Lake Management – Best Practices

By D.Ernes – Lake Management Committee

We are all going through many new experiences as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is  doing things differently, if at all. Our focus, as it should be, is on the health of our family, friends and neighbors. These should be paramount as we move through this historic period. As the days warm, and the trees and flowers bloom, we begin to look outside. And that includes our lake. While the situations may limit what we can do on a whole lake approach this year, we can still pay attention to the simple things that each of us can do to help protect our greatest asset. Over the years, the Lake Management Committee (LMC), has written many articles on topics that are important for our lake.  Here are a few examples of practices that can have a positive impact on our lake.

Fertilizer – If you must use fertilizer, use phosphorous-free and slow-release nitrogen products. Test your lawn first to make sure you use the proper types and amounts (this could also saves you money!). Don’t apply fertilizer prior to a major storm, as most of it will end up in the lake and not in your lawn!

Lawn maintenance – When mowing your lawn, do not blow the clippings into the street or, more importantly, into the lake. If you see your neighbor or a lawn service discharging clippings or debris (leaves, etc.) into the lake, talk to them and encourage them to use another approach. They can contact the LMC through the RRA office or our email address and we would be happy to discuss this with them if they wish.  Use the compost site which is the best location for your yard waste.

Landscaping projects – When doing a new construction or an upgrade to your lawn-scape, think of the lake. We have written articles on buffer zones and rain gardens that can be both attractive as well as help to reduce nutrient run-off into the lake. Make use of silt barriers as appropriate.

Pets – Remember to pick up after your pet both in your lawn and when walking them through the neighborhood. The waste can add nutrients into the lake and can also affect the bacteria – especially at the beaches.

Cleaning Products – This is the season to wash our cars, our boats and maybe the siding on our house. Some detergents will be detrimental to the lake. There is a list of “green” products on the RRA website that can do the job while being good to the lake.

Overall, think about what you do outside. What is in your yard, may end up in the lake, even if you do not live right on the lake. The watershed for our lake is very large, so everyone should think about this. Just remember – the health of the lake effects the health of our community.


Neighborhood Food Pantry Update

Shores Strong!!!!  What an amazing and generous community we have here in the Shores.  Our food pantry program is truly Shores Strong because of each of you.  From those that contribute, those that use and those that volunteer, every neighbor is making this a success!! Thank you to all!!!

We do have some changes to implement due to the hot summer weather.  Since these are outdoor pantries they can get extremely warm in the summer months.  That is not a good environment for canned goods.  So… during our warm months of June, July and August, please put canned goods in the pantry section of Pasta Oven.  Please continue to stock our outdoor pantries for other non-perishable food items .

These certainly are unprecedented times in which we find ourselves.  It is going to take unprecedented consideration and flexibility to get us through to the other side.  Thank you all for being such good neighbors!! 

Please continue to feel free to take what you need.  That is what it is there for!!!  Please let others know about this resource.  Please continue to leave what you can.  Just put the canned goods inside at Pasta Oven during our hot summer months. 

We will be moving canned goods within the next couple days so feel free to use what you can now.  I guess you could call it our first “Pantry Canned Goods Sale”!!!  I’m not going to complain about the heat though!!!  Hopefully, someone can use the current stock of canned goods and there will be very little to relocate.

Again… THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATE IN ANY WAY and a special Thank you to Pasta Oven!!!  Your Community Preparedness Team is appreciative of the overwhelming support of this project!  Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and stay well fed!!!  Shores Pride….Shores Strong!!

Fireworks Update

After much discussion with local law enforcement and our local fire department officials as well as our STARS Club representative (STARS Club completely funds our fireworks through donations), it has been determined that due to current state mandates, we will be unable to obtain the necessary permit to hold our annual fireworks display on July 4th. We are concerned about the safety of attendees, both residents and guests, first responders, volunteers and our team in an environment where social distancing would be impossible to manage. We know this is disappointing for all of us, but the safety of our residents and our neighborhoods is most important during this current situation. Our community is not alone in this decision. All other fireworks displays in Ashtabula County, as well as most throughout the state, have been cancelled or postponed. Please consider the amount of outside traffic and outside visitors our community would receive during this event. The risks of property damage, health mandate violations, as well as a myriad of other factors are too great to continue with the event.  We will reschedule for Labor Day weekend as long as mandates and safety issues have changed.

Please remember that we still have a beautiful lake community to enjoy a wonderful summer holiday, even if it is without fireworks this year. Find a way to celebrate our Country’s Birthday, enjoy your family and friends and be thankful that we are all healthy.


Our Boating Community is Unique

Lake Safety Committee

By: Bruce C. Bower

Among all the other situations I have moaned about, the boaters on our lake still manage to surprise me. Three or four years ago I noticed young parents taking their infant children for a ride on their jet-ski. Considering I’m not sitting on my deck for hours at a time, I saw many more than one incident every year. I called ODNR Watercraft Enforcement and asked about age limits for passengers on a ski. I also asked about what PFD is mandatory for infants/children under 30 pounds. I was told it was being considered to make an addition to the Ohio Revised Code. I was doing yard work at the lake last week and saw a young woman on a jet ski with an INFANT. The youngster could not have been more than six months old! Mom was holding the child and driving the ski at I estimate around 12 to15 mph.

I called ODNR Columbus and asked what was happening with the possible law to limit this activity. Here is what I got back: “there are no current proposals to set a minimum age or size for a passenger on a personal watercraft. The situation you describe is fairly uncommon so a law change would likely not be supported”. Do you hear that, our situation is FAIRLY UNCOMMON? We are UNIQUE. I do not have a degree in early child behavior or child psychology, but after watching my two children and four grandchildren grow and develop, I say youngsters do not remember occurrences before the age of one. What are these people trying to accomplish by putting their children in un-needed danger, certainly not for life long stunning memories? What about “shaken-baby syndrome, does that not apply here?

Here’s a list of What If’s: what if you run out of fuel, what if your engine quits, what if your engine catches fire, what if you hit debris, such as a semi-submerged log, what if you catch a wave incorrectly and tip over? What if you tip over, will you be able to save your child?  If you must continue this behavior, at least you should get a proper fitting PFD that keeps the child’s head up when in the water and one that is designed to flip the baby over to be face up.                                                                                                                                                                

This is the first article this season and I’m already hollering at you. As always, call me if questions or comments. Bower out      216.906.2301

Lake Safety Update

Last year many residents expressed concern that safety violations were occurring on a frequent basis.  There were multiple complaints regarding a variety of infractions.  As we begin a new boating season we ask each of you who enjoy time on the water to be aware of the rules and laws that are in place to keep everyone safe.  You will see our Lake Patrol on the water more often than you have in the past.  Please be respectful to our lake patrol officers.  They are there for your safety.  If you are approached, listen to the reason and understand it is not to put a damper on your enjoyment but to ensure the lake is safe for everyone.   We have also been in contact with ODNR and they plan to frequent our lake more this summer as well.   The pandemic has altered our plan for Police presence on the lake but we are working towards this goal. 

We want everyone to have an enjoyable and fun time on our beautiful lake but we must be respectful of others and certainly we want to see everyone stay safe.  We have multiple activities happening at the same time; swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, “pontooning”, paddleboards, etc.  We are blessed to have the type of lake that accommodates so many different interests.  Consideration of your neighbors goes a long way to creating a great water environment.

Please familiarize yourself with our Rome Rock requirements and the state of Ohio boating laws.  Make sure you have the appropriate decals on your boat, don’t allow non-residents to launch their boats on our private lake, and certainly don’t allow your children to “captain” any vehicle unless they have their certified boating certificate.  Respect the no wake requirements.

We are also offering a Safe Boating Course right here at the Shores.  It will be held on Saturday, July 18 from 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m at a cost of $35.00 per person and includes the test you need to get your Ohio boating certification.  Make it a family event and have everyone participate.  It is a great opportunity to become current on the skills you need to be safe while boating.    Please pre-register with the RRA office.  Ohio law requires all motorized boat and PWC operators born after January 1, 1982, who will be operating a vessel over 10 hp to pass a boater safety course and to carry a boater education card.  This is a great opportunity for all to ensure you are appropriately certified.  If you happen to have been born before, January 1, 1982, this course will be helpful to you as well!!!!

Thanks in advance for your part of making our lake the best place to ensure a wonderful on water experience.

When You Feed Geese

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

 The Canada Goose is one of the most beautiful animals in the world.  But in recent years, flocks of local-nesting or “resident” geese have become year-round inhabitants of our recreational areas, waterways, and residential areas, where they can cause significant problems.

When you feed geese, you convince them that Roaming Shores has a year-round supply of free, easily-accessible food – too nice a place to leave.  Thus some of these migratory birds have literally stopped migrating.  Winter food shortages used to induce their yearly flight south, but free food handouts from naive citizens and their guests–who think they’re doing the geese a favor–can short-circuit millions of years of evolutionary instinct compelling the geese to stay put.

In actuality, you aren’t doing the geese any favors when you feed them (or any other wildlife).  Bread and popcorn are incredibly harmful to both individual animals and entire populations.  Filled up on junk food, the birds won’t seek out the natural, protein-rich staples of their usual diet, leading to widespread malnutrition and wing deformity in goslings.  Further, biologically unsustainable population spikes lead to the quick spread of Enteritis, Aspergillus, and Avian Botulism, diseases that have killed scores of birds across North America.

Hand-feeding doesn’t just hurt birds.  Unwieldy bird populations are also potentially harmful to humans: goose feces contain E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Cryptosporidium.  Exposure to contaminated droppings can also cause Swimmer’s Itch and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  Feeding (and pooping) usually occurs in the most accessible areas, making a mess of heavily used walkways, lawns, boat ramps, docks and parking areas.  In the Shores, goose poop is everywhere.  

The long-term answer is acting responsibly when we interact with our environment – do not ever, under any circumstances, feed a Canada Goose.  And if you see someone doing it, politely inform them that despite their good intentions, they are actually harming the animals by malnutrition, increasing disease vectors, and preventing them from migrating.  Be Lake Responsible.

Beach Update

When the information concerning opening of our pools was sent out it raised several other questions. The beaches will follow the same guidelines as our pools. Only members in good standing of the RomeRock Association will be admitted to the beaches. We ask that you maintain the six foot social distancing guidelines with other family groups while on the beach and that groups are no larger than ten people. We also ask that you wear face coverings whenever you approach or speak to any of our employees. We want them to be kept as safe as possible because they are wearing face coverings to keep YOU safe.

The other major concern was as to who is allowed to accompany the homeowner to the pools and beaches. Only those who have been issued Membership Cards may come to the pools or beaches, this includes the Property Owner, their children, the children’s spouses, their grandchildren, and those who reside in their homes permanently. Membership cards were mailed Tuesday morning to those who have paid their Dues and Assessments in full. Please bring your cards or a picture on your phone for each card holder each time you visit.

We are all facing some unprecedented changes for the time being and it’s hard to cover everything. If you should have any questions concerning this or any other situation that arises, please contact RRA Board President Rick Brothers via Email.

Thank you. Your Board of Directors

Summarized COVID-19 Operations Guide

ResponsibleOhio Restart Guidelines

Summer 2020 Pool Operation

Your Board of Directors met with Operations Manager Dan Mullins and Barb Buckley, who is in charge of our summer gate guards, on May 18th to discuss the State of Ohio guidelines for public pools. Although we live in a private lake community, our pools are regulated by these guidelines as well as those of the Ashtabula County Department of Health.

We understand how important being able to use our swimming pools is to our Members, especially after all of these weeks of dealing with COVID-19. Because of this pandemic, we will need to implement several changes to our pool operation for the summer of 2020.

First of all, only Members in good standing of the RomeRock Association will be admitted to the pool area. All Members will need to provide the gate guard with either a membership card or picture of one on their phone. Unfortunately, because we are required to limit the number of people in the pool area, members will not be able to bring guests to the pool this summer. There is also the concern that bringing non residents to the pool will increase the risk of transmission of the virus to others.

There will be no chairs or lounge chairs in the pool area. Members who wish to have a chair will need to bring it with them and take it home when they leave. The pool area will be marked with social distancing tape lines every six feet. We ask that only family members from the same household congregate in one area and groups keep the six foot distancing guideline between them.

Our gate guards will be wearing face coverings to protect others and it is recommended that when residents come in contact with our employees, they also wear a face covering to protect the employee as well. We understand that coverings are impractical in the pool area but we are trying to follow the guidelines as closely as possible and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Other changes include a reservation system that will be implemented on weekends. Members can sign up for a two hour time slot with the gate guard on the day before they plan to come. If numbers indicate that the pool will not reach maximum capacity, the two hour time limit will not be enforced. There will, however, be 15 minute breaks called the last 15 minutes of every two hour block to enable our employees to sanitize the area.

Bathrooms will also be sanitized every two hours and we ask that anyone using the bathroom use the hand sanitizer provided before re-entering the pool area.

Pool hours will be from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. The exercise class will be from 9 to 10 a.m. before pool hours. Finally the concession stand will not operate this summer. Please bring your own snacks and drinks, which can be consumed at the picnic tables outside the pool area. Picnic tables will be spaced to allow for social distancing under the pavilion areas and on the grass area.

We realize this is a lot of information and we will be repeating it throughout the summer. We will also have copies available at the gates to both pools, which we hope to have open the first weekend in June. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we are all learning to deal with this unprecedented situation. Please know that these rules are being implemented because they are mandated by the state and health department. If we do not follow them, we may be forced to close our pools.

5/26 Detour Alert:

State Route 45 between State Route 307 and Clay St. will close on Tuesday, May 26 through mid-August for a bridge replacement. The detour will be State Route 307 to State Route 534 to State Route 84. Estimated completion, mid-October 2020.

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