Maintaining a Tree Canopy

Cheryl Fain – Lake Management Committee

The Five Ws are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving. The problem is how to keep our lake healthy. Let’s consider a tree canopy.

Who: You, who are reading this article. Your actions can keep our lake healthy.

What: Trees, a critical part of a Buffer Zone or Riparian Zone. Plant them. Keep our lake healthy.

Where: Here, at Lake Roaming Rock. Keep the trees that are there or if there are none, plant some. Keep our lake healthy.

When: As soon as possible. Today. Tomorrow. Keep our lake healthy.

Why: The tree canopy becomes part of the natural filtration system for our beautiful lake.

We must curtail removing them from our lots. Instead, leave as many trees as possible, as their roots become filters for nutrients and silt. Plant them, especially the ones that are part of our North East Ohio ecosystem. Even though warnings are out there that our climate change has already started to influence the types of trees that can be sustained in warmer weather. Here are some suggestions that do well: Bitternut Hickory, Black Oak, Black Walnut, Bur Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, and Scarlet Oak. I found this information on the Holden Arboretum web page. They list “New Neighbors” which will adapt to the weather changes. They also list the endemic trees that are in trouble. It’s also important to remember that trees not only release oxygen but also consume carbon dioxide.

Sometimes, a sixth item is included with the 5W’s.  

How: Do not remove all trees from your lots. If possible plant trees as part of your buffer zone from the watershed that surrounds our lake.

[Chairman’s note: If you have vacant lots, remember that if you clear a lot, and you do not start construction within two weeks, you must plant grass, as stated in part of the Village Ordnance on erosion control.]

Love the lake and be lake responsible. And Keep our Lake Healthy.

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