Sticky: March 13th Winter Dinner Night at Laurello

*** Friday-March 13th ***

Join us for our great Winter Dinner at:

Laurello Vineyards Winery

6pm to 9pm.

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Located at 4573-Rt. 307 (between Austinburg & Harpersfield)

Special New Entertainment

by: Jim Baucco

Playing & Singing Classic 60’s to Modern Music

Host by: The Roaming Shores Friends & Neighbor’s Club

RSVP by 3/11/20

Call or Text: Marilyn Morris (440) 563-1653

2020 Early Bird Drawing #5

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #5 for 2020 and recipient of $300 is Jerry Holtrey (Lot #70)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be for $250. We’re halfway through this year’s drawings, but there’s still time to enter to win!

2020 Early Bird Drawing #4

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #4 for 2020 and recipient of $350 is Stephani Calabrese (Lot #948)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be for $300.

What is a Lake Management Plan

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

You may have heard a lot of discussion lately on ‘developing a Lake Management Plan’. But just what is it? According to the North American Lake Management Society, “A lake and/or watershed management plan is a dynamic document that identifies goals and action items for the purpose of creating, protecting and/or maintaining desired conditions in a lake and its watershed for a given period of time.” No two plans are the same. In general they address some or all of the following issues – management of aquatic species, fishery, recreational activities and watersheds as well as protection of shorelines, and water quality. Many of these activities have actually been on-going since the creation of Lake Roaming Rock. You can read about some of those activities from Carolyn Tharp’s excellent history available on the RRA web site. These range from control of shoreline erosion by retaining wall requirements early in the life of the lake to the on-going dredging operations conducted by Dan Mullins and his team. There have also been a number of water quality studies done by several agencies over the years. This body of information allows us to understand many aspects of our lake from vegetation to sediment deposition to water quality.

So, where are we in this process? As in the past, the LMC continues to coordinate testing of the lake for bacteria and toxins. At the same time, the LMC, along with the Environmental Advocacy Club, are working with our consultants and other experts to investigate options to be considered for this plan, with the primary objective of a positive impact on the lake.

A management plan is not necessarily fast. When one is dealing with nearly 54 years of environmental and human impacts on the lake, it is not surprising that it will not be reversed in a few weeks or months. Also, every option has advantages and disadvantages and it is the balance that has the best chance for success. Just remember, we are talking about 2.5 billion gallons of water. With everyone working together, and understanding the importance of the process, we can move forward to ensuring that our lake is something to be enjoyed for years to come.


You Do Not Want to Miss This Opportunity!

There are still openings for the CPR training on Wednesday, February 12 from 6:00 to 8:00PM at SCAD on Route 6 in Rome at no cost to you. You may be wondering who should take CPR or why. Here are five good reasons everyone should consider.

  1. You will be equipped to help those you love.
  2. CPR is easy to learn.
  3. Brain death does not wait.
  4. You will feel confident in an emergency.
  5. You can save a life!

See the flyer below for more details and please RSVP to

If you have questions, you may call 440-563-3135.


2020 Early Bird Drawing #2

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #2 for 2020 and recipient of $450 is Emily Barnhart  (Lot #1517)! Congratulations

Next week’s drawing will be for $400. The sooner your Dues & Assessments are paid in full, the more drawings you will be eligible for!

2020 Board of Director’s Election

Election time for the Board of Directors is almost upon us. This year, there will be 2 open seats. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, you must present your written request, bearing the original signature, to the RRA Office no later than Tuesday, February 25th at 1pm. Qualifications for becoming and maintaining a Director are found in Article VIII, Section 2 of the By-Laws.

SECTION 2. The qualifications for becoming and remaining a Director of the Association are as follows:

(a) A Director must be at least 21 years of age and a United States citizen;

(b) Each Director shall be an Active Member of the Association or an officer or director of the corporation, limited liability company, or other business or legal entity which is an Active Member of the Association;

(c) Any Active Member may become a candidate for the Board of Directors by presenting to the Association a written request to be placed on the ballot, which request must be delivered to the Board of Directors or its designee at least sixty days before the annual meeting of the Active Members and bear the original signature of the member requesting to be placed on the ballot;

(d) Only one person from each household (which is hereby defined to include all persons who share the same residence) shall be eligible to serve as a Director;

(e) No member who has been convicted of a felony as defined by the laws of Ohio shall be eligible to serve as a Director;

(f) The Active Member must have attended at least three regular meetings of the Board of Directors within the last twelve months; and

(g) The Active Member must complete a questionnaire and execute such form as are prescribed the Board of Directors agreeing and promising: (i) to act in the best interests of the Association at all times; (ii) not to knowingly make, cause, or permit to be made any false statement about the Association or its directors, officers, employees or agents; (iii) not to knowingly make, cause, or permit to be made any statement that is likely to be injurious to the reputation or goodwill of the Association; and (iv) not to disclose or permit to be disclosed confidential information, including matters discussed in executive session, personnel matters, contracts under negotiation, and all communications with legal counsel. It shall be cause for disqualification or removal should any candidate or Director be found to have provided false information or to be in violation of any of the foregoing.

Important Dates:

Feb 25th @ 1pm – Ballot Nominations must be turned into RRA Office
March 25th – Ballots must be mailed by the RRA Office before 1pm
April 22nd – Ballots must be received via US mail by 1pm
April 25th – Association Annual Meeting at the Clubhouse @ 1pm

RRA Board Meetings for 2020

In an attempt to include Members who are only out in the Shores on the weekends, this year, the RRA Board of Directors will be moving a couple of its regular meetings to Saturday mornings.

New Saturday Meetings

Saturday meetings will be held at 10am at the Village Hall (the Clubhouse is booked most weekends) and are currently scheduled for February 1st, May 9th, August 1st, and November 7th.

Unaffected Months

For the months of March, April, June, July, September, October, and December, the regular Board of Directors meetings will be held the 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Clubhouse.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will still be held Saturday, April 25th at 1pm in the Clubhouse.

Office Info:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085

Located at 1875 US Route 6, Roaming Shores, OH 44085

Closed until April 6th due to Governor’s “Stay at Home” order. Email Us.

Office: (440) 563-3170
Fax: (440) 563-5667

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