2020 Halloween Drive By
2020 Halloween Drive By137 photos
LMC Bathymetric Survey
LMC Bathymetric Survey35 photos
2020 Polar Bear Plunge
2020 Polar Bear Plunge41 photos
2020 Cleveland Boat Show
2020 Cleveland Boat Show9 photos
2019 Roaming Shores Halloween Party
2019 Roaming Shores Halloween Party53 photos
2019 RSPD Pumpkin Races
2019 RSPD Pumpkin Races18 photos
2019 Fall in Roaming Shores
2019 Fall in Roaming Shores 13 photos
2019 STARS Wine Tasting Presentation
2019 STARS Wine Tasting Presentation4 photos
2019 STARS Rib Cook-Off
2019 STARS Rib Cook-Off33 photos
2019 STARS Taco Night
2019 STARS Taco Night9 photos
2019 Roaming Shores 5K
2019 Roaming Shores 5K159 photos
2019 RSPD Cardboard Boat Races
2019 RSPD Cardboard Boat Races55 photos
2019 Fireworks Display
2019 Fireworks Display22 photos
2019 Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament
2019 Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament9 photos
June 2019 STARS Winery Bus Tour
June 2019 STARS Winery Bus Tour6 photos
2019 Polar Bear Plunge
2019 Polar Bear Plunge150 photos
2018 Halloween Happening
2018 Halloween Happening64 photos
2018 STARS Wine Tasting
2018 STARS Wine Tasting10 photos
2018 Roaming Shores 5K
2018 Roaming Shores 5K80 photos
2018 Kids Fishing Day
2018 Kids Fishing Day25 photos
2018 Fireworks Display
2018 Fireworks Display34 photos
2018 Cardboard Boat Races
2018 Cardboard Boat Races46 photos
2018 Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament
2018 Jason Scribben Volleyball Tournament15 photos
2018 Kids Learn to Fish Day
2018 Kids Learn to Fish Day11 photos
May 2018 STARS Winery Bus Tour
May 2018 STARS Winery Bus Tour13 photos
2018 Polar Bear Plunge
2018 Polar Bear Plunge76 photos
2017 STARS Reverse Raffle
2017 STARS Reverse Raffle21 photos
2017 Givin' it a Tri in the Shores
2017 Givin' it a Tri in the Shores187 photos
STARS Dog Training Demonstration
STARS Dog Training Demonstration13 photos
2017 Polar Bear Plunge
2017 Polar Bear Plunge82 photos
WinterFest 2017
WinterFest 2017126 photos
New RRA Office Construction
New RRA Office Construction63 photos
2016 Breakfast with Santa
2016 Breakfast with Santa11 photos
2016 Halloween Happening
2016 Halloween Happening16 photos
2016 Clam Bake
2016 Clam Bake13 photos
Fall 2016 OLCA
Fall 2016 OLCA 35 photos
50th Anniversary Mini Triathlon
50th Anniversary Mini Triathlon68 photos
2016 Kids Fishing Day
2016 Kids Fishing Day25 photos
July 2016 Fish Fry
July 2016 Fish Fry11 photos
Luau - 50th Anniversary
Luau - 50th Anniversary29 photos
East vs West Tug-of-War - 50th Anniversary
East vs West Tug-of-War - 50th Anniversary9 photos
Boat Parade - 50th Anniversary
Boat Parade - 50th Anniversary30 photos
Sand Sculpture Contest - 50th Anniversary
Sand Sculpture Contest - 50th Anniversary55 photos
Fishing Tournament - 50th Anniversary
Fishing Tournament - 50th Anniversary1 photos
Fireworks - 50th Anniversary
Fireworks - 50th Anniversary55 photos
Safety House - 50th Anniversary
Safety House - 50th Anniversary17 photos
Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament - 50th Anniversary
Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament - 50th Anniversary9 photos
Kids Games - 50th Anniversary
Kids Games - 50th Anniversary6 photos
King and Queen Contest - 50th Anniversary
King and Queen Contest - 50th Anniversary24 photos
Jungle Terry - 50th Anniversary
Jungle Terry - 50th Anniversary52 photos