Important Information Regarding Algae Treatments

To Our Roaming Shores Neighbors,

We are pleased to be moving forward with lake treatments to mitigate the Harmful Algae Blooms we have experienced over the last several years. The first half of the treatment is planned for Tuesday, June 15th. The second half will be applied approximately 2 weeks later. The following will occur before and after all treatments:

  1. The lake valve will be open to lower the water by several inches as requested by the Ohio EPA. This will occur from Friday, June 11th thru Monday, June 14th.
    Please adjust your boat tie downs to accommodate the water level change.
  2. The first of two Vodaguard C treatments will be applied on Tuesday, June 15th with the second treatment approximately 2 weeks later.
  3. We are asking that there be no boat or jet ski traffic on the lake from Tuesday, June 15th through Wednesday, June 16th. Boat turbulence will risk the effectiveness of the treatment. Please stay off of the water until Thursday at noon.
  4. Please turn off all fountains and any equipment that moves water both on top and under the water surface.
  5. Although deemed safe for human contact, we request that there is no swimming in the lake until Friday, June 18th.
  6. The boat ramp will be closed during application on Tuesday, June 15th and Wednesday, June 16th.
  7. Do not water your property with lake water until Friday, June 18th

We expect to have a second round of treatments later in the season, depending on lake conditions. Thank you all for your cooperation and for giving these treatments the best opportunity for success.

RomeRock Association Board of Directors

VodaGuard C Treatment Update

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

At the Board meeting on Saturday (6/5/21), we discussed the status of the treatment program for VodaGuard C. It was suggested that I send out an update as to where we were with this part of the short-term plan.

This is an EPA approved copper-based product intended for lakes and ponds for control of blue-green algae. The product is available at the vendor (AquaDoc), and partial payment has been made. We are awaiting application approval from the EPA. This process is being shepherded by EnviroScience and AquaDoc, who are interacting with the EPA on a regular basis. It is hoped that we will have approval shortly.

Once we have approval, the following is a rough outline of the next steps.

  1. The application will be scheduled during the work week. It is necessary to schedule it such that there is no rain predicted for two days prior to and following the application. We will provide as much prior notification as we can via E-blast. The application itself will be done in two partial-lake treatments, two weeks apart.
  2. During and for 48 hours after application, it is urged that all residents with aeration or fountain systems turn them off. They will interfere with the proper application of the product.
  3. For a similar reason, it is suggested that residents do not operate their watercraft on the lake during application and 48 hours afterwards. If you must use watercraft, please do not interfere with the application and operate at slower-than-normal speeds.
  4. While the product itself has no swimming restrictions, it is recommended that residents refrain from direct contact with the lake during and for 48 hours after application. The Beaches will be closed during this time.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at

Annual Community Garage Sale 2021


It’s time to start planning for the Annual Roaming Shores Garage Sale! This event will be held 2 days, Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th (Father’s Day Weekend) from 9am-4pm.

If you are planning on participating in the Garage Sale, please fill out the form below. We will add your address to a list with a street map so that visitors will know where to find you. Signs will also be available at the RRA Office that may be posted to your mailbox or at the end of your street.

If you do not want people parking in front of your property, please post No Parking Signs.

Note: If you are having a garage sale, you are not required to sign-up.

I plan to have a Garage Sale during the Annual Roaming Shores Garage Sale…

The Printed list will be finalized 6/17/21!

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Garage Sale Address (required)

    I plan to have a Garage Sale on... (Check one or both)
    Friday, June 18thSaturday, June 19th

    The following addresses (so far) have informed us that they are participating in the Community Garage Sale:

    (As of 6/11/21)

    West Side:
    50 Roaming Rock Blvd.
    55 Roaming Rock Blvd.
    68 Rockaway Dr.
    69 Rockaway Dr.
    73 Rockaway Dr.
    84 Rockaway Dr.
    99 Rockaway Dr.
    102 Rockaway Dr.
    189 Ashtabula Pt. (Sat. only)
    209 Ashtabula Pt.
    272 Morgan Terr.
    313 Morgan Terr.
    397 Jefferson Pt.
    403 Conneaut Terr.
    450 Marina Dr.
    600 Oriole Dr.
    612 Oriole Dr.
    680 Rome Rock Creek Rd
    819 Western Star Ct.
    822 Western Star Ct.
    866 Longshadow Ln.
    903 Rome Rock Creek Rd
    964 Sunset Circle
    981 Longshadow Ln.
    988 Evening Star Dr.
    1096 Evening Star Dr.

    East Side
    1135 Lake Vue
    1351 Lake Vue
    1358 Lake Vue
    1437 Lake Vue
    1448 Lake Vue
    1461 Lake Vue
    1529 Lake Crest Dr.
    1578 Sugar Creek Dr.
    1586 Pierpont Dr.
    1660 Dorset Dr. (Fri. only)
    1690 Lake Crest Dr.
    1690 Lake Crest Dr.
    1830 Callender (Sat. only)
    1832 Morning Star
    1852 Morning Star
    1856 Morning Star
    1857 Morning Star
    1858 Morning Star
    1881 Beaver Circle (Sat. only)
    1942 Morning Star
    1959 Calabria Ln.
    1972 Calabria Ln.
    2026 South Park Ln.
    2056 North Plaza Dr.
    2062 South Plaza Dr.
    2100 North Park Ln.
    2282 Morning Point
    2311 Morning Star
    2392 Plum Creek Ln.

    North Side (Roads off of Hayford Rd):
    2508 Tupelo
    2549 Browning Point
    2574 Damvue

    Goodwill Donations

    Goodwill of Northeast Ohio and Northwest PA will have trucks available after the garage sales on Saturday at 4pm to accept the items you were not able to sell. They will only be available Saturday evening.  Review unacceptable items.

    Trailer locations:

    Clubhouse Parking Lot
    RRA Office (Route 6)
    Village Hall (Hayford Rd)

    June 2021 Board Meeting Recap

    The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their June board meeting on Saturday, June 5 at the clubhouse with Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain and Rick Brothers present.  Director Bob McClintock was present via telephone. Also present was Pat Sowry.

    This was the first monthly meeting open to members since the beginning of the pandemic.

    The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. and opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The minutes of the May meeting were approved and Nadine Pope advised the board that collection of dues and assessments were on track with the 2021 budget.

    President, Scott Soble thanked our staff and all of our committee volunteers for all of the hard work they continued to do during the pandemic under extremely difficult conditions. Covid did not stop all of their hard work and dedication. He explained that the first Saturday morning of the month at 10 a.m. will be the new meeting time for our regular board meetings. This has been a request from members for quite some time and we are trying to make meeting times easier for more members to attend. Please note that the July meeting will be on July 10th due to the holiday. Location will be announced. Scott also explained that we are short staffed this summer. Even with advertising in every possible area, we still need summer maintenance help and help for our lake patrol. He also urged everyone to be patient. We are trying to get things done as efficiently as we possibly can. Scott also wanted everyone to know that the board will respond to all questions and concerns. It will be done by letter, email, telephone call or even through our weekly eblast. The board, however, will not respond on social media. The board often has to research what the appropriate answer to a question is and discuss it as a board. We respond as quickly as possible, but often, unless it is an emergency, it is after our next regular meeting.

    Under Legal, Scott explained that we are working with our legal counsel concerning a resident request from outside of the shores.

    In our financial update Nadine Pope reported that our legal counsel is reinstating expired liens and placing new liens on properties with delinquent dues and assessments. Residents with delinquent accounts are being contacted by both the RRA and our legal council. Residents should all share the expense of taking care of our community.

    Lake Management – Dave Ernes, chairman of our lake management committee, explained the process being done to deal with algae on our lake. He explained that residents who have noticed that the algae is present early and looks to be of a different species are correct. The algae treatment that we will be using short term, VodaGuard, is EPA approved and we are just waiting for our permit application to be approved. He also explained our weekly water testing procedure. Please note that EPA approval was received on June 7, 2021.

    Lake Safety – Rick Brothers reported that we are seeking more help for our lake patrol this summer. Chief Roskos was disappointed that there are no classes being offered this year for his deputies so they can be certified to be on the lake. A Boater Safety Course was held at the clubhouse on May 15th and the 11 people present all passed their test. We ask that anyone operating watercraft on our lake take a boater safety class. If you were born after January 1, 1982, you are required to have taken the class to operate watercraft 10 hp. and over.

    Another area of concern is guests on the lake. Please remember that the member is responsible for making sure their guests are properly instructed in the operation of any watercraft that you allow them to drive on our lake. We had two serious accidents on our lake last summer and certainly don’t want to see that happen again. Please be sure to read our rules and regulations, especially our 10 Commandments of Boating, before you let anyone operate your watercraft.

     Buildings and facilities – Nadine Pope reported that Maintenance Manager, Randy Ruebel has been researching ways to make our road improvement dollars go further. This year we will be chip sealing entire roads instead of just patching the asphalt. We have budgeted $120,000 for road improvements this year and will be able to chip seal approximately 14 roads. This will also help to improve the road base. Roaming Shores has 26 miles of roads.

     Amenities – Nadine Pope reported that repaving of the tennis court could not be budgeted for in 2021. We will have the tennis court cleaned, all cracks filled and the court finished with an acrylic sport court surface. It will be striped for one tennis court and two pickle ball courts. The basketball court next to the tennis court will be ground down and repaved this year.

    Marie Kaufmann urged everyone to get involved with pickle ball and will make sure information about times and locations will go out to members who are interested.

    Our Strategic Advisory Committee provided those present with the results of the amenities survey. Dave Castlegrant reported that over 290 members responded to the survey and members felt the pools, beaches and western reserve greenway were the most often used amenities. Many members would like to see more walking trails in the shores, food trucks on weekends and outdoor concerts. There are many items on the survey for the board to review for next year’s budget.

    Cheryl Fain reported that the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club enjoyed volunteering at the Community Clean Up Day on May 1. They are hoping to offer more in person events in the near future.

     New Business – The board voted to approve food trucks on association property as long as they are registered with the association and provide proper health department documentation. Owners will need to schedule their time of operation at the association office.

    Another item of new business is the outdoor concert pavilion that we are hoping to see built near the lake. It will be built to honor the memory of Dennis Crandell’s wife Kathy. This will be built with independently raised funds and more information concerning the fundraising efforts should be available soon.

    Upcoming Kids Fishing Club Events

    The Fishing Club will be hosting 2 kids events this month. This Saturday will be a Kids Fishing Seminar at the Clubhouse from 10am to noon. Open to all RRA Member’s children and grandchildren. Students will learn fishing basics, how to tie on a hook, casting, and other great fishing fundamentals. Students will also receive a free lunch and a free fishing pole.

    On June 26th. the Club will host a Kids Fishing Day from 10am-noon at Beach 1. This is open to all RRA Member’s children and grandchildren ages 14 and under. There will be hotdogs and prizes!

    If you have any questions regarding these events or to sign up, contact Dave Emick at 440-520-0203, Shawn Frazier at 440-563-9595, or Dave Flaum at 440-563-9107. Please include the names of the children and their ages. Thank you!

    RSPD Cardboard Boat Races

    The Roaming Shores Police Department will host their 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Race at Beach 1 on Saturday, July 3rd at Noon. “THE CHALLENGE”: to design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a 200-yard course, in Lake Roaming Rock. Boats may be powered by canoe paddles, oars, kayak paddles, approved mechanical paddlewheels, sails and raw muscle power. For full rules and waiver, click here or contact the Roaming Shores Police Department at

    Lake Management Short-Term Plan

    By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

    The RRA Board recently announced the hiring of EnviroScience to act as our Lake Advisor. One of the functions of the Advisor is to develop both short term and long-term management plans focused on the improvement of the lake water quality.

    The Short-Term Management Plan [SMP] was recently released and the major parts approved by the Board after consideration by various RRA committees. It was reviewed at the Annual Meeting and at a Lake Education meeting in early May. For those who could not attend either, this article details the major points of this plan. Note that this SMP is designed to bridge the gap between the current season and the time when a Long-Term Management Plan [LMP] can be properly investigated and developed.

    The primary part of the SMP is to implement the treatment of the lake to control the growth of the blue-green algae. This will be done by AquaDoc using an EPA approved product known as VodaGuard C. This is a copper-based product similar to LakeGuard® Blue, which was used successfully at Chippewa Lake. Copper is an algaecide that will kill the blue-green algae. It is expected that this will be a short-term solution and will only be used as a ‘band-aid” until the LMP is ready.

    Another area of interest is aquatic vegetation control. As was already announced, the AquaDoc treatment program has been approved for the summer of 2021. The program received high marks from those who used it last year. The SMP also made recommendations regarding the use of the weed harvester to limit its impact on the lake.

    Dredging is also addressed in the plan. Dredging, while necessary to maintain navigation, can also negatively impact the lake by resuspension of sediment and the resultant release of nutrients. Such a nutrient spike can amplify Algal Blooms and thus interfere with the treatment mention above. Therefore, to minimize the impact on the treatment program, dredging will be delayed until after Labor Day.

    Many know that the bacteria level at the beaches (last year, at Beach 1 in particular) has been an issue. Based on DNA testing, one likely cause is the geese population. Therefore, a recommendation was made to examine options for geese control. Some are currently in place with the Geese Deterrent program and a green laser that will be evaluated at Beach 1. Proper design of lakefront landscaping can also discourage the congregation of geese. One such option is a properly designed buffer zone adjacent to the water. A workshop will be scheduled later in the year to present options that can be done by each homeowner to not only deter geese visitation but also assist in controlling erosion and nutrient flows into the lake. A demonstration site is in the early stages of planning. The more we do locally, the better our chances for success. And each practice we follow represents a reduction in the efforts (and cost) of more comprehensive programs. Now, more than ever, it is the time to …

    Be Lake Responsible

    (The full SMP can be found on the RRA website under the Lake Management tab. Feel free to review the plan, as it gives an excellent justification and review of the criteria and options evaluated during the planning process. If you have questions, let us know –

    Is your Watercraft Ready for the Season?

    Summer is here! Are you ready? As a reminder, all gas-powered watercraft on Lake Roaming Rock must have 2021 RRA decals affixed. Didn’t get your decals yet? Bring your State registration (and Title for 1st time registrations) to the RRA during normal business hours – 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm. Decals are $100 for Pontoons and Motorboats and $125 for Jet Skis. In addition to your 2021 Decal, make sure ALL powered and non-powered watercraft have your Lot Number affixed (3″ high, contrasting color). See placement info below.

    Boating Prelaunch Checklist

    Before launching a boat for the first time each season, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Watercraft urges boaters to complete the following checklist to reduce the chances of being unprepared while out on Ohio’s waterways.

    • Check the boat registration. State Boat registrations are good for three years and expire on March 1. You need to display a valid tag before you put your boat on the water. The registration card or form needs to be carried onboard your boat.
    • Check your safety equipment. Look at the required equipment chart to make sure you have all the equipment needed on your boat after it has been stored. The chart also is printed in the Ohio Boat Operator’s Guide. Free vessel safety checks usually are offered in the spring, so you can have a trained opinion.
    • Inspect your life jackets. In addition to making sure you have a properly sized wearable life jacket for each passenger, check each life jacket for mildew, rot and tears in the material, seams and straps. Discard and replace any damaged life jackets.
    • Check flares and fire extinguishers. Buy new flares if their expiration dates have passed, and make sure the fire extinguisher is properly charged.
    • Check the first-aid kit. Replace any supplies that were used last season or have passed the expiration date.
    • Check fittings. Thru-hull fittings below the waterline should be tight; sea valves should operate freely. Make sure the boat plug is on board and in good condition.
    • Check for winter damage. Inspect non-metallic thru-hulls; they get brittle with age and winter ice can crack or loosen them. Look for hoses that have been forced off or split from freezing. Every spring, boats sink at the dock when these problems go undetected until the first heavy rain.
    • Check the fuel system. Inspect fuel fittings and hoses; replace if cracked or showing other signs of stress.
    • Check electronic gear. Get fresh batteries for portable electronic gear, radios, handheld GPS and flashlights. Inspect connections on lights and the horn and other equipment wired in to the boat.
    • Inspect dock and anchor lines for chafing. Replace lines if signs of wear are present.
    • Check the boat trailer. Inspect trailer tires for wear and inflate properly. Check the trailer frame for rust spots; inspect the wheel bearings and re-pack if necessary. Test the trailer’s lights before towing. Trailer tags renew annually on your birthday, just like your car’s license tags.
    • Check the oil. Creamy brown or gray engine or drive oil has water in it and a mechanic should find the source of the leak before you start the engine.
    • Examine sailboat rigging: Check for signs of corrosion and wear and for leaks where chain plate mountings come through the deck.
    • Check charts and maps. Are navigational charts and waterway guides current? Channel markers and buoys change frequently so it is a good idea to update guides every few years.

    Regarding COVID Operations

    As many of you are already aware, Governor DeWine announced that all remaining State mandates will be lifted on June 2nd. Our pools and beaches will open on May 29th, meaning the RRA will be following current COVID operations until it is June 2nd. Please be compliant and courteous, we know everyone is anxious for this to be over.

    After June 2nd, our operations will return to normal. If you have a deposit down on a Clubhouse rental after June 2nd, your rental may proceed. Deposits for rentals prior to June 2nd have been refunded.

    Please perform your own safe practices if you are concerned or at risk of serious health complications related to COVID-19.

    May 2021 Board Meeting Recap

    The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their May board meeting on Thursday, May 6 at the clubhouse with Louise Lisac, Rory Marshall, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain, Bob McClintock and Rick Brothers present.  Also present was Pat Sowry.

    President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. and it opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The minutes of the April meeting were approved and Treasurer, Bob McClintock reviewed the March Treasurer’s Report, which was also approved.

    In our financial update, Nadine Pope reported that we are currently reinstating expired liens and placing new liens on properties with delinquent dues and assessments. The deadline of May 1 has passed for payment of 2021 dues and assessments. Late charges have been added to all delinquent accounts. Pat has provided Nadine with a list of accounts that are delinquent and collection letters will be sent out to these members. It is everyone’s responsibility to pay their share and unfair to expect others to pay when some members do not. If there is a problem with paying the entire amount at once, please contact the office at 440-563-3170 and see if payment arrangements can be made.

    Under Lake Management Louise explained that EnvroScience has submitted short term plan recommendations to improve the health and appearance of our lake by dealing with the harmful algae blooms and lowering phosphorous levels. Aqua Doc will begin treating the lake later in May. There was an informational meeting held on Saturday, May 8 that was attended by more than 50 residents. They were given a fact sheet concerning the goals of our lake advisor, EnviroScience and had the opportunity to ask questions concerning their plan.

    Lake Safety – Rory Marshall reported that some of the new buoys will be moved towards shore to discourage boaters from driving inside them, too close to the shoreline. Please remember to pick up your key chain when you go to the office to purchase your boat usage stickers. It has both the Marina and Lake Patrol telephone numbers. This is a joint project with the Marina to help boaters to be able to contact someone in case of an emergency on the lake. These key chains are to assist our Lake Patrol if you see unsafe behavior on the lake. The marina number will assist boaters with mechanical issues. In case of accidents on the water, always call 911 for help. We need to remember that our lake is a private lake and sharing of key fobs for entry to the lake is not permitted. These will be closely monitored this season, so please do not share with non members.

    Another area of concern is guests on the lake. Please remember that the member is responsible for making sure their guests are properly educated in the operation of any watercraft that you allow them to drive on our lake. We had two serious accidents on our lake last summer and certainly don’t want to see that happen again. Please be sure to read our rules and regulations, especially our 10 Commandments of Boating, before you let anyone operate your equipment. We know that we have given you this information before, but it is so important that we want to keep stressing safety on our lake!

    Under Amenities – We hope everyone took the opportunity to respond to the Amenities Survey that has recently been included in our weekly eblasts. We need to know what is important to our residents so the board is able to prioritize future projects. We want to thank our newly formed Strategic Advisory Committee for making this survey available to our residents.

    We will be repaving the basketball court near the clubhouse this spring, as well as having cracks filled and patched at our tennis court. The basketball court will be a great place to try out our portable pickle ball nets. We hope to see a lot of interest in this new club in the shores. The nets can also be used on the tennis court. We are hoping to budget for resurfacing of the tennis court next year that will allow for one tennis court and two pickle ball courts.

    The Pools have generated quite a bit of concern from our residents. After reviewing recently amended Covid mandates, the board has revised its Covid operations for the beaches and pools. The pools will open on Monday, May 29th with hours from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. There will be normal guest allowances per card type with a maximum of 9 guests combined. There will be no party forms, which allow for more than 9 guests at a time. There are no more than 50 people allowed in the fenced pool area at any time. Sign up is suggested on busier weekends. Members and guests must wear masks when entering the pool area to sign in and must maintain social distancing from those not in their group. We also ask that you bring your own chairs. Social distancing should also be maintained on the beaches.

    Cheryl Fain reported that the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club volunteered at the Community Clean Up Day on May 1 and passed out goodie bags full of useful information, as well as some candy. They also handed out gun locks provided by our Roaming Shores Police Department.

    The board will begin meeting on the first Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. The first Saturday Board Meeting will be June 5th. The location will be announced in our weekly eblast and be on our web site the week before the meeting. This is a change that many residents, especially part time residents, have been requesting for quite some time and we hope that we will be able to open these meetings, even on a limited basis, in the near future. We will keep you posted.

    1 2 3 107

    Lake Dam Status

    Lake Level Updates:

    Current Valve Status: Open

    Reason: Lake is being lowered a couple inches for algae treatments the week of June 14th

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