September Board Meeting Recap

The RomeRock Board of Directors held their September board meeting on Saturday, September 12th at the village offices. This meeting was open to members via zoom and approximately 20 members called in. Quarterly meetings will be held via zoom until the restrictions on in person meetings are lifted. The next zoom meeting will be held in December. Members will be advised via the weekly eblast of the exact date and time.

The meeting opened with Cheryl Fain giving the invocation. We had a moment of silence to remember the victims of 9/11.

Both the August minutes and August Treasurer’s Report were approved. Treasurer, Scott Soble reported that 130 collection letters had gone out to members with delinquent accounts in August. He explained to those in attendance that payment of dues and assessments is essential to the operation of the RRA. Nadine Pope added that response to collection letters has been minimal and the board will need to contact our legal counsel for advice as to how to proceed with more formal collection measures. Members may not be aware that dues and assessments are needed to pay our employees, take care of our lake, maintain all of our buildings and our pools, purchase and maintain all of the equipment necessary to dredge, mow, plow snow, harvest the weeds and patch and pave our 26 miles of roads.

Our president, Louise Lisac, reported that the 2019 President’s Report and Financial statement was mailed to all members in good standing and thanked the office staff and volunteers who aided in getting this mailing ready.

Louise voiced concern over two incidents that occurred at our pools where a gate guard was threatened by a member who was upset with the rules for entering the pools. In both incidences the police became involved. She urged members to show our employees the proper respect and to realize that they are only doing their job by enforcing the rules that are in place. The board realizes that this has been an unusual year but are just glad that the pools were able to be open for our members’ enjoyment. We all hope that conditions will normalize by next summer.

Dave Ernes gave his Lake Safety Report remotely, advising those in attendance about the Nutrient Budget and DNA testing taking place in our lake. We are also working with Lake Blue Technologies to develop a plan to control algae blooms as well as other initiatives that are being researched. Lake Management is working with the EAC to develop a plan to implement buffer zones in RL lots to avoid run off into the lake. They are also working on a program to use lasers to keep geese off the beaches. He wants us to remember to always use best practices when using fertilizers on our lawns and to try to avoid run off into the lake.

Rick Brothers stressed the importance of safety on our lake. It is a member’s responsibility to make sure guests are age appropriate, know lake rules, have training on the watercraft they are using and have the proper state certification to operate watercraft. The addition of a cell phone for the Lake Patrol has aided their ability to respond to hazards on the lake promptly to avoid unsafe situations.

Bruce Bower also reminded everyone that there 6 amber strobe lights positioned on docks around the lake that are activated during NO WAKE situations in addition to the lights at the marina and clubhouse.

The board read several communications from members concerning lake safety, dredging, lake drawdown and the health of the lake. All of these issues are being addressed by the board. Please remember that the board wants to hear from you. We always like to hear positive comments, but we need to hear what is on your mind, good or not so good and we are always open to suggestions. We represent you and we will respond to you.

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