Have Used Motor Oil?

Did you know? Roaming Rock Marina accepts used motor oil for free! There is no limit. If you have any questions, or would like to contact the Marina, their phone number is 440.563.5662.

Clubhouse’s Player Piano

Update: Thank you to everyone who contacted us! We now know who donated the piano.

The player piano has been a longtime fixture of the Clubhouse. The RRA is seeking any information our Membership may have on the player piano. We know it was donated many years ago, but are unsure by whom.

Please contact the office at 440-563-3170 or
email us if you have any info. Thank you!

Woman’s Self Defense & Awareness Workshop

The RSPD will be hosting a Woman’s Self Defense workshop on Thursday March 28, 2019 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM at the Roaming Shores Clubhouse. Due to an overwhelming response from our female residents in reference to this workshop, the class will be tailored specifically for them.

Please click on the button below for more information and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email rspd@roamingshorespd.org or by telephone at (440) 563-3135.

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th.

Will Roskos
Chief of Police
Roaming Shores Police Department
2500 Hayford Road
Roaming Shores, Ohio 44084
440 563-3135

More Info

2019 Early Bird Drawing #5

The winners of Early Bird Drawing #5 for 2019 and recipients of $300 are Bob and Karen Sobczak (Lot #198)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be for $250. We’re only halfway through our Early Bird Drawings!

In Memoriam: Bob Johnson

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Bob Johnson. Bob was a prominent figure in Roaming Shores for many years and built many of the homes in our community. He served on the RRA’s Board of Directors as President and also served on the Building Committee.

Robert E. Johnson

September 12, 1922 – February 05, 2019

Robert Eugene “Bob” Johnson passed away on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 after a brief hospitalization. Bob was born September 29, 1922 in Andover, Ohio to Wilbur and Laina (Burt) Johnson.

He was a resident of Perry, Ohio; Painesville, Ohio, and Roaming Shores, Ohio, and most recently a resident of Haven Homes Assisted Living in Stow, Ohio.

Read Full Obituary

Boating Education Course

The Rome Fire Department will be be holding a Boating Education Course on Monday, March 11th and Thursday, March 14th. Each course will be 8 hours long and will be from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Both courses will be held at the Rome Fire Hall. The cost is Free!

Anyone born after 1/1/82 is required to successfully complete this course before operating any watercraft over 10HP.

Open to all Departments and Public

Please RSVP to 440-536-6227 or romefire6300@gmail.com by March 3rd

Landscaping Options – Buffer Zones

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

In many cases, lakes located in areas away from human development tend to be clear and clean. However, once humans build homes, and construct docks, the natural state of the land is disturbed. In the 2007 National Lakes Assessment, a study of thousands of lakes across the continental US, lakeshore habitat change was the number one stressor for a lake’s biological condition. In the 2012 Assessment, habitat changes, coupled with increasing phosphorous are major stressors. When we replace porous soil with impervious concrete or asphalt, or remove local plants and trees and replace then with lawns and open spaces, we eliminate nature’s ability to keep bodies of water clean.

So, what can be done? You may have heard the term “buffer zones” or riparian zones. This is an approach where the area between a lawn and the lakeshore is modified by planting bushes and other plant materials that will reduce erosion and filter run-off before reaching the lake. There are numerous articles on the Internet describing the types of plants that are most beneficial and are beyond the scope of this article. In many cases, plants are selected that are natural for the area, to prevent non-native plants from growing out of control and causing a greater problem.

As one travels on our lake, you can see that almost all lakefront properties are unique. The slope of the land, the shape of the shoreline, and the proximity of our neighbors all make for unique situations. Not every situation can add a buffer zone at the shore. However, that does not mean that you cannot help. If one is thinking of making changes to their lawn and shoreline, take a look at the area. Can you use a rip-rap (use of rocks for shoreline control of erosion) instead of a retaining wall? Are there open areas next to your dock that you can have plants run up to the shoreline. If you have a steep slope, can you have a buffer zone before the slope that can filter run-off and prevent the edge from eroding. Think before removing large trees near the shore.

And, you don’t need to just be on the lakeshore to use this approach. Many lots back into a field, creek, ditch, culvert or drain. Run-off from all properties, not just lakefront, eventually winds its way into the lake. Keeping a buffer at the edge of the lawn can help to keep the nutrient levels in check.

There are numerous examples on the Internet where this approach has lead to an improvement in water quality. The Wisconsin Lakeshore Restoration Project is one example. The Portland Water District has a brochure titled “Lakes Like Less Lawn”, which outlines their program for environmental landscaping. So, if you are looking to make changes to your landscaping in the spring, consider the design and see if you can include bushes, trees and other plant material to improve not only your lot but the lake as well.


2019 Early Bird Drawing #4

The winners of Early Bird Drawing #4 for 2019 and recipients of $350 are Bethany and Ed Hurtuk (Lot #1046)! Congratulations!

Next week’s drawing will be for $300. The sooner your Dues & Assessments are paid in full, the more drawings you will be eligible for!

1/30/19 Office Closure

Due to the extreme weather, the RRA Office will be closing at 1pm today. Stay warm, stay safe!

Ohio Boat Registration Renewals

Attention Ohio watercraft owners: Is your boat registration set to expire on March 1, 2019? If so, it’s time to renew!

You can renew Online, by Mail, or in Person.

Ashtabula County Boat Registration Agents:

Haines Marine 6431 State Route 85 E
Andover, OH 44003 (440) 293-5156

Ashtabula License Bureau 858 Lake Avenue
Ashtabula, OH 44004 (440) 964-7665

Geneva State Park Office 4499 Padanarum Road
Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-8400

Pymatuning State Park Office 6100 Pymatuning Lake Road
Andover, Ohio 44003 (440) 293-6030

2019 RRA Decals

2019 RRA Decals are now available for purchase at the RRA Office. When purchasing your decals, you must bring in your boat title and state registration (title proves ownership, registration contains your registration # and valid year). 2019 Dues and Assessments must be paid in full. There has been no change in the price for boat decals.

Remember, we do not register boats that are set to expire this year. Your 2018 RRA decals are valid through April 30, 2019.


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