9/26/2020 Village-Wide Boil Alert

9/28/2020 Update: This Alert has been lifted!

From the Village of Roaming Shores: Due to a waterline break on Sugar Creek we are asking residents to boil their drinking water.

The water in the tower is going to be quickly drained. So with that said, please try to conserve. Once the tower is drained we will get our water directly from our line connected to Aqua. It will be necessary for the entire Village to boil all drinking water until further notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.
A reverse 911 call will be sent, if you are not currently signed up for Swift911, now would be a good time to do so. Once the boil alert has been lifted, an updated reverse 911 call will go out.

General Election Information

The General Election will be Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on November 3rd. On election day, in person voting can only occur at your polling location. Lookup your polling location by address: https://lookup.boe.ohio.gov/vtrapp/ashtabula/pollfinder.aspx or by name: https://lookup.boe.ohio.gov/vtrapp/ashtabula/vtrlookup.aspx. The polling place for Roaming Shores is the Clubhouse located at 13 Roaming Rock Blvd.

Ashtabula County BOE website: https://www.boe.ohio.gov/ashtabula/

Absentee Ballot Voting

If you want to vote via the mail, you must request an absentee ballot. You must fill out and mail a paper application. This form is available online https://www.boe.ohio.gov/comoh/Absentee_Request_11-A.pdf or you can call the Ashtabula Board of Elections at (440) 576-6915. Your absentee application must be received by the Board of Elections by noon on October 31st. Ashtabula County BOE: 8 W Walnut St Jefferson OH 44047 (drop box also available).

Absentee ballots will be mailed by Board of Election beginning October 6th. Your completed absentee ballot must be postmarked by November 2nd. Your ballot must be received by November 13th to be counted. Alternatively, you may drop your absentee ballot off at the Ashtabula BOE located at 8 W Walnut Street, Jefferson  through 7:30 pm on November 3rd using the drop box.

Voting in-person

There are two ways to vote in-person; one is early voting, the other is on Election Day.
If you request an absentee ballot and then choose to vote in-person on Election Day, you will fill out a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is one that doesn’t count until election officials complete some additional verification. In this case, they would check to make sure you didn’t cast two ballots: the absentee and the provisional.

Early in-person Voting (October 6 – November 2):

The deadline to vote in-person at the Board of Elections is Monday, November 2nd at 2:00 pm. You do not need an absentee application to vote in person – you will need to bring identification (acceptable ID types listed here: https://www.ohiosos.gov/elections/voters/id-requirements/) .

**Ashtabula County BOE in person voting location is at a NEW LOCATION: 71 N Chestnut Street (Route 46), Jefferson (in plaza next to Hofstetter Jewelers) during these days/hours:

  • October 6th through October 16th: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
  • October 19th through October 23rd: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm
  • Saturday, October 24th from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm
  • Sunday, October 25th from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm
  • October 26th through October 30th: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, October 31st from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm
  • Sunday, November 1st from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.
  • Monday, November 2nd from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Election Day (November 3) in-person Voting:

Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on November 3.

Halloween Drive-By Oct 31st

3PM to 5PM

In light of how many community events have been canceled this year due to Covid-19 we are moving forward with an alternative plan for Halloween 2020. Instead of the traditional door-to-door Trick-or-Treat and after-party at the Clubhouse, this year we will be conducting a Halloween Drive-By!

At approximately 2:30 motorcade participants (candy throwers) will begin to line up on Plum Creek Drive. At 3:00 the motorcade will depart the area and follow a predetermined route through the Village of Roaming Shores. During the Drive-By, participants will disperse treats to all costumed viewers standing along the route. Our costume contest judges will be located at the very front of the motorcade and will judge all of those who are dressed up.

A $20.00 prize will be awarded to each of the 8 best costumes and an additional $25.00 prize will be awarded to the overall best in show costume.

A $20.00 prize will also be awarded to two of the best decorated vehicle or float in the motorcade. The winners of this group will also be judged for the overall best in show.

Those participating in the motorcade Lineup will begin at approximately 2:30 and will depart at 3:00. It will take approximately an hour to complete the entire route.Motorcade participants are encouraged to decorate their vehicle and/or a pull behind float.  Those participating as viewers: Safety is our first concern, please be extremely cautious and stay off of the roadway until the motorcade has passed.Be sure to have some sort of large sign with your address numbers on it to hold up as the judges pass by. After the drive-by, we will go to the address to distribute prize money and photograph the costume contest winners.Those residing off the per-determined route should make arrangements to utilize a portion of a neighbor’s yard, a vacant utility right-of-way or an RL lot.

If you are unable to participate in the motorcade, donated candy and monetary donations will be accepted at the RRA office located on RT6 or at the Roaming Shores Village Hall located on Hayford Road during normal business hours. All monetary donations will be utilized to purchase candy to be distributed during the drive-by.

In order to keep our community safe, we request all participants to follow the Governors Covid-19 orders and to practice social distancing. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 31st!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the RRA at IT@roamingshores.org or the Village of Roaming Shores Police Department at rspd@roamingshorespd.org

September Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Board of Directors held their September board meeting on Saturday, September 12th at the village offices. This meeting was open to members via zoom and approximately 20 members called in. Quarterly meetings will be held via zoom until the restrictions on in person meetings are lifted. The next zoom meeting will be held in December. Members will be advised via the weekly eblast of the exact date and time.

The meeting opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation. We had a moment of silence to remember the victims of 9/11.

Both the August minutes and August Treasurer’s Report were approved. Treasurer, Scott Soble reported that 130 collection letters had gone out to members with delinquent accounts in August. He explained to those in attendance that payment of dues and assessments is essential to the operation of the RRA. Nadine Pope added that response to collection letters has been minimal and the board will need to contact our legal counsel for advice as to how to proceed with more formal collection measures. Members may not be aware that dues and assessments are needed to pay our employees, take care of our lake, maintain all of our buildings and our pools, purchase and maintain all of the equipment necessary to dredge, mow, plow snow, harvest the weeds and patch and pave our 26 miles of roads.

Our president, Louise Lisac, reported that the 2019 President’s Report and Financial statement was mailed to all members in good standing and thanked the office staff and volunteers who aided in getting this mailing ready.

Louise voiced concern over two incidents that occurred at our pools where a gate guard was threatened by a member who was upset with the rules for entering the pools. In both incidences the police became involved. She urged members to show our employees the proper respect and to realize that they are only doing their job by enforcing the rules that are in place. The board realizes that this has been an unusual year but are just glad that the pools were able to be open for our members’ enjoyment. We all hope that conditions will normalize by next summer.

Dave Ernes gave his Lake Safety Report remotely, advising those in attendance about the Nutrient Budget and DNA testing taking place in our lake. We are also working with Lake Blue Technologies to develop a plan to control algae blooms as well as other initiatives that are being researched. Lake Management is working with the EAC to develop a plan to implement buffer zones in RL lots to avoid run off into the lake. They are also working on a program to use lasers to keep geese off the beaches. He wants us to remember to always use best practices when using fertilizers on our lawns and to try to avoid run off into the lake.

Rick Brothers stressed the importance of safety on our lake. It is a member’s responsibility to make sure guests are age appropriate, know lake rules, have training on the watercraft they are using and have the proper state certification to operate watercraft. The addition of a cell phone for the Lake Patrol has aided their ability to respond to hazards on the lake promptly to avoid unsafe situations.

Bruce Bower also reminded everyone that there 6 amber strobe lights positioned on docks around the lake that are activated during NO WAKE situations in addition to the lights at the marina and clubhouse.

The board read several communications from members concerning lake safety, dredging, lake drawdown and the health of the lake. All of these issues are being addressed by the board. Please remember that the board wants to hear from you. We always like to hear positive comments, but we need to hear what is on your mind, good or not so good and we are always open to suggestions. We represent you and we will respond to you.

Updated 2019 Financial Report

The 2019 year end financial report included in our recent mailing to all members has been updated on our website. There was a minor error on the report sent in your mailing. An oversight occurred and the budget numbers for the 2019 breakdown of revenue for the year was used instead of the actual numbers. This has been corrected. The oversight did not negatively affect the report. Thank you to the members who actually read the report and brought this to our attention. We have learned from this experience and all future annual reports will be reviewed by our accountant before publication.

2019 Financial Report

RomeRock Association Board Meeting

Saturday, September 12 at 10:00am

A Zoom meeting is scheduled for interested members. Because of the restriction of mass gatherings greater than ten people, there will be no in-person opportunities for attendance. Our Association is a private entity and is subject to the Ohio mandates put in place to stop the spread of Covid. Please feel free to forward any comments, questions or suggestions to board@roamingshores.org. Also, we will take member comments at the end of the meeting. If you wish to participate, please provide your name, lot number and email to board@roamingshores.org. While we wish we could accommodate everyone, a maximum of ten member participants is in place due to time restraints. We will email your scheduled time for comment on Thursday, September 10. Please keep all comments to three minutes or less. Thanks. The entire board is looking forward to spending a little virtual time with all of you. As always, we are committed to respond to any and all comments, questions or concerns received from members. We can’t wait until we can all get together on a regular basis. None of us is happy with this “new normal” and don’t want to keep it around a minute longer than needed.

To join the meeting please use the following information:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 384 896 9143
Passcode: 493638
One tap mobile +16465588656,,3848969143#,,,,,,0#,,493638#
Dial In: +1 646 558 8656

Some Reminders Again Lake Safety Committee

By: Bruce C. Bower

A couple of reminders about jet-ski driving: you must be 16 and have an Ohio Boating license, you must be carrying this license with you while operating AND you can only pull a tube or skier if you have a 3 person ski with ONLY one person in water. Lot’s of math here but……. ONE person to drive, ONE to watch the tube and ONE on tube. One and one and one equals three, yup a 3 person jet-ski, that’s what you must have! Here’s another tough thing to remember, you must have a red or orange flag to put up so the person who falls in water doesn’t get hit by another ski or boat. These are State laws, not merely suggestions!

Speaking of flags, it appears to me that the flag usage is slacking off again. Lift those flags up high, high enough so that is visible above the structure of your watercraft from ALL directions. There was an incident where a jet-ski came mighty close to a fallen skier in the water. I am not suggesting that it was the lack of an enthusiastic flag holder in this case, only that the jet pilots are too busy speeding, standing, playing tag with the other jet pilots, jumping wakes and all around just “having fun”. I would highly encourage downed skiers to either hold up their arms over their heads or point their ski or skis up out of the water. Make yourself as highly visible as you can to speeding crafts around you. There are a lot of distracted operators out there, take every defensive action you can in order to protect yourself.

Here’s another beauty that is starting up again. People are sitting outside of the “playpen” on pontoon boats while in motion. The playpen is the term for the floor space within the rails of the craft. If you fall into the water between the pontoons while in motion, there is no way to NOT get injured or killed. Seems simple, but people don’t think of what could happen, oh yeah, we’re here to have fun, I forgot.

The last time, I called ODNR Columbus and asked what was happening with a possible law to limit very small children passengers on jet skis, here is what I got back: “there are no current proposals to set a minimum age or size for a passenger on a personal watercraft. The situation you describe is fairly uncommon so a law change would likely not be supported”. I won’t preach on this topic in the future, we have other safety situations to solve that are legal infractions, not moral duties first.

And yet another, I can’t tell you in the short period of time that I am watching the lake at night, I see the misuse of lights on the boats. I can’t remember how many times I have written about what dog gone lights to use and which ones not to use. Let’s try a simple rule first. DO NOT USE YOUR DOCK LIGHTS WHILE OPERATING AFTER DUSK! You blind the other boaters on the lake. These lights are to be used only for when you are docking. That’s why these lights are called “docking lights’, not “blinding lights”. I’ll try to explain the other laws about lights later, I don’t want to complicate this too much.

As always, call me if questions or comments. Bower out 216.906.2301

Annual Meeting Report Mailing

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Annual Meeting of the RomeRock Association was cancelled. As a result, the President’s Report and 2019 Treasurer’s Report will be mailed to all Members. A copy of this mailing is included in the September Shores News and is also available by clicking the link below.

Annual Meeting Mailing

Lake Management: A Nutrient Budget

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

As we have stated before, reducing algal blooms is the primary focus of the LMC in this phase of our overall Management Plan. The two common ways to do this are either through the use of algicides or though the reduction of nutrients. Chemical algicides are effective and fast, and are being investigated but they are a band aid and are not a long term solution. And they have some drawbacks that must be understood. The best solution is the control of excess nutrients. Nutrients come into the lake from several sources such as the legacy sediment deposited on the lake bottom over the 50+ years of its life, or from the watershed (via run-off from yard fertilizers and agricultural operations or the streams and tributaries).  With a  Nutrient Budget or Water Quality Model we will establish the percentage that each source contributes to the overall nutrient load for the lake. And from that information we can focus on the mitigation practices that have the best chance of success. (A Budget is also one of the common features one sees in any successful Lake Management Plan.)

The RRA Board has approved the requisiton of a Budget for our lake. At the same time, the LMC is researching various mitigation techniques that address the algae blooms. Once the Budget is completed, we can select those techniques that will have the greatest impact both short-term and long-term while being financially responsible. And once the nutrients are better controlled, we can then move on to other issues such as aquatic vegetation control.

As we wait for the results, we are also looking at simple changes that can impact our lake. One such change approved by the Board was a combined effort by the LMC, the EAC and the RRA maintenance department to alter the mowing practices of the RL lots. In those areas adjacent to the water’s edge or bordering the neighboring farmland, the native vegetation will be allowed to grow unimpeeded, creating a Buffer Zone to absorb nutrient runoff.  This does not cost anything to implement and will actually help the maintenance department. Creation of Buffer Zones is a practice we have often suggested that homeowners can adopt where feasible. Therefore, it is suggested again that you examine your lot and see where you could incorporate a similar practice. Several recent articles have addressed this option. The search for other  “quick hit” options will continue.

 We are moving forwards, and with everyone’s help and patience, we all will continue to…


RRA Winter Office Hours Begin Sept 14th

Beginning on Monday, September 14th, the RRA Office will switch to its winter hours. Tuesday – Saturday, 8am to 6pm. The office will be closed Sundays and Mondays. These hours will remain in effect until mid-April.

Office Info:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085

Located at 1875 US Route 6, Roaming Shores, OH 44085


Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 6pm
Email Us.

Office: (440) 563-3170
Fax: (440) 563-5667

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