Association Meeting Highlights – Apr 2015

by Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Secretary RRA

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors met on April 2, 2015 with all Directors present except Ron Morris (vacation). Fourteen residents were also in attendance.
Board President, Dell Rogers, warned early boaters of ice that may float beneath the water surface. He asked for candidates to fill an open Board seat and discussed the RRA safety policy regarding the wearing of floatation vests and hard hats for employees when working on water. Dell announced his intention to seek Board approval to set the pool hours of operation at 10AM to 9PM starting this summer and invites interested Members to comment later in the meeting. The Board is aware of a group of ladies who use the east pool for an exercise class from 9AM to 10AM and, to reduce costs, asks they delay start until 10AM. Dell announced that the Board hired Kaman & Cusimano, LLC to help with our collection of bad debts. Also, an auditing firm is being selected to perform an audit of RRA finances this fall.

Maintenance Director Dan Mullins reported that snow plowing and road maintenance consumed much of their time last month. This year the pool houses and outside buildings made it through the winter without damage due to freezing. The roadside debris and potholes are now being addressed. The Maintenance Department finished painting the bulldozer and it looks brand new.

Lake Management Sub-Committee Chairman Tim Langer reported on his committee’s activities to encourage residents to consider minor household changes that have significant positive effects on our lake’s water quality. Residents will also be asked to support his committee’s efforts to convince our elected state representatives to take action that limits the excess nutrients and sediment from entering our streams and lake from our watershed. Village Liaison John Ball, RSV Mayor, reminded us to mark our calendars for the May 2 Spring Clean-up Day and Vendor Expo ’15. Building & Facilities Committee Chairman Jim Swartz described his committee’s search for an architect for building design plans in order to proceed with his committee’s investigation of a permanent RRA Office.

In the Club Reports section of the meeting, Tom Sopko reminded us of this month’s Friends & Neighbors winter dinner at Pasta Oven on April 17 at 6:00pm. This year’s first meeting of the Fishing Club will be on April 6 at the Clubhouse.

The Member Comments section of the meeting included several Members’ comments on their interest in retaining the 9:00AM pool start for their exercise session as well as the late 10:00PM closing. Comments also included an objection to the financial need for the early-bird lottery, information concerning results of the Board’s executive sessions, easement for re-routed sewage pipes, and method of payment for the collection firm. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm. The Annual Meeting of Active Members of the Association will be April 25 at the Clubhouse and the Association Board’s next regular meeting will be on May 7. Hope to see you there!

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