Only the RomeRock Association is authorized to install culverts for driveways and/or roadsides on Association-owned roads. Culverts must be covered as soon as possible as they can float and become dislodged during heavy rains; the RRA will provide fill dirt. The property owner is responsible for providing the stone for driveways. After landscaping, a slight swale must remain atop the full-length culverts to channel roadway and yard runoff to enter the pipe at the clean out grate.

RRA driveways are required to have at least 30 feet of culvert pipe.

Price List for RomeRock installed culverts: (As of April 2022)
$20 per foot for 12” double-walled plastic culvert pipe
$25 per foot for 15” double-walled plastic culvert pipe
$32 per foot for 18” double-walled plastic culvert pipe
$40 per foot for 24” double-walled plastic culvert pipe

Clean out “tees”: Clean out grates:

$260 for 12” $60 12” plastic
$400 for 15” $100 15” plastic
$550 for 18” $200 18” cast iron ($120 plastic)

Geofabric cut to custom sizes, $2.00 per square yard.

Contact the office to schedule a quote. All Prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quotation.

Up to six pieces of anchoring rebar included free of charge with each 20’ section of culvert pipe. Fill dirt will be provided. Couplers, as needed, are also free.