October 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their October board meeting on Saturday, October 2nd at the clubhouse with Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain, Bob McClintock and Rick Brothers present.  Also present was Pat Sowry.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and it opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the August meeting were approved and Treasurer, Bob McClintock reviewed the August Treasurer’s Report, which was also approved.

Scott advised those present that there were no legal issues to report at this time. He is, however, working with our legal counsel regarding the feasibility of selling an RRA lot to help raise funds for improvement of our infrastructure.

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported that over 60 letters have been sent to members with delinquent accounts during August and September. These letters, sent by both the RRA and our legal counsel, have resulted in about $35,000.00 in payments made to date. Some accounts were paid in full, while others have set up payment plans with the association. The association will continue to monitor all such accounts and if payment is not made, turn them over to our legal counsel for collection. It is not fair to those who pay their dues and assessments to allow these accounts to remain delinquent.

Under Lake Management Dave Ernes explained that the Vodoguard C treatment worked well on our lake this summer. The delay in obtaining the necessary permit also delayed the lake treatment. A spot treatment was attempted later in the summer with mixed results. Now that dredging has begun, samples are being taking to determine the effect that dredging has on the phosphorous levels in our lake. Please remember this this was a test year. Many residents are unhappy that dredging did not start until after Labor Day but this needed to be done to determine what our dredging policies should be going forward. Dave also reported that communication with residents will hopefully be improved next season. He was extremely pleased that toxin levels were much lower this year and algae blooms appeared much later. We are trying to accomplish two things, improve the health of the lake and complete the necessary dredging. More information will be available as soon as the testing results are reviewed.

Lake Safety –Rick reported that thankfully there were no incidents causing injury on our lake over the summer. Both he and Rory are grateful to our Lake Patrol. We had staffing issues this year, along with many other businesses, and hope to be able to increase our Lake Patrol presence on the lake next summer, as well as have a police presence on the lake. Both 2020 and 2021 classes for our police officers were cancelled due to COVID. Remember though that safety on the lake is everyone’s responsibility. Please read the lake safety rules and be sure anyone who uses your watercraft are properly trained to operate it.

Under RRA-RSV Liaison Cheryl reported recent developments from Village Council Meetings. Mayor Jennie also thanked those who attended last week’s meeting and reminded them that there is a special meeting on Tuesday, October 5th to discuss the village recycling site.

Yvonne Gibson reported that Board of Review has no current cases.

Under Building and Facilities Bob reported that upgrades to the bathrooms at both pools are being looked into. This was one of the priorities from our recent amenities survey. The pump house at pool one will also be replaced. It is the original pump house and much too small to house our necessary equipment. Scott also reported that the Kathy Crandell Memorial Pavilion is nearly funded, all through donations. Construction will begin as soon as materials from vendors are delivered. It is our hope to schedule our first concert in June, 2022.

Under Administration Nadine reported that she Scott and Bob met with Maintenance Supervisor Randy Rubel to go over his requests to be included in the 2022 budget. They also met with Jen Addair and Pat Sowry to discuss and updates planned for next year. They try to meet with employees each month to review any issues or concerns that may have arisen.

Under Amenities Rick reported that the Pickle Ball Club has become very active. They are using the basketball court at Sunset Park to play several times weekly. Rick will be working with Bob to develop a plan to upgrade the bathrooms at the pools. Nadine also noted that the contractor hired to resurface the tennis courts failed to begin the project after several weeks of promises. Randy will reach out for quotes after the first of the year so we can schedule a reliable contractor to do this project early next spring. Once completed it will have one tennis court and two pickle ball courts.

Cheryl reported that the Community Preparedness Club worked with Police Chief Roskos and several hundred volunteers at an event to package meals for those in need. Cheryl even was on Channel 19 when they covered the volunteer event.

Dawn Longo reported for the Environmental Advocacy Club. She reported that there were nearly 40 members at the August 14th meeting. The EAC is working closely with Lake Management to improve both the health of our lake and our dredging capabilities. She noted that it will take time to develop the long range plan but is encouraged by what has been accomplished so far.

Under New Business the board passed a Resolution removing Nicole Swinteck from the Board of Review at her request and adding Glenn Jackson, Cindy Massey and Marie Kaufman.

Several members in attendance voiced their displeasure at the late start for dredging at the South end of the lake. Dredging was begun after Labor Day this year in an effort to see the effect it has on phosphorous in the lake. Scott explained that this was a test year and the maintenance department will continue dredging there this year as long as weather allows.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, November 6th at 10 a.m at the clubhouse.

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