Fireworks Update

Louise Lisac – President RRA Board of Directors

This past week there was a flurry of activity on social media questioning the reasoning and the communication previously provided regarding the postponement of our Fourth of July Fireworks.  Listed below is what I posted on facebook in response.  I feel it important to share with those of you who are not facebook users.  In addition, the question was asked?  Are the fireworks going to take place on Labor Day?  The answer to that is “if possible”.  It is dependent on what is happening with the pandemic and what restrictions may be in place.  The same process will be in place to make that decision.  Joint discussion with the RRA Board, the Stars Club (who sponsors and raises funds for this event), the Roaming Shores Police and the fire department.  Safety of our community will be our number one priority.  We will communicate whatever the decision is once it is made.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope the world is opened up a bit more by summers end.   

Fellow Neighbors, 

I was just elected by the RRA Board as President of the Board of Directors.  I normally do not respond to facebook dialogue but, in light of all the comments regarding cancellation of the fireworks, let me take ownership of the decision.  Any blame can be put my direction.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you so choose.  It is not because I hate fireworks but because I love this community.  Yes it was a group decision based on many hours of conversation between the RRA Board, The Village Police Department, our local fire department and the Stars Club which sponsors the show.  The entire community worked together on this one and will continue to work together going forward regarding areas and issues that affect all.  Not one person involved in this decision was anxious to cancel them.  We all tried to find a way that would keep everyone safe and in line with pandemic risk mitigation.  It just wasn’t there. 

DO NOT BLAME THE FIRE CHIEF, ED KOZIOL FOR THIS DECISION!!  It this was interpreted, please accept my apologies for that error.  There was discussion of obtaining a permit and the difficulty it would present but Ed never said “he wouldn’t sign it”.  

Was it an easy decision?  Absolutely not.  Was it the right decision based on our pandemic situation, I believe it was.  Am I disappointed as a resident?  Certainly.  Am I comfortable as a community leader that it is the right decision for the community.  YES.    Can I say with certainty that if the fireworks were held there would be a problem with the pandemic or crowd control.  No.  I only know that we are far from the only community that has postponed or cancelled their fireworks for the year.  It was our understanding that all other fireworks scheduled in the county were cancelled.  Based on this the potential increased traffic went into the equation. 

Was the community intentionally mislead regarding the reason.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!   We are not in a finger pointing game nor are we on any power trips.  We are not professional politicians or communicators.  We are all simply your neighbors who are trying to donate our time, energy and talents for the betterment of this community.  Believe me, there are no power trips, money or anything else of value except knowing you are giving back for some of the blessings we have received in our lives.  It’s called “doing the right thing”.   

Your community leaders are no better or no less than each resident who lives here.  We will continue to make tough decisions as required.  Some of you will like them.  Some of you will not.  I ask each and every resident to consider volunteering your time the next opportunity presents itself to serve.   You can blame me if you want.  You can thank me if you want.  You can vote me out of office .   It doesn’t matter because I know in my heart the intentions of all who participated in this decision were totally focused on what is best for this beautiful community and the beautiful people who live and play here. 

Open communication, spirited debate, strong dialogue are all part of what makes a good community better.  What goes a long way with that is respect.  I’m asking everyone, myself included, to make respect part of our activity and actions each and every day and with each and every communication. I also ask that you celebrate this Fourth of July and remember how lucky we are to live in a country and a community that we are free to express ourselves. 

Thank you. 

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