January 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held their January meeting on Saturday, January 8th via Zoom with the following members present: Scott Soble, Rory Marshall, Bob McClintock, Cheryl Fain, Rick Brothers and Nadine Pope. Also present was Pat Sowry.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Cheryl gave the invocation. The December minutes were approved. The November and December Treasurer’s reports were also approved. Scott welcomed the residents who had signed in and explained that due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the board felt it would be safer to hold this meeting remotely. He also thanked Jen Addair for setting up and monitoring the zoom meeting.

Scott also reported that construction of the Entertainment Pavilion is well under way and construction will be completed as soon as weather allows. Three concerts have already been scheduled for next summer.

Under Legal, Scott reported that there are no current legal issues

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported she would be meeting with Pat to compile a list of delinquent accounts that will either be contacted for collection by our board or our legal counsel. She is pleased with the progress that was made in 2021 and will work with Pat and our legal counsel to continue the collection process. It is unfair to those who pay their dues and assessments to allow some members to not contribute to maintaining our lake community.

Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that the RFP for the fish survey is being reviewed and will soon be sent out to potential vendors for quotes. The survey will evaluate the fish population as to numbers, species and health. The final water quality report is being reviewed and Dave will be reporting results through articles included in the weekly eblast.

Under Lake Safety, Rory reported that the committee would be meeting with Police Chief Roskos  to discuss the availability of training for police officers, so we can finally have a police presence on the lake next summer. The safety committee will be meeting on Thursday, January 20th, hopefully at the clubhouse. This will be determined and announced prior to the meeting.

Under Board of Review, Yvonne Gibson reported that the board has no current appeals to review.

Under Building and Facilities, Bob reported final numbers for the bathroom updates at Pool 1 and 2 should be available by the end of the month and is hopeful that construction can be completed by Memorial Day when the pools open. Rory reported that there are still leaks around the clubhouse chimney that need to be repaired. Scott reported that Randy is researching options for a different type of stone to be used in the 2022 chip seal project. It packs better and creates less dust. The areas of loose stone are being cleaned up and the contractor will be meeting with Randy to discuss improvements.

Under Administration, Nadine reported that interviews were held last week to hire a new maintenance employee. This is being done in order to be proactive before the retirement of any current employees.  All of our employees must be trained to operate many types of equipment, do equipment repair, landscaping, dredging and plowing; just to name some of their many tasks. We feel it is important to be sure that time is allowed for proper training.

Under Amenities, Nadine reported that Randy Ruebel has already been meeting with contractors for quotations for the Pickle Ball courts. Quotes should be in by the end of the month so a contractor can be chosen and resurfacing can begin in early spring.

Steve Kaufman reported that the Strategic Advisory Committee will be meeting soon to discuss their assistance to the board with setting and achieving both our short and long term goals. As a new member of our Village Council, Steve also stressed the importance of the maintenance of our lift stations. He explained the much time is spent trying unclog the lift stations due to residents continuing to flush items such as baby wipes. These wipes say they are flushable, but they definitely are NOT. Please help us maintain our sewage system by only flushing toilet paper. Repair of these lifts stations is very time consuming and very expensive. He also noted that the third reading of the dog ordinance will be on the 18th of this month and water tower updates will be discussed.

Fishing Club , Jim Fell reported that dues will be raised $5.00 per year to an annual fee of $25.00. Jim also reported for the Neighborhood Volunteer Club that they will begin helping our maintenance department stain picnic tables after they have been pressure washed and dried.

Polar Bear Club president, Mindy Fier reported that the club would be meeting later that day to make plans for this year’s Polar Bear Plunge. They are also discussing starting a scholarship program for students of A-Tech in memory of Tom Zirkle.

Marie Kaufman reported that the Pickle Ball Club has remained active until our recent snow event but will pick up again as soon as the snow is gone. They will have their Spring Social on Friday, April 29.

The board then opened the meeting for Members Comments.

Dawn Longo asked the board about plans for dredging in 2022. Dave Ernes said that the dredging season will be expanded to include targeted areas during the summer season and the effect on lake health will be monitored. The final plan has yet to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.  Again, our thanks to Jen Addair for all of her hard work and expertise at setting up and monitoring this meeting. Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, February, 5th. We will advise members as to whether it will be in person or via zoom.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

2022 Dues and Assessments Information

Annual Dues and Assessment billing is here, once again. Please note that there will be an increase for 2022. This is only the third time the assessments have been raised in 9 years. The increase is 4%. This additional amount will help us to keep pace with inflationary related cost increases. 

Dues and Assessments will be mailed out after the first of the year and need to be paid in full by May 1, 2022. You may pay your Dues and Assessments in installments, however, a late charge of 10% will be applied to the remaining balance after May 1st. 

There are several different payment options available. Note if you own multiple properties and received multiple invoices, it is not necessary to write individual checks; you may tally and write a single check for the total. You still may write multiple checks, if that is your preference.

In Person: 
Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Highway 6). There is a 5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards. Our office hours until mid-April are Tuesday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm. You may also use our dropbox located on the front porch. The box is under video surveillance and emptied daily. 

Bank Bill Pay: 
Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay through their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues and Assessments, please make sure to set your Account Number as your Lot number(s). Your lot number is your property address. 
Note: If you already use your bank’s Bill Pay feature to pay your RSV water bill, make sure to create a new, separate payee for the RomeRock Association with the mailing address of P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085 as we are a separate entity from the Village and their Utility Department.  

You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 5% fee. Be sure to include the 3 digit code on the back of your card.  

The RomeRock Association offers owners the ability to pay Dues & Assessments online through our payment processing partner, PayLease/Zego. Using PayLease will allow you to pay online with a credit/debit card or electronic check**. You can make a one-time or recurring payment. 

Visit the RRA Website (roamingshores.org/RRA1/) and click the button on the sidebar that says “Pay Dues and Assessments Online”. Direct Page (www.roamingshores.org/RRA1/pay-dues-and-assessments-online/) or visit PayLease.com. 

Follow the instructions to search for and select your property. Your account number is your lot number and it must be 4 digits followed by @RRA. Ex. Lot 123 would be 0123@RRA. Confirm your name and create a password to create your account. Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay.  

Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay. If you set up an account previously, please use your same login information. If you forgot your credentials, select “Forgot Your Password”. 

**Note: There is a fee accessed for paying online. 3% is charged for using a credit card/debit card and $2.95 for an electronic check (note: electronic checks differ from personal checks. Personal checks can be mailed or paid in-person without a fee). PayLease assesses a fee for each account (lot). 

If you have questions regarding your account balance, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170. For questions regarding PayLease/Zego or your online payments, please contact PayLease Support at 1-866-729-5327. 

Early Bird Drawing 

The RRA will again be holding an Early Bird Drawing for those who pay their Dues & Assessments in full early. 

Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 21st and March 18th will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes. These prizes start at $500 and are reduced by $50 per week until the award for March 25th becomes $50.  This totals $2,750 in prizes.  GOOD LUCK! 

Pay your total RomeRock balance, AT ONE TIME, as soon as possible. Full payments by 5pm on January 21st provides eligibility for ALL TEN DRAWINGS. 

Notes: If your lot(s) are owned jointly, each joint owner must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each joint owner is eligible to win). If you own multiple lots, all of your lots must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each lot you own is eligible to win). If you pay by PayLease, when we are notified that your full payment has been processed, we will then enter you into the contest. We are not notified instantaneously. 

2021 RRA Board of Directors Year in Review

As we approach the closing of 2021, it is important that we look back at both our successes and challenges we have encountered as a community. Covid was certainly the big challenge that changed how we operated as a board and Association. Unfortunately, Covid isn’t over, but we have learned to accomplish our initiatives, sometimes with one hand tied behind our back.  Compliments to our dedicated employee team that worked short staffed all year.  The jobs didn’t decrease, but the availability of summer staff did.  We are now looking to add an additional team member to lessen that burden.  

This year was the first time we treated the lake for Blue-Green Algae, and we had good results and learned so much.  The first treatment showed excellent results for a long period of time.  What we learned was that the second treatment could have been done more quickly.  Waiting for reports of toxicity allowed the lake to “green up” even though there were no toxic blooms in 2021.  We will take this information and use it to refine our decision making process for 2022.  The cooperation and patience of the community was exceptional, and we could not have done it without everyone being informed and involved.

Dredging was put on hold until after Labor Day and we got a significant amount of sediment removed in a short time.  Our dredging team removed over 300 barge loads of sediment in about 6 weeks.  We were fortunate that the weather cooperated.  For 2022, we are looking at expanded, targeted dredging during the summer.  Hopefully this will not impact our Algae treatments, but we will be monitoring it closely.  Unfortunately dredging is a slow process by nature and we have a big lake to maintain.  We will diligently keep going although it is never fast enough. Dredging is an ongoing process that will be needed forever at Roaming Shores.

We are pleased that we were able to upgrade our rolling equipment by getting two new trucks over the last 15 months.  These vehicles were a necessary acquisition for both plowing and use for summer maintenance.  We replaced units that were old, unreliable, and becoming a safety concern.  Unfortunately, trucks do not last forever. We will continue to monitor and assess all our equipment on a yearly basis, and we have a lot of it. Other significant projects in the works for 2022 are pool bathroom upgrades and tennis court repaving to accommodate the community request and enthusiasm for pickle ball.  The largest construction initiative is the Kathy Crandall Entertainment Pavilion.  This is a community-based project that will be a wonderful asset to Roaming Shores.  It was fully funded by private donation and the generosity of our residents. It is being built by Crandall Construction and other outside vendors. After completion, it will be a wonderful asset owned by our community.

Finally, it is appropriate to address the conversation regarding the sale of RL lots.  There are many rumors and concerns that have been either misrepresented or miscommunicated.  Here are the facts:

There is only one lot #275 that has been examined and it is NOT for sale.  This examination process will allow the community to understand what assets are available if there is a need for funding.  There is no intention to sell this RL lot unless the financial need is unable to be accomplished by other funding methods.  If there is time that critical funding is needed, the community will be kept well apprised and informed on any plans. 

Please remember, community board meetings are Saturday mornings.  These meetings are a great venue to get the facts and your questions answered.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support and involvement in Roaming Shores.

December 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held their December meeting on December 4th at the clubhouse with the following members present: Scott Soble, Rory Marshall, Bob McClintock, Louise Lisac and Nadine Pope. Also present was Pat Sowry. 

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Louise gave the invocation and led us in the pledge. The November minutes were approved. The November Treasurer’s report was not completed and will be available for review at the January meeting. Scott welcomed the large group of residents in attendance and assured them that there would be time during the meeting for their questions and concerns to be addressed. 

Under Legal, Scott reported that our legal counsel will prepare a final report as to whether lot #275 could be sold, should the board find it necessary to do so.  It is a matter of concern to many residents that an RL lot could possibly be sold, but Scott assured those present that the board was only researching the possibility of selling one lot should the need arise financially. 

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported that she was pleased with the response to our efforts to collect past due member accounts and that the board would continue to make this a priority in the New Year. Members who pay their fees should not be responsible for carrying the debt of those who do not. 

Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that the final report of the flow study should soon be available. Once completed, Dave will write articles for the weekly eblast explaining the results. Testing procedures for next year may be changed. We are working with AquaDoc to have a larger presence on the lake so they can monitor it more closely and are considering having them do the weekly testing. He also explained that he is preparing a RFP (request for proposal) to be sent out to potential companies for the fish study to be done next spring. Dave also briefly discussed biomanipulation, which could naturally help the lake rid itself of algae by having the food chain of the lake allow the zooplankton to eat the harmful algae. Many ideas are being considered for the long term health of our lake. 

Under Lake Safety, Rory reported that the committee would be meeting with Chief Roskos  to discuss the availability of training for police officers, so we can finally have a police presence on the lake next summer. A resident questioned safety on the lake due to overcrowding and that many unregistered boats were on the lake. Jim Fell, who worked on Lake Patrol, assured the resident that both RRA employees and Lake Patrol had canvassed the lake and issued citations to members without current stickers. Members who allow friends to use their key fobs contribute heavily to unregistered boats on the lake. Rory also felt having a gate guard at the ramp entrance deterred unregistered boats. This was done last July 4th and may become a more common practice in the future. Rory also reported that a Boater Safety Course will again be offered next spring. 

Under Board of Review, Mike Peterson reported that the board heard one appeal last month and that it has be settled. 

Under Administration, Nadine reported that the board will conducting interviews along with Darren and Randy for a new maintenance employee. The maintenance department has begun servicing equipment and has many projects to complete during the winter months when not plowing snow. It is their plan to refurbish many of our picnic tables so they will be available once the new entertainment pavilion is completed. 

Under Amenities, Bob reported that some quotes are coming in for the remodeling of the bathrooms at Beaches 1 and 2. As we know, contractors are running severely behind schedule due to lack of availability of materials. This was the case last year when we contracted to have the tennis/pickle ball court resurfaced. This project will be requoted early in 2022 to make sure it is part of the contractor’s schedule early in the year. 

Steve Kaufman reported for the Strategic Advisory Committee. He will no longer be co chair once he assumes his duties on Village Council, but will still be a member and hopefully liaison between the village and the board. The committee is gathering information for a 10 year plan and beyond, but find it difficult to get many members to respond to their attempts to gather input necessary to make recommendations. 

Fishing Club president, Dave Emick approached the board about the possible installation of a handicap dock near the clubhouse. He would like to raise the club dues $5.00 per year to start a fund for the construction of this dock. The board agreed that this is a good plan but because it involves ADA, we need to research what it entails before any construction can begin. We will get back to Dave at our January meeting with more information concerning this project. 

There were no other club reports. Nadine, however, wanted to be sure to thank Friends and Neighbors, the Polar Bear Club and all those who helped decorate the clubhouse for Christmas. They did a wonderful job. 

Under New Business the board passed a motion to suspend theThree Meeting Rule for anyone who wishes to run for the Board of Directors in 2022. Because of the pandemic, many residents were unable to regularly attend board meetings. 

The board then opened the meeting for Members Comments

There was concern at the possibility of selling an RL lot, which Scott explained was only a possibility should the need arise. There was also concern about the lack of maintenance of RL lots, which are not being mowed to provide a buffer zone for run off into the lake. The board will look into modifying this procedure so the lots will be more usable for members. 

Residents of Flame Lake are concerned about low water levels. Maintenance Manager, Randy Ruebel will address this concern. 

There was concern about lack of signage on the take back lots that are for sale. The board will be replacing the signs in the spring, so they are more visible and include the necessary contact information for interested parties. 

Residents were also concerned about the short dredging season this past summer. They were made aware that this was done to be able to properly evaluate the treatment of the lake for blue green algae. Scott assured them that although the dredging plan has not been finalized, there will be a longer dredging season in 2022. We are working with lake management to determine the final plan. 

Scott thanked everyone for coming today and hopes everyone realizes that the Board listens and is trying to address their questions and concerns in a timely manner. 

The meeting adjourned at noon. Our next meeting will be January 8th at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. 

Nadine Pope, Secretary  

2021 Breakfast with Santa

The Polar Bear Club will host Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 11th at the Clubhouse.

We would like to invite you to come have breakfast with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas!  Every child will receive a gift from Santa when he arrives. The party is free to all children and grandchildren of Roaming Shores residents, age 12 and under.

We will be serving pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and mixed fruit.  We will also have an assortment of beverages.

Registration is required with a cutoff date of Friday, December 3rd.  To reserve your seats, please email the Polar Bear Club at: joeythepolarbear@yahoo.com

When registering, please leave all of the following information:

  1. Family name
  2. Children’s name, age and gender
  3. Number of adults attending and
  4. Preference of 9:00am or 10:00am reservation (due to amount of people attending we have decided to split attendance into two start times)

The Polar Bear Club will send an email confirmation that you are registered for the event within 48 hours.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone there!

November 2021 Board Meeting Recap

Just a short recap of November’s RRA Board Meeting. I wasn’t able to be there, so thank you to Pat Sowry and Cheryl Fain for filling me in on the details. Scott Soble, Cheryl Fain, Rory Marshall, Louise Lisac and Rick Brothers were present, along with Pat Sowry.

The October Minutes and Treasurer’s report were approved as presented. In his President’s Report, Scott welcomed back Louise Lisac from her leave of absence. She and husband Chris have just returned from their adventure touring across the United States in their RV. We are so happy that they have returned safely and that we once again have Louise’s expertise and dedication on the board. Scott also congratulated all those elected to Village Council, Mayor and Fiscal Officer. The board looks forward to continuing a close working relationship with the village. Scott also advised us that our legal counsel has completed title searches on RL lots that could potentially be sold and we should have his legal opinion by our next board meeting.

Dave Ernes gave us a report for Lake Management concerning this year’s program for algae control. We will also soon have data from the stream entries and their impact on our lake. The completed reports are being finalized and will be shared with members as soon as they are available. In 2022 we will also be compiling data from a fish survey to determine the health of the fish in our lake. Chris Lisac also reminded everyone NOT to put grass and leaves in the lake.

Rick Brothers discussed the remodeling of the pool bathrooms, as well as installation of Vending Machines at both pools. We are also scheduling several summer concerts to be held once the construction of the Kathy Crandall Memorial Pavilion is completed late next spring.

The 2022 RomeRock Association Budget was approved as well as an increase of fines for putting leaves and grass in the lake. The first offense will cost $500, second offense, $1000 and third offense $2000. Please avoid these fines by being a good association member and Not blowing your leaves or grass into our lake. We are all working very hard to improve the health and appearance of our lake. Assessments and late fees for 2022 were also approved.

Snow Rules

Flurries are back in the forecast, winter is coming, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents of our snow rules.

At this time, residents should make sure their mail boxes and posts are secure enough to withstand our winter snow plowing operations. Wood posts and mounts can rot over time. You may also want to consider installing a snow shield in front of (not attached to) your mail box to help deflect the snow from the snow plows. Our drivers try not to hit mailboxes, but they do occasionally get knocked down due to heavy, wet snow. Our policy is to only repair the boxes we strike.

The Association would like to remind residents that parking on the roads/and or berms on association-owned roadways is prohibited when the snow depth exceeds 2″ (two inches). This is necessary in order to facilitate the plowing and/or removal of the snow. Please help our plow drivers by removing your vehicles and all obstructions from the roadways.

The Village has an ordinance against plowing snow out into or across the roadways. Please make your plow drivers aware of this rule. 

For garbage service, Waste Management asks all customers to please have the area and pathway around your container cleared of snow and ice.


Weekenders and Snowbirds: Don’t fall victim to frozen pipes this winter! Please remember to shut off your water when you’re winterizing your homes. You can do so at the water meter inside your house. If you need assistance, you can contact the RSV Utility Dept at 440-805-9018 .

Watercraft Winterization

The warmer temperatures helped extend our enjoyable time on the lake well into the Fall, but time has come to put the boats away for the season.

Boaters, please remember to grab your state registration off of your watercraft before winterizing. Valid registrations are required when registering your watercraft with the RRA.

RSV Hydrant Flushing to Begin 11/4/21

11/5/21 Update: The flushing of the hydrants on the West side is being delayed until Monday, Nov 8th.

Notice of Hydrant (Fire) maintenance for the Roaming Shores Village water system will begin Thursday November 4th and will continue until all Hydrants have been flushed.   The estimated completion date is Saturday November 6th.   During the maintenance period, hydrants will be flushed and tagged for repair or replacement.   This process of periodically flushing fire hydrants is an important preventive maintenance activity.  This allows employees of Roaming Shores Village Utility Department (RSVUD) to test hydrants for flow and operations.  Flushing, although it may appear to waste water provides RSVUD the means to clean refresh the entire water distribution system.  By discharging a large volume of water through a fire hydrant, water flow within the pipeline is increased.  This increased flow scours the inside of the pipeline, removing and then transporting silt and mineral deposits out of the water system.  These procedures are necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system.  During the flushing process, it is not uncommon for a yellow, brown, or reddish tint to appear in the water.  Harmless mineral deposits settle in the water mains and flushing the hydrants stir the deposits sometimes causing a brief discoloration of the water.

We will be starting on Mill Creek Rd and working our way down Forman Rd. to our Water testing building next to Village Hall.  From there we will then work our way across the north side of the Lake and down the East side around to the water tower.  The West side of the Lake will be the last section starting on the north end and working to the water tower.

Here is what you should do if hydrant flushing is taking place in your neighborhood:

  • If possible, avoid using water while the hydrant flushing is taking place. By not using water from the tap (cold or hot) or running appliances that use water (dishwater and washing machines), you can prevent discolored water from entering your household plumbing system altogether.
  • If you encounter discolored water following hydrant flushing, run the cold water taps only.  DO NOT use hot water taps throughout you home at bathroom sinks, tubs, kitchen faucets, etc. for 5 – 15 minutes or until water clears.  This allows discolored water to work its way out of your household plumbing system.  By not using your hot water taps, this should prevent discolored water from entering your hot water system.   If you do experience discolored water on your hot side, flush in the same manner as the cold system.
  • Don’t do laundry while or shortly after flushing is taking place. The discolored water can sometimes stain fabrics. Wait until water runs clear at your taps before using your washing machine and wash a load of dark clothes first.
  • If laundry appears to be stained, keep articles wet.   DO NOT DRY….  Rewash load using a stain/rust remover (such as a product called “Rust Out”).   Do not use bleach on the stained laundry as bleach will “set” in the stain.
  • If after flushing your water pressure or volume seems low, clean faucet screens to remove silt and mineral sediments that could be obstructing water flow.  For more information or if you experience water quality problems lasting more than four hours following hydrant flushing, please contact Duane Helms (440) 805-9018.

Valve to be Opened for Dam Maintenance

Boaters take note, the dam’s valve is planned to be opened this week to drop the lake level approximately 1ft to 1.5ft in order to perform maintenance on the dam’s spillway. A lowering such as this can take about a week under dry conditions. This amount of lowering should have minimal effect on the ramp. We will keep you posted.

11/5/21: The Village anticipates that with the rate of lowering, the needed lowering level should be able to be achieved by Monday, Nov 8th.

Help Wanted: Full-Time Maintenance

The RomeRock Association, the Property Owners Association of Roaming Shores, Ohio, is accepting applications from persons interested in a full-time position in its maintenance department.

Necessary skills, Knowledge and Abilities

The selected candidate must be skilled in the operation of heavy machinery including excavating equipment and dump trucks, with and without snowplows, in all weather conditions. Must possess the ability to operate a variety of light and medium motorized and non-motorized hardware tools. CDL and/or mechanical experience is a plus. Qualified candidate must have a clean driving record.

Desirable Traits:

  • Dependable
  • Able to work independently
  • Good hands on people skills
  • Attention to detail

Job Type:



Normal Shift: Monday through Friday, 7am to 3:30pm. Will be required to work overtime and various weekends and/or Holidays seasonally or during emergencies.


$15 – $18/hr depending on experience.

Great Benefit Package:

  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Good working conditions

Application Process:
Resumes can be either faxed, e-mailed or mailed to: RomeRock Association P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085 E-Mail Fax: (440) 563-5667

1 2 3 111
pay-dues-online-button Due May 1st Yearly


Office Info:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085

Located at 1875 US Route 6, Roaming Shores, OH 44085


Tues. – Sat.
8am – 6pm
Email Us.

Office: (440) 563-3170
Fax: (440) 563-5667

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