Welcome to the RRA’s online decal registration system. The RRA has in its system a record of all watercraft registered last year and will compare using the information provided. If your State Registration expires 3/1/2024, you must renew with the State prior to registering with the RRA. If you purchased a new watercraft, you must provide proof of ownership that includes length, date of sale, and your name. See accepted forms of documentation. Questions? Email Us.

Your 2024 Dues and Assessments must be paid in full before the RRA can process your decals.

Renewing State Registration:

If you need to update your registration with the State and are unable to do so in person, you can still mail in your renewal, renew online, or call ODNR at 1-877-426-2837 for phone-in options or if you have questions.

Watercraft not registered in Ohio? Check with your own State Watercraft Department.

RRA Boat, Skiing, and Swimming Rules

Ohio Boat Operators Guide

Renew Ohio Registration Online

In order to complete the Registration form, you will need your State Registration which includes information we need such as your:

  • Registration #
  • Expiration Date
  • Length
  • Type

Type of Boat Fee

Watercraft Over 10HP $100
Watercraft Under 10HP $0 – Must register with RRA
Jetski $125
5 or more Watercraft Additional $100/each
Non-Powered Watercraft N/A (ensure lot number is on ALL watercraft)

Online Registration Process

  1. Count your watercraft and click the appropriate link below.
  2. After you submit your form, the RRA will confirm your information and calculate your total.
  3. The RRA will add your charges to your Member Portal for payment. Applicable fees apply (3% charge for credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover accepted), $5.95 for debit, $2.95 for ACH.
  4. Once we receive confirmation you have paid in full, we will mail your decals.

How many watercraft do you need to register?

Accepted forms of Documentation

  • Watercraft Title for 1st time RRA registrations
  • State Registration Card
  • Bill of Sale that shows:
    • Your name
    • Date of Sale
    • Length of Watercraft