August 2021 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held their August board meeting on Saturday, August 7th at the clubhouse with Rory Marshall, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain, and Rick Brothers present.  Also present was Pat Sowry.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and it opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved and Scott Soble reviewed the July Treasurer’s Report, which was also approved.

Scott advised those present that members from the board, Lake Management and the EAC met on Friday with representatives from Lake Latonka which is located in Pennsylvania. They were interested in reviewing what we were doing to improve the health of our lake as they have been having similar issues. They are also working on formulating a long term plan to improve their lake health. Representatives from both lakes shared ideas and reviewed what was being done. Scott also shared that although we are beginning to see spots of algae on our lake, it may be too late in the season to do a second VodaGuard C treatment because of the time span needed between treatments. Dredging will begin after Labor Day and this will stir up sediment and probably increase the algae. Our Lake Advisor will work with Lake Management to determine if a second treatment will be needed. Scott also explained that Bob McClintock will be checking into getting recommendations and estimates from contractors for refurbishing the bathrooms at beaches 1 and 2. Based on the study done by our Strategic Advisory Committee, we need to look at improving existing amenities.

Under Standing Committee Reports Scott advised us that there are no current Legal issues. Under Financial and Collection Nadine reported that our legal counsel has sent registered letters to many of our members with delinquent accounts. Several have already made payments and we are working out payment plans for some members.

Under Lake Management Dave Ernes reported that lake toxins are still low but bacteria levels are higher, probably due to rainfall and heat. These levels do vary daily however. Duane Helms, Village Administrator, had the county check our lift stations to be sure none were leaking and contributing to the bacteria problem. There were no leaks found. We are trying to determine the best way to provide signage and information concerning toxin and bacteria levels to members both in our eblasts and at the beach locations. Dave would also like to have members inform lake management if they see a problem area of algae on the lake and also about coves or areas with large deposits of sediment.

Lake Safety –Rory reported that we are still looking for help with lake patrol. Thankfully we haven’t run into any serious problems to date. We are trying to determine a system that will allow members to report violations when patrol is not on the lake. One suggestion is to take a photo with your phone and as long as the lot number on the watercraft is visible, the offender will be contacted regarding any disruptive or dangerous behavior. First offenders usually only receive a warning, depending on the offense. Remember though that safety on the lake is everyone’s responsibility.

Under RRA-RSV Liaison, Cheryl reported that she is once again attending meetings at the village. Village Council welcomed new council member Sally Fell. She reported on the new parking regulations and no parking zones that have been put in place. No more than 25% of a vehicle should be parked on the road surface and no parking zones around dangerous curves have been marked.

Board of Review is seeking one new full time member and one alternate. Interested members can call the RRA Office at 440-563-3170.

Under Administration, Nadine reported that she and Scott met with our new part time office employee Wendy and reviewed her cross training with both Pat and Jen so both have coverage when needed. Wendy is a welcome addition to our office staff.

Under Amenities – The board is going to be evaluating what is needed to upgrade the bathrooms at pools 1 and 2. As said earlier, Bob McClintock will be setting up meetings with contractors. Rick reported that he will finalize information regarding vending machines to be placed near the clubhouse so they can in place in the spring.

MRH paving has completed the paving of the basketball court but has not done the promised work at the tennis court. UPDATE – Randy Ruebel contacted MRH once again and was told they were not able to secure the material needed at this time. The board felt that this continued postponement of the project was taking it too late into the season. The board will contact vendors to complete this project early next spring so the tennis court and pickle ball courts are ready for play for the entire season.

Cheryl Fain reported that the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club will be meeting as needed.

Scott Soble read Barb Buckley’s STARS Club report. The Wine Bus Tour for the 21st has sold out with two full busses. Teams are still needed for the Rib Cook Off on September 4th.

Dave Emick reported for the Fishing Club that no one entered the contest for the largest fish caught in July. Hopefully there will be entrants for August.

Dawn Longo reported for the Environmental Advocacy Club.  Dawn invited everyone to attend the EAC meeting at the Bridge Pavilion on August 14th at 10 a.m. She is pleased with the progress that the board, EAC and Lake Management has made working together.

Jim Fell reported for our newly formed Neighborhood Volunteer Committee that the group is working on an “Adopt a Flower Box” program to help beautify the boulevard. They are currently evaluating the cost for construction of the boxes and hope to have this plan in place in the spring of 2022. Jim also reported that he has spoken with Randy to come up with a plan for refurbishing picnic tables.

Marie Kaufman reported for the Pickle Ball Club. There are over 40 members currently using the basketball court at Sunset Park for open play.

Under New Business a resolution was passed authorizing the Board of Directors to secure a line of credit for the association with Middlefield Bank.

Kathy Crandall Memorial Pavilion – Members of our community are currently conducting a fundraising campaign that will enable us to build an entertainment pavilion near the lake. When finished, it will be able to house concerts, movies and many other functions. The site has been leveled and trees removed. Construction is very close to being able to begin. If you would like to donate through the GoFundMe campaign, please go to

The next meeting will be on September 11 at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse.

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