Annual Community Garage Sale 2023

It’s time to start planning for the Annual Roaming Shores Garage Sale! This event will be held 2 days, Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th (Father’s Day Weekend) from 9am-4pm.

If you are planning on participating in the Garage Sale, please fill out the form below. We will add your address to a list with a street map so that visitors will know where to find you. Signs will also be available at the RRA Office that may be posted to your mailbox or at the end of your street.

If you do not want people parking in front of your property, please post No Parking Signs.

Polar Bear Club Garage Sale

The RSPBC is collecting items for the garage sale to benefit the club. If you have items you wish to donate for this sale, please contact Melinda Fier at 330-507-4917

Addresses Participating

(Updated: 6/16/23)

West Side: 
4 Callender Rd    
27 Callender Rd
2217 Callender Rd
45 Roaming Rock Blvd
55 Roaming Rock Blvd
62 Rockaway Dr (RSPBC Sale)
68 Rockaway Dr
99 Rockaway Dr
209 Ashtabula Point
224 Rome Terrace
231 Rome Terrace
240 Rome Terrace
247 Rome Terrace
252 Morgan Terrace
295 Morgan Terrace
350 Rome Terrance
382 Jefferson Point
394 Jefferson Point
410 Geneva Point
413 Geneva Point
425 Jefferson Point
540 Ashtabula Point
600 Oriole Dr
637 Oriole Dr
663 Wren Circle
733 Lark Court
822 Western Star Ct
868 Evening Star
870 Evening Star
873 Evening Star
884 Long Shadow Ln
886 Long Shadow Ln
903 Rome Rock Creek Rd
932 Park Lane
1025 Lode Star
1090 Evening Star
1110 Evening Star

East Side:
1131 Lake Vue
1343 Lake Vue
1355 Lake Vue (Fri Only)
1358 Lake Vue
1359 Lake Vue 
1363 Apollo Ct
1437 Lake Vue (Fri Only)
1447 Lake Vue 
1459 Lake Vue 
1461 Lake Vue (Sat Only)
1475 Belvista
1476 Belvista
1477 Belvista
1527 Lake Crest 
1546 Lake Crest
1562 Lake Crest (Sat Only)
1567 Sugar Creek
1571 Sugar Creek
1578 Sugar Creek
1690 Lake Crest 
1696 Concord Court
1747 Morning Star
1795 Morning Star
1814 Largo
1815 Largo
1832 Morning Star
1839 Morning Star
1856 Morning Star
1872 Morning Star
1931 Morning Star
1933 Morning Star
1942 Morning Star
1954 Calabria Lane
1972 Calabria Lane
1983 Morning Star
2026 South Park Lane
2033 Columbia Ln
2056 N Plaza Dr
2105 North Park Lane (Sat only)
2120 Flame Lake
2142 South Park Lane
2170 Morning Star
2196 Deer Run
2219 Deer Run
2282 Morning Point (Fri Only)
2313 Morning Star
2316 Morning Star
2393 Plum Creek 
2414 Plum Creek
North Side: (Roads off of Hayford Rd)
2503 Tupelo

Goodwill Donations

Didn’t sell everything you had hoped to during the Garage Sales? Goodwill of Northeast Ohio and Northwest PA will have trucks available after the garage sale on Saturday, June 17th to accept the items you were not able to sell as a donation to their organization. These trailers and Goodwill staff will only be available Saturday evening 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Clubhouse (13 Roaming Rock Blvd), RRA Office (1875 US Highway 6), and Village Hall (2500 Hayford Rd). Please see “unacceptable items” linked below. Receipts will be available upon request. Anyone in the Shores is welcome to drop off items.

Review unacceptable items.

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