Mini Tri is July 2nd – Preregister by June 1st!

***Take advantage of preregistration entry fees and be guaranteed a shirt or tank top by preregistering for the Mini Triathlon by June 1st!***

The Mini Triathlon that was hosted for the 1st time last year for the 50th Anniversary will be back this year! The event, Givin’ it a Tri in the Shores, is now hosted by the STARS Club.

The Race will be held on Sunday, July 2nd. Registration begins at 7am, Race Time is 8am. Registration info below.

This is a family friendly event. The race can be completed as an individual or as a Relay Team of 2 to 3.

Events: The Mini Tri will begin at Beach 1 with a 160 yard swim. From there, a 5.75 mile bike ride through Roaming Shores streets and the Greenway Trail. The final leg will be a 2 mile run. All measurements are approximate. It will all begin and end at the Clubhouse.

Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Individual Male and Female participants and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Team.

Registration: Mini Tri Registration Form Link. Preregister by June 1st to take advantage of discount registration rates and to be guaranteed a shirt or tank top. Pre-Entry Fees – Individual $20, 2 Person Team $30, 3 Person Team $40. Make checks out to STARS Club P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085.

Proceeds from the race will be donated to our local Ambulance Service, Fire Department, and Police Station who will be volunteering at this event.

Click here to view the pictures from last year’s event!

Thank you to our Sponsors!


Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

Kennington Electric
Crandall Connection
C&L Lawn Service, Inc.
Title Professionals, Inc.

Silver Sponsors

Ziegler Heating
Cantini’s Village Market

Annual Meeting – Closing Comments

The Board of Directors Closing Comments
RRA Annual Meeting
April 29, 2017

The RomeRock Association is a Homeowners Association (HOA).  It means that we collectively pay for the operation and amenities.  Roads, pools, pavilions, RL lots are common amenities.  If this is a concept that you can cannot embrace, then maybe, it’s time you look elsewhere for another community to live in.  You bought into this HOA concept when you bought your property.  It is not a new concept instituted by this Board or past Boards.  It was instituted by the Developer in the 1960s before turning the property over to the Association.  The HOA has been in place going on 51 years.  It is a very common practice by this Lake Community as well as others.  This Board is not going to move to an a la carte system of paying for Roads, pools and other amenities; it would be an impossible task.

The Board is charged with doing what is best for the Community.  There are 1300 Members.  Of those 1300 about 1100 are paying dues/assessments.  Attendance at Board Meetings is about 25 Members maximum.  About 2%.  Remember when a couple shows up at a meeting from one address, that is one Member.  When the Board makes a decision, we make it based on what we believe is best for the Community, taking into account the other 98% of the dues/assessment paying Members that are not present at a Board Meeting.  It is a difficult task.  Remember your Board is made up of unpaid volunteers, charged with doing the best we can.  We don’t guarantee to be right every time, but we try, and we do pledge to make decisions for the betterment of the Community, not the betterment of an individual.  We may make decisions that you do not like, but we believe we made the best decisions for the Community as a whole.

The Board has been to several other Lake Communities and this is by far the best.  We here at the RomeRock Association, have a great Manager, great Office & Maintenance Staff, the biggest and best Lake, best pools, best beaches, the best Lake Management group, the best roads, and now the best Office.  There are Lake Associations with better volunteerism, better  funding sources, but there are no Lake communities with: a Lake our size, two pools, two clean sandy beaches, a sand volley ball court, tennis courts, paved pavilions, assorted restrooms, and an ongoing dredging project.  And we now exceed these other Communities with our Office.  You get these things for about $65/month.  The Board recommends that you visit other Lake Communities and compare.

When you leave the Clubhouse today hold your head high:
Your Board has your interest at Heart.
You made a good decision to be part of this beautiful Community.
It’s not perfect, but it is Great.

Want a Great Lawn?

By Dick Hurwitz – Lake Management Committee

Many Roaming Shores residents take great pride in a beautiful lawn.  This is a good thing!  Not only does it add to the beauty of our village, but it also helps maintain or even increase the values of our properties.  In some cases, however, a beautiful lawn may not be such a good things—if the beauty is a result of chemical applications that include nutrients which may be harmful to the health and safety of our lake.  So if you would like a lawn that is, as much as possible, safe for the lake and beautiful as well, try some or all of these suggestions from the April 2016 issue of Reader’s Digest:

Wise Moves for a Lush Lawn

  1. Get tested. “Spending money on fertilizer without a soil test is just guessing,” says Paul Tukey. Good soil is key to a great lawn, and a soil test can tell you what’s in the dirt and what’s missing.  For a test, call your county extension office (a national network of agriculture experts).
  2. Plant clover with your grass. Clover competes with weeds and fixes nitrogen in the soil.  John Bochert, a lawn and garden specialist in York, Maine, recommends a seed mix of white clover, perennial rye (it germinates quickly), fescue, and bluegrass.
  3. Mow high, and leave the clippings. Taller grass provides more leaf for photosynthesis, develops deeper roots, and resists weeds.  The clippings act as fertilizer.  “Lawns mowed at four inches are the most weed-free,” Tukey says.  “If you did only one thing, adjusting your mower height would be it.”
  4. Cut back on watering. Frequent watering leads to shallow roots, so “water once a week if at all,” says Tukey.
  5. Apply compost. “Weeds need light to grow,” Tukey says.  “Spreading compost on a lawn in the spring prevents weed seeds from germinating.”
  6. Listen to weeds… “Weeds are nothing if not messengers,” says Tukey.  “Dandelions are telling you the ground needs more calcium.  Plantains are telling you the ground is too compact and needs aerating.”
  7. …and to insects. Beneficial nematodes, which are microscopic worms, eat some 200 species of insects, including grubs that become Japanese beetles; you can buy them from farm and garden stores.  Mix them in water, and spray them on your lawn.

-Edgar Allen Beem

from Down East

Coyotes in Rome Terrace Neighborhood

5/5/17 Update: The homeowner has been contacted as has a trapper.

There have been reports of a coyote family, including young cubs, spotted around Rome Terrace. It is believed they have a den.

Please be on alert!

Coyotes may come out at any time of day or night. Coyotes are wild animals. Do not encourage or approach them.

Association Annual Meeting – Saturday, April 29th

Saturday, April 29th at 1pm will be the Annual Meeting of the RomeRock Association. The meeting will be held at the Clubhouse. The Annual Meeting is where the Treasurer’s report for fiscal year 2016 will be presented, and the Directors will report on activities of the past year. Refreshments and food will be served at the Clubhouse following the meeting.

Please make an effort to attend as the growth and success of our association depends on the active participation of its members!

After the Annual Meeting and reception, there will be tours of the new Office.

**Please note, the Office will close at 11am on the 29th to set up for the Annual Meeting and will not open until an hour after the Meeting is adjourned.

President’s Comments April 2017 Board Meeting

I want to thank Jim Swartz for filling in for me tonight.  I have some out-of-state family commitments today.

As you already notice, we are having our April Board Meeting and subsequent Board Meetings at the Clubhouse.  Following these meetings will be a social reception for Members the Board.  The Board is hoping that this will promote a sense of Community.  This is to be an opportunity for the Membership to meet other Members and the Board.  Sorry I am missing the first one.

As a reminder, there were only two Candidates for the two open Board Seats.  According to the Bylaws, when the number of candidates equal or are less than the number of open Seats, the Board can suspend the Election by confirming the candidates.  We confirmed the candidates at the March Board Meeting.  The two new Board Members for the 2017 to 2020 period are Jim Swartz and Ron Morris.

Our new business Office is complete and at the old location.  The new Office is in use. A special thanks to Dan Mullins, our Association Operations Manager, and Jim Swartz, our Vice President of the Board for navigating the construction process.  And a further thanks to Dan and Jim along with our office staff, Pat Sowry and Jen Addair, and our Maintenance staff for the transition back to Route 6.

The Annual Meeting will be held on April 29, 2017, 1pm right here at the Clubhouse.  Following the meeting will be a social with other Members and the Board, and then a tour of the new Office for those making the trip to Route 6.

The Board cancelled out of the joint Village-Association meeting in March for what turned out to be a record snow for the area.  We will reschedule after the Board has an opportunity to agree upon potential dates which will be provide to the Village.  In addition the Board will address the Mayor’s suggestion that we have a few representatives rather than the entire Board.

Volunteerism:  I want to thank all the Volunteers that it took to put on several activities over the past several weeks.  The Polar Bear Plunge, Dog Training, Winter Fest,  Friends and Neighbors Dinner, Shores Hold ém, Quilting, and the Fishing Club.  If I missed any I apologize to that group. Hopefully, these activities will continue to increase and our Members will create and/or find activities that interest them.  It is no small task to put on these events and the Board is greatly appreciative of these events for the development of our Community.

2017 Dues and Assessments due on May 1st

Dues and Assessments are due by May 1st. Please note this date! Accounts that are not paid in full by the due date will be charged a late fee of 10%! Invoices were sent out in January. If you did not receive your Dues and Assessments or have misplaced your bill, please contact the RRA Office at 440-563-3170. Not receiving your bill does not exempt you from payment.

All boats in the water and at docks after April 30, 2017 are required to have 2017 RRA Boat Decals affixed. When coming to the office to purchase your RRA Boat Decals, remember to bring both your Title and State Registration!

Payment Options:

Bank Bill Pay:

Many banks offer their customer’s bill pay on their website. You can set the RomeRock Association as a payee. If you use this option to pay your Dues, please make sure that your lot numbers are listed on the check (you can set your account number to your lot number(s)).


You can send your payment via US Mail to P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085. Checks and credit cards/debit cards are accepted. (If paying by credit/debit card please use form on the back of the return portion of your statement, there is a 5% fee).

In Person:

Checks, credit cards/debit cards and cash are accepted at our office location (1875 US Route 6). There is a 5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards. Our office hours are 7 Days a Week, 9am to 5pm.

The RomeRock Association offers owners the ability to pay dues online through our payment processing partner, PayLease. Using PayLease will allow you to:

  • Pay online with a credit/debit card or electronic check**
  • Make a one-time or recurring payment
  1. Visit the RRA Website ( and click the button on the side that says “Pay Dues and Assessments Online”. Direct Page ( Or visit
  2. Follow the instructions to search for and select your property.
  3. Enter your contact information, and create a password to create your account. Your account number is your lot number and it must be 4 digits. Ex. Lot 123 would be 0123.
  4. To add additional lots, under Manage Accounts (middle of screen), click Add Account, under link another account—put in your account number (4 digits) then type @RRA right after the number, then your last name, and then Submit.
  5. Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up Auto Pay.
  6. If you set up an account last year, please use your same login information.

**Note: There is a fee accessed for paying online. 3% is charged for using a credit card/debit card and $2.95 for an electronic check (electronic checks differ from personal checks. Personal checks can be mailed or paid in-person). Paylease assesses a fee for each account (lot).

If you have questions regarding your account balance, please contact The RomeRock Association at 440-563-3170. For questions regarding PayLease or your online payments, please contact PayLease Support at 1-866-729-5327.

Cleanup Day/Expo ’17 – May 6th

Preparations are well underway for the village’s annual Cleanup/EXPO. Just like previous years, on the first Saturday in May, between 8 a.m. and 12 noon, residents will be able to bring at no cost their unwanted “stuff” to the clubhouse parking lot for disposal or donation to Goodwill. After unloading residents are then welcomed to attend an EXPO at the clubhouse to enjoy refreshments, entertainment and interaction with more than 30 vendors.

Vendor’s committed to attend the EXPO on Saturday, May 6 include:

EXPO Vendors as of 4/14/17:

  1. Nada’s Baked Goods
  2. Wollam-Grand Valley Insurance
  3. Metal Craft Docks
  4. Turf and Scaping Inc.
  5. Roaming Rock Marina
  6. Winer Legal Services
  7. Crandall Connection
  8. Perma-Gro Landscape Co.
  9. Framed on Main
  10. Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (N.O.P.E.C.)
  11. Lake Erie Canopy Tours @ The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake
  12. NMS Certified Public Accountants
  13. Faith in Action
  14. Orwell Window & Door, NaKrysie Meats
  15. The Lakehouse Inn & Winery
  16. Title Professionals
  17. Ducro Pet Loss Services
  18. APEX Metal Roofing Solutions
  19. Steller Copters
  20. Howard-Hanna Realty
  21. Nassief Honda
  22. The Pasta Oven
  23. The Estate on Coffee Creek
  24. Shepp Electric
  25. Cherry Valley Furniture
  26. Donald Sanzo Painting
  27. True Care Landscaping Inc.
  28. Lake Management Committee
  29. U.H. Geauga Hospital
  30. Wayne Senita Roofing & Insulation
  31. PineCraft Storage Barns LLC
  32. Ohio State Water Proofing
  33. KW Realty – Kerri Philips
  34. Artist Ralph Bacon
  35. Country Doctor Veterinary Clinic

The landing and take-off zone for helicopter rides will be at Recreation Lot 4 in the green space next to the basketball court. Registration will for Stellar Copters will be at the clubhouse. The cost for a ten minute helicopter ride around the lake will be $30 per person or $15 for a child under five years old.

Susan Hagan will play guitar and sing easy listening songs in the clubhouse from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also, local artist Ralph Bacon will draw free pencil sketch portraits. Refreshments will include dark chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels, hot and cold beverages and fresh kettle corn.

STARS Club Swim Lessons – June 12th to 16th

The STARS Club will be holding free swim lessons at Pool 1 the week of June 12th – 16th. Swim lessons are only available to children or grandchildren of RRA Members who are at least 42″ in height. These lessons are available to students who are non-swimmers, beginners, or intermediate skill levels.

These lessons are being offered for free, however, donations are greatly appreciated!

Sign-up forms are available at the RRA Office and via this link. If you have any questions, please call the RRA at 440-563-3170.

RRA Office Summer Hours

On Monday, April 17th, the RRA will switch to its Summer hours. The Office will be open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm until September.

The RRA Office is located at 1875 US Route 6 at the corner of Evening Star and Route 6.


Office Info:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085

Located at 1875 US Route 6, Roaming Shores, OH 44085

On Summer Hours
7 Days a Week
9am - 5pm

Office: (440) 563-3170
Fax: (440) 563-5667

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