RRA Buoy Placement and Use Procedures

April 11, 2023

There has been a proliferation of buoy placement throughout the lake over the past few boating seasons.   Over utilization of buoy marks can become unsightly and leads to additional navigational hazards on our small lake.  

The RRA Board has provided the following guidance to the RRA maintenance department for the upcoming boating season:

  • The primary purpose of a buoy marker is to designate restricted slow and no-wake areas such as coves and fingers.  In most instances, a single buoy marker should be set at the entrance of a cove or finger to designate a no-wake area.  The buoy should be located so as not to protrude into the main body of water beyond the land mass defining the cove or finger opening.   Larger coves and fingers may require additional buoy marks at the mouth and further up stream as a reminder to maintain slow speeds (south end and Plum Creek).   
  • Buoy markers shall also be used to designate slow speed areas near the dam and no-boating areas around beaches 1 and 2.    Buoys may also be set at the discretion of maintenance personnel for marking underwater hazards (logs, sunken object, etc.).
  • Watercraft operating above no-wake speed are required stay at least 75’ from shore.   It is not practical to utilize buoy markers throughout the lake to designate the 75’ requirement.   Members are encouraged to swim in no-wake zones, beaches, pools or other designated swim areas.   
  • Maintenance management should consult with the Board for clarifications or exceptions to the above.  

Members are reminded that the Village ordinances prohibit any floating apparatus or devices 20” from shore; additionally, the Covenants and Restrictions of the RomeRock Association do not allow for these devices without written approval.

Thank you for your cooperation,

RRA Board of Directors

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