Mission: Ensure a well-managed, safe, and healthy lake community that will benefit all residents.
Vision: A lake community promotes a relaxed lifestyle, lake health, and inclusiveness for all residents.

  • Unwavering commitment to maintain and preserve THE LAKE.
  • Transparent and open communication between RRA and RSV.
  • Leverage our collective expertise to enhance civic management and community offerings.
  • Active solicitation and respect of all residents’ input in the community.
  • Openness/willingness to look at new and innovative ways to address challenges and opportunities.
  • Commitment to financial stewardship, including lake health, village assets, and amenities.
  • Prioritization of current operating costs and short and long-term needs, fair and equitable assessment across the spectrum of the community, and to seek creative funding solutions and initiatives.

RomeRock Association Board of Directors are voted in by a majority vote of the active membership for a three (3) year term. Directors elections rotate:  2 open seats in 2023, 2 open seats in 2024, and 3 open seats in 2025. Each candidate is voted for independent of the other. The rules governing RRA elections are found in the RomeRock Association’s By-Laws.

Apr 2022 – Apr 2023 Board of Directors

Scott Soble
Term: 2020-2023
Rory Marshall
Vice President
Term: 2021-2024
Bob McClintock
Term: 2021-2024
Nadine Pope
Term: 2022-2025
Rick Brothers
Term: 2022-2025
Louise Lisac
Term: 2020-2023
Jeff Grosse
Term: 2022-2025  


The Board of Directors meets every 1st Saturday of the month at 10:00am at the Clubhouse or outside. These meetings and are open to members in good standing.

To contact the Board of Directors, please use the Contact Us page, email board@roamingshores.org, or write a letter to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085.