Winery Bus Tour – Aug 21st

Join the STARS Club on Saturday, August 21st from 2:00pm – 6:00pm as they host their first Winery Bus Tour since the COVID hiatus.

Winery Bus Tours are an excellent opportunity to visit new wineries or old favorites, socialize with your friends and neighbors, and not have to worry about who’s driving!
Reservations are essential! If you would like to join us, please RSVP ASAP. The first 15 to RSVP will be guaranteed a seat on the bus. There will be a waiting list and an additional bus will be order, if needed.

Seats on the bus are $25/each. You must be over 21 years of age. To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, contact Barb at 440-645-7365 or stop by the RRA Office.

We will meet at the Clubhouse parking lot at 1:30pm on August 21st. The buses will leave at 2pm!

DDuring this Tour, we will be visiting: StoneGait Winery, Cask 307, and Benny Vino Winery. The wineries are adjusted each event.

2021 Rib Cook-Off Looking for Teams!

Who can make the best ribs in the Shores? Get your family and friends together! On Saturday, September 4th @ 5pm, the STARS Club will be hosting their 2nd Annual Rib Cook–off.

This event will be limited to 8 teams. The winning team will win a portion of the proceeds from the event and will be added to our winner’s plaque that was donated to the Club by John & Mary Lou Watt!

For more information or to sign-up, contact Jen Addair at the RRA Office @(440) 563-3170 or or Jim Kovats at or Arleen Kovats at

Cook Info: 

  • 8 Team limit  
  • Ribs will be provided by the STARS Club 
  • Team Sign-up by August 28th 
  • Team Entry fee: $50 (includes 2 dinners) 
  • Pick up ribs on Thursday, Sept 2nd 
  • Each team will receive 6 slabs  
  • Each team must be ready to serve ribs by 5pm  
  • Warming trays will be provided at the Clubhouse 

Cooking Rules: 

Ribs will be provided to the teams by the STARS Club. Prep ribs off-site.  

Each team must supply their own ingredients, tools, and any other materials needed. Ribs can be cooked in the Clubhouse area using either your own grill/smoker, the grills in the Clubhouse area (if available), or the large RRA charcoal grill which will be available for cooking or warming.   

2021 RRA Chip and Seal Project

The RomeRock Association will be chip and sealing a selection of its roads beginning in August. Please watch the eblast and our website as we will be posting a schedule before work beings. We request that all cars, trailers, and obstructions be removed from the roadway. The Chip and Seal work will be performed by Ronyak Paving.

The following streets will be chip and sealed this year:
East Side

  • Dorset Drive
  • Pierpont Drive
  • Lake Crest Drive
  • Sugar Creek Drive
  • Eden Rock Court
  • Concord Court
  • Viscaya Circle
  • Ketchum Road (East to Township)

West Side

  • Marina Drive
  • Rock Creek Terrace
  • Rock Lane
  • Peacock Lane
  • Owl Point
  • Eagle Point
  • Cardinal Drive to 615 Oriole
  • Rome Terrace (North of Orwell Lane)

North Side

  • Willowbrook Place
  • Damvue Drive
  • Tupelo Drive
  • Peninsula Place

7/19/21 Lake Status

7/20/21 Update: The No Wake lights are being turned off this afternoon.

Please note that the lake is still NO WAKE. A lot of debris came into the lake with our recent rains, including full sized trees. Our guys worked at clearing a good portion today and will hopefully finish up tomorrow. Be safe out there!

7/17/21 Dam Valve to be Opened

Update: The valve WILL NOT be opened at this time due to flooding downstream.

The lake level is high due to the excessive amount of rain we have received. The dam’s valve will be opened at approximately 1pm today. Note: Currently, the water is too high to cross to get to the valve’s opening mechanism.

Please adjust your boats and ties accordingly for when the water begins to lower.

The entire lake is NO WAKE. It probably will remain at this status for a couple days. When the lake waters recede to normal levels, the no wake lights will be turned off.

Reminder: High lake waters bring more than just water. If you are out on the lake, remember to be extra cautious of debris that may be in the water and hidden due to the muddy conditions.

Check on your docked boats. If the lake water is high and there is not enough slack in your line, the line can snap and your boat can float away. However, make sure to not have too much slack to where your boat can end up on top of your dock. If you have canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, etc. on your dock, you may want to consider moving them further away from the shore.

If you are not a full time resident, consider calling your neighbors to check on your boats.

If this rain keeps up, we may need an ark!

Paddling Class 8/15/21

The RSCPC (Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club) will hold a class on “The Basics of Paddling” on Sunday, August 15th at Beach 1 from 10AM – Noon. There will be kayaks, paddleboards and canoes for you to try along with Roaming Shore paddlers to guide you.  You need to have your current pass to be admitted to the clubhouse area. Please bring your own life jacket along with you. This will be a weather friendly event. The RSCPC will also have free hand sanitizer and magazines for you. We hope to see you there 😊 If you have questions, feel free to call Ellen Petersen at 412-260-6037 or Marie Kaufman at 440-485-0688.

7/13/21 Alerts

7/14/21 Algae Spot Treatment

From the RRA Lake Management Committee: Please be advised that tomorrow, Wednesday, July 14th, Aqua Doc will be on the lake performing spot treatments for algae deep into coves. The lake will not be closed for these treatments although note that the entire lake is still at NO WAKE due to our excessive rainfall. The “No Wake” lights are still on and will be turned off once the lake levels return to normal.

The coves that are set to be treated include the Clubhouse Cove and Marina Cove. Aqua Doc will assess any other coves that may need a spot treatment while they are out. If you note that they are treating your cove, please stay out for at least 24 hours. These spot treatments will stop any further spread of algae.

Again, the lake will not be closed. Thank you for your cooperation.

7/13/21 South-West Waterline Break

From the RSV Utility Dept: To the residents at the South-West side (RRA office, Rock Apartments, Evening Star and Long Shadow area) of the lake. Please be advised that you are temporarily without water pressure due to a waterline break. This break is estimated to be fixed around 5pm to 6pm. At this point in time, a boil alert should not be necessary.

7/13/21 Flame Lake Dr

From the Village of Roaming Shores: Please be advised that if you are driving on Flame Lake Drive over the next couple of days, the contractor working on the project has cut an edge along the end of the roadway. The contractor working on the project noted it will be there the next few days.

July 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their July board meeting on Saturday, July 10th at the pavilion by the clubhouse with Rory Marshall, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain, Bob McClintock and Rick Brothers present.  Also present was Pat Sowry.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and it opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved and Treasurer, Bob McClintock reviewed the April and May Treasurer’s Reports, which were also approved.

Scott advised those present that there were no legal issues to report at this time. Nadine reported that we are still working with our legal council to make sure liens have been reinstated and to contact delinquent property owners.

Under Lake Management Dave Ernes explained that the first application of VodaGuard C was completed with outstanding results. Residents can once again see the bottom of the water by their docks with no sign of scum on the water’s surface or algae blooms. Dave did, however, remind everyone that this treatment is just part of a short term plan towards providing an ongoing long term plan for the health of our lake to achieve Ecological Resiliency. We are hopeful that this treatment will provide a healthier lake for the remainder of this season, but testing is ongoing to determine if a second treatment will be needed this year. Inflow studies are being done at several tributaries to determine what is actually flowing into our lake and how to mitigate any harmful effects to our lake.

Lake Safety –Rick reported that thankfully there were no incidents causing injury on our lake over the holiday weekend. Both he and Rory are concerned that boaters and those riding jet skis are not paying attention to the no wake zones. Jet skis, especially, are coming out of coves at top speed and could easily cause an accident. By the dam, where many families anchor to swim, the buoys have been moved farther out in the lake to try to keep the jet skis from entering that area. The buoys there are marked HAZARD, so no boats or jet skis come roaring into that area. NO WAKE buoys will also be added for an additional reminder. Several residents near the dam reminded those present to be sure to look for and avoid a sand bar that is in the dam area. There has been concern about boats and jet skis on the lake without current RRA stickers. Our employees are canvasing the lake weekly to check for missing stickers. If you have not purchased your sticker, and your boat is on the lake, you will be issued a citation and fine. If you have purchased your stickers, please put them on as soon as possible. We want to thank our Lake Patrol and ODNR for being out on the water over the holiday weekend to keep everyone as safe as possible. Remember though that safety on the lake is everyones’ responsibility.

Under Amenities – The board is going to be evaluating what is needed to upgrade the bathrooms at pools 1 and 2. We will be meeting with contractors in the near future to go over ideas and costs. Rick also reported that he is gathering information regarding vending machines to be placed near the clubhouse.

MRH paving should be on site the week of 7/12 to clean, patch and resurface the tennis court with sport court acrylic. The lines for one tennis court and two pickle ball courts will then be painted. The basketball court will be ground down and repaved during the same time period. Hope to have the new pickle ball courts up and running very soon.

Cheryl Fain reported that the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club is meeting to plan new programs for the fall.

Barb Buckley reported that the STARS Club will begin fundraising again this year with a Rib Cook Off in the fall and they are also hoping to schedule a Wine Bus Tour. This year’s fireworks were awesome and if the show seem shorter, it was because the fireworks were shot off  in more rapid succession.  STARS is accepting donations towards the 2022 fireworks.

Melinda Fier reported that the Polar Bear Club is hosting a party on the island this afternoon with hot dogs and water for anyone who visits the island. The club’s focus is children and that is why Mindi first got involved. The club raises funds for schools and helps with needs within the community. They will be holding a Fish Fry to benefit STARS and a Clam Bake this fall.

Jim Fell reported for the Fishing Club. There were over 55 participants in the children’s learn to fish day and the children and their families were treated to lunch and many prizes, including two kayaks which were given out. Jim also reported that as a member of Lake Management, he has investigated how our lake treatment affects our fish. Algae blooms can build up in the fish, while the chemicals to rid the blooms do not, allowing our fish to be healthier. He personally has found the fishing to be great this year.

Dawn Longo reported for the Environmental Advocacy Club. She read us several emails received from residents who were extremely pleased with the current clarity of our lake. Several residents have found things off their docks that had been lost several years ago. Dawn invited everyone to attend the EAC meeting at the Bridge Pavilion on August 14th at 10 a.m.

Sally Fell reported for our newly formed Neighborhood Volunteer Committee that the group is working on an “Adopt a Flower Box” program to help beautify the boulevard. They are currently evaluating the cost for construction of the boxes and hope to have this plan in place in the spring of 2022.

Kathy Crandall Memorial Pavilion – Members of our community are currently conducting a fundraising campaign that will enable us to build an entertainment pavilion near the lake. When finished, it will be able to house concerts, movies and many other functions. If you would like to donate through the GoFundMe campaign, please go to

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, August 7th at 10 a.m. Beginning in October our meetings will be held at the clubhouse. Until then we need to be flexible. We will let everyone know where the meeting will be held.

2021 Independence Day Weekend Recap

What an awesome weekend! Perfect weather, great turnout, and wonderful volunteers who made our return from the COVID hiatus a spectacular one! Thank you to Rome and Morgan Hose Fire Departments, SCAD, Roaming Shores Police Department, our Sponsors and to everyone who came to participate, to help out, or contributed monetarily to make this year’s festivities a success!

5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk

The festivities began on Saturday with the Roaming Shores 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk! 108 participants signed up for the event with 105 crossing the finish line! There were 90 5K participants and 18 who went up and down the Boulevard for the 1 mile event. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Race Results

RRA Photo Album

Stasny Road Racing Album

Cardboard Boat Races

The races weren’t over for the day! At noon, the Roaming Shores Police Department hosted their 3rd Annual Cardboard Boats races. 4 boats participated in this year race. N.A.G. by Kathryn & Grace Patti which won Most Creative Boat, Buckeye Boat by Tommy Sopko which won Most Spectacular Sinking, Gertrude by Grey McIntyre, and the S.S. Pikachu by Piper and Rylee Rogers which was the Fastest Boat! See the album link below for all pictures and videos!

Cardboard Boat Races Album

Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament

The competition continued over at the Volleyball Court with the Annual Jason Scribben Memorial 3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament. 17 teams competed in this year’s competition!

Root Beer Floats

Before the Fireworks, the Roaming Shores Police Department served up delicious root beer floats with ice cream from Jefferson Dairy Delight and root beer Orwell A&W!


The busy day went out with a bang with the Annual Roaming Shores Fireworks Display made possible by donations from our Membership and organized by the STARS Club!

Fireworks Album

Cornhole Tournament

The competition fired up again on July 4th with the 1st Annual STARS Cornhole Tournament! 20 persons (10 teams) competed and brought out a great group of supporters. It was a great time of new relationships and enjoying delicious pulled pork and brisket dishes from Dan’s Backyard BBQ on a perfect July 4th Sunday afternoon.

Cornhole Album

Lake Treatment Update

The Vodaguard C treatment for lake algae control has been completed. We are pleased that all initial indications are it was a success. Lake Rome Rock is clearer and more algae free than it has been in many, many years. There have been no indications or reports of any fish issues and the native plant life was unaffected by this treatment. It is unknown at this time if a second application will be necessary. This will be determined as water sampling is performed in the next 30-45 days. We will keep Members informed as we move through the process. This treatment was part of the short term plan for the health of our most important asset, our lake. The long term plans are currently being developed and as details become available, they will be shared with everyone.

Thank you to the many people that were involved in getting it done. The Lake Management Committee (LMC), Environmental Advocacy Club (EAC), Enviroscience, AquaDoc, Lake Health Advisory Committee, Village of Roaming Shores and your Association Board all played important roles. Without each and every one, and the support of the Membership, this would not have been accomplished. It was a true team effort that started over a year ago and was finally implemented this past month.

This is the beginning of ensuring the long term health of Lake Roaming Rock. Exciting times for our community!

The Rome Rock Association Board

1 2 3 108

Lake Dam Status

Lake Level Updates: Normal.

Current Valve Status: Closed.

Reason:  N/A

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