January 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Association held their January meeting on Saturday, January 8th via Zoom with the following members present: Scott Soble, Rory Marshall, Bob McClintock, Cheryl Fain, Rick Brothers and Nadine Pope. Also present was Pat Sowry.

President, Scott Soble called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Cheryl gave the invocation. The December minutes were approved. The November and December Treasurer’s reports were also approved. Scott welcomed the residents who had signed in and explained that due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the board felt it would be safer to hold this meeting remotely. He also thanked Jen Addair for setting up and monitoring the zoom meeting.

Scott also reported that construction of the Entertainment Pavilion is well under way and construction will be completed as soon as weather allows. Three concerts have already been scheduled for next summer.

Under Legal, Scott reported that there are no current legal issues

Under Financial and Collection, Nadine reported she would be meeting with Pat to compile a list of delinquent accounts that will either be contacted for collection by our board or our legal counsel. She is pleased with the progress that was made in 2021 and will work with Pat and our legal counsel to continue the collection process. It is unfair to those who pay their dues and assessments to allow some members to not contribute to maintaining our lake community.

Dave Ernes reported for Lake Management that the RFP for the fish survey is being reviewed and will soon be sent out to potential vendors for quotes. The survey will evaluate the fish population as to numbers, species and health. The final water quality report is being reviewed and Dave will be reporting results through articles included in the weekly eblast.

Under Lake Safety, Rory reported that the committee would be meeting with Police Chief Roskos  to discuss the availability of training for police officers, so we can finally have a police presence on the lake next summer. The safety committee will be meeting on Thursday, January 20th, hopefully at the clubhouse. This will be determined and announced prior to the meeting.

Under Board of Review, Yvonne Gibson reported that the board has no current appeals to review.

Under Building and Facilities, Bob reported final numbers for the bathroom updates at Pool 1 and 2 should be available by the end of the month and is hopeful that construction can be completed by Memorial Day when the pools open. Rory reported that there are still leaks around the clubhouse chimney that need to be repaired. Scott reported that Randy is researching options for a different type of stone to be used in the 2022 chip seal project. It packs better and creates less dust. The areas of loose stone are being cleaned up and the contractor will be meeting with Randy to discuss improvements.

Under Administration, Nadine reported that interviews were held last week to hire a new maintenance employee. This is being done in order to be proactive before the retirement of any current employees.  All of our employees must be trained to operate many types of equipment, do equipment repair, landscaping, dredging and plowing; just to name some of their many tasks. We feel it is important to be sure that time is allowed for proper training.

Under Amenities, Nadine reported that Randy Ruebel has already been meeting with contractors for quotations for the Pickle Ball courts. Quotes should be in by the end of the month so a contractor can be chosen and resurfacing can begin in early spring.

Steve Kaufman reported that the Strategic Advisory Committee will be meeting soon to discuss their assistance to the board with setting and achieving both our short and long term goals. As a new member of our Village Council, Steve also stressed the importance of the maintenance of our lift stations. He explained the much time is spent trying unclog the lift stations due to residents continuing to flush items such as baby wipes. These wipes say they are flushable, but they definitely are NOT. Please help us maintain our sewage system by only flushing toilet paper. Repair of these lifts stations is very time consuming and very expensive. He also noted that the third reading of the dog ordinance will be on the 18th of this month and water tower updates will be discussed.

Fishing Club , Jim Fell reported that dues will be raised $5.00 per year to an annual fee of $25.00. Jim also reported for the Neighborhood Volunteer Club that they will begin helping our maintenance department stain picnic tables after they have been pressure washed and dried.

Polar Bear Club president, Mindy Fier reported that the club would be meeting later that day to make plans for this year’s Polar Bear Plunge. They are also discussing starting a scholarship program for students of A-Tech in memory of Tom Zirkle.

Marie Kaufman reported that the Pickle Ball Club has remained active until our recent snow event but will pick up again as soon as the snow is gone. They will have their Spring Social on Friday, April 29.

The board then opened the meeting for Members Comments.

Dawn Longo asked the board about plans for dredging in 2022. Dave Ernes said that the dredging season will be expanded to include targeted areas during the summer season and the effect on lake health will be monitored. The final plan has yet to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.  Again, our thanks to Jen Addair for all of her hard work and expertise at setting up and monitoring this meeting. Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, February, 5th. We will advise members as to whether it will be in person or via zoom.

Nadine Pope, Secretary

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