2nd Annual Emily Plickert Golf Outing

Emily Plicket was a student at Grand Valley High School and resident of Roaming Shores, who tragically passed away in a car accident in 2015. This Golf Outing is held in her honor and memory.
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Date: Saturday, July 22nd
Location: Hickory Grove Golf Course

Fishing Club News June 2017

This month will be a very busy month for the Fishing Club! Saturday, June 3rd is our first tournament, the Don Williams All Species Tournament. Weigh-in will be at 1pm at the Marina.

Kids Learn to Fish Day will be held on Saturday, June 10th at Beach 1 from 10am to Noon. This event, hosted by the Fishing Club and ODNR, is open to all RRA Member’s children and grandchildren. Students will learn fishing basics, how to tie on a hook, casting, and other great fishing fundamentals from instructor Larry Pisarick. Students will also receive a free lunch and a free fishing pole. If you have any questions regarding the Kids Learn to Fish Day, you can reach Larry at 216-403-4625.

On Saturday, June 24th, the Club will host the Annual Kids Fishing Day at Beach 1 from 10am to Noon. The Kids Fishing Day is a fun tournament just for kids ages 0 to 14. If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, donations of $50 or more are being accepted. We will post your information on the Fishing Club’s outside bulletin board as a thank you for your support. Please contact any Fishing Club Officer for more information.

During the Roaming Shores Community Garage Sale on June 16th and 17th the Club will be participating by holding a rummage sale fundraiser. If you have items you would like to donate towards the rummage sale, please contact any Fishing Club Officer.

Club Officers

President: Jack McMillin – 440-563-3365
Vice President: Mike Chevalier – 440-563-3457
Treasurer Co-chairs: Walt Samson – 440-563-3107
Dave Emick – 440-520-0203
Secretary: Dave Flaum – 440-563-9107

US 6 Bridge Over Lake to Close

Updated: Beginning on Monday, June 26th the bridge on US 6 that goes over the beginning of the lake/rock creek will be closed for approximately 75 days for repairs.

Suggested detour:

Algal Toxin and Bacteria Testing Program for Lake Roaming Rock

Microcystin Algal Toxin E.coli Bacteria
West Beach 1 East Beach 2 West Beach 1 East Beach 2
Results below early warning level Results below early warning level Results below early warning level Results below early warning level

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Current Conditions as of 5/23/2017: The current results for the testing program for the lake are summarized above.  A green cell indicates that results are below the USEPA or OhioEPA criteria for recreational water.  A yellow cell indicates that values have exceeded the limit and appropriate caution is advised.  Your Lake Management Committee’s (LMC) water testing program for harmful algal blooms (Microcystin) monitors our two beach areas during the hot, summer months and advises that all test results received so far have been well below any level of concern or alarm.  In addition, the LMC is also having tests performed for the presence of E.coli bacteria at the two beaches as is done in most public beaches.  Should any of these test results approach the level of caution, the Board of Directors will request that caution signs be posted at the affected beaches for your safety.  Of course, common sense tells us not to swim in any waters that contain unusual amounts of algae.  Please enjoy our beautiful lake and have a safe summer.

New Swim Platform

Thanks to a generous donation from the now disbanded Promotion Club and the efforts of Bob and Carol Delly, there is now a new swim platform located at Beach 1 just in time for the season.

Thank you, Bob and Carol!

Prepping for the 2017 Dredging Operation

Once the road ban was lifted this year, the RRA maintenance crew got to work on dredging for the year. The first step is to move the dried sediment from last year’s operation. Over 6000 cubic yards of sediment was removed last year alone. It is transported to the dewatering site where it dries out over the winter and is ready to move and collect by May. See pictures below of the dirt being moved to get a feel for just how much sediment was removed from our lake.

During the dredging operation over the summer the maintenance crew will use the bulldozer to keep spreading material as it is removed from the lake.

Top soil from this operation is made available to our Members free of charge. It is located next to our cinder bay behind the old maintenance garage near the RRA Office and on the RL Lot near Knowlton Entrance on Morning Star Dr.

Boating Safety Review

Safety on the lake is of the utmost importance. As we are now into the busiest season on the lake for boating, make sure to review ALL of the boating rules furnished to you when you register your boats. The Top 10 Commandments of Boating Rules lists the most common violations we witness on the lake.

All powered watercraft on the lake and at docks must have 2017 RRA decals affixed (State Registration and Title required when purchasing decals). Also, please ensure that your lot number (3” – contrasting colors) are properly affixed to ALL watercraft, both powered and non-powered.

Top Ten Commandments of Boating Rules for Roaming Shores

I. The owner of a watercraft is responsible for the actions of anyone who operates his/her craft, including fines and suspension of privileges. Educate your visitors about the State and RomeRock Association Boating, Skiing, and Swimming Rules before allowing anyone to operate your watercraft on the lake.
II. The Direction of travel on this lake is counterclockwise, except for fishing boats under electric power and hand powered craft.
III. Up to 75 feet from shore is no wake or idle speed. All coves are no wake or idle speed. Near the dam and the south end of the lake is idle speed. Observe the SIGNAGE on the buoys and the location, it may change each season.
IV. Speed limit on this lake is 50 MPH.
V. The entire lake is no wake or idle speed after sunset and before sunrise. Fireworks night is NO WAKE from 8:00 PM until the following sunrise.
VI. When towing with a jet-ski, only a 3 person jet-ski may tow a tube or skier.
VII. There MUST be an observer (at least 10 years of age) when towing a tube or skier.
VIII. All powered craft must maintain at least 50 feet from non-powered, stationary and anchored craft.
IX. There are noise limitations on engine noise AND sound equipment on watercraft. READ the rules!
X. Anyone born on or after Jan 1, 1982 must pass a State approved boating class, AND carry their certificate to operate with them while operating a craft of greater than 10 HP.

Click here for the latest version of the Boat, Skiing, and Swimming Rules.

Operations Manager Report – May 2017

By: Dan Mullins

First I would like to thank all the residents that came to the yearly annual meeting this past Saturday. I did receive many positive comments about our past year’s performance. After the meeting adjourned some residents took advantage of a tour at the new office. The residents I spoke with during the tours had nothing but good things to say about this new capital investment for the association. It doesn’t seem like it’s only been two months since we were still operating out of the Rock Creek location. I cannot complement our office staff Pat Sowry and Jen Addair and our maintenance crew enough for their effort and dedication with moving our business operations during our busiest month of the year with no impact on services to the residents.

I’d also like to remind residents that this Saturday is the Village’s Annual Cleanup Day and Expo at the clubhouse. We are hoping for good weather and many volunteers that would be willing to help load the dumpsters. More information on this event has been posted on the website, so please stop by to meet the vendors, checkout the entertainment, and have some refreshments.

With the warmer temperatures, the mowing crews have been busy with mowing grass. Our maintenance crew has been opening all rest areas, finishing spring cleanups and getting the pools ready to run. I’d also like to note that the maintenance crew has replaced several leaking faucets, damaged countertops and replaced broken toilets at beach one and beach two. The dredging operation has also been making progress in between all these rain events with opening the dewatering site up from last year’s dewatered material to get ready for this year’s new material.

As soon as the temperatures warm up a little more, I do have a contractor coming in to repair cracks in the tennis courts. Also adding to our amenities, is the new swim platform that I am told will be installed at the end of May beginning of June so keep your eye out at beach one for this new swim platform. I would like to thank Carol Delly for her effort in researching and acquiring this for the association from the Promotion Club fund.

With the boating season getting started I would just like to remind residents to be leery of any floating debris that could be coming in on some of these rain events we’ve had this past month. There have been several large trees already removed from the lake which could have been potential boating hazards. So please be aware of these potential obstacles. And another note for residents, we will have the topsoil dredge material available at either at our Crosby Cook site or at the maintenance garage.

And I wish all a safe and happy spring!

President’s Comments May 2017 Board Meeting

By: Tom Sopko, President

The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  About eighty were in attendance.  They learned that the Association is solvent; 2016 was operated within a balanced budget; the Association was in their new Office; there are no dues or assessment increases; improvements that have been made to the amenities; status of the Clubs; and the Association’s future plans.  Important items to the Members were being able to recycle trash, the condition of properties, safety on the water, and Member in arrears for dues and assessments.  Following the Meeting there was a reception with the Board and the Members.  Then there were tours of the new Office.

Following the Annual Meeting and tours of the new Office, the Board met for their annual reorganizational meeting.  The Board Officer positions and the Standing Committees remain the same for 2017 as they were in 2016.

The Board and the Association Manager met with Roger Corlett, the Ashtabula County Auditor on April 22, 2017.  Three important points that came out of the Meeting is that (1) no one in the Association is paying a Road Tax, (2) everyone pays about the same property tax rate regardless of whether you live on a Village, Township, County, or Association owned road.  (3) The Road Assessment to the Association is by virtue of each Association Member buying into the Homeowners Association.  Mr Corlett will hold a follow up meeting with the Members in September, target date September 23.

The RomeRock Association is a Homeowners Association (HOA).  It means that we collectively pay for the operation and the amenities.  Roads, pools, pavilions, volley ball court, tennis court, RL lots etc. are common amenities.  If this is a concept that you cannot embrace, then maybe, it’s time you look elsewhere for another Community to live in.  You bought into this HOA concept when you bought your property.  It is not a new concept instituted by this Board or past Boards.  It was instituted by the Developer in the 1960s before turning the property over to the Association.  The HOA has been in place going on 51 years.  HOA’s are a very common practice by this Lake Community, the RRA, as well as other lake communities.  It is also a very common practice for condo associations, and groups of homes.  This Board is not going to move to an a la carte system of paying for roads, pools and other amenities; it would be an impossible task.

What to Doo about Pet Waste

By David Ernes – Lake Management Committee

One of the actions we can do to protect our lake is pick up after our dogs. Some estimates have an average dog generating ¾ of a pound of waste per day, or 270 pounds per year. Studies also indicate that only 60% of pet owners pick up their pet’s waste. The EPA has indicated 2-3 days of waste from 100 dogs could generate enough pollution (nitrogen, phosphorous and bacteria such as E. Coli) to close a beach, and affect the watershed for 20 miles.

In researching this article, I found some interesting facts. Most pet owners know that if the waste is left on the lawn, it will not fertilize but will kill the grass. It is also estimated that dog waste can take up to one year to completely breakdown. The natural ecosystem can only process and absorb the waste from two average dogs per square mile. If the ecosystem cannot absorb the waste fast enough, the bacteria and nutrients will be carried by rain into the watershed, and ultimately any body of water nearby (like our lake).

What can you do? The most common option is to pick it up with a plastic bag (like a grocery bag) and throw into the trash. There are biodegradable bags available, but I found pros and cons to this approach. A “green” option is composting. Here again, use proper methods because the compost bin must generate enough heat to destroy the bacteria present in the waste. It is recommended the composted pet waste not be applied to plants that will be eaten or be brought in to the home for decoration.

So if we “doo” the right thing, we can help reduce another controllable source of pollution to our lake. But don’t forget, a barking dog is a good deterrent for the Canadian geese that are also part of the problem.



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