Calabria Culvert Work

One of the culvert pipes underneath Calabria Lane is receiving a much needed replacement this week by our maintenance department. The culvert had a small section collapse. The result was several sink holes forming. The culvert is being replaced to correct this problem and keep the road from eroding away. Click the album below to see some of the work being done.

Lake Lowering Progress

We have gotten a few calls from out-of-towners wondering about the lake level. Currently, the lake has been lowered roughly 4ft. The above picture was taken from the Rt 6 bridge. The lake is a few weeks away from reaching its winter pool.

President’s Corner – November 2012

On 11/16/12, two Board Members, Tim O’Donnell and Rick Rumbaugh, began their trip to Wisconsin to pick up the new weed harvester.  They volunteered to make the 14 hour trip (one way) to save the Association some $4500 in shipping charges.  They deserve a lot of credit for taking the time and making this effort for the community.  Thank you, Tim and Rick!

Work continues on the rebuilding of the beach 2 and the Sunset Park pavilions.  Al Rubosky and his students are progressing nicely.

The purchase of the Manzo property has been delayed because of title issues uncovered by the title company.  We hope to have this resolved in the near future.

Normally, I do my best to keep politics out of the “President’s Corner” because I believe the President’s Corner is a means to inform our members of the actions of the Board of Directors and the current status of our various projects.  However, I feel compelled to in this case.

At the OLCA meeting at Lakengren, Rick Gainar, Gary Stamm and I were discussing the mechanical dredging project together with the dredging supervisor.  We were asking him questions and we all listened carefully to his answers.

In the October Board meeting, Mr. Gainar was explaining to the members what he learned from attending that OLCA meeting at Lakengren. There were only approximately 25 members in attendance at our Board Meeting.  He gave his report which was correct as far as describing the system they are now using (Mechanical Dredging) and that they had tried hydraulic dredging with an old dredger that followed cables which were suspended from one side of the lake to the other, and decided that it was too costly to maintain. (We never planned to use that type of dredger, our judgment was that it would not work on our lake) He also gave an accurate description of the capital costs (approximately $84,000) of the mechanical system they are now using. Their goal was to remove 100 tons of sludge per day with their existing system which included four (4) people.

He forgot to mention that they were using this system on a very small lake (5 acres at most) and the distance from the excavator to the point of removing the sludge from the barge to the tilt bed truck was approximately 200 feet.  Using this system on a 500 acre lake like ours will markedly increase the need for more barges ,more work boats, more tilt bed trucks and most importantly, more operators (men) to move the sludge a greater distance.  To accomplish the same rate of sludge removal (100 tons per day) in our lake would conservatively add a minimum of 3 additional work boat operators and one additional tilt bed truck driver, making a total of 7people. Assuming $20.00 per hour wage rate with 7 people for an 8 hour day to remove 100 tons of sludge, the cost is $11.20/ ton.

Hydraulic Dredging will use 2 operators at the same wage rate for 2 hours and it will remove the same 100 tons.  The cost for hydraulic dredging is (2 x 20 x 2)/100 = $0.80/ ton.  Note: the hydraulic dredger has a capacity of 800 tons per day.

There are presently 345,000 tons of sludge (not to mention the 20,000 tons that enter the lake yearly) currently in the lake.  Would you rather spend a total of $3,864,000 to remove the sludge mechanically or $276,000 to remove it hydraulically?

I believe, once again, that the board has made the correct decision in choosing hydraulic dredging.

Holidays are rapidly approaching.  The Board of Directors, Pat and Jen, and the maintenance staff wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season.

As of the end of October, the Projected Cash Flow Report indicates the following year end financial numbers:

Projected Revenues: $1,106,400
Projected Expenses: $750,026
Projected Capita expenses: $326,367
Projected Residual: $30,005

Barry O’Connell, President

RRA Board of Directors

New Weed Harvester

The RRA’s 20 yr old weed harvester finally met its end towards the end of the boating season this year. It simply could not be welded back together any longer. This weekend, RRA Board Members Tim O’Donnell and Rick Rumbaugh made the long journey to pick up a new harvester. Thank you to Tim and Rick, whose efforts saved the Association very costly delivery charges. The new harvester will be ready for duty next season. Be sure to call the office to put your lot on list (I’ll post a reminder once summer draws closer, of course).

Breakfast With Santa

This year’s Christmas party, being hosted by the Polar Bear Club, will be held on Saturday, December 8th from 9am to 11am at the Club House. Come have breakfast with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas! Each kid will receive a gift from Santa when he appears at 10am. You can also join in our other Christmas activities including decorating an ornament to take home. We will be serving French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs and mixed fruit. There also will be an assortment of beverages.

The party is free to all children and grandchildren of Roaming Shores residents, ages 12 and under.

Pre-registration is required, as we have limited seating in the clubhouse. When registering, please let us know how many kids and adults will be in attendance, along with the ages and gender of the kids for gift purposes. Please contact us by December 1st to allow us time to purchase necessary quantities.

To reserve your seats for the Christmas party, please contact the Polar Bear Club at: or call 440-563-9067

RRA Board of Directors Meetings – Change of Location

At the last RRA Board meeting, board member Tim O’Donnell put forth a motion to relocate all future RRA Board meetings to the Village Hall.  The motion was seconded by board member Al Rubosky.  The motion was then unanimously approved.  From now on, all RRA Board meetings will be held at the Village Hall.



Well, summer is now only a memory, and the fall season is now at its mid-point.   Your Board of Directors and Lake Management Committee, and many involved RRA members, have continued to work toward what will be the most significant, the most well-planned, and the most needed program in the 46 year history of our lake, a dredging program that will restore our lake’s water quality to what it was in the 1960s and 1970s.

This is the third in a series of Lake Management Committee reports to give our members as much information as possible about the dredging program currently being planned.   In our first segment,  we discussed why dredging is needed.   Last month, we reported on a very productive and informative LMC meeting held in early September during which Tom Grabow, the ODNR Regional Dredge Supervisor  of ODNR’s  canal lakes region (northwest Ohio), told us about what the State of Ohio is doing to restore water quality at Grand Lake St. Marys.

But before we report on recent progress, let’s revisit the dredging clock.  Like our Federal deficit, the clock is running.   With the rains of the fall season, nutrient-rich sediment continues to flow into our lake.  On average, since our last LMC article, another  football field sized area was covered with new sediment to a depth of 1½ feet, smothering our lake bottom and continuing to feed nutrient-rich sediment into our precious lake’s ecosystem.

Recap of September 29th LMC meeting.   Your LMC chair, and Board President Barry O’Connell, teamed up to present the powerpoint program given previously by Tom Grabow, and to provide  detailed cost projections of the  planned dredging program.   About 15 to 20 members attended.   The re-presentation of Tom’s program gave those in attendance who were not able to attend the first presentation, some insight into what the State of Ohio is doing to improve the water quality of Grand Lake St. Marys.  The State has determined that there is no alternative to dredging, and they currently have three hydraulic dredges operating on that lake.   The program will probably run indefinitely.

Despite some nay-sayers in our community, Tom made it crystal clear that the State’s position is that the only way to effectively address the problem is to remove the source of the nutrients that feed the blue-green algae, that being the sediment that has accumulated on the lake bottom.   Let’s stop pretending otherwise and stick with the facts.

Finances.   Those who are promoting the dredging program understand that the cost of the program is on everyone’s mind.    Barry’s presentation presented an overview of the finances.  The cash flow projections indicate that at the favorable interest rates that have been negotiated, the capital costs of the dredging program can be paid off over a 15 year time frame, and there are no plans to increase  the current Lake Management assessment.  If interest rates increase, the time required to pay back the principal will increase, but the annual payments will not.  Thus, the assessment can be held constant.

The financial projections indicate that the capital cost will be around $1.3 million, and annual operating cost will be around $100,000.   The target startup remains September, 2013.

Recent Trip to Ellicott  Dredging.   Three Board members, Barry O’Connell, Rick Rumbaugh, and Tim O’Donnell, took time out of their busy  schedules to travel to Ellicott Dredging’s manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.  They met with Ellicott personnel, observed the fabrication of hydraulic dredges similar to what the Association is planning to purchase, and discussed such details as support equipment, fusing of pipe, pumping rates, booster pumps, and other items.

It has recently become clear that we need to be able to pump sediment up to 7500 feet, maybe more, and that a booster  pump will be needed.   There seems to be no way to avoid the need to incorporate a booster pump into the planning process.   It has also become evident that an 8 inch dredge seems to be the optimum size.  Going to a larger diameter pump will increase cost, but not eliminate the need for a booster pump.

Engineering Firm Engaged.   Chagrin Valley Engineering has been contracted to design the DMRAs, determine the best  means to return the clarified water to our lake, and work through the permitting process with the US Army Corps of Engineers.   The LMC chair, and Board President Barry O’Connell, recently met with CVE to discuss details of the design plans and agree upon a strategy to see to it that the program speeds its way through the design, review, and approval process.

The plan is to have designs submitted to the Corps around the end of the year, and to establish a project schedule that will have DMRAs constructed on the former Manzo property  in the coming months.   In the meantime, the Board is also investigating other properties further south that would provide the opportunity to begin dredging the south end of our lake sooner than would have seemed possible only a few months ago.

Once again I state that to those impacted by poor water quality (that’s any member who is paying attention); to those who have been choked by the growth of invasive and noxious weeds; and those who have seen their formerly lakefront property turned into swamp-front property, take heart, speak up loudly, support what we are doing, and don’t let those few nay-sayers drown out your voice for high quality lake water in all areas.  Let’s continue to work toward returning Lake Roaming Rock to a condition that we can all enjoy without being concerned about aesthetic or health issues.

Joe Petraus

Lake Management Committee Chair

President’s Comments – Oct 2012

The Board voted to replace our present weed harvester, which is approximately 20 years old, and in need of much repair. The new weed harvester will cost $60,000.

For those residents that wish to dredge around their docks during the lake drawdown, we have a solution for you. All that is needed is for you to fill out a simple form at the office indicating your name and address, the location of the dredging and where you intend to put the spoils from the dredging. The office will inspect the site and approve or reject the application based on where you want to put the spoils and whether or not a wetlands is involved.

The 2013 budgeting process is in process. No increases in dues or assessments will be necessary. The Administrative Committee is diligently working on cost savings plans for the Association.

For those of you that have a metal detector and enjoy searching for buried treasure, now’s your chance to help the association determine the locations of any buried gas pipelines on the Manzo Property.

We need to determine if there are any buried pipelines and plot their locations. Please call the office and get in touch with me.

The driveway on RL40 was completed recently using only our own maintenance staff. We saved over $4000 by doing it in-house as opposed to contracting it to an outside firm.

Barry O’Connell, President

RomeRock Association

Attention all Roaming Shores treasure hunting enthusiasts!!

Are you an avid treasure-seeker?

Do you own a metal detector?

Do you enjoy helping your community?

If so, then the RomeRock Association needs you! The recent purchase of the old golf course calls for the services of people with metal detecting skills! Buried pipelines may be hidden beneath the surface, and they need to be accounted for! Contact the RRA office (440-563-3170) to lend a helping hand to your community!


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