August 2023 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held a meeting on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at the clubhouse with the following directors present, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Bob McClintock, Jeff Grosse, Rick Brothers, and Mark Dougherty.

President, Bob McClintock called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and the invocation was given by Jeff Grosse, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Bob welcomed everyone and introduced our new board member, Mark Dougherty. Mark and his wife Janet have been Roaming Shores residents for seven years and Mark is currently Treasurer of the Polar Bear Club. We know he will be a valuable addition to our board.

Minutes from the June 3 meeting were approved and Treasurer, Jeff Grosse gave us a financial update. Figures given were from January, 2023, through July, 2023. This report was also approved. Beginning with our October meeting, quarterly reports will be available for members. It is important to remember that most of our income is received before May 1 of each year, while expenses continue for the rest of the year.

 Standing Committee Reports:

Legal: Scott let us know there are no pending legal issues. Nadine reported for Financial and Collection that our conversion to our new and improved computer program is nearly at the point where past due statements can be printed. Late charges have been added to the accounts and as soon as statements can be sent out, more collection procedures can be started. Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that there have been low testing numbers to date this summer. Rain events can cause bacteria levels to temporarily increase. Our fish stocking permit has finally been received and Jones Fish was able to stock 100 lbs of golden shiners in Plum Creek. This fall an additional 300 lbs. will be stocked to help feed our larger fish throughout the winter. Lake Management is working to improve the aesthetics of the south end of the lake by replacing the weeds with more attractive plantings, such as purple pickerel. A test planting has been done to see if they will take hold. We need to keep vegetation to maintain a buffer zone for our lake. Dave also let us know that the green algae that is annoying residents this year is non toxic unlike the blue green algae that we have been treating.  Bob added that dredging is going well and currently being done on Sugar Creek. We are attempting to make up for time lost while waiting for our permit. Lake Safety: Nadine reported that our four Lake Patrol employees have been doing an excellent job this season and we hope to have the addition of our police officers on the lake next season. The village counsel and RRA counsel are working together to draft an agreement for both parties. Steve Kaufmann, our Village Liaison, told us that the council is holding a public hearing for an ordinance to control short term rentals on September 5th and is moving ahead with its’ long- range plan to improve our infrastructure. He said that the village is working on boulevard maintenance and smoke testing of our sewer lines will take place on August 22.  Mike Petersen reported that there are currently no issues for the Board of Review. Under Building, Facilities and Amenities, Scott reported that the old play structure at beach one has been removed and the new one will be installed on August 9th.  The structure is geared to the 3-7 year old age group. Nadine thanked Mindy Fier and the Polar Bear Club for their assistance with this project and all they do for the children in our community.

Under Administration/Personnel, Nadine reported that in addition to Wendy Carley being promoted to Office Manager, we have hired two part time office assistants, Dawn Franklin to work on Association accounting and Lisa Morales to work with member accounts. Jen Addair will continue to work part time as our IT Manager and Web Master. Joyce Misinec from the Strategic Advisory Committee reported that she is working with the village Planning Commission to implement a more uniform type of architectural review for our community.

Under Club Reports: STARS  Bob reported that the August 12th wine bus tour is full and four more teams are needed to cook for the September 2nd  Rib Cookoff. Mindy Fier presented the association with a $10,000. donation from the Polar Bear Club for our new playground equipment at beach one. Mindy also reminded us that there will be a picnic and children’s games at Beach 2 next Saturday. Bob thanked Mindy for all she and the club have done for our community and let her know that she will be greatly missed when she and Bryan move to Florida later this year. Bob, then presented her with a bouquet of flowers from the board in appreciation. Both women’s and men’s Golf leagues continue to meet on Tuesday and are always looking for new members. The Community Preparedness Club is looking for volunteers to help with the smoke testing on August 22nd. Please contact Marie Kaufman if you are able to help. Marie also let us know that there will be a short meeting after our meeting this morning to discuss Pickleball. Jim Fell updated us on the success of the Kids learn to fish day and the kids fun fishing day, when prizes totaling $1000.00 were raffled off to the children in attendance. He also let us know that the Couples Fishing Tournament will be held on August 12th.

Wendy advised the board that four letters have been received from residents. The board will review and respond to the residents. There were no questions from residents. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

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