The Water Aerobics Group meets Monday – Friday from 9am to 10am at Pool 2 (1845 Morning Star Dr) from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Due to the size of the pool, the class can only accommodate 25. This water aerobics class is built around the mature individual. We do not do Zoomba or a lot of dancing. We concentrate on stretching and heart rate. Please bring a noodle, hand noodles and a kick board.

We only cancel if it is below 55 degrees or lightning.

Our goal is to become more physically fit, meet new people and have a good time exercising.

For more information contact:

President: Pat Long
Phone: (440) 563-3262

VP: Sue Mizer
Phone: (440) 563-3379

Secretary: Barb Berndt
Phone: (440) 563-3422

Treasurer: Joy Ebersole
Phone: (440) 563-5241