To Parents of Young Jet-ski Drivers

By Bruce C. Bower
Safety Committee

After all this time and preaching, I suspect that the only words about your young adult pilots that you would listen to are “you are under arrest”. Young adults are young, immortal, and all-knowing. It is your job and your responsibility to your kids and the community to: teach, preach, inform and reprimand them when you throw them the keys! You are RESPONSIBLE for their actions unless they paid 10k for the rocket and are over 21. I see every possible stupid action possible and almost all of these antics are against the law carried out on the skis. Here is a tough concept, you must be driving a THREE PERSON ski if you tow anyone!!!!!! You need one person being towed, one person to watch and one to drive. How about asking your kids what they are going to do when 3 of them saddle up to have fun and you own a one or two person ski? Come on, think of lives in danger, think of your kids!

Ok, now for the so-called adults. What are you thinking when you take your infant child on your ski and wind up eventually going 50 mph while cutting in and out to give the little one a thrill? There is nothing I can write, in a public paper, to answer this question, that would not be edited out. I give up!

Write or call me with your questions or comments.

Bower out        216.906.2301    

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