Odor Investigation

We have investigated the sewer-like odor south of Spanish Cove and found that it seems to originate south of the Route 6 bridge on Dodge Road adjacent to Rock Creek. We do not know the identity or source of this smell but would strongly suggest that you avoid contact with the lake, especially south of the No Wake Buoy, until we can identify the source. The appropriate government agencies and lake advisors have been notified and will be on the lake Monday. The EPA will be out investigating tomorrow.

9/28/23 Update:

Samples were collected both north and south of the Route 6 bridge.  An EPA representative, in conjunction with our consultants, helped to evaluate the situation. The following is what we currently know.

1) The odor and sheen does not appear to be related to any sewer or waste discharge. It is instead the result of the accumulation and decay of aquatic vegetation and algae south of Spanish Cove and extending south of the bridge. This was aggravated by the stagnant water due to the unprecedented dry spell. 

2) The decay has also resulted in a depletion of oxygen in this area. Continuing south about 1200 feet along Rock Creek from the bridge, oxygen is restored and no further issues were observed.

3) The low oxygen is responsible for the dead fish and snails that have been recently reported in this area. They were also observed south of the bridge.

4) The algaecide treatments are not related to these problems as the affected area in our lake was not directly treated this season. Low water levels after the June drawdown prevented boat access to the lake south of Spanish Cove. The area south of the bridge was never treated. Additionally, test data showed the copper level in this area to be below detection limits. 

We are currently investigating options to mitigate the current conditions. More will be reported once plans are in place. 

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