2021 Early Bird Drawing #1

The winner of the first Early Bird Drawing for 2021 and recipient of $500 is Tamara Engle (Lot #1672)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be for $450. The sooner your Dues & Assessments are paid in full, the more drawings you will be eligible for!

Dues and Assessments & Early Bird Info

January 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock  Association held their January meeting on January 7th at the clubhouse following social distancing.

The meeting was called to order by Louise Lisac at 6 p.m. Cheryl Fain gave invocation, followed by Pledge of Allegiance. Nadine Pope called the roll – all directors were present except Treasurer, Scott Soble.

 Cheryl Fain made a motion, seconded by Rick Brothers to approve the December meeting minutes, which were unanimously approved.

Financial update – Nadine will reach out to David King to see if he has sent out collection letters to the list of members with delinquent accounts that were sent him in November.

Lake Management – Dave Ernes called into the meeting to explain the Lake Advisor Survey results and advise the board regarding making the choice between the RFPs received to choose a company to serve as Lake Advisor. Mr. Ernes explained that we need to look for a company that has the management experience to help us determine both short and long term goals for the health of the lake. The board will discuss this further with Mr. Ernes and those present at the Lake Health Strategy round table to be held Saturday, January 9th before a final decision is made. Proposals were received from EnviroScience, AquaDoc and Princeton Hydro. Princeton Hydro, however, is not local and would require our testing to be done in house and then sent to them.

Lake Safety – Louise Lisac advised the board that Police Chief Roskos will attend our February meeting to discuss a strategy for having a police presence on the lake this summer. Our plans last summer had to be postponed. The training class that our officers were to attend last April was cancelled due to covid restrictions.

Rick Brothers has ordered samples of key chains that will be given out with boat registrations. These will have both the Lake Patrol and Marina telephone numbers on them. This will enable members to have these numbers at hand in case of an emergency.

Amenities – Rory Marshall reported that the Polar Bear Club is looking into alternative ways to raise their scholarship funds because the plunge cannot be scheduled as in the past due to COVID restrictions.

Rick suggested that the board sponsor quarterly “New Member Orientations”. He feels it would give new members a way to meet residents and club members as well as learning more about our lake and our community. He will take the lead on this as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted.

Personnel and Compensation – will meet next week and discuss a job description for the part time office employee to be hired this spring. We will also meet with our maintenance manager and office staff.

Dredging – the board will hold a meeting with our maintenance manager, Lake Management representatives, EAC, our Lake Advisor and others from the Strategic Advisory Committee to discuss the dredging plan for 2021.

There were no club reports.

Old business:  none

New Business: Dave Emick introduced a motion that chemicals can only be used in the lake every other year.  Louise and Nadine explained to Dave that we need to wait to formulate the plan for the health of our lake with our Lake Advisor. There was no second to the motion.

Nadine discussed an email from a member who recently purchased a lot at 496 Eagle Point. The lot is lakefront with about 41 feet of frontage. Both neighbors have boardwalks and it appears  that there would be no room for him to get a boat out into the water if both neighbors had their boats at their docks. Rory will meet him at the lot to review and discuss the situation.

The meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

Ashtabula Forfeited Land Sale – Feb 3rd

The following information has been posted by the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office. This sale includes properties in Roaming Shores. As this is a Forfeited Land Sale, all backed Dues and Assessments prior to this sale are no longer valid.

Current RRA Property Owners: If you win a bid on a Roaming Shores property during this sale, you will be charged for this lot as an extra lot beginning with 2021’s billing. Currently, that rate is $304.

Non current RRA Property Owners: As with all property within the Roaming Rock Shores Subdivision, you will be charged a one-time New Member Impact Fee of $1,000 to be assessed as soon as you take possession of the property. Dues and Assessments for this property will be charged at the same rate as all single-lot/no home property. That rate is currently $750.

Please contact the RRA Office with any questions regarding Dues and Assessments at 440-563-3170. For questions regarding the Forfeited Land Sale, please contact the Ashtabula County Auditors office at 440-576-3783.

List of all properties

Map of all properties

The properties listed have been foreclosed upon for delinquent taxes and are being offered for sale on one (1) occasion to be offered at a minimum starting bid and then competitively for the highest bid.  The date for this forfeited land sale is February 3, 2021. These properties have been forfeited to the State of Ohio by Court Order and remanded to the County Auditor for sale at this Forfeited Land Sale.

The auction will be held at the Jefferson Community Center located at:

11 East Jefferson Street

Jefferson, OH 44047

The following rules and policies are established to help facilitate the auction. Any interpretation, or issue not specifically covered by these rules, will be decided by the Auditor. In order to promote professional decorum, the Auditor anticipates all persons participating in, or present at, the auction will be courteous and considerate of others.

  1. Attendance will be limited to seating capacity and is on a first-come basis. In order to help us comply with
  2. Covid Safety Guidelines, we ask that only one person per household attend the sale, Seating will be reserved to registered bidders if our room becomes full.  The wearing of masks is mandatory and social distancing will be required.  Registration will begin at 9:00 am and the first auction will begin at 10:00 am or shortly thereafter. A picture ID with current residence is required to register. Once registered, bidders will be given a bid card and any other information needed.
  3. Parcels withdrawn from the auction, for any reason, will be announced immediately prior to the day’s sale.
  4. Only the registered bidder will be permitted to use the bid cards and make bids, meaning no sharing of bid cards.
  5. Each property will be auctioned with an opening minimum bid and increased until bidding ceases.
  6. Any parcel not sold at this auction will be offered at a future forfeiture sale.
  7. All sales are “As-Is” and “Buyer Beware.” Caution is advised. Many properties have characteristics which have prevented sales in the past. The County Auditor does not give any representation regarding possession, eviction, prior inspection, scheduled demolition, health code violation, or any other matter. The County Auditor will issue an “Auditor’s Deed.” A mobile home or other structure may be present and unknown to the Auditor.
  8. Properties in this sale shall not be sold to any person that is delinquent on any real property taxes in the State of Ohio. Further, purchasers are prohibited from having a current ownership interest in the property being auctioned. An affidavit to that effect must be signed by the successful bidder. Further, any transfer of the property to a prior owner within the next 3 years will be referred to the County Prosecutor and may result in an immediate forfeiture of the property back to the State of Ohio.
  10. Fees are as follows:
    1. Deed fee: $45.00
    2. Transfer Fee: $0.50 per parcel
    3. Envelope and postage: $0.50 per parcel
    4. Recording Fee: $34.00 per deed of 2 pages, $8.00 for each additional page.
  11. Payment in full must be received by 3:00pm day of sale. Upon payment of a deposit of $250, the Auditor will issue a Certificate of Sale to the successful bidder.
  12. Deposits and payments may be made by business or personal check with prior approval of the Auditor. Otherwise they must be in cash, bank money order, or certified check, and made payable to the “Ashtabula County Treasurer.” ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
  13. Failure to pay the balance by 3:00pm day of sale will result in forfeiting any deposit, or payment, in full and the matter will be forwarded to the County Prosecutor for possible action. Bidding with the intent to delay the sale or hindering the Auditor from completing the sale may constitute the obstruction of official business. Persons suspected of this may be referred to the County Prosecutor as well.
  14. Back-up bidder’s information will be taken at the time of the sale. If the successful bidder fails to pay any balance, the back-up bidder will be offered the option to step in as if the successful bidder (for the original winning bid amount).
  15. The Auditor will then issue the Auditor’s Deed, have it recorded with the County Recorder, and have it delivered to the purchaser. The conveyance of the real estate by the Auditor shall extinguish all previous title and invest the purchaser with a new and perfect title that is free from all liens and encumbrances, except taxes and installments of special assessments and reassessments not due at the time of the sale, federal tax liens, and any easements and covenants running with the land. If there is a federal tax lien on the tract of land at the time of the sale, the United States is entitled to redeem the tract of land according to law.
  16. The purchaser becomes the legal owner at the time the Auditor delivers the deed to the County Recorder
  17. NOTE FOR ROAMING SHORES PARCELS:  ***Parcels located in Roaming Shores are buying into the Homeowner’s Association that carries a $1,000 new member fee and future charges of membership dues and water/sewer fees. *** 

President’s Comments

This past year many residents expressed concern over water quality of Lake Roaming Rock as well as the safety of those enjoying the recreational activities our lake provides.  The Board of Directors has heard those concerns and has been working hard in the background to address both short term and long – term solutions to these challenges.

Financial stewardship includes reviewing all expenses and finding ways to save money and ensure we are doing these as efficiently as possible.  The Board has worked with our team members to do just that.  We have been challenging ourselves and our team to look at things with a fresh approach and not stick to just doing what we have always done.

Our 2021 Budgeting process indicated we need funds to invest in our lake for both water quality and for safety.  The decision to raise our association assessments was not taken lightly.  In the end we felt it was necessary to increase the yearly amount each property owner pays to live in our private lake community.  The percentage of increase is the same for each property owner but the total amount is different because of lots, homes and consolidated lots.  At the end of the day the average increase for property owners is $70 per year.  Some may be a bit higher and some may be lower but the average is $70 per year which is about $6 per month. 

We did increase our boat fees for 2021 so those that use the lake with watercraft also subsidize the expense of keeping our lake healthy and safe.  Unfortunately, lake stewardship is an ongoing responsibility. 

We also have older equipment that needs replaced and we can’t afford to lose sight of road maintenance, upgrading our pools and recreational areas as well as our buildings and properties.

We have implemented a new Strategic Advisory Committee comprised of property owners who have volunteered their time and talents to address short term and long term infrastructure needs

We have also planned a lake management roundtable discussion early in January.  Participants will include representation from our Board of Directors, our Lake Management Committee, the Environmental Advocacy Group, the Fishing Club, the Marina and the Strategic Advisory Committee.  We also plan to invite representatives from our Village Council.  Our goal is to have a plan in place for spring implementation.   The plan will be developed with input from multiple stakeholders under the direction of a professional lake advisor.

It is important for every property owner within Roaming Shores to understand a lake community loses property value if it doesn’t have a viable lake. We all own the responsibility to maintain the beauty and health of Lake Roaming Rock and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Board Seats

The Association Board of Directors is made up of seven property owners who are willing to devote their time and energy for our community.  Terms are three years and each year a minimum of two board seats are up for reelection. The term starts following the scheduled April Annual Meeting. Any property owner that is willing to run for this seat should provide their intentions to the Association Office by February 24, 2021.

Normally each candidate is required to attend three monthly board meetings in the year preceding the election.  Due to the pandemic, board meetings were not open to the public.  Because of this a resolution was passed at the December 2020 board meeting waiving the three- meeting requirement. 
A Board member does not get paid not do they get any financial benefit of any kind for their service.  They do, however, get the satisfaction of knowing they are serving the community in which they have invested.

Louise Lisac
RRA Board President

December Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Board of Directors held their December board meeting on Saturday, December 12th at the Village Office with all directors present. This was a zoom meeting available to all members to attend virtually. The meeting was attended by approximately 20 residents.

The meeting opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved. Treasurer, Scott Soble, reviewed the November financial statement, which was approved. He again explained the importance of collection of past due accounts and their impact on our ability to meet our financial obligations. He explained that assessments will be increased by 11.3 percent for 2021. This is only the second increase in eight years and is necessary to proceed with plans for the health and safety of our lake, as well as maintaining our roads and infrastructure. This increase will be approximately $7.00 per month for a homeowner, but will vary slightly for vacant lots and consolidated lots. Scott also advised the members that boat registration fees will be increased for 2021. All of this information will be sent out to members in January of 2021.

Louise Lisac discussed plans to implement a new Strategic Planning Advisory Council to help the board plan for our lake community’s future. Several residents came forward showing interest. A preliminary meeting was held last week and a more formal meeting will be held in mid January to begin the planning process for 2021. Thank you to all who showed interest in helping our community to move forward in planning for the future of Roaming Shores.

Louise also advised the board that Daniel Lang was hired as the newest member of our maintenance department. He brings with him much experience in large equipment operation as well as a class A CDL. Welcome Daniel!

Lake Management – Dave Ernes, Committee Chair, provided an update to the board. The committee has been extremely busy reviewing the results of the nutrient budget study. They are looking at many natural remedies that will help filter unwanted toxins from entering our lake, such as buffer zones and RL lots not being mowed, especially along the waterfront, which will allow the grasses to help filter what enters the lake.  We have listened to many possible solutions for increasing the health of our lake, while controlling invasive weeds and algae. The most important thing is to be sure we do it right. Therefore, the board has sent out Requests for Proposals to several companies to hire a Lake Advisor to help us sift through the possibilities and come up with the right solutions for us.

The response to the Aqua Doc survey was extremely positive and this too will be looked at as part of our overall plan.

The board is also planning to have a dredging planning meeting for 2021. Several questions have been asked as to how it is determined where and when to dredge each season. The board, along with the maintenance manager, will be meeting in January to come up with a plan to share with our property owners.

Lake Safety – Rory Marshall reported that it is our hope to have a police presence on our lake in the summer of 2021. We will be meeting with Chief Roskos in the beginning of February to work with the Roaming Shores Police to explore a timeline for this. Our plans were sidelined in 2020 due to COVID and it is our hope that we can move forward this year. We will NOT, however, tolerate dangerous behavior on our lake. It is a top priority to make sure that residents are aware that they are responsible for the actions of their family members and guests on our lake. Rory and Rick Brothers are compiling a new “Ten Commandments” of lake safety rules to be distributed with boat stickers this year. It is imperative that you read and understand the importance of these rules. Key chains with the telephone number for lake patrol will be given out with boat stickers this year so you can easily contact them should you see unsafe behavior on our lake.

Under New Business the board passed four resolutions to: Pass the 2021 Budget, Set late fees at 10% for 2021, Increase assessments by 10% plus 1.3% cost of living for 2021 and waive the three meeting rule for those who wish to apply to run for the board of directors in 2021.

In the past members had to attend three meetings of the Board of Directors to quality to run for the board. Because our meetings had to be closed due to covid restrictions, this rule was waived for 2021. There are two seats open on the board in 2021. Members in good standing who wish to apply to run for the board need to contact the RRA Office at 440-563-3170 before February 21.

There were no registered member comments. Please continue to forward any questions, comments and suggestions by emailing the board at board@roamingshores.org . Board members are committed to responding directly to you. Quarterly Zoom meetings will continue until restrictions are lifted that prohibit us meeting in person.

Meet Dan Lang

Last week, the newest member of the RRA Maintenance Department, Dan Lang, had his first day on the job. Dan recently moved to the area from Pennsylvania with his girlfriend Christina. They are expecting their first child this summer.

Dan comes from a background the includes a lot of farm work and experience running large machinery. His previous employment was with a septic company out in PA. Dan holds a Class A CDL. This experience will be beneficial to the maintenance department’s many tasks including its dredging program.

Dan describes himself as easy going. In his free time, he enjoys participating in tractor pulls and hunting. He is looking forward to a long and rewarding career with the RomeRock Association.


Lake Management Techniques – Nutrient Control

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

In a previous article, we discussed the use of algaecides to control algae blooms. One other option is to control the nutrients, primarily phosphorous, the major food source for the algae. One source of these nutrients in the lake is the legacy sediment, which has accumulated over the years. During rain events, high wind conditions, and other activities, the sediment in the shallow regions of the lake can be stirred up and release nutrients. There is little that can be done to control the weather conditions, but we can obey the no-wake buoys where excess speed can stir up this sediment. Dredging is one option being evaluated that can remove this shallow sediment, albeit at a rather significant cost.

In-lake sediment is also found in the deeper areas of the lake where it is difficult to remove. As we know, below about 12-15 feet, the lake is anoxic, meaning the oxygen level is very low. This allows the phosphorous in the sediment to be released into the water, which can mix with the lake during the spring and fall turnovers, or other intense mixing conditions. Two methods available to control this source of phosphorous are aeration and alum treatment.

Alum, or aluminum sulfate, can be applied to a lake, where it is converted to aluminum hydroxide, an active ingredient in several over-the-counter antacids. This forms a floc, which traps phosphorous in the water, tying it up and ‘dragging’ it to the bottom sediment layer. There, it forms a “crust”, trapping the phosphorous in the sediment and preventing it from being released in the water. As the floc sinks, it removes dissolved phosphorus and also traps sediment fines, helping to clarify the water. The effectiveness of this application can range from a few years up to fifteen or twenty years, depending on a number of factors. While there are some potential issues surrounding the use of alum in lakes, modern companies ensure that the application poses minimal risks.

A full inactivation treatment described above can be quite expensive, but another option is to use a ‘stripping’ dose of alum. This is a lower dose and traps the phosphorous in the lake as well as the fine sediment but does not fully cap the sediment in the lake bottom. Its longevity depends on the rate at which new phosphorous enters the lake.

Therefore, application of alum is just one of multiple methods that can be used to control the nutrients and ultimately algal blooms. Each of these methods must be evaluated in terms of effectiveness, longevity, safety and of course cost. If you have any questions concerning the various options being discussed in these articles, contact us at romerocklmc@gmail.com. In the meantime, remember to…

Be Lake Responsible

2021 Dues and Assessments Information

It’s Dues and Assessments time, once again. Please note that there has been an increase for 2021. This is only the second time the assessments have been raised in 8 years. This increase is 10% plus a 1.3% cost of living. The increase in assessments is for lake health, lake safety, and to keep up with expenses that are always increasing. For details, please see the Rate Sheet.

Dues and Assessments will be mailed out after the first of the year and need to be paid in full by May 1, 2021. You may pay your Dues and Assessments in installments, however, a late charge of 10% will be charged to the remaining balance after May 1st.

There are several different payment options available.

In Person:
Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Highway 6). There is a 5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards. Our office hours until mid-April are Tuesday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm. You may also use our dropbox located on the front porch. The box is under video surveillance and emptied daily.

Bank Bill Pay:
Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay through their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues and Assessments, please make sure to set your Account Number as your Lot number(s). Your lot number is your property address.
Note: If you already use your bank’s Bill Pay feature to pay your RSV water bill, make sure to create a new, separate payee for the RomeRock Association with the mailing address of P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085 as we are a separate entity from the Village and their Utility Department.

You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 5% fee. Be sure to include the 3 digit code on the back of your card.

The RomeRock Association offers owners the ability to pay Dues & Assessments online through our payment processing partner, PayLease/Zego. Using PayLease will allow you to pay online with a credit/debit card or electronic check**. You can make a one-time or recurring payment.

Visit the RRA Website (roamingshores.org/RRA1/) and click the button on the sidebar that says “Pay Dues and Assessments Online”. Direct Page (www.roamingshores.org/RRA1/pay-dues-and-assessments-online/) or visit PayLease.com.

Follow the instructions to search for and select your property. Enter your contact information and a password to create your account. Your account number is your lot number and it must be 4 digits. Ex. Lot 123 would be 0123.

To add additional lots, under Manage Accounts (middle of screen), click Add Account (under link another account) —put in your account number (4 digits) then type @RRA right after the number, then your last name, and then Submit.

Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay. If you set up an account previously, please use your same login information. If you forgot your credentials, select “Forgot Your Password”.

**Note: There is a fee accessed for paying online. 3% is charged for using a credit card/debit card and $2.95 for an electronic check (note: electronic checks differ from personal checks. Personal checks can be mailed or paid in-person without a fee). PayLease assesses a fee for each account (lot).

If you have questions regarding your account balance, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170. For questions regarding PayLease/Zego or your online payments, please contact PayLease Support at 1-866-729-5327.

Early Bird Drawing

The RRA will again be holding an Early Bird Drawing for those who pay their Dues & Assessments in full early.

Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 21st and March 25th will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes.  These prizes start at $500 and are reduced by $50 per week until the award for March 25th becomes $50.  This totals $2,750 in prizes.  GOOD LUCK!

Pay your total RomeRock balance, AT ONE TIME, as soon as possible.  Full payments by 5pm January 21st provides eligibility for ALL TEN DRAWINGS.

Notes: If your lot(s) are owned jointly, each joint owner must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each joint owner is eligible to win). If you own multiple lots, all of your lots must be paid in full to be eligible (in turn, each lot you own is eligible to win). If you pay by PayLease, when we are notified that your full payment has been processed, we will then enter you into the contest. We are not notified instantaneously.

December 2020 President’s Report

Each time we drive into the Shores, no matter the entrance, we are greeted by a sign that says, Roaming Shores, a private lake community. We all made a conscious decision to join a private lake community when we purchased property here and became a member of our Rome Rock Association. 2020 has been a year like none other and probably more than any other time we were able to focus on all the outdoor activities that a lake community provides.

I want to thank our Board of Directors, our employees, and our members for rising to the challenges that living through a pandemic can present. Tough decisions that were often unpopular had to be made. New ways of doing normal things had to be developed. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary.

Your Board has worked hard to keep members informed during a time when social distancing and limited gatherings were enforced. Many of you sent letters and made phone calls expressing your concern and asking for attention to specific issues. The primary focus of all member communications has been related to water quality and lake safety. The EPA was also called by a property owner expressing concern over the water quality.

As a Board we heard you! We are also residents and we agree that our Lake needs action to address water quality and that lake safety is a top priority. We have spent a great deal of time reviewing our 2020 budget and have reviewed each and every line item. Fiscal responsibility is critical. We need to invest in our lake. Failure to do so could easily result in depreciating property values and certainly it would impact all recreational activities we enjoy on Lake Roaming Rock. At the same time we can’t afford to forget about our roads, our pools, our beaches, our buildings, our recreational areas and the infrastructure needs that go with all of those items.

Whether you own property on the lake or your property is off the lake you are all part of a Lake Community. Each property owner shares the responsibility of lake stewardship. As we enter 2021 this will be a priority and programs will be implemented to address short term solutions and build the base for ongoing long term water quality maintenance. Lake Safety will be a top priority as well. Flagrant abuses of rules and laws will not be tolerated. Each property owner needs to understand they are responsible for the actions of their guests as well as family members.

We have a beautiful place to live and play. We also have a responsibility to ensure it stays that way. Let’s continue to work together and find the best way to make that happen. I love the Shores. I love the people who make the Shores the best lake community in Ohio. Please enjoy the holiday season. Stay safe. Be responsible and be Shores Proud!!!

Board of Directors Meeting this Saturday

Your Board of Directors is also heavy hearted regarding the uptick in our war with Coronavirus.  It is a struggle, but we must remain focused and do whatever is necessary to keep those in our community and those we love safe.  We will continue to keep our monthly board meetings closed to public attendance but will ensure that one meeting a quarter is held through Zoom technology.  Our December meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. 

To join the meeting please use the following information:

Join Meeting

Meeting ID: 384 896 9143
Passcode: 493638
One tap mobile +16465588656,,3848969143#,,,,,,0#,,493638#
Dial In: +1 646 558 8656

We understand this is the same day as the Christmas with Santa Polar Bear Club event.  Unfortunately, this can’t be helped.  We thank those who are supporting the Polar Bear Club and we also thank those Polar Bear Club members who are providing a safe alternative to a very popular event.

Members are always welcome to submit, questions, comments or suggestions by emailing board@roamingshores.org.  I assure you each and every Board Member is working hard to ensure our community is as strong as it can be and our focus is on fiscal stewardship as well as infrastructure needs; lake health, lake safety, safe roads, and well maintained facilities.

Stay safe, enjoy the holidays even with the required restrictions.  Check on your neighbors and friends.  Let’s all pray that 2021 will be a much better year and we can enjoy even more the wonderful lake community and events that make Roaming Shores the best lake community in Ohio.

Louise Lisac
RRA Board President

Lake Dam Status

Lake Level Updates:
None at this time

Current Valve Status: Closed

Reason: No immediate risk of high water event

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