Postponed: Algae Treatment August 16

8/16 Update: Treatment Update

The heavy rains last night prevented us from lowering the lake sufficiently to allow the treatment to proceed. Our EPA permit requires that no water is flowing over the spillway. Therefore, we will be postponing the first half treatment until next week. All restrictions have been lifted. However, since we are observing active blue-green algal blooms, use caution when on the lake and avoid direct contact with an active bloom. Stay safe.

We have noticed the reappearance of blue-green algae. As such, it is important that everyone avoid contact with an active bloom. It is unfortunate that this happened so quickly, but we will try to get the lake treated before the Labor Day holiday. We will need your help and patience. Please note that the algaecide is effective for blue-green algae, but may not eliminate the filamentous green algae completely.
We are scheduling the first half of the whole lake algal treatment for Wednesday, August 16.  This will include the northern end of the lake. The following steps will be done during the first treatment. *Please note that should these plans change, we will let you know as soon as possible. 
1) The lake level will be lowered to comply with the Ohio EPA requirements for this application. The valve is expected to be opened tonight. Please adjust your boat tie downs to accommodate the water level change. 
2) Please turn off all fountains or other devices that agitate the lake water in the application area on Wednesday AM.  They may be turned back on Friday, August 18.
3) The application will be applied during the day of August 16. 
4) Please refrain from any activities on the lake, including boating, jet skis, etc, starting Wednesday August 16 to allow the treatment to be effective and to spread in a predictable manner. Boat traffic may resume on Friday, August 18.  The boat ramp will be closed from Wednesday AM until Friday AM.
5) While the lake is deemed safe following the application, we are closing the beaches Wednesday, August 16, and reopening them on Saturday, August 19, as a precautionary measure. Swimming and other activities involving direct contact with the lake should be avoided during this time. While unlikely, if you observe any undisposed product (a powder with a bluish tint), avoid direct contact and let the office know where it is observed.
6) Do not water your property with water from the lake during this period.
7) If you live in the southern end of the lake, please avoid contact with any active blooms until it can be treated.
While these steps may be inconvenient, they are necessary to insure the best chance for a successful application. The northern half of the lake will be treated in two weeks. A notice will be issued once it has been scheduled.

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