Turn Your Lights On!

Lake Safety Committee
By: Bruce C. Bower

 At sunset, you are supposed to turn on your vessel (boat) lights. This is not a request, it is a State Law and common sense. There will be some tough concepts coming, so bear with me. At sunset (which is when that big fiery ball goes below the horizon, where the sky seems to meet the earth), you are posed to turn your lights ON. Now then, you should have two lights on the bow (the front), one green and one red, (as in Christmas colors, oops not PC). And to make this more difficult, you should have a white one on the stern (the stern is the end of the boat where the engine is, you know that noisy thing ) all at one time! Three lights: one red, one green and one white. Here’s another twist, how about checking these important lights to make sure they work, scary huh?  

 Now for the jet jockeys, it’s simple, you get off the lake before sunset. So when it’s dark, you are supposed to be home. Upon close examination, you will see that there are NO light switches on your dashboard. Another clue as to when it is dark, is that you can’t see the people shaking their fists at you, from the shore. This is because you are not supposed to be on the water when it’s dark, setting up an opportunity to kill yourself or innocent others. Oh, if you are interested, the time of sunset changes every day, so look it up on your google machine and you will be highly amazed.

 If this rant was too non-PC for you, just wrap the garbage in it and give me a call with your suggestions or criticisms, in order to try and attain safety and civility on our Lake.

Carry on smartly and safely,

Bower out           cell 216.906.2301

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