Loose Canoe in Plum Creek

Missing a canoe? OH0117DR? It was last spotted near the entrance of Plum Creek. If this is your canoe, please try to move it back to your dock. Thank you.

The 2012 Cardboard Boat Races

On Saturday, September 1st, the Promotion Club hosted the annual Roaming Shores Cardboard Boat Races!

The participants this year were: Rachel Schulze, Brooke Howley, Sebastian Rose, Devon Lipps, Hayden Martin, Katrina Clason, Madasen Dowling, Will Smolik, Henry Paschke, Tyler Orosz, Charlie Clason, Logan Martin, Austin Gorlitz, Charlie Pirnat, Aiden Gorlitz, Aaron Gorlitz, Wyatt Rose, Elizabeth Rumbaugh, Alec Houston, and Andrew Sagerman.

Best Design: Boat #6 with Charlie Pirnat, Aiden Gorlitz, and Aaron Gorlitz.
Best Sinker: Boat #1 with Rachel Schulze and Brooke Howley.
The Fastest Boat: Boat #8, with Alec Houston and Andrew Sagerman.

The Winners and Participants received vouchers for the Concession Stand care of the Promotion Club. Special thanks to the Rome Rescue Team who made sure everyone was safe at the event!

To see the pictures from the event, click on the album below.

Lake Management Committee Meeting on Thursday

On Thursday, September 13th at 6:30pm, the Lake Management Committee will meet at the Clubhouse. Tom Grabow, the dredging supervisor for the Grand Lake St. Mary dredging operation, will be there to discuss the project.

Please plan on attending if you would like to learn more.



Over the next year The Lake Management committee will be writing monthly articles for the Shores News to provide our members with as much information as possible about the dredging program currently being investigated and implemented. We will discuss:

  1. Why dredging?
  2. The cost of dredging
  3. Recent progress
  4. How you can help
  5. Our current schedule
  6. Equipment to be purchased
  7. Schedule of Saturday morning meetings for open discussion

In these articles, we will try to touch on each of these topics, but concentrate monthly on more thoroughly explaining one subject.

This month we concentrate on why we need dredging, and also comment on some of the things that have been accomplished to-date, so dredging can begin in 2013. We know that:

  • About 32,000 cubic yards of sediment, about 24,000 tons, flows into our lake every year, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. That’s like having about 1200 huge dump trucks dumping sediment into our lake yearly. To put it another way, this volume, if spread over a football field, would fill the field to a depth of 20 feet! In one year! Multiply that by 46 and you begin to get an idea of the problem we need to overcome. Can you imagine that? A football field 20 feet deep! Every year! This information was contained in a 1991 study and report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture authored by James N. Wade, a geologist. Knowing this, how can anyone who cares about our lake, which is the focal point of the entire Village of Roaming Shores, question what we are trying to accomplish?
  • Over the last 35 years, the Association has engaged three environmental consultants to advise us on water quality issues – the last of which was EnviroScience, Inc. in 2005. The purpose of all of these studies was to evaluate the relative quality of our water , and advise us on what we can do to restore the water quality to that which existed when the lake was impounded in the mid-1960s. All of these studies warned us about the increased amount of accumulated sediment and the degradation of water quality caused by nutrients trapped in the sediment. These nutrients, mostly products that came into our lake from the local farmer’s fields, are harmful and promote the growth of algae which makes our lake water green when the water warms in the summer and becomes depleted of its dissolved oxygen.
  • We have evaluated during the past 3 years alternative ways to remove the accumulated sediment and have concluded, with the help of experts in their field, (not laypersons, but experts), that hydraulic dredging is the most cost effective method of removing the sediment and eliminating our water quality problem.

Despite the negativity coming from some folks, the majority of the Board has concluded that most members who have any concern at all about our lake intuitively understand the problem we are facing and are tired of our doing nothing about the problems. Do they like the assessment? Of course not, but they understand that a small investment now will pay dividends in the future. Thus, the Board’s job is to keep the assessment as low as possible, and find other ways to help fund this project by continuing to reduce expenses elsewhere. The Board should be congratulated on the steps they have taken during the last year or so to reduce unnecessary expenses, streamline operations, and free up funds for dredging.

Now, is dredging the only answer? Do we have other tools in our toolbox? The answer is no, dredging is not the only answer, and yes, we have other tools. But we need to begin by removing the majority of the accumulated sediment. Then, after sediment is brought under control, we can consider installing aeration in some areas, and constructing a siphon to better control the water level during times of high inflow and allow us to lower the lake level when needed.

Folks, think of this as a financial investment that will pay you dividends in the future. It really doesn’t matter if you own property on the main lake, on a cove, or far from the water’s edge. For an assessment of $100 or less per year, less than $2 per week, we can return our water quality to what it once was. Think for a moment of the impact that will have on property values! Ask any of our local realtors about the difficulties they face in trying to market a property or home in an area of our lake that has excessive weed growth, green water, and not enough water depth to dock a boat. Sadly, some members have given up even trying to put a boat in the water, and have sold their boat, skis, and everything water-related because they don’t believe the Association will do anything to improve the situation.

So what we have accomplished recently?

  • We have worked to strengthen our relationship with our environmental consultant, Enviroscience, keeping the lines of communication open with them and relying on their expertise on an ongoing basis.
    • Concluded that after we remove what has already accumulated, we need to continue annual maintenance dredging to remove the estimated 24,000 tons of sediment that flows into our lake every year. That’s why doing the dredging with our own personnel and equipment makes sense, as the problem is never ending.
  • Spent a day with ODNR officials at Grand Lake St Marys who already have three hydraulic dredges in operation to clean up that lake, and to observe their dredging program.
  • Studied properties around our lake to seek out possible sites for sediment disposal and have reached agreement on the first of those properties.
  • Attended meetings with US Army Corps of Engineers, and sought input concerning engineering companies they would recommend to assist us with our plans.
  • Met with a recommended firm, and discussed with them the steps required to develop engineering drawings.
  • Finalized conceptual details such as dredge size and output, discharge piping, means and methods, etc
  • Developed proposals for the purchase of equipment.

We are doing what virtually every other lake in Ohio has done or is doing. We are not reinventing anything but following standard, proven procedures to restore and protect our Lake.

We will review the projected costs of this project and how it will be paid for in next month’s edition of the Shores News. We will also start informational meeting on weekends in the near future to review our progress with you and try to answer questions.

The Lake Management Committee will be having their next scheduled committee meeting on Thursday, September 13th at the clubhouse. We have invited Tom Grabow who is the western Regional Dredging Manager for ODNR to explain the projects he is currently working on. He is in charge of dredging three lakes in western Ohio, and has a wealth of information and experience to share. Please spread the word to all so that everyone who has questions or concerns can have an opportunity to listen to Tom and have their questions answered. The meeting will start at 6:30 PM.

We need your help and your support. We are planning a project that is unprecedented in the history of our Lake, but one that is much needed, and much overdue.

If you would like to offer your support to this project and become either an active or corresponding member of the Lake Management Committee, please e-mail me at Petraus@sme-usa.com. If you are not interested in supporting this endeavor, ask yourself what you plan to do with your home or property if in the future, our water quality continues to degrade and word gets out that our lake is not safe for swimming, tubing, or skiing and we are following in the footsteps of what happened to Grand Lake St Marys. What will you do when your kids or guests want to go swimming, tubing, or skiing, and you need to tell them that the water is not safe?

This is not about scare tactics, nor an exaggeration of facts. It’s reality folks, 46 years of neglect and wishful thinking. Think about it. And also think about how many people would choose to purchase property or a home in this area if the lake wasn’t safe or a third of it turned into a shallow swamp?

Joe Petraus
Lake Management Committee Chair

Chip & Seal Delayed

Take Note: Chip & Seal work in Roaming Shores will be not begin until September 10th.

The areas to be paved are Lake Vue Drive/Morning Star Drive from Route 6 to Acacia Circle, Lake Crest Drive, and the Clubhouse Parking Lot.

This project is expected to take two days. The pavers will not be closing any roads to local traffic and will maintain traffic.

Promotion Club Winery Tour

Join the Promotion Club as they tour 3 local wineries from 2pm to 6pm on September 15th.

If you are planning on attending, please contact the Promotion Club by the end of next week as space is limited for transportation. Call Sally Flash at 563-5776 or sallyflash@gmail.com. Tickets are $15 and cover the cost of transportation, water, and snacks along the way.

We will meet up near the Clubhouse at 2pm.

Fishing Club Clambake & Chicken Dinner

The Roaming Shores Fishing Club will be having a Clambake & Chicken Dinner on September 8th, 3pm – 5pm at the Clubhouse.

1 Dozen Clams and 1/2 Chicken $20
Extra Clams $7/Dozen
Chicken Dinner $15

Includes Bread, Coleslaw, Yam or White Potato Baked, Corn on the Cob, Cake or Pie
Beverages: Coffee, Tea, and Punch or BYOB

For Tickets Call:

Ed Baitt – (440) 563-3377
Dave Emick – (440) 563-3349
Dave Flaum – (440) 563-9107
Dick Hocevar – (440) 563-3084
Bob Boggs – (440) 563-3728

There will also be a Chinese Auction at the clambake. We appreciate any donation. We will place donations on the RRA’s Website (www.roamingshores.org)and a sign at the Clambake and in the Shores News.

Thank you!
President, Ed Baitt

Labor Day Trash Pickup

Please note that there will be no trash pickup on Labor Day. Trash pickup for the week will be delayed by one day.

With Sympathy: Dr. Chester J. Prusinski

From the Star Beacon:

AUSTINBURG TOWNSHIP — Dr. Chester J. Prusinski, age 73, a resident of Roaming Shores, Ohio, passed away Monday, August 6, 2012, at Austinburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on Oct. 5, 1938, he was the son of the late Chester Frank and Rose (Szarwark) Prusinski.

Dr. Prusinski was in private practice as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Cleveland and Jefferson, Ohio and Medical Director at Glenbeigh in Rock Creek, Ohio.

He was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (24 years); Benedictine Catholic High School Alumni; Case University (now Case Western Reserve) Alumni; Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine Alumni (1963 Graduate); Board Certified in Addiction Medicine; and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc.

He enjoyed travel, skiing, boating, aviation, reading, motorcycles, ball games and woodworking.

Survivors include his children: Christopher (Laleh) Prusinski D.O. of Melbourne, Fla., Monica (David) Bugar of Youngstown, Ohio, Brian Prusinski of Oceanside, Calif.; Paula (Ronald II) Prusinski-Ritner of Gates Mills, Ohio, and Danielle (James) Myers and her mother, Joy Prusinski, both of Columbus, Ohio; step-son, Kelly Bitsko of Highland Heights., Ohio; grandchildren, Amanda and Christian Prusinski, Gregory and Monique Ledesma and Brady, Joshua and Eli Myers; and brothers, David (Wilma) Prusinski of Delaware, Ohio, and Timothy (Arlene) Prusinski of Elyria, Ohio.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Chester and Rose Prusinski; and spouses, Barbara and Cleo.

Memorial Service will be celebrated 11 a.m., Tuesday, August 28th, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 3049 Route 45, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084, with Father David Weikart as celebrant.

Calling Hours will be 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m., Monday, August 27th, at WALKER FUNERAL HOME, 828 Sherman St., Geneva.

The family requests donations to: American Brain Foundation, 201 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn. 55415, www.curebraindisease.org.

Arrangements were entrusted to WALKER FUNERAL HOME, 828 Sherman St., Geneva. Obituary and condolences at starbeacon.com.

President’s Comments – August 2012

The Board of Directors has decided to lower the lake his fall. No exact date has been established yet, but it appears that the drawdown will begin sometime around November first. More details will be available after the September Board Meeting.

The clubhouse parking lot and 2-1/2 miles of Lake Vue Drive and Morning Star (from route 6 to Acacia circle) will be chip and sealed this year. Specialized Construction Inc. was the low bidder this year at $75,900. Russell Standard, our historic paving supplier, was asked to quote but never quoted on the job.

In September, I have been asked to attend an OLCA meeting at Lakengren in western Ohio to take part in discussions regarding lake dredging. I will report to you the high points of these discussions at the September Board Meeting. Also during September, on the 13th at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse, Mr. Tom Grabow, Regional Dredge Supervisor, for the Ohio State Parks system will discuss his experiences dredging at Grand Lake St Marys. The meeting is open to all. Please plan to attend and bring all of your questions regarding dredging with you.

Our recent offer to purchase land for the DMRA (Dredge Material Relocation Area) is still under discussion. Mainly our respective lawyers are working out language between the parties. I expect this process to be completed by early September. Then the Engineering begins for the design of the DMRA and the pipeline routes to and from the lake. After that is complete, we can submit the designs and our permit application to the Army Corp of Engineers for approval.

The office will start the winter hours schedule on the 15th of September. The office hours are Wednesday thru Saturday 8:00AM to 6:00PM. The office will be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of each week.

Barry O’Connell

Office Info:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Rome, OH 44085

Located at 1875 US Route 6, Roaming Shores, OH 44085


Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 6pm
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