Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club (RSCPC) Supports the Police Levy and asks you to do the same!

Please Vote Yes on the Police Levy!

(This is listed as “45.Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Roaming Shores Village” on your ballot.)  It is on the reverse side of your ballot so don’t forget to mark it!!!!

This levy will not be effective until 2021.

We are fortunate to have a very professional and committed police force in our Roaming Shores community.   They contribute greatly to the safety and security of our residents, our property and our roads.  Unfortunately, it costs money to keep and maintain this level of support and coverage. We need to vote yes and support this important issue! 

The new 1 mil levy increase would cost village tax payers; based on a $100,000 home valuation, an additional $30.62 per year or $2.55 per month.  A $250,000 home valuation would cost the tax payer an additional $76.50 per year or $6.37 per month.  I would suggest foregoing a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a breakfast combo at McDonalds, it is well worth the sacrifice if it means maintaining a top rated police force in our community.  Besides it’s healthier too!!!

In 2011 our police responded to 295 calls in the year.  Today they respond to 587 calls on an annual basis.  In 2011 there were 2 full time officers and 4 part time officers who covered our neighborhoods.  Today there are 4 full time officers, 4 part time officers and 1 auxiliary officer providing coverage.  The number of annual hours covered also has increased from 52% to 94%.  This was all done without increasing taxes.  Today our police force is the lowest paid in Ashtabula County.  We risk losing good officers to other locations if we do not pay them fairly.

Our club works closely with our law enforcement team.  We know first hand of both their professionalism and their commitment to each and every resident they serve.  We have seen their compassion to those residents who utilize the wellness check program our police department implemented to ensure our elderly and infirmed are ok and not in need of emergency services.  We have seen their investment in our youth as evidenced in the programs they provide throughout the year.  Just think about the Halloween costume party they are hosting!  We have seen their commitment to the safety of our lake community as evidenced in their involvement with various programs such as the self defense class.  Most of all we have witnessed their partnership with local officials, clubs, committees and fundraisers.  Not every community enjoys such a high level of commitment and community interaction from their law enforcement providers.

Let’s support our police department the way they support us and vote YES on Ballot #45!  Please remember to mark your ballot in support of the Tax Levy.  By ensuring we maintain a top rated law enforcement team within our community means we are more secure in knowing response is close at hand when we need it!  It’s an investment to all who live and play here!!!

Thank you for your consideration.  Please remember to vote!!!  Please remember to support our own men and women in blue who serve us all!!!!

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