Dog Park Update

There has been a good amount of discussion and opinion sharing on social media recently regarding implementing a dog park in Roaming Shores.  I believe everyone certainly is entitled to their opinions and thank God in our country, we have the right to share those opinions openly without fear of reprisal.  While I respect all the comments made to date regarding feelings on whether a dog park is a good idea or not, I think it important to add some fact to the dialogue and share with all members.  Remember, we are in the developmental stage only.

  1. A dog park is being considered and all aspects being reviewed.No official decision has been made.
  2. Community interest and involvement is needed to make this a reality.Our current staff is not to be burdened with handling maintenance, entry, and complaints.That’s why a “Dog Club” is needed and if the interest is not there it can’t happen.
  3. Certainly, procedures would need to be implemented to reduce the risk of accident and disease.
  4. Locations are being considered.No decisions will be made until a dog club is formed so there is no need for discussion regarding location at this time.Certainly noise, traffic, and convenience to all will be part of the decision.Any decision will be communicated before a park is implemented.
  5. Since our Association owns property such as RRL lots, Dawn Park, Sunset Park, there is no expense for property purchase.It makes sense to utilize our current properties in the best possible way for the most resident use.
  6. No additional liability insurance is needed so there is no additional expense from that front.
  7. Fencing estimates were obtained.We need this to know how much cost is involved.
  8. Dues WERE NOT raised to fund this project.
  9. Funding potentials are donations from veterinary clinics, dog groomers, dog boarders, dog trainers, etc. as well as selling memorial benches and personal donations.Fundraisers are also a possibility.Again, these will not happen if residents are not interested and not involved.
  10. Americans spend more on their pets than anytime in history.Most communities have a dog park.It is a way to recreate and meet people while sharing a love of animals.
  11. The newspaper article was a request on their part after reading of our consideration of this amenity.It shows the human-interest side.It was by no means a hands down approval of the project.
  12. There were individuals who reached out to be involved.An in person or zoom meeting will be held soon to further discuss this initiative.Information regarding the meeting will be shared in the EBLAST.Feel free to participate and verbally share your thoughts while respectfully listening to your neighbors’ opinions as well.

On a side note, please remember those that serve your community as an Association Director do it for only one reason; to serve and help make Roaming Shores a good place to live and recreate.  There is no power or glory involved.  We need diverse opinions and strong dialogue to move forward. We need good financial stewardship, but we need to invest in our neighborhoods and provide amenities for everyone.  There is no one size fits all.  Not everyone will be happy with any decision.  We also need respect for one another whether in person or in writing.  Stay informed, stay involved, go to meetings, and stay committed to Shores Strong.  Be part of the future not the past.

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