Boating Safety Committee
by: Bruce C. Bower

No, this is not an inner city colloquialism for “what’s up”, It’s the hottest thing in water craft called stand up paddle boarding. It looks like a surfboard, but the people stand up and use a long paddle to propel and steer. They may go both clockwise and counterclockwise if within the 75 foot no-wake zone. So, what I’m leading to is that if a powerboat comes around a blind curve, where you have no long line of sight inside the no-wake zone, it could be a disaster! The 75 feet from shore is a safety zone for canoes, kayaks, sup’s, row boats and any other craft that is NOT making a wake. And the SUP/Yak pilots should stay within that 75 foot zone.

There still is no decision on the age of passengers on a jetski. I noticed last year of a trend starting to take VERY young infants/children for a ride. First off there are not yet available, to my knowledge, of proper PFDs made for kids under 30 pounds.
It should be a concern to the adult driver about the protection of the youngster, one would wonder if the adult driver is thinking about the “what ifs” of a mishap. A one year old child most likely will not remember when mommy or daddy took the baby for a thrill on a jetski, so just who is getting pleasure from this frivolous activity?

Remember, no-wake after 8:00 PM on fireworks night, hopefully ODNR will be at our lake to help out our Patrol Boat.
My dear neighbors, think the worst and prepare for it, have fun, but nobody wants to be involved with the pain and suffering of an accident. As always, call me if you have comments or criticisms. 440.563.4108 or 216.906.2301

Bower out.
Think Safety!

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