Take Note: Annual Meeting

The RRA Annual Meeting is April 28th @ 1pm at the RRA Clubhouse. The Annual Meeting is where the results of the Board of Directors election are made public and the Board is reorganized. Come learn about the Association and its Clubs and Committees!

The RRA Office will be closed two hours prior to the meeting and an hour following.

Delivery of May Shores News Delayed

Please take note that the May Shores News will be delayed in order to cover and publish the results of the Board of Directors election which will be announced at the April 28th Annual Meeting.

The newspaper will be printed and mailed on May 1st and should arrive in homes on Wednesday, May 3rd.

This Week’s For the Birds

With the Spring in full bloom, many birds are returning to our neck of the woods to join the one’s who stayed behind. (Click on the pictures to see the full image)

The first picture I received this week is of the first sighting of an Osprey this year by Steve Macintyre.

Then Steve and Barry O’Connell traveled to the site of the Eagle’s nest and shot this picture from 250 yards away. If you look closely, you can see an eaglet head peaking out.

We also received pictures of a loon that were taken at the Village Hall. The loon was released into the lake and is doing just fine!

President’s Comments – April 2012

The Treasurer’s report shall be submitted to the Shores News for monthly publication. The Monthly Revenue/Expense Budget Report and The auditor’s report will be available on-line on our web site and at the office.

There will be a special membership meeting at the Village Hall on Saturday, May 26th at 1:00 pm. The topic of the presentation will be the possible leasing of oil and gas rights under the Association’s property. There will be representatives of the oil and gas industry, Youngstown State University, and an attorney present to answer your questions and address your concerns. Notices of the meeting will be posted in the Clubhouse, Village Hall, Beach 1, Beach 2, and published in the Shores News and on our web site. Please plan to attend.

The search for suitable property for the construction of retention ponds continues. We have investigated 7 properties, wetlands surveys have been conducted on 6 of these properties and four (4) have been found suitable for our needs. The Board is currently evaluating each of the suitable sites and their respective impacts on costs. Some of these properties are for sale and some are for rent. The Board hopes to have the land issue resolved before the end of September.

The Board has authorized a “bridge” line-of-credit to be opened from the Andover Bank in the amount of $150,000. This is a temporary measure to ensure we have funds available to construct the retention ponds this year without having to borrow the bulk of the money for the dredging project until absolutely needed (it saves a lot of interest). When the time comes for borrowing the bulk of the dredging money, this bridge loan will be incorporated into one of the other two loans.

Some of you have asked what happens if the association defaults on the dredging loans…will the individual homeowner have a lien placed on his/her house. The collateral for the equipment loan is the equipment we buy,i.e., the dredger, the work boat, the pumps etc.. It is much like a car loan. If an owner of a car doesn’t pay the monthly payment, eventually the bank reclaims the car. If the Association doesn’t pay the monthly loan payment, the bank reclaims the equipment.

The other loan (the original roads and pool loan) has as its collateral the Association’s common property which is the clubhouse, pools , roads, and RL lots. Your homes and lots are not used as collateral for either of these loans!
Beach #2 pavilion has been removed and will be rebuilt. Smolen Engineering is currently drawing prints for the new pavilion. When the plans are complete, we will obtain the necessary building permits and start construction. Our plan is to have it complete before the pools open.

Some members may not be aware of the fact that not long ago we had an accident on the lake that resulted in a fatality. We do not want a repeat of that tragic accident. To that end, the board is exploring the possibility of having uniformed police officers on board the patrol boat this summer. Hopefully, this action will result in a safer, more enjoyable boating experience for all.

Have a Safe and Happy Summer!

Barry O’Connell, President
RomeRock Association

Leasing Oil & Gas Rights

The RomeRock Association Board of Directors will hold a special membership meeting at the Village Hall on Saturday, May 26th at 1:00pm. The topic of this presentation will be the possible leasing of oil and gas rights beneath Association Properties.

There will be representatives from the oil & gas industry, Youngstown State University, and an attorney present to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Please plan to attend.

Swim Lessons

Pat and Sally Flash will be conducting Free Red Cross swimming lessons this summer. Please sign up by calling the Shores Association office. Limit: 10 in each class. A waiting list will be established. Please let us know if you will only attend one week, so we can call the people waiting. Thank you.

DATES: Weekdays June 11-15 and June 18-22
TIMES: 9:00 to 9:40
ADVANCED: Perfecting strokes
9:45 to 10:25
INTERMEDIATE Learning strokes
10:30 to 11:00
BEGINNERS: Ages 3 and up Just getting started. Must have adult in pool with them.

Attention: Boil Alert Issued!

Update 4/11/12: Boil Alert Lifted

Due to a water main break at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 9, a 24 hour boil alert has been issued for all of Roaming Shores.





Young Eagles in Roaming Shores

Steve Macintyre again shares with us spectacular images of Bald Eagles. These recent photos are of an immature bald eagle with mottled plumage who is still learning how to fish. Steve also includes a picture of an eagle’s nest which is located just 0.9 mi west of the Lake. If you look closely, you can see the head of an adult just above the center of the nest.

Click on the images for a larger version.

Election Update

Ballots for the 2012 Board of Directors Election were mailed to residents in good standing on Thursday, March 29th. You should be receiving them soon. Completed ballots must be returned by April 25th. They must be mailed in the envelope provided and cannot be accepted by the office.


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