February 2024 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held a meeting on Saturday, February 3, at the clubhouse with the following directors present: Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Rory Marshall, Jeff Grosse, Rick Brothers and Mark Dougherty. Also present was RRA Office Manager, Wendy Carley.

Vice President, Rory Marshall called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and the invocation was given by Wendy Carley, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rory welcomed everyone.

Minutes from the December 2nd meeting were approved and Jeff gave the quarterly Treasurer’s Report for October through December, 2023, which was also approved.

 Standing Committee Reports:

Legal: Scott let us know that we have no pending legal issues. Nadine reported for Financial and Collection that we are continuing to work with our legal counsel to find a method to settle many of our long standing delinquent accounts. Our new computer system will be able to automatically notify residents with delinquent balances and add late fees. Scott reported for Lake Management that we are looking into an algae monitoring system that will allow us to pinpoint the optimal time to treat the lake. We are continuing to evaluate use of a peroxide based treatment to work with the copper based treatments we have previously used. The copper levels are very low but we want to avoid continued use without at least alternating with another product. The peroxide treatments are more expensive and potentially will not last as long, but may be tried on a trial basis. We are also looking into use of solar powered ultrasonic buoys to determine the potential cost and effects.

Lake Safety: Rory reported that our committee has been working on revising and clarifying our lake boating regulations. We are continuing to work with the village to have a police presence on our lake next summer. The focus of both our Lake Patrol and our Police Officers is to educate boaters to keep our lake safer for everyone out there. We are still working out contract details. Steve Kaufman, our Village Liaison, told us that the council is working on seasonal weight limits for 24/25. The Council will be considering an ordinance to prohibit scavengers from taking items from other residents’ trash. Marie Kaufman reported that there is one new case that was brought to the Board of Review and the citation was upheld. Under Building, Facilities and Amenities, Scott reported that the maintenance department has purchased a 2012 Komatsu track hoe that will replace one of our 1980 John Deere track hoes. It has very low hours and was purchased for $93,000. Similar machines can cost up to $250,000. The maintenance department has removed all the old chain link fence in the club house area. The fencing along the lake will be replaced with black chain link. Nadine also reported that we are looking at replacing the broken post lights in the clubhouse area.

Under Administration/Personnel, Nadine reported that the office staff is making good progress going through old files and updating all accounts in the new computer system. The Strategic Advisory Committee has completed their assignment to gather information and put together the new Building and Maintenance Committee. We want to thank them for all their work putting this committee together and the members for volunteering to serve on the committee. Joe Eardley, Jim Fell, Marie Kaufman, Patricia Wilson and Mark Vinick have already held their first meeting and have hit the ground running so they are ready when this spring’s building season arrives.

Under Club Reports: Marie Kaufman reported that Pickle Ball Club is waiting for spring and continuing to play at Spire Institute. Bree Bodish, new president of the Polar Bear Club, reported that their focus is on the Polar Bear Plunge to be held March 9th. Be sure to check out their new web site at rspolarbearclub.org.

We received members comments concerning river otters on the lake, lowering of the lake and property assessments for on lake members.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

Safe Boating Course April 6th

Did you know? Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1982 is required to earn a boating certificate in order to operate any boat or personal watercraft over 10 horsepower in the State of Ohio. Every year, Lake Patrol encounters inexperienced boaters who have not met this requirement who put themselves and others in danger.

In order to ensure all boaters on our lake are certified, we will again be offering a Safe Boating Course which will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, April 6th beginning at 10am until 6pm. This course is open to RRA Members and their family ages 12 and older. The cost is $10/each and is limited to 30 participants. Lunch included!

Safe Boating Course April 6th

This course will again be lead by Tia Woodard. Tia also teaches for the Spirit of America, a youth boating education program in Lake County. Tia taught our course the last three years and we received nothing but positive feedback!

Check out the guide below, if you don’t meet these requirements contact us today! 440-563-3170 or office@roamingshores.org. You will be able to pay for the course using our Member Portal if you prefer not to stop at the office or mail your registration.

2024 Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Plunge March 9th

It’s cold and snowy, the perfect time to start thinking about taking a plunge into the lake!

The 19th Annual Polar Bear Plunge will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, March 9th. Sign-in starts a 1pm and ends at 2:45; DJ begins at 1pm and Plunge begins at 3pm

Money raised will benefit the Jeffrey B. Meddock Memorial Scholarship at Pymatuning Valley Schools, Grand Valley Schools student programs in memory of Emily Plickert, Jefferson Area Local Schools Academic Boosters, Thomas Zirkle Memorial ATECH scholarship, and the Roaming Shores Kids’ Breakfast with Santa event.

To assist us in our efforts, we are taking orders in advance for our annual plunge t-shirts and hoodies. T-shirts will sell for $15, zipped hoodies $35, and pullover hoodies $30 each. Payment in advance is required at the time of order and the last day we can accept an order is Feb. 20th. Make checks payable to RSPBC and mail to 62 Rockaway Dr. Roaming Shores, OH 44085. Any individual who wishes to donate to this years’ plunge, please mail your check to this same address. Questions, 330-507-4917 or 440-812-3441

2024 Jumper Instructions2024 Jumper Sponsor FormsLiability WaiverInterested in becoming a Business Sponsor?

2024 Board of Directors Election

Election time for the Board of Directors is almost upon us. If you are interested in dedicating some time to serve your community, consider running for a seat on the RRA Board of Directors. This year, there will be 2 open seats. In order to have your name on the ballot, you must present your written request, bearing the original signature, to the RRA Office no later than Wednesday, February 28th at 1pm. You will then be sent additional paperwork to fill out and campaigning rules.  Please include a statement of 100 words or less.  This information may be used, all or in part, during election time. Qualifications for becoming and maintaining a Director are found in Article VIII, Section 2 of the By-Laws*.

To qualify as a candidate, you need the desire to give some time to the administration of your property owners’ association and be an active member (not delinquent).  You do not have to be a full-time resident of Roaming Shores.

Two positions are to be filled for 2024.  All terms are for three years.

Note: The 3 meeting requirement has been waived.

Election Timeline

  • Feb 28, 2024 – 1 P.M. deadline to have name placed on ballot
  • March 29, 2024 – Ballots must be postmarked prior to 1 P.M.
  • April 24, 2024 – Balloting closed at 1 P.M.
  • Time Arranged – Committee counts ballots at Clubhouse
  • April 27, 2024 – Annual Meeting at 1 P.M.

2024 Early Bird Drawing Winners

The winners of the 2024 Early Bird Drawing

#1 – $500: Lot 12 – Jeff & Michelle Foit
#2 – $450: Lot 1969 – John and Leanne Sauerland
#3 – $400: Lot 827 – Richard Gainar
#4 – $350: Lot 81 – Virginia Padale
#5 – $300: Lot 1938 – John Beaumont
#6 – $250: Lot 1945 – Rich & Kris McGuigan
#7 – $200: Lot 2593 – Steven Edgar
#8 – $150: Lot 181 – Matt & Rebecca Staley
#9 – $100: Lot 1022 – Margaret Makuch
#10 – $50: Lot 1569 – Michael Pololli

2024 Dues and Assessments Information

1/2/24 Update: 2024 Charges to your account have been applied. Invoices have been mailed and emailed depending on your preference and can now be paid in your Member Portal.

Annual Dues and Assessment billing is coming, once again. Invoices will be distributed after the first of the year. Please note Assessments for 2024 have increased. This increase amounts to slightly more than $8/mo for a single property with a home. Increases to our assessments are necessary in order to keep pace with the rate of inflation, continue to improve our amenities, and avoid degradation of services. Dues remain at $60/yr.  

To Members who own properties that are consolidated, your billing statement will now include your consolidated lots on a single statement. Extra lots will be included on separate statements.  

Dues and assessments are payable by May 1, 2024. A late charge will be applied at an increment of 2% for the first month of delinquency, an additional 5% for the second month, and a final additional 5% (for a total of 12%) for 3 months delinquency. Beyond 3 months, a delinquent account is entered into our collections process. Avoid unnecessary charges and pay your assessed amount on or before May 1, 2024, you are welcome to pay in installments. We will again hold an early bird drawing for members who pay their accounts in full early.  

If you are in the process of selling your home and/or lots, you must pay your billed amount before the due date.  Your title agency can prorate the dues and assessments you have paid based on your closing date.  

Payment Options 

In Person:  
Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Highway 6). There is a 3% fee for credit cards or $5.95 for debit. Our office hours until March are M-F 9am to 5pm. You may also use our dropbox located on the front porch. The box is under video surveillance and emptied daily.  

You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 3% fee for credit cards or $5.95 for debit. Be sure to include the 3-digit code on the back of your card.   

Bank Bill Pay:  
Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay through their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues and Assessments, please make sure to set your Account Number as your Lot number(s). Your lot number is your property address.  
Note: If you already use your bank’s Bill Pay feature to pay your RSV water bill, make sure to create a new, separate payee for the RomeRock Association with the mailing address of P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085 as we are a separate entity from the Village and their Utility Department.   

Online – NEW Member Portal  

 Our new Online Member Portal allows you to view, manage and make Dues and Assessments payments. You will be able to set up recurring or one-time payments through our online portal and save your payment methods to use again in the future.   

Additionally, you can check your RRA account transactions, update your resident profile with current information, access the latest documents, utilize contact forms, view announcements and alerts for the community, and much more…   
Note: This system is separate from Roaming Shores Utilities water/sewer bills.  

Access your Portal at: https://portal.goenumerate.com.   
In order to access your Portal, we must have a good email address for you on file. Search for the RomeRock Association by typing “romerock” as one word (note: roaming shores will not work). Then enter your email address. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. If you have questions regarding your account balance or need help accessing your account, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170 or office@roamingshores.org.   

**Note: There is a fee accessed for paying online per unconsolidated lot. 3% is charged for using a credit card, $5.95 for debit card, and $2.95 ACH payments. There is no ACH fee if you setup AutoPay.  

Early Bird Drawing 

The RRA will again be holding an Early Bird Drawing for those who pay their Dues & Assessments in full early. Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 18th and March 21st will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes. These prizes start at $500 and are reduced by $50 per week until the award for March 21st  becomes $50.  This totals $2,750 in prizes.  GOOD LUCK!  

Pay your total RRA balance, AT ONE TIME, as soon as possible. Full payments by 5pm on January 18th provides eligibility for ALL TEN DRAWINGS.  

Notes: If your lot(s) are owned jointly, each joint owner must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each joint owner is eligible to win). If you own multiple lots, all of your lots must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each lot you own is eligible to win). If you pay your bill online, you will be entered into the contest when we are notified that your full payment has been successfully processed. We are not notified instantaneously. 

Chillin with Chili Jan 28th

Join us Sunday, January 28th for Chillin with Chili during the AFC Championship Game. Make up a batch of your best chili and people’s choice will decide the favorite.

Party starts at 2pm at the clubhouse. Game starts at 3pm to give everyone time to taste all the chilis.

RSVP is not required to attend but would be greatly appreciated if you know you are attending or if you will be bringing a chili. This is a FREE event hosted by STARS. We will provided cornbread and there will be a 50/50.

RSVP on Facebook, email or the contact us form on the About the club page on our website: https://rsstarsclub.org/

Overview of Recreational Season for 2023

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

The 2023 season turned out to be a season of unusual weather coupled with unexpected observations. Despite this, for the third straight year, we ended the season with no algal toxin levels exceeding the EPA Advisory limit. We also added over 400 pounds of feeder fish to enhance the excellent fishery. This document includes a review of the issues we faced and the conclusions from the reports from our consultants.

The report from EnviroScience related to the in-lake conditions found that, on a whole lake basis, the algaecide treatments were successful at maintaining the recreational use of the lake. Selected areas did observe issues but overall, the lake has seen an improvement since 2021. In August, algae populations increased primarily in the north, which was surprising, prompting the second partial algaecide treatment. The nitrogen levels were elevated above that seen in prior years. The report does encourage efforts being done to control the nutrients by seeking financial assistance.

The AquaDoc report, measuring the conditions south of the lake, showed phosphorus levels similar to last year. The increase in nitrogen levels primarily for nitrate, appeared at the end of June and originated in Whetstone Creek. It appeared as the weather shifted from a drought to heavy rain events. It slowly returned to normal as the summer progressed. While the source is unknown, the elevated nitrogen level is felt to be responsible for some of the unusual observations this season.

Throughout the course of the year, we have been in communication with our consultants to try to understand the unusual situations we experienced. The consensus opinions are briefly described below.

Filamentous Algal Mats. As has been discussed both at Board Meetings and e-blasts, an increase in non-toxic green, filamentous algae is expected as we work to control the more toxic blue-green algae. In addition, the increase in nitrogen (in the form of nitrates) entering the lake likely acted as a ‘fertilizer’ for the filamentous algae, increasing the magnitude of the problem, especially in the south.

Floating snails. At the end of June, an increased number of floating snails were observed. These snails, likely Mystery Snails, are invasive to our area. They seemed to originate in the south (observations in September found them to proliferate south of the lake) with the shells floating north with the current. The complicating factor is that these snails can float and still be alive. Observations by our consultants and the author have confirmed this. While there are several possibilities to explain why they behaved as they did, it is not clear which factor (or some combination of factors) was responsible. The fact that this was unique to this season suggests the nitrate level increase as a likely contributing factor.

Odor in the South.  Around September 22, a sewer-like odor was observed in the south end of the lake, extending upstream of the bridge. This was found to be due to a condition called hypoxia, where the oxygen level in the lake was depleted. When this happens, odor-causing chemicals are released as the aquatic vegetation and algae die off at that time of year, consuming dissolved oxygen in the water. Normally the fall rain brings in freshly oxygenated water, but the unusually dry September prevented this, so the normal processes occurring in the lake were again disturbed. In addition, the high level of filamentous algae, and the excessive vegetation in the lake below Spanish Cove and extending south of the Route 6 bridge added to the load. This drop in oxygen also adversely affected the fish (and snail) population in this area. With artificial aeration and returning rainfall, the situation was corrected.

Overall, this year we saw that factors beyond our control acted against our efforts to improve conditions in the lake. Until we find a Bond villain with a weather control machine, we will have to do our best to adapt. As in the past, we will use lessons learned this season to direct our plans moving forward. Because, as always, we all must do our best to…

Be Lake Responsible

Building and Maintenance Committee

The RRA Board has asked the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) to work with the Village Planning Commission to ensure ordinances and standards are in place at the village level and at the Rome Rock Association level to enhance and protect the aesthetic qualities of our community.  Updates to the standards for exterior aspects of new construction (homes, garages, sheds, fences, etc.) as well as property maintenance items are in progress.  The next step is to form a Building and Maintenance Committee (BMC) that will serve to provide consistency in the application of these standards.  

The RRA Board will appoint 5 community members to be on this Building and Maintenance Committee (BMC) with the following qualifications:

– Member in good standing for minimum of 5 years

– Willing to actively participate in the necessary duties

– At least one member with advanced familiarity of housing/community development and design

– Up to 3 year term though some of the initial appointments may be shorter/staggered.

For those interested in being on this committee, complete the application form and return to the RRA office by January 15, 2024. 

December 2023 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held a meeting on Saturday, December 2, at the clubhouse with the following directors present: Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Bob McClintock, Rory Marshall and Mark Dougherty. Also present was RRA Office Manager, Wendy Carley.

President, Bob McClintock called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and the invocation was given by Wendy Carley, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob welcomed everyone and gave a brief update on recent board activities. He advised members that the board has been working on developing the 2024 budget in recent weeks. It was an even bigger challenge than usual because we were without the expertise of long time Office Manager, Pat Sowry. Dawn Franklin, our new part time office assistant did an excellent job of wading through the many accounts and with help from board members, we were able to pass the budget for 2024, which will be $1,674,000.

We know that this process includes many pieces and parts. There are employee wages and benefits, taxes, road improvements, fuel, equipment payments and maintenance, utilities and buildings, pools and a lake to maintain as some examples. When I first joined the board, I had no idea it was so complex. I think that is because things are taken care of so seamlessly that it’s hard to notice the individual pieces of the whole picture.

Bob also congratulated Joyce Misinec for being named the statewide Hospice Volunteer of the Year by the Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice.

Minutes from the October 7th meeting were approved and Bob advised us that the next quarterly Treasurer’s Report will be available at the February 3rd meeting.

Standing Committee Reports:

Legal: Scott let us know that we have no pending legal issues. Nadine reported for Financial and Collection that we are investigating working with the village and/or our legal counsel to find a method to settle many of our long standing delinquent accounts. Our new computer system will be able to automatically notify residents with delinquent balances and add late fees. Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that both Aqua Doc and EnviroScience have given him their year end reports and he will be preparing a summary to post to members. Planning for 2024 has already begun and will be discussed further at our February Meeting. We are looking into ways to lengthen our dredging season while still protecting the lake from stirring up excess nutrients. Dave also let us know that there is a sub committee working with a consultant to look for grant opportunities to assist with our bigger projects.  As a note, there were several questions from the audience regarding the need to discuss dredging in more depth at each meeting. This is always a subject we address under Lake Management and we will attempt to make all possible information available to those present. Our three year dredging plan is in place and was discussed in length at our last Annual Meeting. This plan, however, must be flexible to allow for changes in circumstances on our lake. Lake Safety: Rory reported that our committee has been working on revising and clarifying our lake boating regulations. We are continuing to work with the village to have a police presence on our lake next summer. The focus of both our Lake Patrol and our Police Officers is to educate boaters to keep our lake safer for everyone out there. Steve Kaufman, our Village Liaison, told usthat the council is working to develop a plan for our new water tower and has created an infrastructure improvement fund. Duane Helms has received his class 2 sanitation certification. The Council will be considering a road ban from February 15 until April 15 and will review fines for non compliance with the road ban. Mike Peterson reported that there is one new case that was brought to the Board of Review last week.    Under Building, Facilities and Amenities, Scott reported that the board is planning on replacing dilapidated fencing by the clubhouse. There are also plans to pave the parking lot at beach two next spring. Several other capital projects are also being considered. Rick Brothers let us know that last month’s Bingo Night at the Shores was a huge success and will hopefully be held again in January and February.

Under Administration/Personnel, Scott reported that long time employee David Sayre is retiring January 2, 2024. We have hired Justin Szalay to take Dave’s place in the maintenance department. Nadine wanted to thank Dawn Franklin, Wendy and Jen for all of their hard work implementing the new computer system and assisting with the budgetary process. Bob reported that the Strategic Advisory Committee will be presenting information regarding their work creating a new Building and Maintenance Committee.

Under Club Reports:  Mark Dougherty reported that the Polar Bear Club is hosting Breakfast with Santa on December 9th. He thanked everyone who came out to help decorate the clubhouse. (It looks amazing). Mark also asked that whoever took the commercial baking trays from the clubhouse after an event please return them so they can be used next Saturday. He also reported that the Polar Bear Plunge will be held Saturday, March 9th. Jim Fell reported that the Volunteer Committee is planning a project for next spring to help improve beach two.

Joe Eardley from the Strategic Advisory Committee gave us a presentation concerning the formation of a Building & Maintenance Review Committee. The SAC has spent several months researching this project that began when the village requested that the RRA resume their role in exterior building review. The RRA will take a role in the permitting process (along with the village) and assist in upholding established community standards. The board will be taking member applications to serve on this committee. Applicants should be an RRA member in good standing for at least 5 years and be able to demonstrate familiarity of residential housing and community development. They must be willing to actively participate in related duties for their full term and not be a vendor or contractor of any type serving Roaming Shores. Much more information will be available to applicants. Please contact the RRA office at 440-563-3170 if you are interested in picking up an application. We want to thank all SAC members for their work creating this committee. The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

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