President’s Comments – June 2012


We have rented a tent for the summer to replace the pavilion at beach 2. Because of delays getting permits and prints, we did not have enough time to build it without causing a considerable amount of congestion in the beach 2 pool area. The pavilion will be rebuilt this fall.

The Weed harvester got a good start on the weeds this year. However a leak developed in the hull and we had to remove it for repairs. We hope to have it back in service in a few days.

The July Board Meeting shall be held in the RRA Clubhouse. The meeting will start with a public meeting regarding amending Section 1547.52 of the Ohio Revised Code, rule 1501:47-7-19. This would allow boats to be “beached” at a specific area of beach 2. The regular Board meeting will start immediately after the public meeting.

Please welcome Lee Shaffer as my part-time office assistant. Lee is a recent college graduate with a degree in communications. He will be working with me on the dredging project plus other various office projects.

Barry O’Connell

July Board of Directors Meeting

Take note that the RRA Board of Directors will be having their monthly Board Meeting at the Clubhouse for the month of July.

The July Board of Director’s Meeting will be on July 19th, 2012 at 7:30pm. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) will be having a public meeting at this Board Meeting. Details can be found here.

ODNR Public Hearing


The Chief of the Division of Watercraft, pursuant to Section 1547.52 of the Ohio Revised
Code, hereby gives notice of his intention to amend the following rule:

1501:47-7-19 Lake Roaming Rock, Ashtabula county

Administrative Rule 1501:47-7-19 is being amended to designate an additional area
where watercraft may come ashore, anchor, or tie up along the shoreline of Lake
Roaming Rock.

A public hearing on the proposed amendment and adoption of these rules will be held at
7:30 pm on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at the Roaming Rock Clubhouse, located at 13
Roaming Rock Boulevard in Roaming Shores, Ohio. At the public hearing, any person
affected by the rule amendment or adoption may appear and be heard in person, or by an
attorney, or both, and may present testimony, orally or in writing, offer and examine
witnesses, and present evidence tending to show that these rules, if amended or rescinded,
will be unreasonable or unlawful.

Electronic copies of the proposed rules are available at the Ohio Legislative Service
Commission’s internet web site at: Hard copies of
the proposed rule are available through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources,
Division of Watercraft Headquarters at 2045 Morse Road, A-3, Columbus, Ohio 43229.
For additional information, contact the Division of Watercraft at (614) 265-6500.

June 30th Celebration!

The 4th of July this year is going to be celebrated on June 30th here in Roaming Shores. Come on out, there will be fun all weekend!

June 30th:
Come out to the volley ball court at Beach One for the Jason Scribben Memorial Volley Ball Tournament. The tournament will be held from 1pm-4pm.

From 4pm-6pm is the Friends & Neighbors Family Night outside the Clubhouse. There will be Free Hot Dogs!

At 10pm will be the Annual Roaming Shores Fireworks Display! The fireworks will be fired from Beach 2 and are best viewed from Beach 1 or by boat. See the fireworks map for information about the new buoy area to be setup the afternoon of the fireworks.

Tune in to Country 104.7, WKKY 9:30pm to 10:30pm for a Special Broadcast for the Roaming Shores Fireworks Night.

Be ready at 10pm, to turn up your boomboxes, home stereos, and boat radios, for the the CD prepared for the Fireworks.

Special Thanks to the following sponsors who have made the music broadcast possible this year.

  • NEO Electric
  • Crandall Connection
  • Rockpoint Marina
  • Edward Cup & Associates-CPAs
  • Enterprise Title Agency

The Rain Date for the Fireworks in July 1st.

July 1st:
The Promotion Club will be hosting a Band Concert in front of the Clubhouse (or under the pavilion if it rains). “Primetime Big Band” will be playing from 3pm-5pm. It should be a very enjoyable evening!

June 30th Fireworks

The Annual Roaming Shores Fireworks Display is scheduled for June 30th at 10pm with a rain date of July 1st.

This year, there will be a new buoy area to be setup the afternoon of the fireworks to be taken down the following day. Please see the map below. No boats will be allowed inside the new buoy area from 8pm until the end of the fireworks. (click for bigger)

Eaglet Update (5/30/12)

Steve Macintyre has shared with us another update on the young eaglets. The eaglets are now 6 weeks old, but they will not fledge for another couple of months. In this picture you can see one of the eaglets looking out. With the tree full of leaves now, it is harder to see the whole nest.

Spring OLCA Meeting

This past week, myself, Bob & Karen Sobczak, Rick & Janice Rumbaugh, and Rick Gainar attended the Spring OLCA Meeting in Hide A Way Hills, which is located outside of Lancaster, OH.

Hide A Way Hills is a 1650 acre private lake association, much like our own, with many amenities available for its 801 members. Members who attended the conference discussed many issues affecting different lake associations such as dredging, dam safety issues, and long range planning. It was a very informative and well organized conference. It is always interesting to see how other lake associations tackle their various issues.

Roaming Shores Board Member Bob Sobczak is now Vice President of the OLCA Board of Directors.

Spring 2012 OLCA Meeting

President’s Comments – May 2012

The fireworks display is scheduled for the evening of June 30th. As an added safety feature, we will be using buoys to create a safe buffer zone between the launch site and the boaters. The buoys will be positioned across the lake from the east side to the west side of the lake. A “safe pass” corridor along the west shore of the lake will allow boaters to pass from one end of the lake to the other. The buoys will be installed the afternoon of the fireworks (June 30th) and removed the next day (July 1st). Thanks for the help and suggestions of Carol Delli, Bruce Bower and Ed Koziol for their ideas and input.

On Tuesday, 5/21/2012, five members of the Board of Directors and two committee members visited Grand Lake St Marys in western Ohio to learn more about how they are dredging their lake. GLSM is larger than our lake – about 17,500 acres vs. our lake at 500 acres. It is surrounded by farmlands, much the same as our lake and suffers the same kind of problems( but to a larger degree): Algae, water turbidity, and major siltation problems.

We met with Tom A. Grabow, Regional Dredge Supervisor, Canal Lakes Region of the ODNR. He is responsible for approximately 13 individual dredges in the western part of Ohio, with three operating dredges in Grand Lake St Marys. He told us his actual dredging costs : approximately $2.00/ cubic yard of sludge removed from the lake. I had estimated our expected costs to be around $5.00 per cubic yard. He then discussed mechanical dredging costs and told us to expect over $10.00 per cubic yard if we went in that direction. He confirmed the Board’s choice of using hydraulic dredging as the most economical approach to lake cleanup.

We then visited the actual dredging site where a dredger was operating in a very narrow cove in close proximity to a residential area. The dredge we watched was slightly larger than what we had planned to purchase. We were about 30 feet from the operating dredge and it was about as loud as a small lawn mower. We were absolutely astounded at how quiet it was! It is quieter than some of the motorboats we now have on our lake.

We then visited the DMRA (Dredge Material Relocation Area). We were less than 10 feet from the end of the 10” discharge pipe….close enough to get splashed by some of the spray from the pipe. THERE WAS VERY LITTLE ODOR from the sludge discharge pipe and NO ODOR coming from the DMRA. This DMRA was located about 200 yards from a residential area.

We learned things that will definitely save us a considerable amount of capital dollars on the dredging project. During the next few weeks, I will be working on a new cost estimate for the dredging project and I will share it with you when I have completed it.

The Board members invited Tom Grabow to visit Lake Roaming Rock and lead a discussion about his dredging experience. He indicated that he would be happy to do that and indicated he would visit us in about a month. I will keep all of you informed about the time and location of that meeting.

I would like to discuss with you my thoughts of a siphon system. You may remember I was the committee chairman of the siphon committee two or three years ago. We had a quote at that time for 300 to 500 thousand dollars for such a system. The committee made significant changes to enhance the proposed siphon system including the following: a two pipe system to be used to blend the anoxic deep water with the surface water to remove as much of the anoxic water as we could from the lake without violating EPA guidelines, a lake level operated siphon valve to maximize the flow of water through the siphon system, and a “branched” end for the siphon pipes to eliminate logs and other debris from entering the system and rendering it inoperative.

It was obvious then and it still is today, that the main function of the siphon system would be to assist in controlling the lake level during periods of high rainfall. It also had some side benefits of removing some anoxic water, some phosphorus, and improving the dissolved oxygen levels in the lake.

The main problem with the siphon system is that it would only operate intermittently and almost never in the summer. When it is operating, the improvements in the turbidity and oxygen levels, and the subsequent reduction of the anoxic water would only be realized in a very localized area near the dam. It would have no overall effect on these levels the farther one gets away from the dam. It would almost certainly have no effect at the south end of the lake and in the coves.

In my mind and the majority of the board’s minds, the siphon system’s priority always came below the priority of the lake dredging. It’s not that the board is against the siphon system. It’s a matter of priorities. The project with the biggest benefit to our lake gets the highest priority. That’s as it should be. Dredging will improve the whole lake, that why it has the higher priority. That’s why I continue to support the dredging project.

Barry O’Connell, President
RRA Board of Directors.

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