Early Bird Drawing #3

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #3 for 2014 and recipient of $400 is Tina Lerz (Lot #2190)


Next week’s drawing will be for $350. Good luck!

Winter Maintenance

The RRA Maintenance department has been busy during the winter season getting ready for the summer season. After the snows finally subsided, the maintenance department repainted one of the newly acquired John Deere trackhoes. It almost looks brand new!

Additionally to ensure that we’re ready for summer, the guys also performed a clutch repair to its model 1920 Ford Tractor.

before1Before: before2
after1After: after2
tractorClutch repair to Ford Tractor.

Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee Update

Equipment average hauling weight:

  • #1 Truck: Chevy 1 ton – 4,000lbs
  • #2 Truck: Chevy C6500 – 12,000lbs
  • #3 Truck: Mac Dumptruck – 32,000lbs

Phase 1 of Dredging is completed.

Phase 2 Report Update:

Equipment Purchased:

  • One Mac Truck: Completed – Budgeted $20k, Actual $15k
  • One Trailer: Completed – Budgeted $6,500, Actual $3,500
  • Two John Deere Trackhoes : Completed – Budgeted $28k each, Actual $22,700 each
  • Two Trackhoe Buckets: Completed – Budgeted $3,700k each, Actual $3,500 each

Bids Completed:

  • One spud barge 24” x 40”: Completed –  Budgeted $62k, Actual $49,745.47



Current Bids Out:

  • Three hopper barges 12” x 24”
    • 2 are out for bid at this time, Budgeted $28k each
  • One boat motor 60hp
    • Out for bid, Budgeted $8,200

Sediment Testing:

525 cubic yards have been taken out of 7 coves. This was for testing purposes to see how fast new sediment comes into the Lake.

Phase 3 of Dredging is targeted to begin in the middle of July 2014 or sooner.

Next Workshop: Saturday, January 25th @ 10am at the Clubhouse.

Early Bird Drawing #2

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #2 for 2014 and recipient of $450 is Scott Raybuck (Lot #1950)


Next week’s drawing will be for $400. Good luck!

2014 Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Club

The 9th Annual Polar Bear Plunge will be held on March 8th, 2014 at the Main Beach. This event raises funds for local charities. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, Jumper Information 2014! Pre-registration is closed.

Registration, DJ Entertainment, and hotdog/beverage sales begin at 1pm.

The Plunge begins at 3pm!

Even if you are not participating in the Plunge, come out and show your support! It’ll make you feel warmer! 😉

January Lake Level Control Sub-Committee Meeting

Lake Level Control Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2014

Members present include Gil Kandrac, Walt Samson and Chairman Rick Gainar. Also present was RRA Board President Dell Rogers.

Meeting called to order at 2PM at the Association Office.

Items discussed:
1. Discussion of the various forms of phosphorus and the ways it enters our lake. Phosphorus can either a) be transported from our large watershed into the lake during storm events, or b) internally released from sediment in deep water from at the bottom of the lake. Our Lake Management Committee Plan charges our committee, the Lake Level Control Sub-Committee, to address internally released phosphorus and the Lake Sediment/Nutrient Control Sub-Committee to address phosphorus transported from outside the lake.
2. Our committee is investigating a hypolimnetic withdrawal system (bottom withdrawal siphon spillway) first as the tool we use to improve water quality as it relates to the release of nutrients from deep-water sediment. It is by far the most efficient and economical means to this end and, therefore, should be consider first and thoroughly. There is currently a significant effort in Ohio to limit the amount of phosphorus that enters Lake Erie. This effort may cause state agencies, such as the Ohio EPA, to severely restrict our use of a hypolimnetic withdrawal system. If we determine the siphon spillway would no longer be effective with these EPA restrictions, we will begin investigation of the next most efficient tool, hypolimnetic aeration.
3. Gil Kendrac will investigate the water/sewage lines that cross a shallow cove near the dam. We will need to understand the effect a freezing, winter drawdown would have on these lines.

Our next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 2:00PM. Our regular meeting date is the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Association Office so mark your calendars!

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30PM

by RD Gainar on December 13, 2013

Early Bird Drawing #1

The winner of Early Bird Drawing #1 for 2014 and recipient of $500 is Elizabeth Griffin (Lot #1952)!


Next week’s drawing will be for $450. The sooner your Dues & Assessments are paid in full, the more drawings you will be eligible for.

2014 RRA Dues & Assessments

The RRA will be mailing your 2014 Dues & Assessments by the end of the week. Please contact the RRA Office (440-563-3170) if you do not receive your statement. Dues and Assessments are due by May 1, 2014. Unless you have purchased, sold, or consolidated a lot, your Dues & Assessments will be the same as last year.

This year we have switched to a new system for all Membership information. Please look over your statement carefully. You will notice several changes to your statement, the most notable being the design. You can now simply tear off and return the bottom portion of your statement with your payment. For those of you that own more than one lot, each lot will have its own statement. Please make sure to return the bottom portion of the statement for each lot when sending your payment.

Joint Owners: Please note that instead of a .2 (or .3) following your lot number, your Joint Owner status will be indicated by the letter J (or J3) following your lot number.

Credit Cards: If you choose to pay via credit card, you may fill out the back portion of the statement (note: there is a mandatory 5% convenience fee for paying by credit card).

Early Bird Drawing: The RRA will again be having its Early Bird Drawing. Each account paid in full before 5pm each Thursday between January 9th and March 13th will be eligible for weekly drawings for cash prizes. These prizes start at $500 and are reduced by $50 per week until the reward becomes $50. Full payments by 5pm on January 9th provides eligibility for ALL TEN DRAWINGS.

Installment Payments: If you are having difficulty paying your Dues and Assessments all at once, the RRA accepts incremental payments. Please note that there will be a 10% late fee applied to the remaining balance after May 1st, 2014. Please do not wait until after May 1st to start making incremental payments. You will not receive membership cards until your Dues & Assessments are paid in full.

Membership Cards: This year, Membership Cards will be mailed back in April regardless of when you pay your Dues & Assessments. This will help prevent cards being misplaced prior to your 2013 Membership Cards expiring. Your 2013 Membership Cards are valid until April 30, 2014. If it is more convenient, you can email your list of those needing 2014 Membership Cards to IT@roamingshores.org. Be sure to include names, relation to property owner, age, and whether each person resides with you.

If you mailed your Membership Card list last year, we should have them on file. You may contact me at the email address listed above to confirm recipients or inform me of any changes.

With Sympathy: Harry W. Hajek

Many long time residents are sure to know of Harry Hajek. He helped to found the Men’s Golf League here in Roaming Shores. He was a great man and will be dearly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.

From The Star Beacon:

AURORA — Harry W. Hajek, age 95, passed away at Anna Maria of Aurora nursing facility, Aurora, Ohio, on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

He was the son of Anton and Bertha Hajek and was born August 2, 1918, in Cleveland, Ohio. Harry was married to his wife Rose on May 27, 1947.

Harry excelled in several sports at John Adams High School and received recognition for playing tennis. He was an avid golfer and bowler until the age of 89. He was instrumental in starting a golf league for Roaming Shores and was their treasurer for many years.

Harry, at the age of 20, joined the Merchant Marines and saw much of the world while aboard the ship The Henry C. Paine. His working career involved various computer and management positions.

After retirement, he and his wife built a home in Roaming Shores. They traveled the world together visiting every continent except for Antarctica.

He is survived by his niece, Terri (Jeff) Wilde; niece, Janice (Richard) Oster; cousins, Virginia McMonagle, Jerry Dvorak, LaVern Dvorak and Betty Dvorak; as well as several great-nieces and nephews.

Harry is now reunited with his wife, parents, brother Jaro, and nephew Richard.

A Funeral Service, officiated by the Rev. Jody Baker, will take place 11 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 20th, at the Rock Creek Union Cemetery Chapel, Stiles Ave., Rock Creek, Ohio 44076.

Visitation will be held prior to services from 10:30 a.m. at the Chapel.

Arrangements handled by PAINE FUNERAL HOME, INC., 140 E. Main St., Orwell, Ohio. Obituary and condolences at www.painefuneralhome.com and starbeacon.com.

Letter from Marty Hilovsky of EnviroScience

Dear Friends and Residents of Roaming Shores:

My name is Marty Hilovsky and I’m President of EnviroScience, a Stow Ohio environmental consulting firm. For the past ten years I’ve had the privilege of working for your community doing a variety of lake management studies and tasks.

I was asked to sit in on a public meeting held by the Association’s Lake Management Committee to discuss plans for dredging sections of the lake. There were a number of great questions from the public as well as a spirited debate among members and the Committee about the proposed dredging method.

During the meeting I was asked about several items, and I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a couple of my comments. One of those questions had to do with a siphon system which could be utilized to withdraw high nutrient water from the lake depths and discharge it to Rock Creek. While I expressed the opinion that Ohio EPA would discourage installation of a siphon, such a system could have a dramatic positive impact on the overall water quality of Lake Roaming Rock. For this reason, I believe members of the Lake Management Committee should at least take the next step and explore the potential for a siphon directly with the Surface Water group at Ohio EPA in Twinsburg.

The other comment that I’d like to make involves my recommendations, or lack thereof, regarding the dredging methods being proposed. As most of the community is aware, the dredging technique being proposed has changed over the past year. It’s important to keep in mind the purpose of the dredging. I believe the primary reason to dredge is solely to improve lake access. Dredging is unlikely to improve water quality or the overall health of the lake, and for that reason, I’ve avoided making value judgments about the dredging that is being proposed. Questions discussed at the October 28th meeting like how much should we dredge, how much should we dredge, and how much can we afford are all questions that the entire community should weigh in on and which the Association’s Board of Directors must decide.

The most important point that I’d like to make is that I hope residents of Roaming Shores don’t lose sight of the fact that each of you is fortunate to live on such a beautiful and healthy lake. Despite the issues we all tend to focus on and the arguments that develop, the lake has better water quality than most Ohio lakes, and continues to provide you with excellent opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. As you also know, it has a top notch fishery that 90% of other Ohio lake front owners only wish they had.

In closing, I would join with one of your neighbors who at the meeting expressed the hope that the community is able to put the divisive issues aside and come together to work toward the betterment of the lake.

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