Cleanup Day September 26th

Location: Clubhouse Green 
Date: September 26th –  8 a.m. to 12 noon

Free to residents of Roaming Shores Village

No Limit on loads; no commercial or landscaping vehicles allowed

Unacceptable Items are: tires, refrigerated appliances, batteries, barrels or drums, bullets or shells, commercial waste, dirt, rocks, bricks, tree stumps, combustible materials, liquid and hazardous waste, toxic materials, paint cans, yard waste, food waste and gas cylinders.

Rain or Shine!

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling September 19th

End of Season Pool Hour Change

It’s hard to believe but summer is really coming to an end. Some of our gate guards are leaving for school to learn and to teach. As we have done in past years, our pools will now close at 8:00 p.m. today through season close following Labor Day on September 8, 2020. A big Thank You to our pool guards for handling the Covid required standards. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that next year’s swim season will be Covid free! For now though, keep enjoying those pool days and make the most of summer sun while it lasts!

August Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Board of Directors held their August board meeting on Thursday, August 6th at the clubhouse. Due to the restrictions on gatherings of over 10 people, the meeting could not be open to Members. The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. All directors were present. Cheryl Fain gave the invocation. Minutes of the July meeting were approved, as was the June Treasurer’s report. Nadine Pope advised us that on August 1 approximately 130 letters and statements were sent out to property owners who were delinquent. This was at least the third statement that they have been sent in 2020, with no response. It is important for property owners to realize that when they don’t pay their dues and assessments, we are not able to meet our financial responsibilities. We have much more than just the lake to maintain. In addition to dredging, mowing, maintaining the pools and buildings, we have 26 miles of roads that need to be patched and plowed. Roadsides need to be ditched and culverts installed. In addition, our equipment must be maintained, repaired and eventually replaced. Your dues and assessments are needed for these things and many more and payment is necessary for us to operate.

Long time association employee, Randy Ruebel, our Maintenance Manager, updated the board on dredging, ditching and culvert installations. He let us know that after heavy rains sediment from the lake cannot be moved to the dump site because it is impossible to get it in with a truck. A track hoe would be needed to move it more efficiently. He also has a backlog of ditching and culvert installation requests. There has been an unusually large number of requests this season and required ditching needs to be done first. He also let us know that the weed harvester has been operating. He has to wait until he receives at least three calls in the same area before sending it to a location because of the time involved. If you need the harvester to come to your area, you need to call the office at 440-563-3170 to put in your request.

Our president, Louise Lisac, told us that upon advice of our legal counsel, because we are unable to hold a public Annual Meeting in 2020, letters will be mailed to all members in good standing which will include the 2019 financial report and the annual President’s report. Information will also be included in this letter inviting members to attend a quarterly zoom meeting, the first one scheduled for, Saturday, September 12th. State of Ohio COVID mandates still require there be no mass gatherings of more than 10 people and it doesn’t appear that this will change quickly. We look forward to when we can once again meet in public, but until that happens, Zoom technology will be utilized to better communicate with all residents and provide an opportunity for resident comments. More information concerning this meeting will be included in your letter.

Lake Management reported that they will be conducting a new nutrient study and purchasing a new oxygen meter for the lake. They are also researching what we hope will be effective ways to deal with the algae that we are seeing in our lake. Several of our directors have recently visited Chippewa Lake to see their results in dealing with this problem. Dave Ernes and his committee are working very hard to ensure we have a healthy lake.

Lake Safety reported that our lake patrol stopped 8 boats and 12 jet skis in July. Four citations and 11 warnings were issued. Boaters and those on jet skis need to be sure they observe the no wake areas. The lake safety committee is reviewing the boating rules and regulations and will be updating them over the winter. Boaters and those on jet skis, who do not obey safety rules need to know there will be consequences. We also want to remind everyone who was born after January of 1982, that it is necessary to complete an accredited Boater Safety Course before operating a boat or jet ski.

Dave Emick reported for the Fish Club that Josh Baitt caught the longest fish in July. It was a 38” grass carp that weighed in at 44 lbs.

Cheryl Fain reported for Community Preparedness that the food pantry at beach 2 has been removed and the one at beach 1 has books and toys. Donations of food can be taken to the shelves in the vestibule at the Pasta Oven.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Weekend Accident on the Lake

We received a report of an injury on the lake over the weekend. The accident reportedly involved a person whose leg got caught in a rope. The injured person was transported to the hospital for their injuries. The status of their injury is not known by the RRA at this time. This incident appears to be the result of an unfortunate accident and not a rule violation. Please practice safety at all times. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim for a speedy recovery. Thank you to our community members who were there to help and to our local safety services!

Lake Patrol Cellphone Available for Use

How to Contact Lake Patrol

A big thank you to this year’s lake patrol team. They are doing a great job during their weekend shifts. Please be respectful to them and understand the service they provide to all of us who use the water for recreational purposes. They are there to ensure the rules and regulations of our lake are being followed.

It is just pure old -fashioned common sense to make sure you are aware of these rules and those required by the State of Ohio. It is also important that property owners realize they are responsible for the actions of their guests who use their equipment like boats and jet skis. Our Lake Patrol Team is focused on educating our residents or lake rules, but citations are being issued for severe violations.

In order to make contacting the Lake Patrol team easier, they now carry with them a designated cell phone which you can use to contact them should you need help or wish to alert them to a safety concern. We will soon outfit the boat with a sign that will have the phone number visible to all. Please remember this phone is only in use when they are on the water so don’t leave a voice mail and expect a return call during the week. You may also use the email address listed below to relay any lake safety concerns, issues or suggestions you may have.

Safety on our lake belongs to each one of us. Let’s partner with our Lake Patrol team and help them help us by identifying circumstances that need attention. No one wants to see anyone get hurt needlessly or worse. You can make a difference in ensuring that never happens.

Show Respect for all on the Lake. Stay Safe, Stay Educated, and Stay Alert.

Lake Patrol Cellphone #: 440-563-1519

Lake Patrol Email Address:

RRA Board Covid Update

Labor Day Fireworks Cancelled!

We had hoped that our cancelled Fourth of July fireworks display could take place during Labor Day weekend.  Unfortunately, the situation regarding Covid has escalated during the summer.  The State of Ohio Health Department mandates allow fireworks displays, but they do not allow mass gatherings of more than 10 people.  Once again, the STARS Club, Association Board, the Fire Chief, the Police Chief and the Mayor all weighed in on the decision and it was the consensus that the risk is too great for our community at this time.  We talked directly to the State of Ohio Coronavirus Health Experts as well as our Ashtabula County Health Department officials in hopes that we could find a way to make it work with no success.  Therefore, the Labor Day 2020 fireworks are cancelled. 

While it is disappointing, we hope everyone understands the safety of each and every person, living, working and playing in our community is priority one.   Our past displays have drawn large crowds at both Beach One and along many of our roadways.  There is no practical way we can control this type of mass gathering without putting many at risk.

Please enjoy the rest of summer.  Stay safe, Stay healthy!  At least we have a beautiful community to enjoy sun and nature.  Thank you to all who contributed to the cost of this year’s fireworks.  The money will be used towards a 2021 display!  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that our lives can soon return to some normalcy and that any pandemic issue will be only a memory.   Thank you to the many residents who have found ways to share special moments on the lake this year.  The July fourth private displays were awesome, and the music concerts have been much appreciated!  We truly do have a wonderful community full of wonderful people!

August Vacant Lot Sale (Aug 10th & Aug 24th)

The Ashtabula County Auditor’s office will be conducting a vacant lot sale on delinquent properties in the county. Several Roaming Shores parcels will be available during this sale.

List of Roaming Shores Parcels for Sale

By Lot #

Check Auditor’s Website for date specific lots will be listed for sale.

The properties listed have been foreclosed upon for delinquent taxes and are being offered for sale on two (2) occasions for the total amount of taxes, assessments, court costs, penalties and interest due. The dates for these vacant land sales are August 10th and August 24th, 2020. Any lots not sold at these sales will be forfeited to the State of Ohio by Court Order and remanded to the County Auditor for sale in the near future at a Forfeited Land Sale.

The auction will be held on the front steps of the old courthouse by the park at the N/W corner of N. Chestnut and W. Jefferson Streets. If the sale is in the park, no seating will be provided and attendees should bring a chair if you need to sit down. In the case of rain that day, the sale will be moved to the Commissioners meeting room located on the second floor of the old courthouse, and seating shall be provided.  The Auditor’s office will be taking all necessary steps to protect the public in attendance during this Covid-19 pandemic.  We will follow the Ashtabula County Health Dept. and the Governor’s instructions concerning masks and other safety precautions.  If proper social distancing cannot be maintained, masks will be required.   In addition, the public will have temperatures taken and asked basic health questions. If you feel ill on that day, please do not attend.

The following rules and policies are established to help facilitate the auction. Any interpretation, or issue not specifically covered by these rules, will be decided by the Auditor. In order to promote professional decorum, the Auditor anticipates all persons participating in, or present at, the auction will be courteous and considerate of others.

  1. Attendance will be limited to seating capacity and is on a first-come basis. Seating will be reserved to registered bidders if our room becomes full. Registration will begin at 9:30 am and the first auction will begin at 10:00 am or shortly thereafter. A picture ID with current residence is required to register. Once registered, bidders will be given a bid card and any other information needed.
  2. Parcels withdrawn from the auction, for any reason, will be announced immediately prior to the day’s sale.
  3. Only the registered bidder will be permitted to use the bid cards and make bids, meaning no sharing of bid cards.
  4. Each property will be auctioned with a starting offer at taxes and assessments owed, court costs, and fees.
  5. Any parcel not sold at this auction will be offered at the second vacant land sale on August 24th for the same terms. Any parcel not sold will be offered at a forfeited land sale on a date to be announced.
  1. All sales are “As-Is” and “Buyer Beware.” Caution is advised. Many properties have characteristics which have prevented sales in the past. The County Auditor does not give any representation regarding possession, eviction, prior inspection, scheduled demolition, health code violation, or any other matter. The County Auditor will issue an “Auditor’s Deed.” A mobile home or other structure may be present and unknown to the Auditor.
  2. Properties in this sale shall not be sold to any person that is delinquent on any real property taxes in the State of Ohio. Further, purchasers are prohibited from having a current ownership interest in the property being auctioned. An affidavit to that effect must be signed by the successful bidder. Further, any transfer of the property to a prior owner within the next 3 years will be referred to the County Prosecutor and may result in an immediate forfeiture of the property back to the State of Ohio.
  4. Fees are as follows:
    1. Deed fee: $45.00
    2. Transfer Fee: $0.50 per parcel
    3. Envelope and postage: $0.50 per parcel
    4. Recording Fee: $34.00 per deed of 2 pages, $8.00 for each additional page.
  5. Payment in full must be received by 3:00pm day of sale. Upon payment of a deposit of $250, the Auditor will issue a Certificate of Sale to the successful bidder.
  6. Deposits and payments may be made by business or personal check with prior approval of the Auditor. Otherwise they must be in cash, bank money order, or certified check, and made payable to the “Ashtabula County Treasurer.” ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
  7. Failure to pay the balance by 3:00pm day of sale will result in forfeiting any deposit, or payment, in full and the matter will be forwarded to the County Prosecutor for possible action. Bidding with the intent to delay the sale or hindering the Auditor from completing the sale may constitute the obstruction of official business. Persons suspected of this may be referred to the County Prosecutor as well.
  8. Back-up bidder’s information will be taken at the time of the sale. If the successful bidder fails to pay any balance, the back-up bidder will be offered the option to step in as if the successful bidder (for the original winning bid amount).
  9. The Auditor will then issue the Auditor’s Deed, have it recorded with the County Recorder, and have it delivered to the purchaser. The conveyance of the real estate by the Auditor shall extinguish all previous title and invest the purchaser with a new and perfect title that is free from all liens and encumbrances, except taxes and installments of special assessments and reassessments not due at the time of the sale, federal tax liens, and any easements and covenants running with the land. If there is a federal tax lien on the tract of land at the time of the sale, the United States is entitled to redeem the tract of land according to law.
  10. The purchaser becomes the legal owner at the time the Auditor delivers the deed to the County Recorder.
  11. NOTE FOR ROAMING SHORES PARCELS:  ***Parcels located in Roaming Shores are buying into the Homeowner’s Association that carries a $1,000 new member fee and future charges of membership dues and water/sewer fees. *** (current Members do not pay the new member fee again)

Lake Management: What’s Happening

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

No one can deny that this has been an unusual year with the Global Pandemic affecting every part of our lives. As consequences of this situation, it has not been possible to report on the activities of the Lake Management Committee (LMC) normally done at the monthly Board Meetings. Therefore, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the activities being conducted in the interim in anticipation for a time when things can get back to ‘normal’.

The first item is that we contracted for the generation of a Bathymetric Survey of the lake. This creates a depth profile of the lake along with a vegetation distribution and hardness evaluation. (Note: This survey was approved and authorized prior to the start of the Pandemic.) This survey yielded significant information for a number of activities. The depth across the lake, in combination with a sediment depth survey conducted last year, can be used to select areas for dredging. The total lake volume that was also measured is necessary to determine dosing levels for any whole-lake chemical remediation efforts, should they be necessary. The resulting three-dimensional map will help to locate optimum sites for the placement of aeration systems, or fountains – two options being evaluated. And the depth can help to illustrate the reason for adherence to no wake areas since a boat’s wake can extend up to ten feet below the water’s surface. It also helps to point out the need to maintain the 75-foot distance from the shore for any boating activities. And our fishermen can locate optimum spots for their excursions.

Second, we continue to monitor the level of bacteria, and algal toxins at the beaches to assess the safety of on-lake activities. The results are reported weekly in the Monday E-blast.

Next, while whole-lake vegetation management is a long-term goal, it is not possible to move forwards on this until the nutrient levels responsible for algal blooms have come into control. This is the reason for the AquaDock program; a more focused program contracted between the company and the individual lot owners. We will be evaluating its positive and negative issues later in the fall once it is competed.

Lastly, we are currently starting a process to evaluate different mitigation efforts for the lake to manage nutrients and reduce algal blooms thereby improving the appearance of our lake. We hope to be issuing articles in the coming months describing these practices, some of which were mentioned above. These articles will present each alternative without any determination as to whether they would (or should) be implemented on our lake. The only criteria is that they have shown to work in the intended application. In conjunction with other resources, we will then evaluate each one, looking for the best option for the long-term health of the lake while being financially responsible.

Now is also a good time to look at your property to make sure you are a good steward for the community as a whole. Also pay attention to your behavior on the lake while boating to insure that all residents can enjoy this unique advantage. So as always…


Geese Update

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

Well, the summer is here, and I’m soon expecting to see the grass start turning brown.  But what I haven’t seen much of yet is the familiar sight and sound of our Canada Geese flying overhead.  There are a couple reasons for this.  The goslings have grown out their first set of feathers and the adults have completed another molt and are not yet ready to fly.  Early flights will be quite short for a couple months while the goslings develop the strength necessary for the long migratory trip.

Geoffrey Westerfield, ODNR Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor, reports that in Ohio, both statewide and in NE Ohio, he is seeing fewer geese complaints this year.  “Our nest permit and roundup permit numbers were also down.”  Geoff says “I am sure that COVID is helping that by allowing folks to chase geese when they normally would be at work, but
I am also assuming that folks are figuring out the right tactic for their location to keep geese moving.  Farm complaints are up a bit with good timing between crops going in the ground during goose molt season.”

I also feel that we’ve be doing a good job here at Lake Roaming Rock to keep geese moving too.  Goose management techniques for the next few months ask us to commence harassment as soon as geese can fly again.  Again, 3-4 days of consistent harassment will get the geese to move on.

Be Lake Responsible.

Restrooms at RL 35 Closed due to repeat vandalism

Due to the repetitive vandalism at RL 35 (old pool 4), the restrooms have been closed indefinitely. This is the 2nd time within a year that vandals have cost the Association (you) money to replace toilets that have been destroyed. If you know who is responsible, please contact the Roaming Shores Police Department at 440-563-3135.

Please note that the restrooms located at Sunset Park are also closed due to being structurally unsafe.

Office Info:

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