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Bruce C. Bower

 Well folks, it’s getting near the end of H2O terror and I wasn’t at the Lake enough to give much to you for this month. As soon as I got settled, it didn’t take long to hear the neighbors telling me about seeing a black and white X2 wake-boat doing donuts, multiple times over multiple occasions, even in traffic. I didn’t see the pilot in action till Sunday. The boat traffic was light, but it’s still our lake, not his to do whatever he wants to do. This X2 was pulling a tube with relatively young children. There were several adults in the craft and they were enjoying seeing the youngsters trying to stay on the tube while Captain X2 made very tight donuts with a WAKE-BOAT. The kids were screaming their delight, and obviously the adults enjoyed watching the kids struggle to say on the tube.

 So who is getting the most joy from this dangerous stunting? Is it the kids who are oblivious to the potential dangers or the parents who are obviously not thinking rationally? Does anyone ever think that a line may snap and allow the tube to go who-knows-where (they were not out in the middle)? Could a run-away tube hit something on shore? Could a snapped line with the forces created by the tight turns whip lash the kids and do God only knows what to a child? The what-ifs can go on, but the point is, who are the adults here?

 My hope is that your neighbors know who Mr. X2 is. Maybe one of them can tell you what I wrote, because I’m sure you don’t have time to consume such drivel. This is a private lake community, but it’s not YOUR private lake. How about trying to follow some sensible rules?

 And I will end with….. we need uniformed police on the lake, with the ability to enforce state laws, ticket offenders and therefore be able to publish a police blotter of offenders who endanger everyone in this Community. Life is good, what are you thinking and why are the rest of us putting up with this crap? As always, if you want to comment, disagree or possibly agree, call me.

Think Safety,    Bower out            216.906.2301

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