Halloween in Roaming Shores – Oct 26th

Halloween in Roaming will be Saturday, October 26th. Trick-or-Treat will be held from 5pm to 7pm and there will be an after party at the Clubhouse with a Costume Contest! In addition to the Halloween Costume Contest and Trick-or-Treat after party the Roaming Shores Police Department would like to announce that we are expanding the day’s events to include the community’s very first Pumpkin Races. Weigh-ins will begin at noon and racing will start at 1:00. See More Info below. Being unsure of how many participants will be attending the event hot dogs and beverages will be provided to racers and spectators while they last. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at rspd@roamingshorespd.org We look forward to seeing you on the 26th.

Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club (RSCPC) Supports the Police Levy and asks you to do the same!

Please Vote Yes on the Police Levy!

(This is listed as “45.Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Roaming Shores Village” on your ballot.)  It is on the reverse side of your ballot so don’t forget to mark it!!!!

This levy will not be effective until 2021.

We are fortunate to have a very professional and committed police force in our Roaming Shores community.   They contribute greatly to the safety and security of our residents, our property and our roads.  Unfortunately, it costs money to keep and maintain this level of support and coverage. We need to vote yes and support this important issue! 

The new 1 mil levy increase would cost village tax payers; based on a $100,000 home valuation, an additional $30.62 per year or $2.55 per month.  A $250,000 home valuation would cost the tax payer an additional $76.50 per year or $6.37 per month.  I would suggest foregoing a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a breakfast combo at McDonalds, it is well worth the sacrifice if it means maintaining a top rated police force in our community.  Besides it’s healthier too!!!

In 2011 our police responded to 295 calls in the year.  Today they respond to 587 calls on an annual basis.  In 2011 there were 2 full time officers and 4 part time officers who covered our neighborhoods.  Today there are 4 full time officers, 4 part time officers and 1 auxiliary officer providing coverage.  The number of annual hours covered also has increased from 52% to 94%.  This was all done without increasing taxes.  Today our police force is the lowest paid in Ashtabula County.  We risk losing good officers to other locations if we do not pay them fairly.

Our club works closely with our law enforcement team.  We know first hand of both their professionalism and their commitment to each and every resident they serve.  We have seen their compassion to those residents who utilize the wellness check program our police department implemented to ensure our elderly and infirmed are ok and not in need of emergency services.  We have seen their investment in our youth as evidenced in the programs they provide throughout the year.  Just think about the Halloween costume party they are hosting!  We have seen their commitment to the safety of our lake community as evidenced in their involvement with various programs such as the self defense class.  Most of all we have witnessed their partnership with local officials, clubs, committees and fundraisers.  Not every community enjoys such a high level of commitment and community interaction from their law enforcement providers.

Let’s support our police department the way they support us and vote YES on Ballot #45!  Please remember to mark your ballot in support of the Tax Levy.  By ensuring we maintain a top rated law enforcement team within our community means we are more secure in knowing response is close at hand when we need it!  It’s an investment to all who live and play here!!!

Thank you for your consideration.  Please remember to vote!!!  Please remember to support our own men and women in blue who serve us all!!!!

Holiday Winery Tour – Nov 29th

This year’s Holiday Winery Bus Tour has a couple changes. The bus tour has been moved to Friday, November 29th. After a day of Black Friday shopping (or recovery from Thanksgiving), what better way to unwind than getting your friends and/or family together for a lovely tour of our local wineries decorated for Christmas?!

What’s better? The price per seat for this tour is now only $25/each! The price helps cover the cost of the bus and proceeds go towards the fireworks fund!

The first 28 to RSVP will be guaranteed a seat on the bus, but we can order more buses, as needed! You must be over 21 years of age. To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, contact Barb at 440-645-7365. You may also sign up at the RRA Office.

We will meet at the Clubhouse parking lot at 4:45pm. The buses will leave at 5pm!

Winter Preparedness and Fire Safety Program

Join the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club (RSCPC) on at the Clubhouse on Saturday, November 16th at 4:00pm for a Winter Preparedness and Fire Safety Program.

There will be a Happy Hour with guest speakers from local fire and police departments and area businesses.  BYOB – mixers, ice and setups supplied.

Appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. 

All attendees will receive a FREE raffle ticket to have a chance to win one of two gift baskets filled with emergency preparedness equipment and supplies!

2019 Lake Lowering

Attention Boaters: This year’s lake lowering is planned to begin approximately at the end of October/1st week of November. Please make sure to have your watercraft removed from the lake before lowering begins.

Also, remember to grab your state registration off of your watercraft before winterizing. Registrations are required when registering your watercraft with the RRA.

Attractive Buffer Zones

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

Several of your Lake Management Members have already written to illustrate the significant value of buffer zones on our lakefront properties.  Some residents have contacted me with the worry that their properties will not be attractive with natural plants.  Creating and maintaining natural buffer zones along the shore does not mean your property has to look unkempt.  Buffers and upland islands of trees, shrubs, and flowers can bring natural beauty to your yard.  Additionally, tall native plants typically have deep root systems.  They will slow erosion, decrease ice damage, increase rain infiltration, and act as a barrier to discourage geese from walking (as well as other things…) on your shoreline property.

Your shoreline is part of a larger community and ecosystem.  Individual choices by many have cumulative impacts on a lake and its ecosystem.  Your actions can restore or degrade the quality of the ecosystem.  Restoring your lakeshore to a more natural condition is important, even if your neighbors are not restoring theirs, because it can help wildlife habitat, water quality, and fish. (Chairman’s note: You can see more examples of this idea on-line by searching for Aquascaping or Lakescaping.)

Love the lake and be lake responsible.


2019 STARS Wine Tasting Presentation

On Saturday, September 28th, the STARS Club hosted a Wine Tasting Presentation at the Clubhouse. The presentation was lead by John Pallo, a resident of Roaming Shores and a 36 year veteran of the wine and spirits business.

Thank you, John, for sharing your knowledge with us once again! And thank you to everyone who came out to learn and enjoy the evening!

Leaves a Falling

Edited by Dave Ernes – Lake Management Committee

Fall is in the air. So too are the myriad of leaves which end up covering every flat surface on your property. The question is: what is the best thing that can be done with them.

Some residents may be inclined to simply blow their leaves into the lake or culverts.  After all, Mother Nature does this on her own. However, unlike Mother Nature, you can be fined if you intentionally blow leaves into the lake. (The fines range from $100 for first offense to $300 and loss of membership rights for the third.) This also applies to grass clippings and other lawn debris.

Why is this important? Nutrients fuel algal blooms. ‘Nuff said? The Planet Natural Research Center web site states that 50-80 percent of the nutrients that trees absorb end up in the leaves. So, if you think that your tree is helping to reduce the nutrients ending up in the lake, make sure that the leaves don’t end up there or you have defeated the purpose.  

If you think this is an issue just for those living on the lake, leaves accumulating in the drainage culverts in off-lake properties can breakdown and the resulting high nutrient “tea” will flow into the lake.

What you CAN do:

  • Some articles suggest leaving leaves on the lawn as it becomes dormant during the winter. However, too thick a mat could result in mold formation and thick mats can smother the lawn when it tries to awaken in the spring. Make sure culverts are clear if you choose this option.
  • Most articles suggest that you mulch your leaves when mowing. Mowing more often in the fall will allow your mulching mower to do the hard work.  When they are mulched into small pieces, the nutrients can be extracted much easier by water or rain and become absorbed by the soil (not the lake!) reducing the need to use as much commercial fertilizer.  And it’s free!
  • The old answer of course is to bag your leaves each fall. Or you can always have your landscaper do it for you. They should all follow the guidelines of the Association.
  • If you do collect the leaves, and don’t want to use them to protect your plants or to produce compost, you can dispose of them, along with other fall debris, in the Association Compost Site rather than the trash. This site is a great Roaming Shores resource! (A key can be obtained from the RRA office during normal hours. Special arrangements can be made to keep the key during off-hours.)

With the help of all our residents continuing to act as stewards of Lake Roaming Rock, our combined efforts will eliminate one more threat to the health of our biggest asset.

(Original Article written by Tim Langer)

Remember to Love the Lake and Be Lake Responsible

Cancelled – STARS Winery Bus Tour

Due to lack of participation for the Oct 5th STARS Winery Bus Tour, it has been cancelled. Please mark your calendars to join us for the Holiday Winery Bus Tour on Saturday, November 9th!

Rib Cook-Off Recap

The STARS Club held its first ever Rib Cook-Off on Saturday, Sept 14th in the Clubhouse. 5 teams competed in the event to a sold out crowd! The teams were: Team 1 Josh & Sheneese Kovats and Tori Nester (Meat you Can’t Beat); Team 2 Howard Tuttle & Dave Hughes (Ribalicious); Team 3 Bryan & Mindy Fier and Dave Crossman (Fier/Crossman); Team 4 Chris Plickert & Mike Chevalier (Can’t Trust a Skinny Cook); Team 5 Dan & Danielle Fultz (Dan’s Backyard BBQ)

The People’s Choice winner by just one vote was Dan & Danielle Fultz – Team Dan’s Backyard BBQ. Congratulations!!

This event would not have been possible without our cooks, organizers and volunteers! Thank you to Arleen & Jim Kovats, Nadine Pope, Yvonne Gibson, Marge Morris, John & Mary Lou Watt, Barb Buckley, Jen Addair, all of our cooking teams and participants!!

We can’t wait for next year! See our album for more pictures from the Cook-Off!


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