Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee – Phase 1 Report

Phase 1 Report:

Preliminary Dredging Meetings

  • May
    • Grand Lake St. Marys: Shallow water State Lake in western Ohio currently undergoing a massive hydraulic dredging operation. Started in 1964.
    • Lake Lakengren: Private lake association in western Ohio currently undergoing a mechanical dredging operation. Met during OLCA (Ohio Lake Communities Association) conference.
  • June
    • Army Corp of Engineers: Met to learn which permits would be required for dredging.
    • EPA: Met to discuss dredging.
    • ODNR: Met to discuss dredging.
    • Roaming Shores Village: Met to acquire permits for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • July
    • Chagrin Valley Engineers: Designers for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
    • Ashtabula County Water & Soil Dept.: Met to learn rules regarding settlement ponds and Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • August
    • EnviroScience: Performed depth study for dredging locations. Will use information from 2009 study which cost over $20,000 to perform.
    • Chagrin Valley Engineers: Plans finalized for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
    • ODNR: Registered for permission to build Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • September
    • ODNR: Paid for permits.

This Dredging project will not increase Dues & Assessments any further. The project can completed without the need to take out a loan from the bank.

Phase 2 report will be in the December Edition of the Shores News.

Preliminary Dredging Begins

The RRA has been putting its recently acquired excavators to work this Fall. 18 truckloads of sediment were removed from the silt pond near Knowlton Entrance on October 10th. The silt pond was implemented several years ago to catch sediment before it has a chance to enter the lake. After a few years, the pond is emptied of its collected silt in order to catch more.

silt pond 10-10-13

Dredging work was also performed in Marina Cove. 20 truckloads of siltation have been removed so far.

Currently, dredging work is being performed from the shore. After work is completed on a barge for the excavator and hopper barges for the siltation, dredging work in the larger coves can begin.

marina cove 10-15-13

2013 Trick or Treating in Roaming Shores

trick or treat

Trick or Treating in the Shores this year will be on Saturday, October 26th from 5pm – 7pm.

Please take extra caution as there will be little ghosts and goblins out and about!

Happy Halloween!!

October Lake Level Control Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2013

Members present include Bud Tharp, Gil Kandrac, Walt Samson, and Chairman Rick Gainar. Also present was RRA Board Member Dell Rogers.

Meeting called to order at 2PM at the Association Office.

Items discussed:
1. Walt Samson led a conversation in order to focus the work and discussions of the sub-committee. Many years of committee experience has taught Walt that nothing usually get accomplished until a goal is clearly defined.
2. A list of benefits that various bottom-withdrawal siphon systems provide is to be created so that committee members can rank the importance of each benefit. Our goal will be to detail and cost a specific siphon design that will accomplish at least the more important benefits. The design will eventually be presented to the Board for their action.
3. No report from the Lowrey/Martin work group on their investigation of the water/sewage lines that cross a cove near the dam. We will need to understand the effect a freezing, winter drawdown would have on these lines.
4. The Kandrac/Emick/Gainar work group is working to install a small model siphon near the principle spillway in order to begin sampling lake water from the approximate area in the lake where the actual siphon would draw water. The Village has given access to the work group so they can proceed. Materials have been purchased and are ready to install.

Our next meeting is scheduled on November 13, 2013 at 2:00PM. Our regular meeting date is the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 2:00PM so mark your calendars!

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45PM

by RD Gainar on October 9, 2013

“Passing the Gas Through Fracking” Rescheduled

The Oil, Gas and Mineral Educational Meeting scheduled for September 19, 2013 has been cancelled due to medical issues of key speakers. An announcement will be made at a later date once re-scheduling has occurred.

RomeRock Association and
Roaming Shores Village

Lake Lowering


Take note: The RRA Board voted to begin lowering Lake Roaming Rock on October 14, 2013. We will try to keep it lowered until the end of January. Please plan on removing your boat from the lake before it gets too low. Many property owners use this opportunity to perform work on their docks and seawalls.

Winter Hours Begin on Sunday

This Sunday (September 8th), the RRA Office will begin its Winter Hours. The office will be open Wednesday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm.

2013 Algal Toxin Testing Program

Roaming Shores Lake Management Committee
2013 Algal Toxin Testing Program


Note: An orange warning sign will be posted at the beaches at 6.00 ppb.


Your Lake Management Committee is concerned with the unusual rash of erroneous information being disseminated concerning the levels algal toxins in our lake this year and cautions residents to be skeptical of information presented without supporting data.  Your Lake Management Committee’s water testing program monitors water quality at our two beach areas during the hot, summer months and advises that all test results received so far have been well below any level of concern or alarm.  The detailed results to date of this year’s algal toxin testing appears in the Lake Management section of the Association’s website (  Should these test results approach the level of suspected danger, we will post caution signs at the beaches for your safety.  Of course, common sense tells us not to swim in any waters that contain unusual amounts of algae.  Please enjoy our beautiful lake and have a safe summer.

Pool 1 Bonus Week

For the week of September 3rd – 8th, Pool 1 at the Main Beach will be open one more week with different hours. If you would like to get one last swim in before the end of the season, the pool will be open from 10am – 8pm.

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