Association Meeting Highlights – May 2015

By Tom Sopko, Secretary

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors met on May 7, 2015 with all Directors present. (Note that the Board was one Director short, explained later.)

President, Dell Rodgers, spoke in the President’s Comments about:

  1. The successful Village Trash Day and the successful Village Expo. Both were well attended. Dell thanked the Mayor and Council of Roaming Shores.
  2. For our Board election only one person was running for two spots: Tom Sopko was elected. We will be filling the extra seat tonight.
  3. The Association was represented at the OLCA meeting held at Lake Choctaw. A key item of discussion was on the fact that the Association is subject to the Fair Housing Laws and Regulations. Sunshine Laws do not apply to the Association.
  4. There will be an Executive Meeting after this meeting that deals with a legal issue and an administrative issue.
  5. Dredging will not begin until after preparation for Memorial Day and winter cleanup are completed.

Secretary, Tom Sopko, spoke in the Director’s Comments about Lake Choctaw, location of the OCLA Meeting. Those comments are available on the Association website.

The minutes of the April 2, 2015 Regular Meeting were accepted.

The minutes of the Reorganizational Meeting were accepted. This meeting established Dell Rogers as President, Jim Swartz as Vice President, John Martin as Treasurer, and Tom Sopko as Secretary.

Treasurer, John Martin, delivered the April 2015 Treasurer’s Report and the report was accepted.

Maintenance Manager, Dan Mullins, delivered the maintenance summary:

  1. The maintenance crew completed the winter clean up and are doing some pothole repair.
  2. Our workboat and push boat have been launched in the water and the Security Boat is having some minor engine work completed before it is launched.
  3. The lake buoys have been installed and some logs have been removed from the lake.
  4. We did some landscaping at the clubhouse, and are opening outdoor bathrooms and have started preparing the pools for the Memorial Day weekend opening.
  5. We are planning on having the dredge barges in the water this week.
  6. We completed some modifications to our winches and deck which enable us to move the winches without having to enter inside the barge.

Reports of Standing Committees:

  1. Lake Management: Tim Langer spoke about the sediment committee’s last meeting April 16. The committee will be having different articles written. There is a spring brochure completed. They will be visiting a private lake aeration system. The next meeting is May 21.
  2. Village Liaison: Jim Swartz talked about the RS police having a new vehicle.
  3. Building & Facilities: Jim Swartz pointed out that bids are out for architectural plans for a new office building. The building of a new office is just one of the options being considered; no decision has been made.

Club Reports:

  1. Fishing: June 28 Kid’s Fishing Day; 40th Anniversary of the Fishing Club; 60 members so far, down from 70; June 20 Kid’s learn to fish day.
  2. Friends & Neighbors-Dinner May 15, 2015 6 PM at the Clubhouse, RSVP by Thursday.

Old Business: none

New Business:

Dave Emick was elected to fill the vacant Board Seat. This brings the Board to full strength at seven Directors.

The Water Aerobics Group was voted in as a new club. This club is subject to the Fair Housing Laws requiring that the club be gender and age neutral and not limiting pool use except as to the pool capacity. A MOTION was made to start the new club by Tom Sopko. Seconded by Ed Baitt. All Directors approved.

Member’s Comments:

  1. Property Owner #1133 – thanked the Board for approving Water Aerobics Group.
  2. Property Owner #1133 – question on dredging.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm.

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