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Environmental tip of the month — Don’t flush wipes of any kind!

A reminder from the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club
Submitted by Louise Lisac

Please refrain from flushing any type of wipes; even the ones that say flushable.  They have been contributing to problems in many communities and sewer systems have been negatively affected.  It isn’t the design of the sewer systems causing the problem; it’s the design of the wipes themselves.  They are not toilet paper and do not decompose in a reasonable period of time.  They have been linked to blockages in many cities.  Recently our own Shores has experienced an increase of wipes and they have created issues for our lift stations, our systems and our workers. 

You may want to do some research on this topic.  I know I did and I extracted the following from the website:

I don’t mean to be sexist with this specific website.  It’s just that it had the most down to earth English version of why flushing wipes is a bad idea.  Check out the experiment they initiated to prove it.  Listed below is their conclusion.

“I’m not sure what the “Guidelines” are for flushable wipes, but based on my rudimentary experiment, I’d say that municipalities are onto something when they say their sewage systems are being clogged by these wipes.

One argument from flushable wipe companies is that people are flushing non-flushable wipes, which is the true contributor to clogs.

Again, I’m going to defer to my experiment and say that both flushable and non-flushable wipes can be a contributing factor to these sewage clogs.”

Please reconsider the next time you think of flushing a wipe and don’t.  You can dispose of them another way.  Save our sewer system, prevent inconvenience and needless repairs!  You may also save some problems with your own plumbing systems.  Thanks everyone for your consideration and your participation in the 2019 no flush wipe season!!!!

Roaming Shores Family Water Safety Event

Plan to Attend the first ever… Roaming Shores Family Water Safety Event!!

Be at the Clubhouse Pavilion, Beach 1 and get some tips on how to enjoy fun on and in the water while understanding how and why to stay safe.  Our motto… Enjoy the Lake!! Stay Safe!

Our newest club, the Roaming Shores Community Preparedness Club, is sponsoring this event.  It is open to all ages.  We are never too old or too young to be reminded of how to respect both the joys, and the dangers of playing (recreating) on or near the water.

Come hear a presentation by the ODNR.  Our own Lake Safety Team will be there as well as our Pool Safety Advisor.  Some tips on how to keep your four legged family safe will also be provided!  Tell your friends and neighbors or better yet bring them along with you.  Learn, be prepared, meet some fellow boaters and water lovers!!! 

There will even be some entertainment for small children.  Yep… some snacks as well!!

No reservations are required and this event will take place rain or shine!!  Let’s hope it is the shine part, but just in case we will be under cover so the rain will not stop us!

Hope to see many of my fellow friends and neighbors at this event.  You have nothing to lose since there is no admission charge, but you have everything to gain if it helps you keep yourself and your family a bit safer while you enjoy our beautiful lake and pools this summer!!!

2019 Opening Weekend

It’s finally here, Memorial Day Weekend in Roaming Shores!

The Pools and Beaches will open for the season at 10am on Saturday, May 25th. The pool hours are 10am – 10pm 7 days a week. Remember to always bring your Membership card with you when coming to the RRA facilities (even if you’re coming by boat). For convenience, you can take a picture of your cards with your phone to show the Gate Guard. Be sure to review the Pool Rules. Remember to bring your Membership Cards! 

The Snack Snack at Beach 1 will open at noon on Saturday, its hours are 12pm – 6pm 7 days a week.

The RRA Office will be closed on Memorial Day – May 28th

RSPD Cardboard Boat Races

Saturday, July 6th at NOON

THE CHALLENGE”: to design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a 200-yard course, in Lake Roaming Rock. Boats may be powered by canoe paddles, oars, kayak paddles, approved mechanical paddlewheels, sails and raw muscle power.

Boat hull must be built entirely of corrugated cardboard, tape, glue and paint.

Mechanical devices can be made of any other material (wood, metal, plastic, etc.).

Mechanical devices can not add to the reinforcement of the boat.


  1. The entire boat hull and seating must be made of corrugated cardboard. Any thickness of corrugated is permissible. Corrugated bonded to other substances like vinyl, coated with wax, etc. may not be used. Plastic corrugated material, fiber board tubes, angle board, etc. may not be used in the hull construction. However, any material may be used for the superstructure, such as masts, stacks, outriggers, etc.
  2. The boat must be constructed with tape only, such as duct tape, cellophane tape or other. Tape must be within four inches of any seam or joint and may not wrap the entire boat. Adhesives and glues are only permissible on the seams and joints.
  3. Any paintable “one part” substance may be used as waterproofing. No epoxy glue, fiberglass resin, or other “two Part’ finishes. No urethane-based products or tar substances such as “Flex Steel” may be used.
  4. The hull cannot be wrapped in plastic or any other material.
  6. Boats must be easy to enter and exit should they become an unexpected submarine and be free of sharp edges or other dangers to crew’s safety.
  7. Boats will be inspected for rule compliance prior to the race.
  8. All entries must remove their boats, or remnants of it, after the race.
  9. All participants must sign a “hold harmless waiver and release” prior to the race. If under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the entrants release.
  10. Races will begin in the water with crews in the boat. One person may steady a single crew boat, and two persons may steady a multi crew boat. No push starting.
  11. The judges reserve the right to divide entrants into individual heats based on the number of boats registered. Total elapsed time will determine the winner.
  12. Boats which are deemed not to comply with the above rules will be allowed to race but will not be eligible for the timed races awards with the exception of the Most Creative Award. The judge’s decisions are final.
  13. Awards will be given for Fastest Boat, Most Creative Boat and for the boat that ultimately sinks in the most spectacular way.

Pre-registration for this event will begin 05-20-2019 and continue until 06-28-2019. Entries made after 06-28-2019 will have to be submitted on the morning of the race from 10:30 to 11:45 at the clubhouse.

Send your registration form and $25.00 entry fee to:

The Roaming Shores Police Department

Attention: Boat Race
2500 Hayford Road, P.O. Box 237
Roaming Shores, Ohio 44084

All fees, donations and money earned from this event will be used to establish or further enhance community programs sponsored by the Roaming Shores Police Department.



Knowlton Entry Temporarily Closed

Update: The pole has been fixed and the road is now open.

Please note that Knowlton Entry/Morning Star Drive is currently closed. We have heard reports that a power pole is on fire. While this situation is being dealt with by First Energy and our Safety Services, please avoid the area.

The suggested detour from Hayford Rd is to take Stumpville, to Brockway, to Knowlton Rd S, to Callendar (and opposite if leaving Roaming Shores). Here’s a quick detour guide.

If this intersection is closed longer than 24 hours, we’ll send out a follow-up e-blast. Please check the First Energy Storm Center for timing details.

Fish Fry Fundraiser Recap

The fireworks fundraiser held at Paradise Bay on Friday May 10th, was a huge success. Many thanks go to Gabe & Julie for all of their hardwork & dedication in bringing the community together for a common cause… our 4th of July fireworks that are enjoyed by all in our lake community.

Thanks also go to the many volunteers who helped — Brian & Mindy Fier, Barb Buckley, Marge Morris, Jan & Mark Dougherty and of course, Gabe & Julie.

There were 8 baskets donated to be raffled off…

Paradise Bay – Wine & liquor tub – donated by Gabe & Julie – winner Hugh Wood.
First Commonwealth Bank basket – donated by Chris Miller – winner, Dean Fuller.
Trader Joe’s pasta dinner baske t- donated by Mary Johnston – winner, John Hanyok.
Wine cooler & wine – donated by Mike & Nadine Pope – winner, Hugh Wood.
Lottery Board – donated by Brian & Mindy Fier – winner, Dean Fuller.
Roaming Rock Marina – Wine tub & wine – donated by Jennie & Sandro – winner, Rick Gainar.
Cupcake Wine & Tray – donated by Susie & Don Simpson- winner, Carol Delly.
Sip & Sand basket – donated by Barb Buckley – winner, Angela Ludwig.

The 50/50 Raffle was won by Brian Fier’s sister Joyce (sorry, didn’t get your last name!)

Paradise Bay graciously presented the S.T.A.R.S Club with ALL monies taken in that night which amounted to $1805. The STARS Club Thanks You!

Gabe awarding the 50/50 winner. Prize was $135

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5K Preregistration Deadline June 3rd

We’re just a couple short weeks away from the early registration deadline for the Roaming Shores 5K. The race won’t be until Saturday, July 6th, but all registrations received before June 3rd will be guaranteed a t-shirt or tanktop and can also take advantage of the early bird discount.

If you’re on the fence, you can register up to and on race day. There will be a limited quantity of shirts available.

The 5K will be a flat loop around Roaming Shores Village. The start and finish lines will be at the Roaming Shores Clubhouse parking lot. The race will be professionally timed by Stasny Road Racing.

Online Registration

Mail in Registration

Kids Learn to Fish Day – June 8th

Open to all RRA Member’s children and grandchildren. Students will learn fishing basics, how to tie on a hook, casting, and other great fishing fundamentals.

Students will also receive a free lunch and a free fishing pole. If you have any questions regarding the Kids Learn to Fish Day, contact Dave at 440-520-0203.

Winery Bus Tour – June 15th

Join the STARS Club on Saturday, June 15th from 5:00pm – 9:30pm as they host their first Winery Bus Tour of 2019!
Wine Tours are an excellent opportunity to visit new wineries or old favorites, socialize with your friends and neighbors, and not have to worry about who’s driving!

Reservations are essential! If you would like to join us, please RSVP ASAP. The first 28 to RSVP will be guaranteed a seat on the bus. Tickets are $30/each. You must be over 21 years of age. To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, contact Barb at 440-645-7365 or stop by the RRA Office.

We will meet at the Clubhouse parking lot at 4:45pm. The buses will leave at 5pm!

During this Tour, we will be visiting:

New Trailhead Coming to Roaming Shores

The Ashtabula County Metroparks is building a new parking lot and trailhead facility for improved access to the Western Reserve Greenway Trail in the Village of Roaming Shores. The asphalt parking area will provide parking spaces along Rome-Rock Creek Road. A paved path will connect to the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. The Ashtabula County Metroparks worked to secure state funding for the project and negotiated a lease to utilize land owned by the Village of Roaming Shores for construction of the new facility.

If you have any questions or for more information, contact the Metroparks Office at 440.576.0717

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