February Board Meeting Recap

February 4, 2021

The meeting was called to order by Louise Lisac at 6 p.m. Cheryl Fain gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary, Nadine Pope called the roll. Louise Lisac, Rory Marshall, Scott Soble, Nadine Pope, Cheryl Fain and Dave Emick were present. Rick Brothers was unable to attend.

Police Chief Will Roskos joined the meeting to discuss lake safety and police presence on Lake Roaming Rock. Once again, due to Covid, the chief feels that water safety training classes for his officers will be cancelled in 2021. Until the officers are certified in water safety, we will not be able have a police presence on our lake. Having police on the water is extremely important to both the chief and the RRA directors. In the event that the classes are once again cancelled, we will spend 2021 doing all necessary preparation, so once the training can be completed, we can have officers on the lake. The Lake Patrol boat will need to be fitted with special radios, signage and lights. We will need to have an agreement between the village and association outlining the use of the Lake Patrol Boat and determine the funds necessary to be budgeted for this project.

The chief also wanted to discuss updated parking regulations in a proposed village ordinance. He reviewed the areas of concern with the board and advised them of the need to ensure that vehicles parked on the side of the roadway allow room for emergency vehicles and normal traffic and that all construction zones are well identified and use cones and flaggers when necessary. The board agreed that these safety measures were necessary. The chief will continue to keep the board posted.

Motion: by Scott Soble, seconded by Cheryl Fain to approve January minutes – all approved

Motion: by Dave Emick, seconded by Louise Lisac to approve the December, 2020 Treasurer’s Report – all approved.

Scott Soble also reported that collections for the month of January were higher than those of January 2020. The board feels the Early Bird Drawing is a huge motivation to pay dues and assessments early.

Legal – Louise Lisac reported that the contract for EnviroScience to act as our Lake Advisor will be signed and returned to EnviroScience on Friday. The board, our maintenance manager, Randy Ruebel and representatives from various committees will meet with EnviroScience via zoom during the week of February 15th.

Financial update – Nadine Pope reported that our legal council has been given an updated list of collection letters to be sent to some members with delinquent accounts. He will also reinstate liens on some of the properties where previous liens have expired. If these properties are sold, then the RRA can recoup some of the delinquent dues and assessments.

Lake Management – Our plan for improving lake health will be formulated with our new Lake Advisor, EnviroScience.

Lake Safety – The next meeting will be February 18th at 5 p.m. Louise advised Rory Marshall that Randy Ruebel will contact him regarding relabeling the buoys appropriately and placement of extra buoys at hazardous curves.

Amenities – No current report but the board would like to schedule a meeting in the near future to discuss items such as the resurfacing of the basketball and tennis courts and upgrading the appearance of areas, such as flower beds and signage.

Personnel and Compensation – The committee met with maintenance manager, Randy Reubel earlier today to review pricing for culvert installations, fees for tree removal from the lake and probable succession of equipment replacement over the next several years. The committee also met with our office staff to discuss scheduling interviews for hiring a part time office employee.

Dredging – The plan for 2021 will be discussed and implemented with our Lake Advisor, maintenance manager and directors.

There were no club reports.

Old business:  none

New Business: Dave Emick suggested installing an ice rink to provide some winter recreation. Better use of open land, not currently being utilized in any way, was also discussed. The board will follow up with this discussion during an upcoming meeting of the Amenities Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Lake Dam Status

Lake Level Updates:
None at this time

Current Valve Status: Closed

Reason: No immediate risk of high water event

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