October 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held their monthly Meeting on Saturday, October 1, 2022 at the clubhouse, with the following directors present: Nadine Pope, Scott Soble, Bob McClintock and Jeff Grosse.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Jeff Grosse gave the invocation and Scott led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pat Sowry called the roll. The September Meeting Minutes were approved.

Bob McClintock reviewed the July Treasurer’s Report, which was approved.

Scott welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.

Under Legal, Scott reported that there are no current legal issues.

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported that thirty additional collection letters were sent out this past week. Funds are still coming in but at a slower pace. We will be contacting our legal counsel to do follow up letters to some members with delinquent accounts who have not responded to previous letters.

Scott Soble reported for Lake Management that testing has ended for the season. The Fish Survey has been completed by Jones Fish and results will be published as soon as Dave Ernes, Aqua Doc and Enviro Science have had a chance to review the findings. Bob McClintock reported that he and Scott have met with our maintenance employees to review dredging procedures and come up with ideas of how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. Our Maintenance Supervisor, Randy Reubel will be working with the employees and board to develop a three year dredging plan. We are working with very old equipment and part of the discussion included what type of equipment we should be looking at using. We will, however, need to work within the 2023 budget guidelines.

Nadine reported for Lake Safety that we are extremely pleased with the job our Lake Patrol has done this season. Director, Rory Marshall has spoken with Lake Patrol Members to get their input concerning the past season. Chief Roskos will be meeting with the board regarding plans for a police presence on our lake next year. Jim Fell gave a brief overview of the boating season and advised us that Lake Patrol focused on training and safety instruction whenever possible. Jim stressed the need to improve our ability to respond when boaters need to be towed or run out of gas.

Steve Kaufman, our Village Liaison, reported that council is continuing the search for a candidate to fill the Village Administrator position. He is very pleased with the Windstream high speed internet service which was recently completed. He also reported that the lake will need to be lowered about two feet this fall in order to conduct repairs to the dam.

Under Board of Review, Mike Peterson had nothing to report.

Jeff reported for Building, Facilities and Amenities that he and Nadine met earlier today to get a preliminary plan for upgrades to our playgrounds. Playground equipment geared for the younger children in our community would be a good addition. Jeff will get some options and cost estimates together and we will meet with Mindy Fier from the Polar Bear Club to get their input as well. We would like to use rubber mulch as a base under the new and existing equipment. There are several trees that will need to be removed and the existing equipment will be cleaned. Scott reported that we are also looking into a Splash Pad to be located on the grassy area next to the kiddy pool.

 Administration and Personnel Nadine reported that we met with our employees yesterday to discuss items that will need to be included in the 2023 budget. The staff and directors will be focusing on reviewing our potential income and expenditures for 2023. Things are running smoothly in our office while Jen continues her maternity leave. Our thanks to Pat and Wendy for all of their efforts. Elizabeth (Ellie) Mae Addair was born on September 12, 2022. We were lucky enough to meet her in person when Jen and Tom stopped in at the office on Friday. She is absolutely adorable.

 Club Reports: Nadine reported forthe Polar Bear Club that they will be sponsoring a float in the Halloween Parade supporting the Police Levy. Mindy is looking for teens who would be willing to help with the float. She also let us know that a few tickets remain for tonight’s Clambake. Marie Kaufman updated us on Pickleball Club activities. The club has a new email address shorespickleball@gmail.com. Play will continue as long as the weather is favorable. It has been noted that residents have been allowing their pets on the court. Rules posted on the fence prohibit animals from being on the court. Please follow the posted rules and help us keep the court in its’ current condition.

Under New Business, the board passed a resolution amending the Standing Rules. It will read that the Directors will meet on the first Saturday of each month or at other times approved by the Board of Directors.

The board also passed Resolution R1-1022 which authorizes the Board of Directors to place Police Levy signs on RRA Properties and includes support of the levy in electronic communications.

The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

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