2023 Board of Directors Election

Election time for the Board of Directors is almost upon us. If you are interested in dedicating some time to serve your community, consider running for a seat on the RRA Board of Directors. This year, there will be 2 open seats. In order to have your name on the ballot, you must present your written request, bearing the original signature, to the RRA Office no later than Wednesday, March 1st at 1pm. You will then be sent additional paperwork to fill out and campaigning rules.  Please include a statement of 100 words or less.  This information may be used, all or in part, during election time. Qualifications for becoming and maintaining a Director are found in Article VIII, Section 2 of the By-Laws*.

To qualify as a candidate, you need the desire to give some time to the administration of your property owners’ association and be an active member (not delinquent).  You do not have to be a full-time resident of Roaming Shores.

Two positions are to be filled for 2023.  All terms are for three years.

Note: The 3 meeting requirement has been waived.

Election Timeline

  • March 1, 2023 – 1 P.M. deadline to have name placed on ballot
  • March 31, 2023 – Ballots must be postmarked prior to 1 P.M.
  • April 26, 2023 – Balloting closed at 1 P.M.
  • Time Arranged – Committee counts ballots at Clubhouse
  • April 29, 2023 – Annual Meeting at 1 P.M.

2022 – LMC Year in Review

Dave Ernes – Lake Management Committee

This article summarizes the Lake Management activities that were completed this past year. This is a brief overview, with more information available in previous articles available on the RRA website.

Algae Control:  One of the main focuses of the Lake Management Plan (LMP) is to control the appearance of harmful algal blooms or HABs. In 2021, this was accomplished with the use of VodaGuard C, a copper based product added to the lake to kill the cyanobacteria responsible for the HABs. This was continued this past year. Unlike 2021, we did not see the reappearance of the blooms later in the summer. While there are several reasons for this, one was that we had fewer storms.  Nutrients continued to be released from sediments in the lake bottom, but the lack of rain events prevented it from being mixed throughout the water column. As a result , a second treatment was not needed. The in-lake testing program conducted by EnviroScience, and reported in their recent report, verified that this year’s water quality was improved over last year. As we evaluate the data year-to-year, we can learn more about how our lake behaves and better plan for issues as they develop.

Watershed: External sources of nutrients arrive by run-off from the watershed which enters the lake from our individual properties, as well as via the various streams. The largest of these is Rock Creek to the south. We investigated this source in a number of activities. First, we hosted representatives from the Nature Conservancy and Ashtabula Soil and Water. They did an on-site evaluation of a section of the Rock Creek watershed and found that there are areas where a wetland has developed which is nature’s way of reducing nutrient inflows. In addition, we had testing of Rock Creek from Route 322 to the Route 6 bridge. It showed that during a “wet” period, the area identified as wetland did reduce the nutrient flow originating at 322. During dry periods, the area tested showed a consistent nutrient load. While the wetland reduces the nutrients from the south, background level of nutrients of Rock Creek is still the highest of the other watershed inputs.

Weekly Testing:  The beaches are tested weekly for the presence of bacteria (E.Coli) and at a different schedule for algal toxins. Overall, the bacteria results this past year were lower than they had been in the previous two years, and with fewer results above the EPA target levels. Some of this may be attributable to the use of lasers to discourage geese from frequenting this area. The goose droppings are a source of bacteria (and nutrients) in the beach area, as well as throughout the lake. The algal toxin levels measured were at the lowest level observed in recent years, with all well below the EPA Advisory Limit. This reflects our ability to control the algal blooms discussed above.

Fish Survey:  This year we had a fish survey conducted by Jones Fish. Overall, the fishery was stated to be healthy. There is a wide assortment of species from bluegill and sun fish to the preferred largemouth bass. While the latter were found to be healthy, the results did show a population “hole” in the two-three year olds. The cause was not identified but was suspected to be due to weather-induced issues during spawning. The most recent generation did not appear to show this decrease. We anticipate following up on this again in a few years.

In summary, the year 2022 was a good year for our lake as a whole with regard to water quality. This does not diminish the fact that some areas still have issues. It is not possible to predict what we may see in 2023, but we have experts available to monitor the lake water quality and make recommendations should they see any issues develop. You too can help by reporting anything of concern at romerocklmc@gmail.com. Our thanks to those of you who are helping us by following many of of the best practices we have reported.  As we move forwards, we can all be successful as long as everyone does their part to …

Be Lake Responsible

2023 Early Bird Drawing Winners

The winners of the 2023 Early Bird Drawing

#1 – $500: David & Shannua Crossman – Lot #179
#2 – $450: Daniel & Jessica Pocci – Lot #2486
#3 – $400: James & Tina Wood – Lot #677
#4 – $350: John & Mary Lou Watt – Lot #10
#5 – $300: Keith & Kelly Bucklen – Lot #1829
#6 – $250: Robert Delphia – Lot #1324
#7 – $200: Karen Sethman – Lot #172
#8 – $150: Charles Thomas – Lot #1509
#9 – $100: Rick and Janice Rumbaugh – Lot #2413
#10 – $50: John & Shelley Samsa – Lot #1327

Dog Park Update

There has been a good amount of discussion and opinion sharing on social media recently regarding implementing a dog park in Roaming Shores.  I believe everyone certainly is entitled to their opinions and thank God in our country, we have the right to share those opinions openly without fear of reprisal.  While I respect all the comments made to date regarding feelings on whether a dog park is a good idea or not, I think it important to add some fact to the dialogue and share with all members.  Remember, we are in the developmental stage only.

  1. A dog park is being considered and all aspects being reviewed.No official decision has been made.
  2. Community interest and involvement is needed to make this a reality.Our current staff is not to be burdened with handling maintenance, entry, and complaints.That’s why a “Dog Club” is needed and if the interest is not there it can’t happen.
  3. Certainly, procedures would need to be implemented to reduce the risk of accident and disease.
  4. Locations are being considered.No decisions will be made until a dog club is formed so there is no need for discussion regarding location at this time.Certainly noise, traffic, and convenience to all will be part of the decision.Any decision will be communicated before a park is implemented.
  5. Since our Association owns property such as RRL lots, Dawn Park, Sunset Park, there is no expense for property purchase.It makes sense to utilize our current properties in the best possible way for the most resident use.
  6. No additional liability insurance is needed so there is no additional expense from that front.
  7. Fencing estimates were obtained.We need this to know how much cost is involved.
  8. Dues WERE NOT raised to fund this project.
  9. Funding potentials are donations from veterinary clinics, dog groomers, dog boarders, dog trainers, etc. as well as selling memorial benches and personal donations.Fundraisers are also a possibility.Again, these will not happen if residents are not interested and not involved.
  10. Americans spend more on their pets than anytime in history.Most communities have a dog park.It is a way to recreate and meet people while sharing a love of animals.
  11. The newspaper article was a request on their part after reading of our consideration of this amenity.It shows the human-interest side.It was by no means a hands down approval of the project.
  12. There were individuals who reached out to be involved.An in person or zoom meeting will be held soon to further discuss this initiative.Information regarding the meeting will be shared in the EBLAST.Feel free to participate and verbally share your thoughts while respectfully listening to your neighbors’ opinions as well.

On a side note, please remember those that serve your community as an Association Director do it for only one reason; to serve and help make Roaming Shores a good place to live and recreate.  There is no power or glory involved.  We need diverse opinions and strong dialogue to move forward. We need good financial stewardship, but we need to invest in our neighborhoods and provide amenities for everyone.  There is no one size fits all.  Not everyone will be happy with any decision.  We also need respect for one another whether in person or in writing.  Stay informed, stay involved, go to meetings, and stay committed to Shores Strong.  Be part of the future not the past.

2023 Dues and Assessments Info

Annual Dues and Assessment bills for 2023 have been mailed. Please note your 2023 Assessments have increased by 10%.  This decision was not made lightly but was thoughtfully implemented to keep pace with inflationary increases hitting all of us.  The 2023 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment has been set at 8.7% and is the largest since 1981.  It is based on shifts in the Consumer Price Index which charts fluctuations for goods and services.  While an increase in our Association expense is not what any property owner wants, the alternative is degradation of services and no property owner wants that.  Your Board of Directors continues to be creative in finding cost effective methods to improve our community and ensure our amenities are available to everyone. This will continue throughout the fiscal year.

Dues and assessments are payable by May 1, 2023.  Late charges will be assessed on any account not paid by that date.  Avoid unnecessary charges and pay your assessed amount on or before May 1, 2023. If you are in the process of selling your home and/or lots, you must pay your billed amount.  Your title agency can prorate the dues and assessments you have paid based on your closing date.

Dues and Assessments will be mailed out this week. You may pay your Dues and Assessments in installments, however, a late charge of 10% will be applied to the remaining balance after May 1st.

There are several different payment options available.

In Person:
Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Highway 6). There is a 5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards. Our office hours until mid-April are Tuesday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm. You may also use our dropbox located on the front porch. The box is under video surveillance and emptied daily.

Bank Bill Pay:
Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay through their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues and Assessments, please make sure to set your Account Number as your Lot number(s). Your lot number is your property address.
Note: If you already use your bank’s Bill Pay feature to pay your RSV water bill, make sure to create a new, separate payee for the RomeRock Association with the mailing address of P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085 as we are a separate entity from the Village and their Utility Department.

You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 5% fee. Be sure to include the 3 digit code on the back of your card.

Pay Online:
Follow the instructions on this page for paying your Dues and Assessments online.

Early Bird Drawing

The RRA will again be holding an Early Bird Drawing for those who pay their Dues & Assessments in full early. Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 19th and March 23rd will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes. These prizes start at $500 and are reduced by $50 per week until the award for March 23rd becomes $50.  This totals $2,750 in prizes.  GOOD LUCK!

Pay your total RRA balance, at one time, as soon as possible. Full payments by 5pm on January 19th provides eligibility for all ten drawings!

Notes: If your lot(s) are owned jointly, each joint owner must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each joint owner is eligible to win). If you own multiple lots, all of your lots must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each lot you own is eligible to win).

Dog Park Club Request

Hello Roaming Shores Residents!

Do you love dogs?  Do you love your dog?

It’s not hard to see that our community is full of dog loving residents.  Take a ride on the lake.  Take a trip through our community roadways.  You’ll see plenty of furry four-legged creatures enjoying time with their human families. 

The RRA Board of Directors is developing plans for providing a dog park for these waggy tail residents and their humans.  It may sound easy, but it takes a lot of planning and preparation before  em -“BARKING” on such an initiative.  We have two prime locations for consideration.  We have contacted our legal and insurance experts.  We are in contact with fencing companies for product, price, and scheduling.  Options for purchasing waste bags and containers are being reviewed.  That’s pretty much the easy part.

The hard part is ongoing maintenance.  Who is going to empty those containers, who is going to monitor for cleanup, etc.  Who is going to answer complaints.  If we do embark on such an initiative, this amenity will need to be managed by us, the residents.    Do we need to consider a membership? How do we provide access?  How can we effectively do temperance testing?  How can we ensure participants are properly vetted?   Should we keep small dogs separated from large dogs?

Jeff Gross and I have been asked to pursue this review.  We are looking for interested residents who may be interested in assisting with finding the right answers and the right design.  It may be helpful to create a “Dog Club” who can not only manage and monitor such a facility but who can also introduce some other canine activities such as dog parades, dog walks, dog shows, dog calendars, and whatever else could be dreamed up!!!

If you are interested, please contact me at the email listed below.  Also, feel free to call the office and leave your contact information.  An initial meeting of such a “club” will be scheduled soon.  Please provide your name, your phone number, and your email.

Thanks for your help and consideration.  We look forward to meeting you and your furry friends! Remember it does take a village!

Shores Strong,

Louise Lisac

2022 Fish Survey Overview

Dave Ernes – Lake Management Committee

A Fish Survey was conducted on Lake Roaming Rock on September 12-13, 2022 by Jones Fish. Briefly, boats equipped with electrofishing apparatus travel throughout the lake. At each location sampled, the fish are stunned, collected, and assessed by measuring the length and weight. The fish are then returned to the lake unharmed. This process is done in as many areas as is feasible but is not intended to determine the population throughout the entire lake, especially one the size of our lake. This snapshot will give us an unbiased assessment of the current condition of the fishery. It should be noted that the survey was conducted two days after the Bass Tournament and the effect on the survey was expected to be minimal.

Based on the report, Jones Fish believes the overall condition of the fishery is very good. The largemouth bass (bass), the most often sought species, were found to be healthy. The overall food web including both predator and prey species is said to be diverse. The only issue identified is a low number of bass in the 5–9-inch range, representing fish 2-3 years old. The fish representing year-one were found to be good. This gap was not noted for the other species identified in the lake. The cause of this gap has not been fully defined but was speculated to be related to weather conditions during the spring spawning seasons. A link to the full report can be found at the end of this report.

            In addition to the specialists from Jones Fish, a member of the Lake Management Committee was also present for the survey. Their input, as well as follow-up questions submitted to the author, were used to evaluate the results.

            The health of the bass is measured by a Relative Weight Index. This compares the weight of each fish greater than ten inches in length to one that is considered normal. A value of 100% indicates that the bass are of normal size. The average for our lake was 97.5, which indicates that the bass are of average size with no indications of malnutrition. Another measurement of the bass population is Proportional Stock Density, which is a ratio of the number of “quality” fish versus “stock” fish. This was not presented in the report but was calculated by the author from the data submitted. For bass, a PSD of 40-70 is considered well-balanced, with our lake showed a value of 65.

            One other parameter discussed was the distribution of the various fish species throughout the lake. In general, a more significant distribution of fish was observed in the two major coves (Plum, Sugar), and in some of the small coves north of Sugar Creek and along the eastern shoreline. There appeared to be an inverse correlation with the number of fish caught and the density of the vegetation. For example, fewer fish were collected in the southern areas where the weeds tend to be thicker and those that were collected were considered non-prime species (i.e. suckers, catfish).

            One area that the report discusses is the level of “structure”, representing features such as submerged logs, that the fish will use for spawning and to avoid predators. They felt the level of structure in the shallow areas was good, but that the deeper areas may benefit with additional structure. (Please note that anyone who considers adding structure on their own would be violating the rules of the Association and can incur fines starting at $1000.)

            The LMC and the Board will continue to monitor the fishery as we move forwards and will evaluate adding structures and stocking suggestions as time and budget considerations warrant.

Be Lake Responsible

Breakfast with Santa Dec 10th

The Polar Bear Club will be hosting their Annual Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 10th at the Clubhouse. We would like to invite you to come have breakfast with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas!  Every child will receive a gift from Santa when he arrives. The party is free to all children and grandchildren of Roaming Shores residents, age 12 and under.

We will be serving pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and fruit.  We will also have an assortment of beverages.

Registration is required with a cutoff date of Friday, December 2nd.  To reserve your seats, please email the Polar Bear Club at: joeythepolarbear@yahoo.com.  Please call Melinda if you don’t get a timely response at 330.507.4917.

When registering, please leave all of the following information:

  1. Family name
  2. Children’s name, age and gender
  3. Number of adults attending and
  4. Preference of 9:00am or 10:00am reservation (due to amount of people attending we have decided to split attendance into two start times)

The Polar Bear Club will send an email confirmation that you are registered for the event within 48 hours.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Holiday Winery Bus Tour

The STARS Club Annual Holiday Winery Bus Tour will be held on Friday, November 25th. After a day of Black Friday shopping (or recovery from Thanksgiving), what better way to unwind than getting your friends and/or family together for a lovely tour of our local wineries decorated for Christmas?! The tour will take place from 4pm to 8pm. This tour is one of our most popular and sells out fast! RSVP today!

You must be over 21 years of age. If you’re interested in participating in this event, please text or call Barb at 440-645-7365. The price per seat for this tour are $35/each and must be prepaid. The price helps cover the cost of the bus and proceeds go towards the fireworks fund!

Clubhouse Decorating Party 11/27/22

Join your Friends and Neighbors and the Polar Bear Club on Sunday, November 27th from 2pm to 5pm as they invite you and your family to the Clubhouse to help decorate for Christmas! Pizza, pop, and water will be provided. Please bring a decoration to donate as our current decorations are older and falling into disrepair.

During this decorating party in the Clubhouse on November 27th (see article below), Christmas cards will be available if anyone wishes to sign. The Polar Bear Club will be sending these to the 13 Youngstown Air Force Base personnel who will be deployed during the Holiday Season. The club is asking for donations to cover thirteen $25 gift cards that will be included with these cards. Please contact Mindy at 330.507.4917 if you have any questions. Please make checks payable to RSPBC.

You can mail your gift card or donation to:
RSPBC C/O Melinda Fier
62 Rockaway Drive
Roaming Shores, OH 44085

pay-dues-online-button Due May 1st Yearly


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