Association Meeting Highlights – Sept 2014

by Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Secretary RRA

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors met on September 4, 2014 with all Directors present. Approximately 22 residents were also in attendance.

President Dell Rogers reminded us of the changed date for our next Board meeting on 10/9 and asked residents bothered by weeds to remain patient, as the new weed harvester is less efficient. Dell also requested a review of the pool heaters to determine if they need replaced. Tom Sopko reported that, unfortunately, the county’s Land Bank office cannot breakout a list of distressed properties at Roaming Shores from all distressed properties in Ashtabula, but residents interested in a particular property can call the county to check it availability. All liens on Land Bank properties are voided.

Maintence Director, Dan Mullins, reported that we finally received the permits from the Army Corps of Engineers necessary to begin our dredging project. The equipment is currently operational and is moored in Plum Creek where the maintenance crew has made a few practice runs. The staging area will need additional reinforcement. The Crosby-Cook Rd. dewatering site, designed by the Army Corps of Engineers, has be prepared by our maintenance crew and is ready-to-go. Repairs were made to a pool heater and the Skagg lawn mower in addition to installation of 140 feet of new culvert pipe.

The Lake Management committee reported that the HAB algal toxin test results sampled before the holiday weekend continue to be well under the Ohio EPA’s warning limit. The Sediment/Nutrient Control Sub-Committee’s Tim Langer, described the “backyard clean-up” campaign designed to make residents aware of things they can do to improve our lake water quality. A brochure and monthly newspaper articles are currently being planned to start the campaign.

Legal Committee Member Tom Sopko requested review of current billings from the Association’s law firm. Changes were made in the Building & Facilities Committee replacing Rick Gainar with Ron Morris and adding Jim Tatalick under Chairman Jim Swartz. The Committee continues its investigation of options available for a permanent RRA Office.

Promotion Club’s Sally Flash reviewed the month’s activities including the very successful Cardboard Boat Race and invites all to the 10/8 planning meeting and workshop to support next year’s fireworks. The Promotion Club is sponsoring an evening of music with Tom Todd on 9/19 from 7-10:00pm and hopes to see all residents and their families there. Marge Morris reminded us of the last potluck dinner (amazing chili) of the summer at the Clubhouse on 10/3, and Ed Baitt described the Fishing Club’s Annual Clam Bake on 9/14.

In the business segment of the meeting, the Board approved to again attempt lowering the lake until freeze beginning 11/1 with all Directors voting in favor except Dell Rogers.

Member comments and questions included changing the date of the annual Clean-Up Day to follow the annual Garage Sale date, rain barrel promotion, dock set-backs, state registration and lighting on dredging equipment, Board response to Member comments at meetings, sites for a new RRA Office building near the Clubhouse, and the order that coves will be dredged.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43pm. Association Board’s next meeting will be on October 9. Hope to see you there!

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