Environmental tip of the month — Don’t flush wipes of any kind!

A reminder from the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club
Submitted by Louise Lisac

Please refrain from flushing any type of wipes; even the ones that say flushable.  They have been contributing to problems in many communities and sewer systems have been negatively affected.  It isn’t the design of the sewer systems causing the problem; it’s the design of the wipes themselves.  They are not toilet paper and do not decompose in a reasonable period of time.  They have been linked to blockages in many cities.  Recently our own Shores has experienced an increase of wipes and they have created issues for our lift stations, our systems and our workers. 

You may want to do some research on this topic.  I know I did and I extracted the following from the website:  https://strictlymanology.com/are-dude-wipes-flushable/

I don’t mean to be sexist with this specific website.  It’s just that it had the most down to earth English version of why flushing wipes is a bad idea.  Check out the experiment they initiated to prove it.  Listed below is their conclusion.

“I’m not sure what the “Guidelines” are for flushable wipes, but based on my rudimentary experiment, I’d say that municipalities are onto something when they say their sewage systems are being clogged by these wipes.

One argument from flushable wipe companies is that people are flushing non-flushable wipes, which is the true contributor to clogs.

Again, I’m going to defer to my experiment and say that both flushable and non-flushable wipes can be a contributing factor to these sewage clogs.”

Please reconsider the next time you think of flushing a wipe and don’t.  You can dispose of them another way.  Save our sewer system, prevent inconvenience and needless repairs!  You may also save some problems with your own plumbing systems.  Thanks everyone for your consideration and your participation in the 2019 no flush wipe season!!!!

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