Introducing: Strategic Advisory Committee

Roaming Shores community has experienced tremendous growth over the years.  With this growth is greater demand for resources and services to meet the needs of the RomeRock Association membership.  To effectively respond to the emerging issues of an expanding community and develop a long-term strategic plan, Rome Rock Association Board of Directors is taking action. 

A new interactive approach to administration is introduced with the announcement of the formation of a Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC).    Made up of Property Owner/Member volunteers, the SAC objectives and duties include –

1.)    Support the Board in an advisory capacity through research, individual expertise, and provide advisory recommendations topical issues

2.)    Create a long-term influence on the needs of the community that survives the short terms of the elected Board

3.)    Share in the responsibilities of making good decisions for our community

4.)    Serve as an effective communication vehicle with the Members 

There is clearly a need to effectively respond to the Membership desires and concerns while ensuring a long term, positive community direction. The Strategic Advisory Committee will be a vehicle to provide a broad base of information from which the elected board can make decisions. The SAC’s work on topical issues will result in a strategic plan that will reflect the needs of our community.

One of the first tasks assigned to the SAC was to develop a survey on the topic of RRA Amenities.  All RRA Members signed up for This Week in Roaming Shores newsletter email will be asked to participate in the brief survey.  The survey is the first of many actions designed to improve the enjoyment of our lake community.  Your participation will help the RRA continue to make the best possible community choices.  Thank you!

April 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their April board meeting on Thursday, April 1 at the clubhouse with Louise Lisac, Rory Marshall, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain and Rick Brothers present.  Dave Emick was unable to attend. Also present was Pat Sowry.

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. and opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the March meeting were approved and Treasurer, Scott Soble advised the board that collection of dues and assessments were on track with the 2021 budget.

 At 6:15 Barb Buckley joined the meeting to discuss opening of the pools for 2021. The pools will open on Memorial Day weekend. As COVID regulations are still in place as of this meeting, there will currently be no changes to our pool and beach operations that were implemented last season. However, as the State of Ohio’s mandates are revised and rescinded in the days leading up to the pool’s opening, these operations will be revisited.

Barb advised us that the 2021 Fireworks will be held on Saturday, July 3rd with a rain date of Sunday, July 4th. We will again ask that all residents maintain social distancing and wear masks where appropriate.

The fireworks are funded by our STARS Club under the leadership of Barb Buckley. Barb has done an amazing job of fundraising for the fireworks for many years. Last year no fund raisers could be held. The club funds the fireworks with donations and fund raisers when possible. Donations can be sent to the RRA office. The marina has donated an Aqua Lily Pad to be raffled off to help fund the STARS Club. Tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased at the RRA office or Marina. Thanks Jennie and Sandro for helping us find a way to raise funds.

Our Roaming Shores 5K will be live this year on Saturday, July 3rd with staggered starts to allow for social distancing. Thanks to Jen Addair for her work organizing this event.

The annual shores Garage Sale will be held on Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th.  (Father’s Day Weekend) Be sure to sign up with the RRA office so your address is included in the list to be made available. More details will follow.

In our financial update Nadine Pope reported that we are currently reinstating expired liens and placing new liens on properties with delinquent dues and assessments. We have made quite a bit of progress since starting this collection drive and it is an ongoing process. We have tried to reach out to all of these property owners to let them know that these funds are extremely important to the association. They fund all areas of our community and it is unfair to those who pay on time to have to carry the load of those who do not.

Under Lake Management Louise explained that EnvroScience has submitted short term plan recommendations to improve the health and appearance of our lake by dealing with the harmful algae blooms and lowering phosphorous levels. Their recommendations will be taken under consideration and reviewed by a steering committee consisting of club representatives and board members before a decision is made. Please remember this is your lake and it is everyone’s responsibility to be sure they are doing everything they possibly can to keep it clean by not using harmful fertilizers, leaving a buffer zone between your property and the lake to prevent run off and never putting leaves or grass clippings in the lake. We all need to do our part.

Lake Safety – Rory Marshall reported that new buoys have been purchased to replace those that were damaged and all buoys will be relabeled to specifically reflect their purpose – i.e. NO WAKE, or HAZARD AREA. When members come to the office to purchase their boat usage stickers, they will be given a key chain with both the Marina and Lake Patrol telephone numbers. This is a joint project with the Marina to help boaters to be able to contact someone in case of an emergency on the lake. If you purchased your sticker before they were available, you can stop in and pick up your key chain. These key chains are to assist our Lake Patrol if you see unsafe behavior on the lake. The marina number will assist boaters with mechanical issues. In case of accidents on the water, always call 911 for help. We need to remember that our lake is a private lake and sharing of key fobs for entry to the lake is not permitted. These will be closely monitored this season, so please do not share with non members.

Another area of concern is guests on the lake. Please remember that the member is responsible for making sure their guests are properly trained in the operation of any watercraft that you allow them to drive on our lake. We had two serious accidents on our lake last summer and certainly don’t want to see that happen again. Please be sure to read our rules and regulations, especially our 10 Commandments of Boating, before you let anyone operate your equipment. The RRA will sponsor a Boater Safety Course to be held at the village hall on May 15th. Look in  our weekly E-Blasts for more details.

Under Amenities Jim and Sally Fell presented their ideas for a new Village Volunteer Club that would be manned by residents interested in beautifying the shores. Some ideas for the group are to sponsor planter boxes along the boulevard, spruce up the picnic tables by the club house, plant flowers by the club house and restain the covered bridge. This group is just in the planning stages and we want to thank Jim and Sally for taking the lead on this. There are many small jobs that our maintenance crew just can’t get to in their busy summer season. We’ll keep you posted on plans for this club.

Also under amenities, we are looking into the repaving of our tennis court and basketball courts. The tennis court would also be striped to use as a Pickle Ball Court. This will be another new club in the shores under the leadership of Marie and Steve Kaufman.

Our Strategic Advisory Committee is working to give the board input and future guidance by evaluating our amenities. What needs improvement, what are we doing right, what needs to be changed. We really want to make sure that we get the most benefit from the things we already have in place.

Cheryl Fain reported that the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club will be volunteering at the Community Clean Up Day on May 1.

Under New Business The board voted to approve the Pickle Ball Club and to move forward with plans for an Entertainment Pavilion by the clubhouse that could house concerts and family movie nights. This effort will move forward after plans are approved and funds can be raised for its’ completion through donations.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Summer Help Wanted

The RRA is now accepting applications for its part-time summer positions. Note:
All applicants must be 18 or older. Please stop by the RRA Office during normal business hours (7 Days a Week, 9am – 5pm) to pick up an application. $9 to $15/hr depending on job and experience.

Maintenance: Mid-April to Fall. Part-time maintenance employees perform various duties including the upkeep of our common areas. Must have a clean driving record and be able to perform physical labor. Must be able to work occasional weekends.

Gate Guards: Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Will include nights and weekends. Gate Guards supervise pools; check for paid membership cards; monitor restrooms, beaches, and grounds for vandalism or trash; check in party reservations, maintain radio contact with office to assist membership; watch pools for problems with chemicals, dirt, heat or mechanical operation; and monitor weather.  They turn pool lights on and off, lock up both of the pools and restrooms at the end of the day. They also keep tally of visitorship, keep written logs, and note any trouble or injuries.

Lake Patrol: Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Will include nights and weekends. Candidates must be an experienced boater and have passed a State Approved General Boating Education Course. A clean driving record is also required. Training in first aid or experience in law enforcement is a plus.

2021 Boater Safety Course

Date: May 15, 2021
Time: 10am – 6pm
Place: Clubhouse

The RRA will be hosting an in-person Safe Boating Course at the Clubhouse on Saturday, May 15th beginning at 10am until 6pm. This course is open to RRA Members and their family.

Earn your Ohio boating certificate! This certificate, which never expires, is required for anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1982, in order to operate any boat or personal watercraft over 10 horsepower in the State of Ohio.

The course lasts eight hours including the test, and is full of information for anyone who owns any type of watercraft or just enjoys being on the water. The course is limited to 30 participants who must be ages 12 and older. This course is $10 per person and must be prepaid. Signup at the RRA Office. Lunch included!

Please call the RRA Office at 440-563-3170 if you have any questions.

Other Education Options

Ohio has a Boating Education Requirement

Attention all boaters: Persons born on or after January 1, 1982 who operate a boat in Ohio powered by more than 10 horsepower* must provide proof of boater education. There are several ways to meet this requirement.

*Exemption: Individuals who possess valid merchant mariner credentials issued by the US Coast Guard with at least one endorsement of master or operator are exempt from Ohio’s education requirement.

Aqua Lily Pad Raffle

Tickets now available!

To help raise money for the STARS Club and the Fireworks Display, the club will be raffling off an Aqua Lily Pad that was generously donated by Sandro and Jennie D’Amicone of Roaming Rock Marina!

Raffle Tickets are only $5 and are available to purchase at the RRA Office (7 Days a Week – 9am to 5pm) or by calling Barb at 440-645-7365.

Canada Geese Deposits

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

 Canada Geese are a valuable natural resource that provides recreation and enjoyment to bird watchers, hunters, and the public. But in recent years, flocks of local-nesting or “resident” geese have become year-round inhabitants of our recreational areas, waterways, and residential areas, where they can cause significant problems. You may have noticed our efforts throughout the year to harass and detour geese from our lake by using pyrotechnics (i.e. firecrackers, sirens, etc.) at dawn and dusk when geese gather on the lake.  

In January and February migratory geese are moving through our area with some of the breeding age geese breaking away from the flocks in early preparation of the nesting season.  These geese begin to pair up and separate themselves from the migratory flock.  By March resident geese are paired and begin to set up nesting territories laying their eggs in early April and incubating the eggs late in the month.  

Canada Geese deposit their feces anywhere the urge hits them.  They too often like the same areas we do – swimming beaches, lawns, docks, and boat launches.  During the day, a goose drops one pound of dung.  In addition to contributing to E. coli levels in the lake, geese are also major contributors of phosphorus and nitrogen in lakes and waterways that encourage algae and weeds to grow rapidly.  

Your Lake Management Committee thanks you for your efforts last year reporting nesting sites and harassing geese to move them along.  You’ve made a noticeable contribution to benefit our lake community.  Please continue to call the RRA Office at (440)563-3170 to report an unwanted goose nest on your property.

Love our lake and be lake responsible.

Road Ban Lifted 3/25

Due to our warmer than normal Spring, the Road Ban on heavy construction equipment has been lifted as of 3/25/21.

The purpose of the Road Ban is to prevent damage to our roads from heavy equipment during the Spring thaw.

2021 Annual Meeting to be Virtual

Due to COVID-19 and current State Mandates, this year’s Annual Meeting of the RomeRock Association will be held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, April 24th at 10am.

Joining Information:

Meeting ID: 384 896 9143

Dial by your location:

        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)

        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 384 896 9143

Find your local number:

At this meeting, the results from the election will be presented, the Treasurer’s Report for fiscal year 2020 will be presented, additionally, the Directors will report on activities of the past year. Please make an effort to attend as the growth and success of our Association depends on the active participation of its members.

Special office hours – April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 24, 2021, the day of the annual membership meeting of RomeRock Association, the RomeRock office will close at 9:30 am to prepare for the Annual Meeting and will reopen one after the membership meeting ends.

Meet Wendy Carley

Please welcome Wendy Carley, the newest member of the RRA office staff. Wendy joins Pat Sowry and Jen Addair at the office as a part-time office assistant.

Wendy has lived in Ashtabula County since 1998 and raised her family here. She has worked in human/social services for 20+ years. Prior to being hired by the RRA, Wendy worked as the Administrative Assistant for the last three years. Wendy says she looks forward to using the skills she has obtained over the years at the RRA.


2021 Early Bird Drawing #9

The winner of the 9th Early Bird Drawing for 2021 and recipient of $100 is Lee Bennett (Lot #1693)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be $50 and will be the last drawing of 2021.

Lake Dam Status

Lake Level Updates:
Wake lights have been turned off

Current Valve Status: Closed

Reason: Lake level has returned to normal levels

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