use their watercraft. There will be a Boater Safety Class held at the Clubhouse on May 21st  from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.. The cost is $10.00, which includes lunch. You can sign up by contacting the RRA Office at 440-563-3170. Registration must be paid in advance of the class. 

    RRA-RSV Liaison – Cheryl gave those present an overview of the last Village Council meeting. 

    Under Board of Review, Mike Petersen reported that there are no current appeals. 

    Under Building and Facilities, Bob reported that demo has been completed on the bathrooms at Beach 1 and Beach 2. Materials have been ordered and painting begun. After the epoxy floor is completed and painting finished, tiling and installation of fixtures will begin. There will be new composite stalls, new vanities, comfort height toilets, air hand dryers and baby changing stations. New lighting will also be installed. 

     Rick also spoke about the new Entertainment Pavilion and what a great addition it will be to our community. In addition to the concerts, we have scheduled a DJ to entertain members on July 2 before the fireworks. 

    Under Administration, Nadine reported that the Personnel Committee met with employees yesterday.  These meetings are excellent planning sessions as well as opportunities for our employees to give us their ideas and voice any concerns. Scott is in regular communication with Randy Reubel, our Maintenance Supervisor, to discuss anything that comes up between regular meetings. At yesterday’s meeting our 2022 road plan was discussed. We are planning to use different materials this year to help reduce the dust from our chip and seal project. We know this isn’t a perfect solution, but it allows us to maximize our allocated funds to maintain and keep our roads as safe as possible.  

    Under Amenities Rick reported that after meeting with vending machine companies, it is apparent that they feel our limited season isn’t profitable enough for them to place machines at our pools. He is working on an alternate plan to discuss with the board in the near future. Rick also reported that planning is going well for our New Member Orientation to be held from 6:30 til 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 7th. This meeting is open to all members, but is especially geared towards new members from 2020 and 2021. It will provide them with information concerning Roaming Shores and the surrounding area. Refreshments will be served. Should you have any questions, please contact Ellen Petersen at 412-260-6037 or Rick Brothers at 330-240-4824. May 7th is also our Spring Clean-up. Look for information in our weekly eblast. 

    Nadine reported that board members met with Jim Kovats from the STARS Club and reviewed plans for new signs that will be placed at the Clubhouse/Pool and Beach 1, the Pool and Beach 2, the Basketball Court, the Tennis/Pickleball Courts, Sunset Park and Dawn Park. This is phase 1 of our sign project. In phase 2, Jen Addair and Randy Ruebel will be compiling a list of informational signs that are needed. 

    The Neighborhood Volunteer Club will begin helping our maintenance department stain picnic tables this month, after they have been pressure washed and dried. Anyone willing to help with this project, please contact Jim Fell or leave your name at the RRA office. 

    Rick reported that Friends and Neighbors Club will host a dinner at Laurello Vineyards on Friday, April 8th. Please RSVP to Marilyn Morris at 440-563-1653 if you are planning to attend. 

     Polar Bear Club – Scott reported that the Polar Bear Club will be providing the food for our August 6th Concert as a fundraiser. The club is also planning to do repairs and landscaping on Goose Island this spring. We want to thank them for all they do for our community 

    Marie Kaufman reported that the Womens’ Golf League meets on Thursday mornings at 8:30 at Hemlock Springs Golf Course. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your skill level is. The Pickle Ball Club will be hosting their Spring Social on Friday, April 29th. They will have Pickle Ball demonstrations and welcome new members. There will be a guest speaker, refreshments and door prizes for those attending. The club is hoping weather allows the resurfacing of the tennis courts to begin by June 1st, as planned. They are also looking into a local place that would allow indoor play during the colder weather. 

    Tony DiMarino reported for the Environmental Advocacy Club. They are working with Rick Gainar and volunteers to help solve our problem of geese polluting our lake. They will assist with the addlling project. 

    Cheryl reported for the Community Preparedness Club that they will be hosting Coffee with the Candidates next Saturday, April 9th at 10 a.m. Questions will be posed to all five candidates from the club as well as from the audience. 

    Under New Business, the board approved Yvonne Gibson and Barb Buckley to act as Ballot Inspectors for the April RRA Directors Election. 

    The board also approved Phase 1 of our sign project as described under amenities. 

    Questions from residents concerned the 2021 Chip Seal Project and placement of buoys on the lake to encourage jet skis and boaters to use more caution. 

    The board will look into the questions and concerns from these residents. 

    The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. 

    Nadine Pope, Secretary 

    Seasonal Help Wanted

    In anticipation of summer, the RRA is now accepting applications for its part-time summer positions. Note: All applicants must be 18 or older. Please stop by the RRA Office during normal business hours (currently Tues. – Sat. 8am to 6pm) to pick up an application. $11 to $18/hr depending on job and experience.

    Maintenance: May to Fall. Part-time maintenance employees perform various duties including the upkeep of our common areas. Must have a clean driving record and be able to perform physical labor. Must be able to work occasional weekends.
    (Rate: $12/hr starting)

    Gate Guards: Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Will include nights and weekends. Gate Guards supervise pools; check for valid membership cards; monitor restrooms, beaches, and grounds for vandalism or trash; check in party reservations, maintain radio contact with office to assist membership; watch pools for problems with chemicals, dirt, heat or mechanical operation; and monitor weather.  They turn pool lights on and off, lock up both of the pools and restrooms at the end of the day. They also keep tally of visitorship, keep written logs, and note any trouble or injuries.
    (Rate: $11/hr starting)

    Lake Patrol: Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Will include nights and weekends. Candidates must be an experienced boater and have passed a State Approved General Boating Education Course. A clean driving record is also required. Training in first aid or experience in law enforcement is a plus. This is an ideal job for a retiree.
    (Rate: $15/hr starting)

    Addling Goose Nests

    By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

    Did you ever wonder how the geese that are congregating on our beaches and in your backyard are affecting the ecology of our lake?  Considering each goose can produce 1 to 2 pounds of droppings each day, and a typical Canada Goose may poop 28 times a day, it doesn’t look good for homeowners – or our lake.  These droppings contribute to excess nutrients and bacteria in our lake which encourage nuisance weeds and harmful algae.

    In January and February migratory geese are moving through our area with some of the breeding age geese breaking away from the flocks in early preparation of the nesting season.  These geese begin to pair up and separate themselves from the migratory flock.  By April we will see them select nesting sites typically found near the lake within direct sight of the water.  To limit geese production your Lake Management Committee notes these nest sites for a timely visit by ODNR-licensed individuals to addle the eggs.  Addling is a humane process to prevent eggs from hatching while encouraging geese to continue incubating their eggs and not renesting.  If eggs or nest are removed before the goose has satisfied the nesting instinct, it will simply build another nest and lay additional eggs.

    Egg addling (through shaking, oiling or puncturing eggs) and nest removal are effective tools for reducing reproduction of Canada Geese in urban areas.  Association residents that discover goose nests on their properties or nearby recreational areas could report the sites to the RRA Office (440-563-3170) ot email to arrange for egg addling.

    You will be hearing much more about geese conflict management and damage prevention strategies from your Lake Management Committee this summer including some techniques to help keep them moving along out of our area. 

    Love our lake and be lake responsible.

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