Rib Cook-Off Update

Teams have been secured for the Rib Cook-Off (but we could squeeze in 1 more)

That means, tickets are now on sale! Don’t hesitate, they sell out FAST!

Please see the Roaming Shores STARS Club on Facebook or https://rsstarsclub.org/rib-cook-off/ for details on how to purchase.

Ticket sales are in person only. Please do not Facebook or email us to purchase tickets.

Tickets can be purchased at the RRA office (on rt 6) M-F 9am-5pm and Sat. 9am-noon. We will also have club member Laurie Shultz at the concert tonight (8/18) from 6-8pm. She will be selling tickets in the pavilion behind the restrooms.

Based off of previous years we are expecting to sell out. If you cannot make it to the clubhouse tonight between 6 and 8pm club member Bree Bodisch will have extra tickets available starting Saturday morning. Bree will have a limited amount to accommodate anyone not available to come tonight or during office hours so we recommend trying to make it to the concert or the office if you can.

Cash or Venmo will be accepted. Dinner tickets are $30 each and will include 1 bone from each team, sides, n/a beverages and desserts.

Postponed: Algae Treatment August 16

8/16 Update: Treatment Update

The heavy rains last night prevented us from lowering the lake sufficiently to allow the treatment to proceed. Our EPA permit requires that no water is flowing over the spillway. Therefore, we will be postponing the first half treatment until next week. All restrictions have been lifted. However, since we are observing active blue-green algal blooms, use caution when on the lake and avoid direct contact with an active bloom. Stay safe.

We have noticed the reappearance of blue-green algae. As such, it is important that everyone avoid contact with an active bloom. It is unfortunate that this happened so quickly, but we will try to get the lake treated before the Labor Day holiday. We will need your help and patience. Please note that the algaecide is effective for blue-green algae, but may not eliminate the filamentous green algae completely.
We are scheduling the first half of the whole lake algal treatment for Wednesday, August 16.  This will include the northern end of the lake. The following steps will be done during the first treatment. *Please note that should these plans change, we will let you know as soon as possible. 
1) The lake level will be lowered to comply with the Ohio EPA requirements for this application. The valve is expected to be opened tonight. Please adjust your boat tie downs to accommodate the water level change. 
2) Please turn off all fountains or other devices that agitate the lake water in the application area on Wednesday AM.  They may be turned back on Friday, August 18.
3) The application will be applied during the day of August 16. 
4) Please refrain from any activities on the lake, including boating, jet skis, etc, starting Wednesday August 16 to allow the treatment to be effective and to spread in a predictable manner. Boat traffic may resume on Friday, August 18.  The boat ramp will be closed from Wednesday AM until Friday AM.
5) While the lake is deemed safe following the application, we are closing the beaches Wednesday, August 16, and reopening them on Saturday, August 19, as a precautionary measure. Swimming and other activities involving direct contact with the lake should be avoided during this time. While unlikely, if you observe any undisposed product (a powder with a bluish tint), avoid direct contact and let the office know where it is observed.
6) Do not water your property with water from the lake during this period.
7) If you live in the southern end of the lake, please avoid contact with any active blooms until it can be treated.
While these steps may be inconvenient, they are necessary to insure the best chance for a successful application. The northern half of the lake will be treated in two weeks. A notice will be issued once it has been scheduled.

2023 Pickleball Fall Tournament

Pickleball News:

The Roaming Shores Fall Pickleball Tournament will be on Saturday, September 9 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. (There will be no Open Play that morning!) Weather permitting, the tournament will be at the Roaming Shores outdoor pickleball courts. In case of bad weather or wet courts, we will play in the gym at The Grand River Conservation Campus, 3973 Callendar Road in Rock Creek. Registration is open now for all RRA members in good standing. Please indicate if you would prefer to play in the “Social” or “Skilled” division. If the available spots are not completely filled by RRA members, guests may register as of September 1, 2023. The fee to play is $10 for RRA members or $15 for guests.

Spectators are invited at no charge!

Contact Marie Kaufman at ShoresPickleball@gmail.com to register or ask questions.

August 2023 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held a meeting on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at the clubhouse with the following directors present, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Bob McClintock, Jeff Grosse, Rick Brothers, and Mark Dougherty.

President, Bob McClintock called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and the invocation was given by Jeff Grosse, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Bob welcomed everyone and introduced our new board member, Mark Dougherty. Mark and his wife Janet have been Roaming Shores residents for seven years and Mark is currently Treasurer of the Polar Bear Club. We know he will be a valuable addition to our board.

Minutes from the June 3 meeting were approved and Treasurer, Jeff Grosse gave us a financial update. Figures given were from January, 2023, through July, 2023. This report was also approved. Beginning with our October meeting, quarterly reports will be available for members. It is important to remember that most of our income is received before May 1 of each year, while expenses continue for the rest of the year.

 Standing Committee Reports:

Legal: Scott let us know there are no pending legal issues. Nadine reported for Financial and Collection that our conversion to our new and improved computer program is nearly at the point where past due statements can be printed. Late charges have been added to the accounts and as soon as statements can be sent out, more collection procedures can be started. Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that there have been low testing numbers to date this summer. Rain events can cause bacteria levels to temporarily increase. Our fish stocking permit has finally been received and Jones Fish was able to stock 100 lbs of golden shiners in Plum Creek. This fall an additional 300 lbs. will be stocked to help feed our larger fish throughout the winter. Lake Management is working to improve the aesthetics of the south end of the lake by replacing the weeds with more attractive plantings, such as purple pickerel. A test planting has been done to see if they will take hold. We need to keep vegetation to maintain a buffer zone for our lake. Dave also let us know that the green algae that is annoying residents this year is non toxic unlike the blue green algae that we have been treating.  Bob added that dredging is going well and currently being done on Sugar Creek. We are attempting to make up for time lost while waiting for our permit. Lake Safety: Nadine reported that our four Lake Patrol employees have been doing an excellent job this season and we hope to have the addition of our police officers on the lake next season. The village counsel and RRA counsel are working together to draft an agreement for both parties. Steve Kaufmann, our Village Liaison, told us that the council is holding a public hearing for an ordinance to control short term rentals on September 5th and is moving ahead with its’ long- range plan to improve our infrastructure. He said that the village is working on boulevard maintenance and smoke testing of our sewer lines will take place on August 22.  Mike Petersen reported that there are currently no issues for the Board of Review. Under Building, Facilities and Amenities, Scott reported that the old play structure at beach one has been removed and the new one will be installed on August 9th.  The structure is geared to the 3-7 year old age group. Nadine thanked Mindy Fier and the Polar Bear Club for their assistance with this project and all they do for the children in our community.

Under Administration/Personnel, Nadine reported that in addition to Wendy Carley being promoted to Office Manager, we have hired two part time office assistants, Dawn Franklin to work on Association accounting and Lisa Morales to work with member accounts. Jen Addair will continue to work part time as our IT Manager and Web Master. Joyce Misinec from the Strategic Advisory Committee reported that she is working with the village Planning Commission to implement a more uniform type of architectural review for our community.

Under Club Reports: STARS  Bob reported that the August 12th wine bus tour is full and four more teams are needed to cook for the September 2nd  Rib Cookoff. Mindy Fier presented the association with a $10,000. donation from the Polar Bear Club for our new playground equipment at beach one. Mindy also reminded us that there will be a picnic and children’s games at Beach 2 next Saturday. Bob thanked Mindy for all she and the club have done for our community and let her know that she will be greatly missed when she and Bryan move to Florida later this year. Bob, then presented her with a bouquet of flowers from the board in appreciation. Both women’s and men’s Golf leagues continue to meet on Tuesday and are always looking for new members. The Community Preparedness Club is looking for volunteers to help with the smoke testing on August 22nd. Please contact Marie Kaufman if you are able to help. Marie also let us know that there will be a short meeting after our meeting this morning to discuss Pickleball. Jim Fell updated us on the success of the Kids learn to fish day and the kids fun fishing day, when prizes totaling $1000.00 were raffled off to the children in attendance. He also let us know that the Couples Fishing Tournament will be held on August 12th.

Wendy advised the board that four letters have been received from residents. The board will review and respond to the residents. There were no questions from residents. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

Lake Management – Status Update

Most of us remember the days when the lake was green with swirls of blue-green algae on the surface. We saw toxin levels exceed EPA limits, cautioning residents to avoid contact with the lake. The water was also cloudy, with poor transparency. 

Over three years ago, we began an effort to develop a Lake Management Plan. This plan has been flexible to allow changes while continuing to move forwards with actions that have shown success.

As a result of the Plan, we have seen a shift in those poor conditions. We have begun treating the blue-green algae before it gains a foothold, in spite of roadblocks that mother nature places on us. The lake is now clearer. The recent study shows that the fishery is healthy. And the algal toxins have been in control.

There have been a number of recent comments concerning what we are now seeing on the lake that we wanted to address. With the clearer waters, aquatic weeds and green filamentous algae are becoming more prevalent. An additional reason for their growth is that nutrients are driving the productivity of the lake. Until we begin to control the nutrients, something will grow using those nutrients. It is also possible that the early drought and the now prevalent rains are driving this growth. While less desirable aesthetically, these consequences are not detrimental to the health of the lake.

For the next steps, we have been working with outside vendors to develop programs to start to mitigate the nutrients and thus reduce the secondary effects of the control measures targeting blue-green algae. These efforts are more costly, and we are seeking ways to get financial assistance.

Until we move into the next phase of our plan, we will need to find ways to adapt to the changes. Many have indicated that they are manually harvesting the filamentous algae. It should be reminded that you should use precautions such as protective clothing and gloves while removing the clumps. Also, dispose of the material properly so that it does not come in contact with children or pets while it is drying. Filamentous algae is not toxic, but the clumps can contain other materials which some people may be sensitive to. We will also look for other ways of reducing the filamentous algae.

We don’t believe that anyone wants to go back to a blue-green algae dominated lake. It will take some patience, and maybe a little work, to get through this stage in our journey. Enjoy the lake!

No Wake and Wakesurfing on the Lake

By D. Ernes – Lake Management Committee

One of the more popular activities on the lake is boating. Just look at the lake during a nice weekend, and you will see a number of different types of boats, engaged in different types of activities. While each of us has their own idea of a pleasurable day on the lake, we must also consider one important effect of boating – the wake. It can have significant impacts. They include 1) risks to the safety of other boaters and swimmers, 2) the impact of the wake energy on the docks and boats tied off at lake front homeowner’s properties, and 3) the resuspension of sediment at the bottom of the lake which can cause an increase in phosphorous, fueling algal blooms.

Throughout the lake there are no wake zones. In these areas one must operate at no wake speeds which is defined as traveling at the minimum speed necessary for steerage of the vessel. But don’t get tied up on terminology – it really just means going slow. No wake buoys are placed at the entry of the coves, which are the shallowest parts of the lake. They also are usually the narrowest areas in the lake. Therefore, each of the negative aspects of wakes are amplified in these areas. The other important no wake zone is along the shoreline in the main body of the lake where you should travel at no wake speeds within 75 feet of the shoreline. There are a few studies that verify that by obeying no wake areas, negative impacts are minimized.

Recently, there has been some discussion on the impacts of wake boats. While the boat itself is not a problem, certain activities such as wakesurfing are of interest. There are a number of states, including Michigan and Wisconsin, who are looking at limiting wakesurfing and the impacts it has relative to a standard powerboat. One study found that wakesurfing generates 2-17 times the amount of wake energy as a standard outboard. And the distance it takes for the wake to dissipate is 2-3 times that of a standard boat. The wake energy downwards is also magnified, which can scour the lake bottom. The resuspended sediment can stay dispersed for hours, increasing the nutrients that can be released.

Each of the negative effects of boating on our lake and on our fellow resident’s property is magnified by several times while wakesurfing. It is suggested that, if you are operating your wake boat for wakesurfing or wakeboarding, that you try to confine the activities to the center of the lake, where it is the deepest.

We are working hard to develop a Lake Management Plan to improve the lake today and into the future. Anyone who chooses to ignore the no wake guidelines regardless of the type of watercraft, are making this task more difficult and more expensive for you and everyone else in the community.


2023 Rib Cook-Off Cooks Needed!

Get your family and friends together! On Saturday, September 2nd @ 4pm, the STARS Club will be hosting their 5th Annual Rib Cook–off.

This event will be limited to 8 teams. The winning team will win a prize and will be added to our winner’s plaque that was donated to the Club by John & Mary Lou Watt!

For more information or to sign-up click the button below.

Note: Stay tuned! Dinner tickets will go on sale once we have enough cooking teams secured.

2022 Winners – Janice Scotton and Mark Ramlo of Team “Mark’s BBQ”

Smoker Raffle

Leading up to the Rib Cook-Off, the STARS Club will be selling raffle tickets for a brand new Masterbuilt 30in digital electric smoker! A special shoutout to Fleming Lawn Care for their generous donation to make this possible!

Raffle ticket info will be posted to the STARS website!

We’re Back!

By Scott & Ray Gainar

Ray and I really enjoyed coming over to the beach from our family home here at the Shores last year to bring our music to you at the Kathy Crandall Pavilion. Waiting For Ray (W4R) band performed at the Shores last year and are happy to do it again this year on August 5th. What could possibly be better than some good ol’ fashion rock & roll under the stars?! Absolutely nothing! Please join us again for RomeRock Association’s Summer Concert Series at the Clubhouse at 6:00PM. W4R features music from the 90’s and will surely include some of your favorites. W4R’s party atmosphere and entertaining stage presence will get you dancing, singing or at least tapping your foot. Members and their families & guests are welcome to bring chairs and coolers to the beach area or, unique only to the Shores, anchor your boat at center stage for the very best view. You can learn more about W4R on their website at www.waitingforray.com. See you there!

STARS Winery Bus Tour 8/12

Update: The bus is full!

Join the STARS Club on Saturday, August 12th from 4:00pm – 8:00pm as we they hold their summer winery bus tour!

Winery Bus Tours are an excellent opportunity to visit new wineries or old favorites, socialize with your friends and neighbors, and not have to worry about who’s driving!
Reservations are essential! If you would like to join us, please RSVP ASAP. The first 15 to RSVP will be guaranteed a seat on the bus. There will be a waiting list and an additional bus will be order, if needed.

Seats on the bus are $35/each and must be paid in advance. You must be over 21 years of age. To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, contact Barb at 440-645-7365.

We will meet at the tennis court parking lot at 3:30pm on August 12th. The buses will leave at 4pm!

During this Tour, we will be visiting: Baci, Stonegait, and M Cellars. The wineries are adjusted each event.

Independence Day Weekend Recap 2023

The threat of storms tried to ruin the weekend, but it was no match for Roaming Shores! We had an awesome Independence Day weekend, none of which would have been possible without our wonderful volunteers, safety services, sponsors, and participants!

5K and 1 Mile

It all kicked off Saturday morning with the 5th Annual Roaming Shores 5K and 1 Mile! We had a record-breaking 167 signups with 118 5K runners and 40 1-Milers crossing the finish line! See the results and more pictures linked below!

Thank you to our 5K sponsors whose support helps our race grow every year!


HLM Property Management
Gazette Newspapers
The Shores Realty
Shoreside Plumbing
NEO Electrical Supply Co.


Roaming Rock Marina
Title Professionals Group. LTD
Rock Creek Pizza Shoppe
Orwell Dairy Queen
Lakeshore Coffee Company


Cantini’s Village Market
Wollam Grand Valley Insurance

RSPD Cardboard Boat Races

On Saturday at 12:00, seven impressive cardboard boats simultaneously launched from the western most point of clubhouse beach after receiving a ten-second countdown by a crowd of excited spectators. Some would say that the carnage that took place over the next 30 seconds was, spectacular! The unforgiving waves of Lake Roaming Rock caused the boats to violently pitch and yaw in every direction possible and within seconds, five of the original seven boats were destroyed and descended into the murky depths of Lake Roaming Rock. Escaping the first 20 feet of water; the area which typically consumes all but the finest boats, the Hidden Flame piloted by Mr. Conway and the Cabin Crew piloted by the Furno sisters, quickly rounded the floating dock where the two boats then engaged in a fierce battle to the finish line. Mr. Conway; clearly out powered by the Furno sisters who were rapidly closing on his slight lead, took full advantage of his paddling skills and his crafts expertly constructed sleek design and ultimately emerged victorious by beaching his boat on the shoreline first.

Our 2023 contest winner were:

Fastest Boat – The Hidden Flame piloted by Judson Conway
Most Creative Boat – The Killer Crock piloted by Dedrick Montague and Tristan Kalejs
Most Spectacular Sinking – The Navy piloted by Carter Schwartz

Other participating boats were:

The Abomination piloted by Lucas and Julian Staas
Yabba Dabba Do piloted by Connor Schwartz
Dinocorn piloted by Madison and Jessica Litt
The Cabin Crew piloted by Megan and Grace Furno

We would like to thank all of our racers and give special mention to family and friends who helped construct or supported the boats that raced on Saturday. We would also like to thank our volunteer judges, photographers and our fire/EMS service personnel who provided safety overwatch during the race.

In addition to the above, we also need to thank NOPEC who awarded us a special community events grant that ultimately made this event and our Cardboard Boat Workshops possible. Last but not least, we would also like to thank Mike and Jason of Cabinet Works, Dorothy and Morgan of the Warren Menards, and David and Michelle of the Niles Sam’s Club who provided us with all of the construction cardboard utilized at our workshops.

Again, thank you for your participation and we truly look forward to seeing you again next year.

Roaming Shores Police Department

Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament

A brief storm rolled in for a round during the Annual Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament. Despite the brief pause and power outage, everyone had a great time and honored Jason’s memory. 1st Place again this year were Don Palm, Mark Miller, Randy Ruebel!

Doctor D & Food Truck

DJ Doctor D kept us entertained throughout the evening leading up the Fireworks and the Bakery Off Main Food Truck kept our bellies full!

National Anthem & Fireworks

13 year old Elizabeth Jernigan beautifully sang the National Anthem prior to the Fireworks show.

The storm which threatened to show up for the fireworks never arrive and we were instead treated to our own amazing display!

Our fireworks are funded by the community and fundraisers by the STARS Club. Without your contributions, the show would not be possible. Thank you!!

Light Up the Lake Night

Honoring the memory of Pat Sowry, whom we lost this year, we lit up the lake following the fireworks.

STARS 3rd Annual Cornhole Tournament

The rains tried a little harder on Sunday to put a damper on the weekend. Not to be deterred, the STARS Club simply moved the Cornhole Tournament to the Clubhouse! 20 teams participated.

First Place: Scott Carley & Phillip Carley
Second Place: Zeck Lehman & Nick Sobrocco
Third Place: Joseph Carley & Jordyn Carley

What an awesome weekend!! Thanks again to our awesome team of volunteers who put in countless hours to make sure we all have a fun and memorable weekend! Thanks also to our safety services from the Roaming Shores Police Department, Rome Fire Department, Morgan Hose, and SCAD for keeping everyone safe.

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