See the portal below or click here to Pay your Dues and Assessments online. Create an account or login.

To Create an Account: Click “Get Started” and follow the instructions to search for and select your property. Your account number is your lot number and it must be 4 digits followed by @RRA. Ex. Lot 123 would be 0123@RRA. Confirm your name and create a password to create your account. Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay.

To Pay for Multiple Properties:  If you own multiple properties and wish to pay all at the same time, simply add up the total of your statement(s) and enter this total into PayLease/Zego. You can edit your payment amount using the edit button displayed below.

To Add Additional Lots: Note this option is not currently available –  Use instructions to Pay for Multiple Properties

Returning Users: If you set up an account previously, please use your same login information. If you forgot your credentials, select “Forgot Your Password”.

**Note: There is a fee assessed for paying online. 3% is charged for using a credit card/debit card and $2.95 for an electronic check (note: electronic checks differ from personal checks. Personal checks can be mailed or paid in-person without a fee). PayLease assesses a fee for each account (lot).

If you have questions regarding your account balance, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170 or via email. For questions regarding ZEGO – PayLease or your online payments, please contact ZEGO – PayLease Support at 1-866-729-5327.

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