Have you recently purchased property or are interested buying property in Roaming Shores? Then you’ve come to the right place. Property in Roaming Shores is within the RomeRock Association (RRA). The RomeRock Association is a Homeowners/Property Owners Association. When you purchase property in the Association (with or without a house) you automatically become a member of the RRA. Upon payment of all fees and the filing of required membership documents, you are then able to enjoy all RRA facilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office at (440) 563-3170.
Additional contact information can be found here.

Please contact us with your mailing address following your closing so we may mail you a New Member packet. We are not always informed of your correct mailing address at closing. Also, not all Members become full-time Roaming Shores residents.

Be sure to check out our FAQs Page, as well.

Covenants & Restrictions – Bylaws – Rules & Regulations

The Association Bylaws and the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions explain the organization, process and procedures of your RomeRock Association. The Association Rules and Regulations explain your privileges and help offer protection to all members. You’ll find information about your Membership, Guests, Pool Rules, Pets, Roads, Watercraft and a whole lot more on the RRA Forms Page. Please make yourself familiar with these documents.

Difference between RRA & RSV

Roaming Shores is governed by two bodies, the RomeRock Association (RRA) and the Village of Roaming Shores (RSV). It is important to note the difference between the two entity’s functions within the community.

The RomeRock Association is led by an elected seven-member Board of Directors and handle: Dues and Assessments, Boat Decals, Membership Cards, Recreation: Pools, Parks, Clubhouse, Culvert Installation/Maintenance, Road / Sign Maintenance (on Association-owned roadways), Lake Boat Patrol, Weed Harvester, and Club Activities.
Phone: (440) 563-3170

The Village of Roaming Shores is led by an elected six-member Council and a Mayor who handle: The Police Department, Building/Zoning, Inspections/Permits/Violations, Dam and Spillways, Contractor/Solicitation Permits, Compost Site, Fire Hydrants, Garbage Collection Issues, Road Ban, Sewer/Water Problems or Billing Utilities.
Phone: (440) 563-3132

Dues & Assessments

RRA Dues and Assessment are mailed out each year around the beginning of the new year. Members then have until May 1st to pay their D&A in full in order to continue using RRA Facilities. Your Dues & Assessments help pay to maintain the facilities, roads, lake, and so much more. For details regarding D&A rates, please see the current Rate Sheet.

New Member Fee

All new members are assessed an one-time only new member impact fee of $1,000.

Membership Cards

RRA Membership Cards are issued each year to members in good standing upon receiving payment for Dues and Assessments. Membership Cards are required for entry to RRA facilities including the Pools and Beaches. Membership cards are issued to Members, including their immediate families (children, grandchildren, and parents), and permanent guests.

When mailing your payment for Dues & Assessments, please include a list of those who need cards. This includes their names, ages, relation, and whether they reside with you.


RRA driveways are required to have at least 30 feet of culvert pipe. The Association maintenance crew are the only ones allowed to install the culverts on Association-owned roads and will ditch for proper (or best) drainage, install the culvert pipe, and anchor with rebar rods.

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If you own more than one lot that are contiguous to one another, you may consolidate them. There is a limit of four for off-lake lots and three for on-lake lots.

To begin the process, you must first fill out a Request for Consolidation form. Please return this form along with a copy of the new recorded deed which includes the paragraph reflecting the consolidation.


Have questions about registering your boat for use on Lake Roaming Rock? See the Boating Information Page.

Newspaper & Newsletter

There are several sources available to members in order to receive the latest news and upcoming events. Gazette Newspapers publishes The Shores News, a monthly newspaper that is mailed once a month to approved member’s homes. The Shores News provides members with in-depth news happening in the Shores and the surrounding community.

In addition, members who have email addresses are encouraged to sign up for E-Mail Blasts (signup located on right-hand side of website). With E-Mail Blasts, members receive at least one email per week detailing upcoming events for the week in addition to timely blasts sent out in the event of meeting changes, alerts, and emergencies.

The RRA Website is also kept up-to-date with current news and upcoming events. You can also follow us on Facebook.