Annual Member’s Meeting Highlights

by Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Secretary RRA

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors held the Annual Meeting of Active Members on April 25, 2015 at the Clubhouse with all Directors present as well as 65 Members.

Board President, Dell Rogers, welcomed the Active Members and introduced the Directors. Rick Gainar, Secretary, certified the service of notice for the April 25, 2015, Meeting of the Members of RomeRock Association, Inc. and acknowledged the addition of 53 new Members during 2014. Treasurer, John Martin, described a financially healthy association with assets worth almost $2 million and liabilities reduced by $125k during 2014 due to debt reduction. However, our cash reserve, targeted at $200k, dropped to $155k due to the purchase of the bulldozer.

Dell reviewed 2014 activities including, mechanical dredging equipment purchases, a lawsuit, condemned RRA Office building, Clubhouse repairs, Calendar Road culvert project, cell phone tower, scheduled audit, new collections agency, and significant savings due to in-house equipment repairs. Several Members asked questions on expense of the voting process, recycling program, lawsuit update, use of cell tower income, demolition of old RRA Office building, hope for a cleaner lake, and a suggestion to allow fire department to practice by burning old RRA Office building. Major future expenses, according to Dell, include roads, replacement RRA Office building, Clubhouse floor, replacement weed harvester, dredging operations and legal activities for the lawsuit.

Mary Lencse reported that the Ballot Counting Committee counted 134 ballots of which 9 were invalid ballots. Tom Sopko unanimously won the uncontested election.

Carol Delly reported on the Promotion Club’s activities including the July 4th firework program. Marge Morris reminded us of the May 15 Friends & Neighbors potluck dinner at the Clubhouse while Dave Emick, our Fishing Club’s Vice President, described the clubs activities and celebration of the Club’s 40th Anniversary. Debbie Bain announced the May 2 kickoff lunch for the Ladies Golf Club.

Rick Gainar and Tim Langer presented the Lake Management Committee’s plans for 2015, the 2015 Dredge Plan and the Sediment/Nutrient Control Plan for the year.   Sediment/Nutrient Control Committee Chairman Tim Langer reported on his committee’s activities to encourage residents to consider minor household changes that have significant positive effects on our lake’s water quality. Residents were also asked to support his committee’s efforts to encourage our elected state representatives to take action that limits the excess nutrients and sediment from entering our streams and lake from our watershed.

The meeting was officially adjourned at 2:10pm, but Members were invited to stay and visit the booths on Lake Management and the Fishing Club and to enjoy pizza (from Paradise Bay) and snacks (cookies from Cantini’s Village Market). Committee members and Directors stayed for another hour to answer all questions and hear Member comments. A great meeting!

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