February 2024 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held a meeting on Saturday, February 3, at the clubhouse with the following directors present: Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Rory Marshall, Jeff Grosse, Rick Brothers and Mark Dougherty. Also present was RRA Office Manager, Wendy Carley.

Vice President, Rory Marshall called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and the invocation was given by Wendy Carley, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rory welcomed everyone.

Minutes from the December 2nd meeting were approved and Jeff gave the quarterly Treasurer’s Report for October through December, 2023, which was also approved.

 Standing Committee Reports:

Legal: Scott let us know that we have no pending legal issues. Nadine reported for Financial and Collection that we are continuing to work with our legal counsel to find a method to settle many of our long standing delinquent accounts. Our new computer system will be able to automatically notify residents with delinquent balances and add late fees. Scott reported for Lake Management that we are looking into an algae monitoring system that will allow us to pinpoint the optimal time to treat the lake. We are continuing to evaluate use of a peroxide based treatment to work with the copper based treatments we have previously used. The copper levels are very low but we want to avoid continued use without at least alternating with another product. The peroxide treatments are more expensive and potentially will not last as long, but may be tried on a trial basis. We are also looking into use of solar powered ultrasonic buoys to determine the potential cost and effects.

Lake Safety: Rory reported that our committee has been working on revising and clarifying our lake boating regulations. We are continuing to work with the village to have a police presence on our lake next summer. The focus of both our Lake Patrol and our Police Officers is to educate boaters to keep our lake safer for everyone out there. We are still working out contract details. Steve Kaufman, our Village Liaison, told us that the council is working on seasonal weight limits for 24/25. The Council will be considering an ordinance to prohibit scavengers from taking items from other residents’ trash. Marie Kaufman reported that there is one new case that was brought to the Board of Review and the citation was upheld. Under Building, Facilities and Amenities, Scott reported that the maintenance department has purchased a 2012 Komatsu track hoe that will replace one of our 1980 John Deere track hoes. It has very low hours and was purchased for $93,000. Similar machines can cost up to $250,000. The maintenance department has removed all the old chain link fence in the club house area. The fencing along the lake will be replaced with black chain link. Nadine also reported that we are looking at replacing the broken post lights in the clubhouse area.

Under Administration/Personnel, Nadine reported that the office staff is making good progress going through old files and updating all accounts in the new computer system. The Strategic Advisory Committee has completed their assignment to gather information and put together the new Building and Maintenance Committee. We want to thank them for all their work putting this committee together and the members for volunteering to serve on the committee. Joe Eardley, Jim Fell, Marie Kaufman, Patricia Wilson and Mark Vinick have already held their first meeting and have hit the ground running so they are ready when this spring’s building season arrives.

Under Club Reports: Marie Kaufman reported that Pickle Ball Club is waiting for spring and continuing to play at Spire Institute. Bree Bodish, new president of the Polar Bear Club, reported that their focus is on the Polar Bear Plunge to be held March 9th. Be sure to check out their new web site at rspolarbearclub.org.

We received members comments concerning river otters on the lake, lowering of the lake and property assessments for on lake members.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

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