Roaming Shores Fall Pickleball Tournament

Registration is now open for the Roaming Shores Fall Pickleball Tournament. This is a fun event for all players (beginners to advanced) and is available for all RRA members in good standing.

Email to register. Please include your name, Roaming Shores address, mobile phone number, and the division in which you wish to play (Beginner/intermediate OR Intermediate/advanced). This is a social event for all skill levels!

When: Friday, September 9, 2022 – The Beginner/Intermediate division will play from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. The Intermediate/Advanced division will play from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. A championship game will be played at 7:00 followed by awards and a BYOB happy hour. 

(The raindate will be Sunday, September 11, 2022 – The Beginner/Intermediate division will play from 11:00  AM to 12:00 PM. The Intermediate/Advanced division will play from 12:00 to 2:00 PM. A championship game will be played at 2:00 followed by awards.)

Who: All RRA members in good standing are welcome to participate. Guests of members will be eligible to register to play after September 1 if all openings have not been filled by RRA members. (Note: Members do not have to play in the tournament in order to sponsor a guest but they must attend with the guest.)

What: Players register individually and will be blind paired with partners. All play will be doubles. Games will be to 11 points or 13 minutes, whichever comes first. Tournament balls, prizes, water, snacks, pizza and cookies will be provided.

Cost: $5.00 for playing members; $10.00 for playing guests; no cost to attend as a spectator!

Contact: Email or text 440-485-0688 if you have questions.

Lake Algaecide Treatment Update

This past week, both AquaDoc and EnviroScience were on the lake evaluating the conditions related to Cyanobacterial blooms. Based on their assessment, and the approaching Labor Day weekend, they have recommended that a second whole-lake treatment be scheduled as follows.

  • The Southern half of the lake will be treated during the week of August 8th.
  • The Northern half of the lake will be treated during the week of August 22nd.

Stay alert for further announcement as we approach the week of August 8th. We will evaluate the lake level to determine if additional lake lowering is necessary, as well as fix the exact dates for the application. The same restrictions for boating and swimming will be in effect and will be repeated with subsequent notifications.

Chip and Seal Update


On the week of July 18th, 3.9 miles of RRA roads were chip and sealed (15% of our roads). Last year, 4.2 miles (16%) of our roads were chip and sealed. In the past 2 years, with our limited budget, we have been able to chip and seal 31% of our roads as opposed to the less than 2 miles we would have been able to accomplish if we would have paved using asphalt.

While chip and seal does have its downsides, it is the most appropriate and cost effective method to maintain our roads. Almost every surrounding community, including the county and State utilizes it.

In order to address some of the dust and tar problems that came about last year, we have improved the quality of stone that was used this year and will be scheduling in the next few weeks a test run of fog seal on the following roads:

  • Lake Crest
  • Eagle
  • Owl Point
  • Peacock Ln
  • Dam Vue
  • Tupelo

More information will be posted prior to the fog seal’s application.

2022 Summer Concert Series

Mark your calendars for this year’s scheduled concerts to be held at the newly completed Kathy Crandall Entertainment Pavilion at Beach 1.

Concerts are free for RRA Members and their guests only. Concert days are RRA Special Use days which means there will be no parties greater than 25 guests at Beach 1. Membership cards will be checked upon entry. Concerts are tentatively scheduled for 6:00pm to 9:30pm with food service begining at 5:00pm. Enjoy from Beach 1 or by boat.

The Beach 1 area will be NO WAKE beginning at 5:00pm on concert nights as boaters will be anchoring for the concert. Boaters, there will be an area to park your watercraft marked by buoys near Beach 1. Please park within the buoyed area.

Geese Update

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

 Well, the summer is here, and I’m soon expecting to see the grass start turning brown.  But what I haven’t seen much of yet is the familiar sight and sound of our Canada Geese flying overhead.  There are a couple reasons for this.  The goslings have grown out their first set of feathers and the adults have completed another molt and are not yet ready to fly.  Early flights will be quite short for a couple months while the goslings develop the strength necessary for the long migratory trip.

Geoffrey Westerfield, ODNR Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor, reports that in Ohio, both statewide and in NE Ohio, he is seeing fewer geese complaints this year.  “Our nest permit and roundup permit numbers were also down.”  Geoff says “I am assuming that folks are figuring out the right tactic for their location to keep geese moving.  Farm complaints are up a bit with good timing between crops going in the ground during goose molt season.”

I also feel that we’ve be doing a good job here at Lake Roaming Rock to keep geese moving too.  Goose management techniques for the next few months ask us to commence harassment as soon as geese can fly again.  Again, 3-4 days of consistent harassment will get the geese to move on.

Love the lake – be lake responsible.

2022 Rib Cook-Off Looking for Teams!

Who can make the best ribs in the Shores? Get your family and friends together! On Saturday, September 3rd @ 4pm, the STARS Club will be hosting their 4th Annual Rib Cook–off.

This event will be limited to 8 teams. The winning team will win a prize and will be added to our winner’s plaque that was donated to the Club by John & Mary Lou Watt!

For more information or to sign-up, contact Jen Addair at the RRA Office @(440) 563-3170 or or Jim Kovats at or Arleen Kovats at

Tickets are now SOLD OUT!

Griller/Team Entry Form

Cook Info: 

  • 8 Team limit  
  • Ribs will be provided by the STARS Club 
  • Team Sign-up by August 27th 
  • Team Entry fee: $50 (includes 2 dinners) 
  • Pick up ribs on Thursday, September 1st
  • Each team will receive 9 slabs  
  • Each team must be ready to serve ribs by 4pm  
  • Warming trays will be provided at the Clubhouse 

Cooking Rules: 

Ribs will be provided to the teams by the STARS Club. Prep ribs off-site.  

Each team must supply their own ingredients, tools, and any other materials needed. Ribs can be cooked in the Clubhouse area using either your own grill/smoker, the grills in the Clubhouse area (if available), or the large RRA charcoal grill will be available for cooking or warming.   

Our 2021 Winner Ken Clark of Team Smokin Pyro with STARS members Jen Addair, John Watt, and Barb Buckley

July 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held their monthly Meeting on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at the clubhouse with the following directors present, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Bob McClintock, Louise Lisac, Rick Brothers, Rory Marshall and Jeff Grosse.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and Cheryl Fain gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Pat Sowry called the roll. The June Meeting Minutes were approved.

Bob McClintock reviewed both the April and May Treasurer’s Reports, and both were approved in separate motions.

Scott welcomed everyone and reminded those present that our second concert will be held tonight at the Kathy Crandall Pavilion. Food will be available from the Little Red Food Truck.

Village Liaison, Steve Kaufman spoke next to give members an update on the status of the water issues that were faced this past week. Several small hydrant leaks were found on the West side of the lake as well as two malfunctioning cla-valves, which caused the water tower not to fill. These are currently being operated manually and will be further addressed this coming week. Steve thanked all those who assisted in trying to help find the source of the problem. The RRA maintenance department, Emergency Preparedness Club, the Volunteer Club the Pickleball Club members and many residents all assisted our village utility staff in trying to locate the cause of the leak. He assured everyone that the water tower is currently full and functioning. Due to this issue, hydrant flushing has been postponed. Steve also advised us that he has been working with Windstream to secure lower internet rates for our community.

Under Legal, Louise reported that there are no current legal issues.

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported that she and Pat have reviewed delinquent accounts and letters to those with past due balances will begin to go out next week.

Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that the first lake treatments appear to have been successful. Aqua Doc will continue to monitor the lake to see when and if a second treatment will be needed. Weekly testing continues and toxin levels continue to be low. Lake Management is working on a plan to reduce the nutrient load, which will in turn reduce the algae. High phosphorous levels create more algae. He has recently met with both Ashtabula Soil and Water and the Nature Conservancy and will keep us updated on his progress.

Rory reported for Lake Safety that we are extremely pleased with the job our Lake Patrol is doing this season. Members are becoming aware that if they are in violation, they will be stopped and cited if they are creating an unsafe situation or if they do not display current RRA boat stickers. Our biggest problem is with guests using members’ watercraft without being aware of our lake rules and proper instruction.

Marie Kaufman reported for Board of Review that they met to discuss a citation that was disputed. The citation was upheld.

Rick reported for Building, Facilities and Amenities that the Pickle Ball courts are very popular. The DJ at the pavilion for last week’s fireworks was also a big hit with members. The vandalism that occurred in a closed bathroom was also discussed. The police are investigating, and we are offering a reward for information leading us to the vandals who destroyed the bathroom. It was also noted that our chip seal project will take place July 18, 19 and 20. Several of the roads from last year’s project will be tested to see if Fog Sealing will cut down on the dust issue experienced last year. A different type of stone, that was unavailable last year, will be used in this year’s project with the hope that there will not be a dust issue. Nadine also mentioned that the board is looking forward to working with the Polar Bear Club making some upgrades to our playgrounds and Louise is working with Jeff to research the feasibility of adding a Dog Park to our community. More information on these plans will be coming in the near future.

Louise reported for Administration and Personnel that we had our monthly employee meeting to review what is happening and do any needed problem solving. Our thanks to our office and maintenance staff. This is their busiest time of year. If you see them, be sure to thank them for all they do.

Both Bob and Jeff reported for the Strategic Advisory Committee. The committee is working on a Myth vs Reality document that will submitted to the board for review as well as their Mission-Vision and Values document. Thanks to the SAC for their hard work in helping us to formulate a roadmap for the future of our community.

In Club Reports, a huge thank you to our STARS Club, especially Barb Buckley, Jen Addair and Arleen and Jim Kovats. The fireworks, 5K and Cornhole Tournament only happen because of dedicated volunteers like yourselves. Thanks also to all who supported these events with their time and donations. Jim Fell reviewed the Fishing Club’s June activities, which included a fishing seminar conducted by Fish Ohio instructors and a Kid’s Fishing Day. Thirty one kids participated and over $1,000 in prizes were awarded to the participants. Jim also reminded everyone to enter the monthly Big Fish of the month contest by having your fish weighed at the Marina. Jim also reported for the Volunteer Club that they will soon continue to stain picnic tables and that volunteers will be needed this fall when the village begins smoke testing the sanitary sewer lines. Golf Leagues meet on Thursday – women in the morning and men in the evening at Hemlock Springs Golf Course. Mindy Fier gave us an update on the Polar Bear Club activities. They hosted an Island Extravaganza Saturday from noon til 3 with free food and a 50/50 raffle. The club donated a new commercial faucet for the clubhouse kitchen and are planning a Children’s Carnival for later in the month. The club will be providing the food for our August 6th concert night and are hoping to work with the board to implement Movie nights at the pool. Mindy also thanked Terri Freeland for her donation of a popcorn machine to the club. Marie Kaufman updated us on the Pickleball Club activities. They are hosting beginner classes and planning a fall tournament. This is one of the fastest growing clubs in our community and a huge thank you to Marie for taking on its leadership.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

2022 RRA Chip and Seal Project

The RomeRock Association will be chip and sealing a selection of its roads beginning next week July 18, 19, and 20th. Note: The start day may change due to weather or the contractor’s other projects. We request that all cars, trailers, and obstructions be removed from the roadway. The Chip and Seal work will be performed by Ronyak Paving.

The following streets will be chip and sealed this year:

East Side

  • Lake Vue – From RT 6 to Belvista
  • Morning Star between each end of Flame Lake Dr

West Side

  • Lode Star
  • Western Star
  • Orwell Lane
  • Morgan Terrace (south of Orwell Ln)
  • Rome Terrance (south of Orwell Ln)

The following streets will undergo a test run of fog seal. Fog sealing is an additional application which extends the life of chip and seal.

  • Lake Crest
  • Eagle
  • Owl Point
  • Peacock Ln
  • Dam Vue
  • Tupelo

When You Feed Geese

By Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

 The Canada Goose is one of the most beautiful animals in the world.  But in recent years, flocks of local-nesting or “resident” geese have become year-round inhabitants of our recreational areas, waterways, and residential areas, where they can cause significant problems.

When you feed geese, you convince them that Roaming Shores has a year-round supply of free, easily-accessible food – too nice a place to leave.  Thus some of these migratory birds have literally stopped migrating.  Winter food shortages used to induce their yearly flight south, but free food handouts from naive citizens and their guests–who think they’re doing the geese a favor–can short-circuit millions of years of evolutionary instinct compelling the geese to stay put.

In actuality, you aren’t doing the geese any favors when you feed them (or any other wildlife).  Bread and popcorn are incredibly harmful to both individual animals and entire populations.  Filled up on junk food, the birds won’t seek out the natural, protein-rich staples of their usual diet, leading to widespread malnutrition and wing deformity in goslings.  Further, biologically unsustainable population spikes lead to the quick spread of Enteritis, Aspergillus, and Avian Botulism, diseases that have killed scores of birds across North America.

Hand-feeding doesn’t just hurt birds.  Unwieldy bird populations are also potentially harmful to humans: goose feces contain E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Cryptosporidium.  Exposure to contaminated droppings can also cause Swimmer’s Itch and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  Feeding (and pooping) usually occurs in the most accessible areas, making a mess of heavily used walkways, lawns, boat ramps, docks and parking areas.  In the Shores, goose poop is everywhere. 

The long-term answer is acting responsibly when we interact with our environment – do not ever, under any circumstances, feed a Canada Goose.  And if you see someone doing it, politely inform them that despite their good intentions, they are actually harming the animals by malnutrition, increasing disease vectors, and preventing them from migrating.  Be Lake Responsible.

Village Wide Boil Alert

7/8/22 Update:

The Village Wide Boil Alert will be lifted at noon today. The issue has been isolated to lines on the West side of the lake. Despite this, the tower is full again and pressure should not be an issue moving forward.

The RRA Pools and Restrooms will be open at their normal time of 10am today.

Thank you for your patience and thank you to the RSV Utilities crew for working around the clock to address this issue.

From RSV Utilities: A Boil Alert has been issued for the entirety of Roaming Shores. There is a suspected water leak in our Village which has nearly depleted the water in the water tower. The Utility Dept will be attempting to isolate the issue by shutting off water to different areas to test pressure. You may notice a loss of pressure at your home.

Please keep an eye out for surface water. If you notice any, please immediately contact the Village of Roaming Shores at 440-563-3132.

Thank you

From the RRA: Due to the water leak and boil alert that is currently impacting Roaming Shores, the Pools and Restrooms will not be opened until the problem is found and repaired. The beaches are still open for use. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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