Lake Management: What’s Happening

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

No one can deny that this has been an unusual year with the Global Pandemic affecting every part of our lives. As consequences of this situation, it has not been possible to report on the activities of the Lake Management Committee (LMC) normally done at the monthly Board Meetings. Therefore, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the activities being conducted in the interim in anticipation for a time when things can get back to ‘normal’.

The first item is that we contracted for the generation of a Bathymetric Survey of the lake. This creates a depth profile of the lake along with a vegetation distribution and hardness evaluation. (Note: This survey was approved and authorized prior to the start of the Pandemic.) This survey yielded significant information for a number of activities. The depth across the lake, in combination with a sediment depth survey conducted last year, can be used to select areas for dredging. The total lake volume that was also measured is necessary to determine dosing levels for any whole-lake chemical remediation efforts, should they be necessary. The resulting three-dimensional map will help to locate optimum sites for the placement of aeration systems, or fountains – two options being evaluated. And the depth can help to illustrate the reason for adherence to no wake areas since a boat’s wake can extend up to ten feet below the water’s surface. It also helps to point out the need to maintain the 75-foot distance from the shore for any boating activities. And our fishermen can locate optimum spots for their excursions.

Second, we continue to monitor the level of bacteria, and algal toxins at the beaches to assess the safety of on-lake activities. The results are reported weekly in the Monday E-blast.

Next, while whole-lake vegetation management is a long-term goal, it is not possible to move forwards on this until the nutrient levels responsible for algal blooms have come into control. This is the reason for the AquaDock program; a more focused program contracted between the company and the individual lot owners. We will be evaluating its positive and negative issues later in the fall once it is competed.

Lastly, we are currently starting a process to evaluate different mitigation efforts for the lake to manage nutrients and reduce algal blooms thereby improving the appearance of our lake. We hope to be issuing articles in the coming months describing these practices, some of which were mentioned above. These articles will present each alternative without any determination as to whether they would (or should) be implemented on our lake. The only criteria is that they have shown to work in the intended application. In conjunction with other resources, we will then evaluate each one, looking for the best option for the long-term health of the lake while being financially responsible.

Now is also a good time to look at your property to make sure you are a good steward for the community as a whole. Also pay attention to your behavior on the lake while boating to insure that all residents can enjoy this unique advantage. So as always…


Lake Dam Status

Lake Level Updates:

Current Valve Status: Open

Reason: Lake is being lowered a couple inches for algae treatments the week of June 14th

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