The Fishing Club hosts several events throughout the year! Competitive fishermen enjoy our Tournaments and Big Fish of the Month competitions, Member’s children and grandchildren can participate in our Kids Learn to Fish Day and our Annual Kenny Lippert Kids Fishing Day!

Additionally, the Fishing Club participates in a fish stocking program for Lake Roaming Rock.

A yearly membership to the club is only $20 per family (Fishing Club Members must be RRA Members in Good Standing).

Mailing Address:
RRA Fishing Club
PO Box 478
Rock Creek, OH 44084

Fishing Club Membership Application

Club Officers

President: Dave Emick – 440-520-0203
Vice President: Dave Flaum – 440-563-9107
Treasurer Co-chairs:
Walt Samson – 440-563-3107
Dave Emick – 440-520-0203
Secretary: Mike Chevalier – 440-563-3457

Newsletters: Dave Emick
Photography: Rick McCracken

2021 Meeting Dates
Meetings also follow tournaments

Monday, April 5th @ 7:00pm

Monday, May 3rd @ 7:00pm

Monday, June 7th @ 7:00pm

Monday, October 4th @ 7:00pm

Monday, November 8th @ 7:00pm

2021 Event Dates

Saturday, May 15th – 6am to 1pm
Don Williams All Species Tournament
Weigh-In at Marina

Saturday, June 12th – 10am to Noon
Kids Fish Seminar
Held at the Clubhouse or Outside (weather permitting)

Saturday, June 26th – 10am to Noon
Kids Fishing Day
Beach One

Saturday, July 10th – 6am to 1pm
Jack Cone All Species Tournament
Weigh-In at Marina

Saturday, August 14th – 9am to 2pm
Ed Baitt’s Memorial Couples Tournament
Weigh-In at Marina

Saturday, September 11th – 9am – 3pm
Dean Blanton Bass Tournament
Weigh-In at Marina